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Partners In Crime: Blazing Vengeance (Book 1)


Infinite has been defeated by Sonic the hedgehog himself and the war finally ends while Eggman and all his troops retreat to fight another day, but Eggman isn't finished yet. After a few weeks of hiding Infinite grows tired of cowering and starts to develop a deep desire for vengeance before sneaking out to get payback by himself. But what he won't see coming is that he won't be taking his journey alone. Join Infinite and Metal Sonic as they become partners in countless crimes as revenge for Sonic defeating them as the two villains begin to develop actual trust to each other and share a common interest on ruling the world and ending Sonic once and for all.

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Chapter 1

Infinite woke up to the sound of Eggman yelling as the jackal sat up from the bed he was lying on the noises outside his room continuing while Infinite groaned in annoyance before lying back down his back facing the door that leads in and out of his room his big ears pinning on his head trying to block out the ruckus outside. 'Why in the name of chaos is he yelling? Doesn't Eggman realize what time it is?!' Infinite thought in frustration. Infinite dug his face into his pillow while pulling the covers over his shoulder and curling up in order to get comfortable. But it was no use, the noises didn't stop and weren't going to anytime soon considering it had been only two days since the Eggman Empire all had to retreat to the facility they are at now and Infinite didn't like how Eggman would have a temper tantrum from time to time because he failed to kill Sonic after Infinite had to retreat because of the Phantom Ruby getting out of control from the rage that the jackal felt at losing in the final battle. When the noises outside didn't stop and a loud thud could be heard just outside of his room, Infinite stood up from his bed aggressively and put on his dark grey shoes including his mask before deliberately stomping out of his room heading inside the maintenance room where Eggman sat. By the time Infinite had entered the room though, the noises had stopped and the room was silent except for Eggman's panting while behind him stood Cubot and Orbot who were both cowering behind a large charger unit. 'Dumb cowardly robots.' Infinite scoffed mentally before he approached Eggman his tail swaying side to side at every step he took sleepiness still trying to take over him, but Infinite ignored it deciding to stay awake for he knew that once Eggman knows that he's awake, he'll put the jackal to work immediately until allowing him to take a break at a certain time until nighttime falls.

"Still having trouble with our defeat I see." Infinite commented once he was close enough for his boss to hear him.

"Of course I'm having trouble!" Eggman yelled as he turned to him. "We had the world at our mercy for so long and that wretched hedgehog just came and ruined it all! How did he even escape from the Death Egg anyways?" He questioned the Ultimate Mercenary.

"How would I know of that when I was with you the entire time helping to destroy the cities." Infinite replied. "If anything to how you've described Sonic's cleverness, it's clear that he escaped on his own somehow and caused major destruction on the Death Egg before any one of us even realized what was going on." He inquired.

"Perhaps so." Eggman replied thinking for a second. "Well, now that you're awake go do some work, patrol only near the facility, and if you see anyone trying to break in report back to me immediately." He ordered him.

With that Infinite headed outside of the facility shutting the door behind himself as the sky was still a bit dark turned into twilight as the sun was just a quarter away from rising and already the birds were chirping. Infinite reluctantly attached the Phantom Ruby to his chest and it made a bit of a vibrating sound before he flew up just a few meters above the hidden facility and scouted around the area keeping a close eye out for any intruders. 'Not like there will be any around here anyways since we're in the middle of a forest.' Infinite thought to himself. While continuing to scout the area, Infinite's mind began to drift off a little as he glanced over at a large meadow seeing figures of himself and his jackal squad all invading a campsite and slaying whoever stood in their way the memory slightly distracting him. By a few moments, Infinite shook his head aggressively trying to make the memories disappear before looking back at the meadow seeing it now just empty and the jackal growled to himself slightly at allowing himself to remember his weak past self that he's tried so hard to forget about. 'Do not show you're pathetic face to me ever again.' Shadow's words echoed inside Infinite's mind as he growled louder anger beginning to fuel up inside him while the masked jackal flew on the ground and walked towards the facility deciding to no longer waste his energy on patrolling. 'I'm not weak! If that black and red hedgehog didn't show up none of this would've happened! Let alone that blue rat Sonic being no better into interfering with me finishing off that annoying grey hedgehog!' Infinite yelled mentally. Infinite entered inside the facility walking through the long hallway soon being followed by Cubot and Orbot.

"Anything to report Infinite?" Orbot asked the jackal.

"Nothing important, the area is secured and there were no signs of anyone trying to break in." Infinite replied to him.

"The doctor will be most pleased to hear that." Cubot commented.

"I'm right to assume Eggman has something else for me to do." Infinite replied to the square-headed robot.

"He's a bit busy right now with something at the moment." Orbot said to him.

"Then inform him that nothing happened while I was patrolling, in the meantime if he needs me to do anything else I'll be in my room." Infinite replied.

"Not to try to go back to bed I hope, he has many things for us to do while planning his next attack." Orbot said to Infinite.

'And that'll be a while since it took him months to connect me to the Phantom Ruby so that I wouldn't be destroyed the second I started to use its power in battle.' Infinite retorted mentally.

"Fair enough." Infinite said to Orbot after a moment of silence.

Orbot and Cubot both headed towards the inventory room where Eggman was while Infinite headed inside his room about to open the door until a loud explosion sounded and the jackal rushed towards the inventory room smoke surrounding the entire area. Infinite continued inside grateful that the smoke couldn't get to his nose despite him wearing his mask. Once inside and past the smoke, Infinite could hear the sound of Eggman coughing while Cubot had a fire extinguisher spraying it at the wall where an experimental table hung, and once the smoke cleared it revealed blue robotic body parts lying on the floor pieces of it scattered as well as chips of metal and wires while sparks flew from some of the parts as Infinite glanced around his surroundings in confusion. 'What could Eggman have been doing in here?' Infinite wondered.

"Dang messed up robot!" Eggman yelled as he kicked a head that almost represented a triangular robotic version of Sonic's.

"What happened in here?" Infinite questioned him.

"That's none of your business Infinite, you'll see when I'm finished with my project for later missions I have in store for you." Eggman said to the jackal while dusting himself off. "Have you patrolled outside yet?" He questioned him putting his hands on his hips.

"Yes I have, there was no one around trying to break into this facility." Infinite answered him.

"Good, now go be on guard at the supercomputer, I don't want anyone to accidentally shut this place down since most of the employees have been malfunctioning into stupidity for some reason." Eggman replied to him.

"And I suppose that robot identical to Sonic is one of your employees." Infinite said suspiciously while gesturing to the robot head.

"Just go, Orbot, make sure Infinite doesn't disturb me." Eggman ordered.

"Yes sir." Orbot replied before he and Infinite left the inventory room.

'Not like Eggman to never tell me anything, if I'd known any better he's probably trying to repair Metal Sonic after his unfortunate defeat, so this means I'll have to deal with a robotic blue rat now.' Infinite thought to himself.

"You really should know better than to go in there, just be grateful that the doctor wasn't really paying you any attention." Orbot spoke up.

"I'm not a fool, I know he's repairing that robot copy of Sonic, the only thing I am oblivious to is what the reason is." Infinite replied.

"You'll know for sure later, that's if the doctor can fix Metal Sonic by tomorrow considering he's been doing that since we got here." Orbot said to the jackal.

"As always he's obsessed with defeating Sonic, though I don't blame him since he was difficult to battle, unlike our first encounter." Infinite said to him.

"That's Sonic for you, if he loses once he'll do everything he can to make up for it, it's almost like the world is weighing heavily on his shoulders." Orbot inquired.

"Then I shall be the one to make the burden crush him." Infinite replied while he clenched his hand into a fist as the Phantom Ruby and his mask both started to glow a little. "Permanently." He added to himself quietly enough so that Orbot didn't hear him.

~Time skip~

After hours of a boring day of non-stop working, Infinite headed inside his room trying hard not to pass out from how tired he felt as the jackal took off his mask setting it on his desk a few feet away from his bed and he removed his shoes from his feet including the Phantom Ruby from his chest careful not to hurt himself before putting it on top of his desk next to his mask. 'There better be a mission tomorrow, I'm getting sick of hiding in this facility like a weakling.' Infinite thought while he lied down on his bed and drifted off into a deep sleep.

The next morning came as Infinite opened up his eyes slowly relieved that this time it wasn't nearly dawn and that he was able to sleep in as the jackal sat up from his bed sighing and rubbing the sleepiness from his eyes before standing up from the bed and headed inside the built-in bathroom grabbing a hairbrush and brushed the knots from his white hair until it was silky to the touch. Once done Infinite walked out of the bathroom putting on his shoes, mask, and the Phantom Ruby before heading outside knowing that once he wakes up he is to go outside and patrol for any intruders according to Eggman's orders. 'Today is just going to be another boring one like the past days, when in the name of chaos am I going to do something interesting and go on a mission?' Infinite questioned himself mentally. Infinite glanced down at the ground the grass rustling at every step he took and the wind howling on his body causing the jackal's hair to move in the breeze while Infinite looked back at the facility he stood just outside of long vines growing along the walls going upwards green leafs covering most of them while a group of birds flew over it each one chirping as if they were having a conversation amongst each other. 'I've been doing nothing but work for days and they're just the same ones, well not anymore, these days of hiding are over and every second I spend here is another second of Sonic and his friends growing stronger, I have my powers now, and I'll find Sonic and destroy him even if it's the last thing I do!' Infinite thought firmly. Enough was enough, he couldn't wait around any longer, and his desire to get revenge has finally got to him. With that said Infinite turned away from the facility and flew off deciding to go solo and find Sonic to get payback on him for humiliating Infinite in front of Eggman. Though little did Infinite realize was that this journey was going to be long, and he'd have to give everything he's got to succeed.

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