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Fairy Tail: Marked


Juvia gets rejected by Gray and runs off into the White Dragon slayer. Things take a wild turn after Sting marks Juvia as his mate. What does Gray think about this?

Romance / Humor
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Chapter One: Rejection

Its been 3 months since Fairy Tail won the Grand Magic Games, and they're as lively as ever.

In the middle of the guild hall, an ice Mage and a Dragon slayer are in a heated battle.

"Wanna Say That To My Face Flame for Brains!" Gray yelled

"I Already Did Ice Princess!" Natsu punched Gray

"THAT'S ENOUGH!" Erza banged their heads together

From behind a pillar Fairy Tails water Mage, Juvia Lockser, quietly observed the fight.

"Gray-Sama is so handsome! No one could beat my prince." Juvia gushed

Cana Draped her arm over Juvia's shoulder "Maybe you should tell him how you feel, he's bound to give you an answer sooner or later."

"You're right! Today's the day Gray-Sama will return my love!" Juvia screamed a little to loud

The rest of the guild couldn't hold in their amusement, teasing the ice Mage was just too easy.

"When's the wedding Gray?" Macao yelled

"My ship is starting to sail!" Mira squealed

"Haha Ice Princess has a little girlfriend!" Natsu laughed

"Having a girlfriend is manly!" Elfman yelled

In the middle of the guild, Gray was hardly keeping in his embarrassment.

"She's not my girlfriend!" Gray screamed

Cana picked up her barrel "Well this could be interesting"

Juvia carefully made her way over to Gray, who took a seat at the bar.


"What?" Gray snapped

Juvia blushed "I just wanted to tell you that..."

"You love me?" Gray cut her off

Juvia smiled "I always knew you felt the same! You can't hide your true feeling behind that cold exterior"

"Knock it off already! Why won't you get it through your thick skull that I'll never feel the same as you?" Gray exploded

"Gray, calm down" Mira said

"Calm down? I've had it with her, she just doesn't get it. It's like she's stuck in her fantasy world" Gray banged his head on the bar table

Juvia just stood still, not uttering a word

"Hey Juvia, are you okay?" Lucy asked

"Gray stop making girls cry!" Natsu jumped on the table

"Making girls cry is unmanly!" Elfman yelled

The guild broke out into yet another fight, but for some reason the water Mage wasn't recovering from this rejection like the others.

~ Juvia's POV ~

Gray-Sama rejected me again, but this time it was different.

'I'll never feel the same as you'

'She's stuck in her fantasy world'

His words kept spinning around my head.

"Rain woman, you good?" I heard gajeels rough voice

"I just need to clear my head" I mumbled while walking out of the guild

As soon as I stepped outside the rain started to pour.

Gray-Sama was the reason the rain went away, so I guess it's reasonable that he's also the reason it'd come back.

He doesn't love me

He never will

I live in a fantasy world

I balled up my fists and sprinted towards the train station, I needed a break, away from Fairy Tail.

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