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Love you (Yoongi x Reader)


-Short story- As the manager of the basketball team at your school you already got a lot on your mind. The thing making it worst is the basktelball teams top player Yoongi. Yoongi is the best player but really annoying. He always does what he wants, likes to annoy you and sometimes even skips practice. Yoongi is the kinkga of the school and has a lot of fangirls. The boys also look up at him the only one who isnt like that. Is you. You dont really like Yoongi because of his rude behaviour. But as you get to know him litlle by little your feelings for him start to change. Yoongi seems to confess his love for you pretty fast. But does he mean it? Or is he just playing with you?

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Chapter 1

“Let’s see.... so today after school we have practice. I have to prepare the practice room and the balls. We have an important championship coming up so the practices are going to be harder than normal.” I spoke to myself while looking at my notebook. It’s my notebook where I always write everything down for the basketball team. All soon I entered the school and headed to class.

I am the manager of the basketball team at our school. So that takes a lot of responsibilities. Our team is entering a championship this year. It’s between every school in the region so its a really big match. The practices for the team are going to get harder than normal because they need to be prepared. We don’t know how the other schools play so we have to be on our best. I entered the classroom and seated myself on my seat at the back of the classroom. After a while, everyone entered. As soon as Yoongi came to the door I narrowed my eyes at him. Yoongi is the top player of our basketball team. But he always does what he wants. During classes, he only sleeps and he doesn’t even show up at all the practices just because he didn’t want to. He needs to come to these practices because of the championship. If he wants or not. Yoongi is the kingka of the school and he has a lot of fangirls around him. Even fanboys. Almost every guy in this school looks up at him because they think he is really cool. Yoongi only transferred here a couple of months ago but got so many fans in a short time.

Class started and Yoongi immediately put his earplugs in listening to music while laying his head on the desk. A female came in and nobody knew who she was.

“Goodmorning class, we have a new teacher today. She will be teaching you guys for the first time today so please take care of her” our English teacher said and left. The women bowed to the class and smiled shyly.

“Goodmorning im Mrs. Kim your new English teacher from now on,” she said and the class seemed to like her. She looked at Yoongi who was still laying on his desk with his eyes closed listening to music.

“Uhm.. young men would you like to sit up class is going to start,” Mrs. Kim said but Yoongi didn’t move an inch. The class just looked at him not daring to tap him or anything. We all knew if you wake him up you will be dead. The teacher looked a little embarrassed because of Yoongi ignoring her. I sighed and stood up from my seat. I walked towards Yoongi’s desk and pulled one of his earplugs out of his ear. He immediately opened his eyes shooting me a death glare.

“Sit straight the new teacher is speaking to you,” I said and turned around walking to my desk. People were looking at me if I had a death wish but I didn’t care. I seated myself back in my seat and looked at Yoongi. To my surprise, he listened to me. He seated himself straight and pulled his earplugs out of his ear.

“Thank you,” the teacher said smiling and began the lesson.

-after school-
I quickly headed to the practice room to prepare everything. I grabbed the car with all the basketballs in it and pulled it towards the basketball court. I headed to the locker room and cleaned it up a little. After that, the boys already came in. They all looked tired because of the school day.

“Sup” one of the guys said while scratching his head.

“Okay guys before you guys go change come around for a bit,” I said loudly and everyone gathered around me.

“As you guys know the championship between all the schools of the region is heading our way. We don’t know how good the other players are so we have to be on our best.” I handed everyone the schedule that I made until the championship and handed it to them.

“The practices are going to get harder and we need to practice more. I know its hard because of school, but remember the promise we made last year?” I asked and everyone screamed ‘yes’ loudly. Last year we lost the championship so we promised each other that next year we would work harder and win it. Yoongi wasnt around that time cause he transferred just months ago, so he wasnt there at the moment.

“Okay let’s not break that promise and win this championship!” I shouted and everyone screamed out of excitement. I scanned around not seeing Yoongi well, of course, he wasnt here.

“Okay you guys can go change now,” I said and they nodded their heads while disappearing to the locker rooms. While the boys were changing I grabbed my phone dialing Yoongi’s number. I had every basketball player number for times like this.

“Oh, manager whats with the call?” He asked and I could hear that he was making fun of me already.

“Where are you?” I asked and my eyes widened when I saw him in the doorway of the basketball practice court. I hung up the phone and he came walking towards me.

“Good speech,” he said lazily and walked past me to the locker rooms.

I blew my whistle and the match began. We divided the team in two teams and held a match. I wanted to observe everyone to see what they need to work on. I write everything down and I was amazed as always because of Yoongi. Sweat was dripping down his face but he still had the same stamina. How? He always sleeps around everywhere but when it comes to basketball he had so much stamina. After a long match, I blew my whistle again ending the match. Everyone immediately plopped on the floor and I handed them a water bottle that I kept cool for them.

“Alright, so Iga you need to work on your stamina. Go jog often our do some exercises that will help. I will write them down for you and make a schedule” I said immediately cutting to the chase.

“That’s the same for Kiga, Myoung, and Ravi,” I said and they all sighed. Yoongi stood up and walked towards the locker room.

“Where are you going?” I asked strictly and he gave an emotionless look.

“Do I have anything that I need to work on?” He asked and I looked at my paper. I didn’t write anything down about him. I bit my lip getting frustrated cause he probably knew that. I shook my head lightly and he smirked.

“Then I’m going,” he said and walked away. I sighed and told the rest of what they needed to work on. After I was done everyone headed to the locker room. I grabbed all the basketballs and cleaned up because of the sweaty hands and whatsoever. After that, I put them back in the car and pulled the car towards the equipment room. I grabbed some cleaning tools and started to mop the practice room. Everyone left already so I could easily clean everything. I looked at my watch and sighed.

“If I’m done with all this then I get home around 19:00. Then I have to do some chores and make homework” I sighed again and blew some of my strands of hair out of my face. I continued mopping the floor. I headed to the locker room getting all the dirty uniforms. The school only had the practice room for us but we needed to do everything ourself. Like cleaning and stuff. I don’t want the players to clean up after an exhausting practice so I always did it myself. I put the dirty uniforms in a bag that I would take home. I always wash them at home. I headed back to the equipment room to tidy it there. I put my hands in my hips and sighed when I saw Yoongi laying there with his bag as his pillow. I walked up to him and kneeled down.

“Yoongi wakes up, you can’t sleep here” I whispered softly. I don’t know but for some reason, I didn’t want to wake him up. He was sleeping so peacefully. But since when did he came here?

“Yoongi wake up,” I said shaking his body and he opened his eyes. Again with the death glare.

“Stand up you can’t sleep here,” I said and he gave me an annoyed look.

“How annoying,” he said irritated and stood up grabbing his bag.

“What?!” I asked angrily but he just ignored me and walked towards the door.

“Yeah whatever” I muttered and turned my back at him starting to tidy the equipment stuff.

“Manager, why are you even doing all this?” Yoongi asked from behind me. He still didn’t go home?

“If I don’t do it who is going to do it? I don’t want you guys to work after a tiring practice, you guys have to rest and take care of your bodies. Besides I’m the manager so it’s my job to take care of you guys and do all this. I rather do all the work knowing you guys are resting well” I said and my eyes widened. Was I seriously saying all this to Yoongi? I turned around and my eyes widened seeing our faces inches away. He looked at me his eyes looking straight in mine.

“Ooh,” he said amazed like a little kid. I coughed awkwardly and looked away. I felt him grab my chin and turning my head.

“Manager” he spoke and my heart started to race. What was going on?

“I think I have fallen for you,” he said and I choked on my spit.

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