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Love you (Yoongi x Reader)

Chapter 2

I gave Yoongi an annoyed look and slapped his hand away from my chin.

“Go home I guess you’re still sleepy,” I said and turned my back at him.

“What makes you think that? I’m serious manager” he said and I just scoffed at his sentence.

“Yeah right”

“Then don’t believe me. I will make you fall for me anyways” he said smirking and left. I just ignored what he said and proceeded with tiding the equipment room. When I was done I grabbed the bag with the dirty uniforms and went home. As soon as I arrived home it was already pretty late.

“Y/N!” my little brother screamed while attacking me.

“Mom has a late shift so we didn’t have dinner yet” he pouted and I ruffled his hair.

“It’s okay I will make some for you guys,” I said and dropped my stuff in the living room. I walked up to the kitchen and my little sister also came downstairs.

“Finally you’re home I’m starving,” she said and entered the kitchen. I had 3 siblings in total. A little brother who is 6 and a little sister who is 13. Then I also have a big brother who is 20. He still lives with us and is a top basketball player. He is actually trying to get a scholarship right now so he trains a lot. I basically became the manager of our basketball team because of him. Ever since I was little he thought me how to play and I started to get interested more. As I got older I did a lot of research and helped him when he played. He always joked around calling me his little manager. When I entered this school it seemed they were looking for a manager. So I applied. I never knew I actually got so attached to all of the players. I searched through the fridge for some ingredients I could use.

“Where is big bro?”

“I don’t know he isn’t home yet” my little sister answered and I nodded my head. Guess he is busy practicing. I quickly made something to eat for them and cleaned the kitchen. After we ate I did the dishes and grabbed my stuff heading upstairs. I washed the uniforms of the basketball players and headed to my room. I looked at the clock in my room and saw that it was already 9 pm. I grabbed my math book and wanted to start on my homework until I heard a knock on my door. I turned around seeing my little brother standing in the doorway.

“I will be there in a sec,” I said smiling and he nodded his head leaving my room. I stood up and entered his room. He already laid in bed and I laid myself next to him. He made a little bit more space for me and smiled. He laid down comfortably and handed me a book he was holding.

“Which one is it this time?” I asked looking at the book. I opened and started to read. Because my mom was always busy working I took a lot of care of my little brother. Ever since he was little I read him a book before he would sleep. And now it became like a habit.

“The end,” I said and smiled looking at his sleepy face. I closed the book and crawled out of bed. I covered him with the blanket better and kissed his forehead.

“Goodnight” I whispered and left. I checked on my little sister to see if she was sleeping which she was. I walked back to my own room and made my homework.

“Finally done” I said yawning. I looked at the clock seeing it was already 1 am. I grabbed my laptop and started to search for some exercises to build your stamina. I wrote them down and checked the schedules of the players. I made the schedules for the one who needed it and placed them in my schoolbag.

“Time to head to bed,” I said talking to myself and changed into my pajamas. I crawled into my bed and in no time fell asleep.

-next day at school-
I arrived at school after a chaotic morning at home. Breakfast was always so chaotic with my family. My mom cooking, my big bro eating everything and my two little siblings nagging about it. I arrived pretty early and already headed to class. I was looking through my notebook to go through the basketball schedule. I heard loud laughter coming from outside and looked out the window. I felt my heart stop when I saw him. Namjoon. He was laughing with some friends. I couldn’t stop looking at him.

“Do you love him?” A voice asked next to my ear. I screamed and turned around seeing Yoongi grinning.

“What are you doing?!” I asked still shocked.

“I came to class. What else would I be doing here” he said.

“Since when do you come early?”

“Don’t change the subject” he said walking towards me. I gulped and turned my head.

“So do you love him?” He asked again and I bit my lip.

“No” I answered and he seated himself next to me.

“Are you sure why do you keep looking at him?” He asked and I felt my mood dropping. I looked back at Namjoon seeing him still laughing with his friends. A girl came walking towards them and Namjoon smiled brighter. She was really pretty and cute. He held her hand and pecked her lips making her blush. I felt hurt and looked away. Yoongi leaned on his elbow and looked at my face. I made eye contact and quickly looked away.

“Did he hurt you?” Yoongi asked and his voice was filled with gentleness. To be honest, Namjoon is my ex. When we were dating I really felt happy but on our 6 months anniversary, I caught him cheating on me. He cheated on me with the girl who is with right now. I felt so hurt and sad but he didn’t even mind our break up. He told me that he started to get bored with me. That I didn’t give him my all. He was right I didn’t give him my all. Most of my friends who had boyfriends had sex with them after 3 months. But I am different. Namjoon was my first love and even after 6 months, I didn’t dare to go that far. I just didn’t feel ready yet. He always told me that it was okay. But I guess he just feeding me lies. From that point, I never really believed in love. And I didn’t bother to search for it.

“Its nothing,” I said to Yoongi. Soon people came in and Yoongi stood up heading to his seat. Class started and I couldn’t help but feel like shit. That happened every time after I saw Namjoon.

The class was over and I was on my way to the practice room. I looked at my phone checking the time. I still had a half-hour until the rest would be at the basketball practice court. I walked through the hallways and headed outside. Once I was outside I walked through the school garden heading to the practice room. I looked down at my feet and bumped into someone’s chest.

“Ah sorry,” I said and looked up.

“Y/N” Namjoon spoke and my eyes widened.

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