Definitely not Lupus

Chapter 11

Chapter eleven

"You are a idiot," House chuckled as Whale finally finished.

Whale took a deep calming breath and said, "I told you everything, it's up to you if you want to believe it or not."

"Let me get this straight," Foreman began, "you expect us to believe that we are currently in a formerly cursed town where everyone is some kind of fairytale character? Who are you supposed to be?"

"Frankenstein," he replied.

House laughed and pointed his cane at the man, "now we know you're lying, Frankenstein was a real doctor," Whale rolled his eyes and House continued, "plus that isn't a fairytale."

"Regina brought people from other places, but most of the people in this town are from the Enchanted Forest."

"And who is Cameron supposed to be?" Chase asked incredulously.

"She's kind part of a continuation of a fairytale more than an actual fairytale."

"Meaning?" Foreman prompted.

"She's the daughter of Snow White and Prince Charming and she was sent to this world to avoid the curse and become the saviour at the age of twenty-eight," Whale replied in one breath.

"She doesn't seem to be a very saviour like figure at the moment," Thirteen said skeptically.

"She's the Dark One now, she sacrificed herself because the darkness would have killed Regina since her heart is already so deeply blackened. You know it isn't my job to try and make you believe," Whale said with an exasperated sigh.

Chase looked to be in deep thought, and replied, "one more question."

"Fine," Whale grumbled.

"How is Cameron pregnant?"

"Through True Love, two women can conceive a child, with the only catch being that it can only be a girl," the Storybrooke doctor replied.

"True Love?" Chase stuttered.

"Looks like you have no chance of getting Cameron back," House whispered mockingly, and Chase clenched his jaw.

"You cannot seriously believe any of this crap," Chase shouted.

House laughed and shook his head, "of course I don't, there's always a logical explanation and I think it's safe to say that this fairytale theory isn't it."

Whale rolled his eyes and turned on his heels, "whatever," he mumbled, "I'm done with you people, take it up with Regina."

As soon as the door clicked shut, House turned to his team, "lets go and do exactly that."

"She escaped?!" Snow shouted.

"Calm down," Regina snapped.

"You expect me to calm down when my homicidal daughter is just roaming Storybrooke, you said you would find a way to help her by now."

"I have been doing everything in my power to help my wife, Snow," Regina ground out, "now will you stop pacing and sit down!"

Snow turned and stared at the woman sitting on one of her kitchen stools, and instantly sank onto the couch next to her stunned husband.

"What are you going to do?" Snow asked in a much more measured voice.

"It would be helpful if I knew exactly what she was planning," Regina said almost to herself.

"You don't have any ideas?" Charming asked desperately.

Regina tilted her head and thought back to why they had sedated the blonde, "only the obvious."

"If she wanted to kill me, why hasn't she even tried yet?" Snow asked in a trembling voice.

"Remember, Snow, she has all the time in the world to carry out her plans, maybe she just wants to enjoy it," Regina sighed.

"Because that got you so far," Snow grumbled and Regina just rolled her eyes. "So what exactly are we supposed to do?"

"We need to get the dagger back," Charming offered.

"Because that was such a simple process last time," Regina replied with sarcasm dripping through her voice.

"You're being awfully unhelpful," David growled.

"Oh, excuse me Charming, not everyone can have your intellect, I don't think it's possible to surpass your moronic suggestions," Regina drawled.

Charming was about to retort, but Snow grabbed his arm and said, "come on Regina, you must have some ideas."

Regina took a short calming breath and nodded, "give me some time."

Belle stood at the counter of the pawn shop pouring over the contents of a book that she had read at least four times in one week.

"Don't you work in the library?"

The librarian jumped and turned to see a smirking blonde leaning against one of the grandfather clocks across the room.

Belle swallowed hard and snapped the book shut, "E-Emma?"

"You know, I didn't think you had this in you," Emma laughed,"it is quite a brilliant plan, you get your man and there will be nothing from interfering with your relationship."

"What are you talking about?" the Australian asked as casually as possible, but her cracks didn't exactly inspire confidence.

With a flick of her wrist, the book underneath Belle's hand appeared in Emma's hand and she opened it to the page at which the spine was most bent.

"Is it really so important to you that Rumple has power?" Emma sighed, "rather superficial of you, wouldn't you agree?"

Words failed Belle and she simply shook her head in disagreement.

"Do you really think that I'm going to allow you to harm me just because you can't love your husband as a coward?"

"I love Rumple enough to make sure that he survives, without his power his heart isn't strong enough. Plus without the dagger controlling him he has the chance to do good," she finally admitted.

"Doesn't the fact that it will cost me my life negate the intention to do good," Emma laughed, "has a life of reading finally sent you mad, Belle?"

"You are a beast!"

Holding her hand over heart, Emma replied in faux hurt, "the beauty can't see the good behind the monster? Should I be worried for myself?"

"You have done nothing but try and kill your parents," Belle argued.

"Rumple killed his father."

"He abandoned..."

Emma laughed as the librarian trailed off, and replied, "so you agree that the man who spent over three centuries terrorizing the Enchanted Forest is more of a beast than I am, and yet you wish to use me as a sacrifice?"

Belle bit her lip and considered this for a moment, before she reached under the counter, "you would do the same for Regina."

With that she lifted the gun and without a second thought shot at the Dark One's leg. Emma keeled over more out of shock than pain, and with speed that surprised even herself, Belle jumped over the counter and grabbed the dagger sheathed in Emma's belt.

A/N Sorry about the wait but I won't be able to update as often anymore because I started university last week, so please bare with me. I will still write as often as possible, but I probably won't be updating multiple fics a day anymore

Anyway I hope you guys enjoyed the little twist with Belle, I've never seen her used as the villain so I thought it could be interesting XD

Would love to hear what you guys thought :)

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