Definitely not Lupus

Chapter 12

Chapter twelve

Chase paced the B&B room that the mayor had sent them to the other day.

His colleagues were no doubt on their hunt for Regina to interrogate her for more answers, but he found that he would much rather have some time alone just to process everything.

After the feeling of being choked by his ex-wife, he had no doubt that magic genuinely existed, even though he was just trying to convince himself that there must be another, much more reasonable explanation for everything.

In addition to that, he also was beginning to believe that he didn't truly know Cameron as well as he thought he did. He didn't know that she had grown up as an orphan, that she had gone to prison and most of all, he didn't know that she was a mother.

"You know, pacing only makes a person more anxious," someone commented from behind him.

Chase resisted the urge to allow his mouth to drop open, and instead managed to stutter out, "Cameron?"

When the blonde woman made no attempt to correct his choice of name, he felt himself relax marginally. If only she wasn't dressed fully in black leather, he could almost pretend that they were still married, back in Jersey. But then the small smirk playing upon her lips and the relaxed demeanour told a different person, the blonde stood before him was every bit the Emma Swan that he had learned so much about over the past couple of days.

"What are you doing here?" he asked.

Emma raised her eyebrow with a small laugh and began to walk towards him, "are you trying to tell me that this isn't what you wanted?"

Chase swallowed hard and tried his best to back away from the married woman, but as soon as his legs hit the edge of the bed, he knew that he had already lost the battle against morality.

For that reason, as soon as she leaned forward and captured his lips in her own, he felt himself become completely powerless to stop her and lifted his hand up to tangle into her hair.

After a few seconds, he finally felt his mental facilities return to him, and lightly pushed her away, letting out a small, very much non-masculine, yelp when she bit her lip on her way away from his face.

"Anyone would think that you haven't been thinking about this since you saw me," Emma chuckled, "don't you think I look better like this?" she taunted.

Chase allowed his eyes to roam over her body for a moment and quickly cleared his throat and shook his head, "I prefer Cameron."

"So you admit that I'm not her," Emma laughed triumphantly.

"What do you want?" the blonde man tried again.

"I came to tell you that I don't love Regina and I want to come back to Princeton with you and live happily ever after."

Chase's eyes widened, and he asked, "Seriously?"

Emma's laugh only increased and she took a step back from him, "no of course not, dumb ass."

The doctor took a steadying breath and replied, "Are you just here to terrorise me?"

"Well technically no, but it is fun."

"According to Whale, Regina is the Evil Queen," Chase began, and when he saw no shock upon the woman's face, he continued, "how can you leave me for saving a nation from tyranny and yet love a woman who is considered evil?"

"Are you really using that as an argument Chase?" Emma asked with a raised eyebrow, "Do you even believe that she is the Evil Queen?"

"Well…no, but you clearly do."

"That is why I left you," she replied, and when she was met with a furrowed brow she explained, "you also need to be right, your just a pretentious jack ass who became too much like his boss."

"But you loved House," Chase retorted almost desperately.

"House or Regina? Not really a difficult choice."

Just before Chase could question why he wasn't part of the options Emma got a faraway look on her face and turned to face him.

"What's wrong?" he asked cautiously, looking around him for a way out, but he soon realised that was well and truly trapped.

"Apparently I'm taking too long to do as I'm told," she sighed and walked towards him.

"Do as you're told?" he repeated.

"For some strange reason, you're my first real love, why do you think you were brought here?"

"What?" the blonde man asked, trying not to smile at the thought that she had at least loved him once.

"There's really no reason to explain it to you," she chuckled and sank her hand into his chest, "you'll be dead as soon as Belle decides she's ready to start the ritual."

"What do you want?" Regina scowled as she fell into the booth next to Thirteen.

House raised his eyebrow at the irritable woman and replied, "I think you may want to consider a new medical team, your current head of medicine is insane."

"So I suppose that means you didn't believe what he told you, if you can't accept the truth when it is set out in front of you, I'm afraid I cannot help you Dr House."

"So you believe it too?"

Regina rolled her eyes and replied, "I more than believe it; I've lived it. Now as much as I would like you to leave my town, you cannot do so until the barrier has been weakened. You and your team could make that process as painless as possible by simply waiting like adults and leaving as if nothing ever happened when the time comes."

"And how long exactly will that take?" Foreman asked.

"In this town you just have to be patient," Regina replied, feeling anxious to go back to her vault and continue her research, even if she knew it was in vain, she still felt better there than wasting her time with the four inconveniences.

At the thought, she looked around the booth and commented, "Where's the fourth one?"

"He said that he needed some 'alone time'," House replied mockingly.

Regina was about to nod, when a stumbling sound came from the stairs that led to the B&B.

The whole diner fell silent, and all eyes turned towards the source of the noise, not long after, a very familiar blonde man came into view clutching his chest.

Regina stood regally allowing Thirteen to rush over to the very distraught man, the woman promptly placed her hand on his shoulder no doubt asking him if he was alright.

A moment later, Regina walked over to him, she was relatively certain that she known what had happened and she was trying to resist the urge to smirk at his pain.

"What happened?" House asked, and Regina was genuinely surprised when she saw a small amount of concern etched onto his face.

"Emma ripped out my heart."

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