Definitely not Lupus

Chapter 13

Chapter thirteen

Emma stood silently and watched as Belle poured through the tome on the counter.

Eventually, half an hour of silence past, with the only sound being the beating of a heart in the box next to the librarian.

"Is there anything else you need?" Emma finally asked, she absolutely hated having nothing to do, at least at the hospital she had the chance to bug Regina for a couple hours a day, but this was just mind numbing.

Belle looked up distastefully at the Dark One.

It wasn't that she didn't like Emma, far from it, before all of this she had considered her a friend, but that didn't change the fact that in this moment the former saviour represented exactly what had destroyed her relationship.

It was for that reason that when she had found a way for a mortal to have the power of the Dark One without associated darkness being able to control them, she knew what she had to do.

"I'm translating the final passage," she replied through gritted teeth, she had to admit that the blonde's presence was not helping.

"How did you find out that I was a doctor?"

"Does it really surprise you that I've read medical journals? I remembered seeing Allison Cameron in one of them, at the time I thought nothing of it, but when I realised that I needed to find your first love, I went back to it. It didn't take long to find the marriage certificate."

"You're more resourceful than I thought," Emma laughed, "I'm guessing you used something from Rumple's collection to close the barrier to the outside world."

"Why do you care?" Belle sighed, finally looking up from the book.

"Because if I have to die, I would think that an explanation is common curtesy," Emma replied, despite her words she still had a small smirk on her face and Belle realised that she was getting some weird pleasure from this.

"I just used one of his charms, then I found your first husband and booked them for a medical lecture with directions leading through Storybrooke and then I just had to wait for Rumple to wake up."

"Because if he had died anyway, then you would have felt guilty?" the blonde asked mockingly.

Belle rolled her eyes and turned her attention back to the book, instantly furrowing her brow while running her hand across the unfamiliar symbols she sighed.

Suddenly her head snapped up to the blonde who was looking disinterestedly around the room, and she remembered that she had read that the Dark One gained all of the knowledge of their predecessors and she hoped against hope that the theory was correct.

"I command you to translate this for me."

Emma rolled her eyes exasperatedly and didn't even bother resisting as she came over to look at the page.

"The ritual requires the heart of the Dark One, the heart of their first love and…" Emma trailed off and Belle looked at her expectantly.

"Tell me," she urged after a minute of silence.

Emma sighed knowing that there was no way that she could not tell her newest master, and replied, "The heart of the Dark One's True Love."

"She took your heart?" Thirteen repeated after Ruby had led the group into the back room for some privacy.

Chase nodded and brought the woman's hand to his chest, instantly her eyebrows shot up as she felt nothing there. Regina decided not to note the fact that it meant she must have already believed on some level and said, "if she has your heart, then why aren't you already dead?"

Chase paled, and Regina rolled her eyes, opting to explain before anyone of them could answer the question, "the heart can be used to control a person, or it can be crushed to kill them."

"Why hasn't she done either of those things yet?" he asked.

"Did she seem like she was being controlled?"

Chase thought back and nodded, "yes, she said someone wanted her to do something."

"Who?" Regina urged, she was genuinely surprised that the blonde could have lost the dagger so quickly, but then it wasn't like there wasn't many people in the town who would pass up the opportunity.

Chase furrowed his brow in concentration and thought back to what had just happened, honestly everything was a little fuzzy, "I can't remember."

House shook his head in disappointment and urged, "just go through exactly what happened."

Regina stared at the man for a moment, she could see that he was beginning to believe but was clearly resisting, he probably wanted the whole story so that he could try and find a rational explanation.

Chase nodded and took a deep breath, "well I was pacing and then she just appeared. She walked towards me and then kissed me."

Regina clenched her fists and just about stopped herself from trying to hurt him, though he was rather lucky that he already had his heart removed from his chest.

"Then she called me a dumbass and insulted me," a calm smile spread across Regina's face as she imagined Emma doing exactly what she had wished to do since she had met the man, she could almost forgive her for kissing him, almost.

"And then?" House urged, he clearly had no interest in the state of Emma and Chase's relationship, he was very impatient to get the piece of information that would help him to disprove everything.

"Then she got this far away look in her eye and said something like that she was taking too long. I asked her what she was talking about and then she just thrust her hand forward into my chest. She said that she couldn't be bothered to explain because Belle would be starting the ritual or something like that."

Silence fell over the room as everyone considered the words.

The doctors were trying to comprehend exactly who Belle was, though it didn't take them long to figure out what fairy-tale she was from.

Regina on the other hand spent a few moments and finally felt her shock fall away as she spun on her heels, ready to leave the room.

"And where are you going?" House asked.

Regina didn't even break her forward motion as she replied over her shoulder, "I'm going to kill a bookworm."

A/N Hope you guys enjoyed XD I would love to hear what you thought

I also had another idea for a crossover whereby SQ (and maybe some other characters) go through Zelena's time portal and it leads them to Jersey. One of them gets sick and they have to take them to the nearest hospital where they are treated by Dr Cameron. Please leave in the reviews if you would be interested in that fic and I'll start it as soon as possible if I get enough interest :D

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