Definitely not Lupus

Chapter 14

Chapter fourteen

The door to the pawn shop slammed open and Regina stormed in, followed closely by the doctors who seemed intent upon not leaving her alone.

Without a second thought she lighted a fireball in her hand and ignored the shocked gasp from Foreman and Thirteen, as well as the grimaces from Chase and House. She honestly didn't know just how much magic it would take to make these people believe and she honestly didn't care.

Belle looked up from the counter, and her mouth fell open in shock for a moment, before she grabbed the dagger and said, "I command you to protect me."

At the same moment Regina threw the fireball, which dispersed as it hit some kind of magical barrier.

Regina instantly turned to see Emma retracting her hand, and she realised that the librarian had just controlled her wife, which only served to make her that much angrier.

"What the hell do you think you're doing?"

Belle took a shaky breath. Under normal circumstances she would be very afraid of a pissed off Regina Mills, but right now, she had the power of the Dark One behind her and therefore had no reason to fear the Evil Queen, or at least that was what she was trying to tell herself.

"I'm doing what's best for Rumple," she replied adamantly.

"Which is what exactly?"

"Sacrificing the new Dark One along with two others, gives a person the power of the darkness without the need to be controlled," Belle explained as evenly as possible.

"In other words, Gold officially sent her off the deep end," Emma offered.

"Shut up," Belle scowled and Emma instantly clamped her mouth shut.

"Have you had the water tested for toxins?" House asked.

Regina rolled her eyes and turned to face the doctor, "what?"

"This delusion clearly extends across this whole town, so therefore whatever toxin is causing it must be in the local supply."

"How would one toxin cause the whole town to have the same delusion?" Chase snapped, much to Regina's surprise.

"You believe this crap?" House laughed.

Chase swallowed hard and brought his hand up to his chest, and was met with no beat. He could almost feel the presence of his heart across the room, "having your heart ripped out of your chest is not something that can be easily faked."

"But that doesn't mean that it can't be faked," House retorted.

"Shut up!" Regina shouted.

Both doctors turned to looked at the angry mayor, and she continued, "I told you before that I don't care whether or not you believe, any attempts to try and 'cure' my town will be a waste of everyone's time. House, if you are so adamant that this is all because of some toxin, I invite you to hold onto that belief for the rest of your life, but in this moment, I just don't care what you think."

House blinked a few times and nodded, feeling distinctly like he had been told off by a teacher, which was weird because he had never listened to a teacher in his entire life.

With a huff, Regina strode over to Belle and said, "give me the dagger, Miss French, or you will sincerely regret it."

Belle looked up at the woman who had been her capture for decades and suddenly decided that she'd had enough of being the weak little bookworm. She held control over one of the most powerful beings across almost every realm, and she would be dammed if she didn't use it against Regina, who had made her miserable for so long.

A moment later, Regina found herself pinned against the wall and tried desperately to catch her breath.

"You know Regina, it never seemed fair to me that you got redemption and yet Rumple didn't."

"He didn't get redemption because even when he was trying to be good, he proceeded to be a power hungry bastard. It was for that precise reason that you sent him over the town line. You cannot possibly have changed your mind in such a short space of time," Regina replied as she fought against her magical binds. This reminded her far too much of her mother's personal brand of punishment, and somehow the fact that it was now her wife casting the spell, made the entire situation feel one hundred times worse.

"You've had more chances than anyone can count," Belle sneered, "why should Rumple have a finite number?"

"It took centuries to blacken his heart, Belle," Regina retorted, "he had every chance in the world to change, but he will always be the man who chose to send his son alone through a portal because he couldn't bear the thought of living in a realm without magic."

"And yet he actively brought himself to the same realm."

"To which he promptly brought magic. Face it, Belle, you married a beast who will never transform into a virtuous prince," Regina sneered.

Belle took a deep breath, desperately trying to ignore everything Regina had just said, and replied, "by that logic, your princess has been transformed into the same beast."

Regina's eyes fell upon Emma's neutral expression, it didn't seem as though Belle's words bothered her in the slightest, though she did notice a slight tremble in her jaw, almost as if she was actively resisting whatever restraints were being placed upon her.

Chase looked over at the box on the counter and felt completely helpless. He didn't know about his colleagues, but he no longer had any doubt about the legitimacy of Whale's claims, he was sure that he would actually feel sorry for the way that he had treated the man if he was able to feel anything other than numb. Looking at Emma, he finally decided that there was no way that she was the same Cameron, but he was also sure that this indifferent woman couldn't be the one who Regina had fell in love with. Though he now saw that he had no chance with the blonde who he had believed to be the love of his life, he certainly didn't like the idea of her being used in some kind of sacrifice for this crazy ass version of Belle.

"Are you sure that she is your True Love?" Belle asked.

Emma swallowed hard, still with the one muscle twitch revealing her resistance and replied, "yes."

Regina just about stopped herself from letting out a ragged breath, the look that her wife was giving her in this moment meant more than she could ever describe. It was reassuring, and even though the gold irises had returned, she still could have sworn that she was looking at the saviour instead of the Dark One.

"Then you know exactly what I want you to do."

Emma nodded, and after a pained hesitation, she began to walk towards the trapped brunette.

Bringing a hand up, she rested it on Regina's shoulder and looked deeply into her eyes, clearly trying to convey every emotion that she wasn't being allowed to share in this moment.

With a quick squeeze of her shoulder, Emma brought up her other hand and sank it into the former Evil Queen's chest, lightly wrapping her fingers around her heart.

Regina knew that the blonde was somehow managing to be gentle despite what she was being forced to do, and as foolish as the notion was, she couldn't help the flare of hope she felt as the former saviour was able to pull out her heart without the slightest bit of pain.

Once the deed was done, Regina fell to the ground as her restraints were loosened.

She vaguely recognised Belle announcing that they had everything they needed before she commanded Emma to poof them both to Rumple's hospital room.

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