Definitely not Lupus

Chapter 15

Chapter fifteen

Regina fell back against the wall and placed her hand on her chest where she felt no beat.

Taking a shaky breath, she looked over at the four doctors who were looking at her expectantly, "what?" she snapped.

"Are you not going to do anything?" Chase asked, he never thought that he and Regina would ever have a common goal, but now it appeared as though they each wanted to save a certain blonde, and he imagined that she was just as attached to her heart as he was to his.

"What do you expect me to do?"

"I…don't know, but you're supposed to be some kind of hero, right? Aren't you going to save your own wife?" he asked incredulously.

She knew that this was not something she should be focusing on in that moment, but she felt pure hatred consume her. Though things hadn't exactly been perfect before the arrival of House's team, at least they had been under control. On top of her worries of the woman she loved turning to the darkness, she also had to worry about these idiots finding out the truth, only for them to figure it out anyway.

She took a deep breath and was about to approach him for a cathartic slap, before a realisation hit her: Emma was pregnant, and Belle was planning to kill her. If she didn't do something, then her unborn child would die along with her wife. She didn't so much care about the fact that the ritual would also involve her heart, she just knew that it was a miracle for her to ever be blessed with a biological child and there was absolutely no chance that she was going to allow that child to never grow into an actual person.

With these thoughts in mind, she strode past Chase and over to the counter that Belle had been standing at just a moment ago.

"What are you looking for?" House asked, sounding more unsure of himself than he had ever in his life, though he was desperately trying to come up with a rational explanation for everything in this town, what he had just witnessed had poked holes in all of his theories.

"I'm looking for something to save my wife," she replied without looking up, "and Chase, I suppose."

"What are you planning?" the blonde doctor asked.

"Believe me, I have neither the time nor the energy to explain it to you," she replied as she lifted up a phial of clear liquid.

Emma stood and watched as Belle intently read the book that she had probably spent more time reading than anyone in history. She had been commanded to take her to the hospital room next to Gold's and she expected that it was no coincidence that it was empty considering all of the other thought the librarian had put into the details of her plan.

She was frantically whispering to herself, checking that she had everything required for what she wanted to happen.

"If this is possible, why hasn't it been done before?" Emma thought aloud.

Belle sighed and looked up from the tome, clearly having lost her place and said, "what?"

"I mean, all you need is three hearts and the dagger, it should have already been done by now, right?"

The brunette rolled her eyes and replied, "it involves the first love and true love of the Dark One, clearly those are not ingredients that are easy to come by."

"And how did you know that Neal wasn't my first love?"

"Because you were a teenager when you met him, statistically, it was unlikely that you knew what love was, much less being able to feel it."

"Statistically?" Emma scoffed, "you're willing to bet the saving of your husband on statistics?"

Belle tilted her head and smirked, "but I was right."

"I think the word you're looking for is lucky."

Belle rolled her eyes and looked back down to the text, "that should be everything, except…"

Bringing the dagger up, she silently commanded the Dark One to give her the final ingredient.

Emma took a deep breath and brought her own hand up to her chest, with a small grunt, her pale hand sank past her skin and a moment later, she was holding her glowing heart.

For a moment, Belle took notice of just how much brighter the former saviour's heart was then Rumpel's. It occurred to her, that the blonde had been denied the chance to darken her heart in any way. Her family had prevented her from taking a life, the worst she had done was say some hurtful words. Taking a breath, she just about managed to strengthen her resolve and commanded the blonde to place the heart in the third box in front of her.

The next moment, a black smoke engulfed them both, taking them to the room next door.

Rumpel opened his eyes after a rather pleasant sleep, and instantly his body jerked into a sitting position at the sight before him.

There stood his wife holding the very familiar dagger, with a table bearing three beating hearts and his successor standing behind her wearing a surprisingly pained expression.

"Belle?" he asked cautiously.

Said woman took a second to look at the heart monitor revealing that his heart beat was already weaker than most doctor's considered to be healthy.

"I found a way for everything to go back to normal," she answered his unasked question and handed him the book that she had been reading a moment ago.

He quickly scanned its contents and shook his head, "you can't do this," he croaked.

Belle furrowed her brow in utter confusion and said, "but you'll get your power back without the restrictions, you'll get what you was aiming for before I sent you away."

"While I had the power, I was unable to see that my will was not completely my own. I never truly wanted to be free of the dagger, it would have completely taken over my mortal body without any way to rein it in. It would have destroyed me if I had been successful," he said softly.

Belle looked down to the dagger that she was holding and shook her head, she felt a unexplained force grip to her, a whispering that had been getting louder and louder as of late.

"You don't know what you want," she replied and spun on her feet to grab the first heart, only for a purple glow to engulf her arm.

"I wouldn't do that, dear," Regina growled.

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