Definitely not Lupus

Chapter 16

T/W for character death and violence

Chapter sixteen

"Will you ever give up?" Belle growled as she desperately tried to move her arm.

Regina heard the distinct sound of the doctors coming up behind her and she didn't even bother to roll her eyes. They were relentless and annoying, but at least they were brave enough to see things through until the end.

"I could say the same thing to you Miss French, most people would have given up on that little imp decades ago, and yet here you are planning to sacrifice four lives."

Belle furrowed her brow and replied, "three."

"It would seem that your insanity has rendered you incapable of simple arithmetic," Regina sneered.

"Emma, Chase and you," the librarian replied rather condescendingly.

"And Tamsin."

Emma tilted her head and asked, "you already named her?"

"No, you did, you told me that if Henry was a girl, you would have named him Thomasina," the brunette replied as if it were obvious.

"I said that when we were dating, how could you possibly remember that?"

Belle rolled her eyes and snapped, "I command you to be silent, Dark One."

The blonde clamped her mouth shut and Regina clenched her fists, "if you value your life, you should probably stop controlling my wife!"

Belle smirked and said, "release me from this spell."

The next moment, the purple glow had evaporated from her arm and she reached forward to pick up the heart, instantly squeezing it.

Chase let out a little squeal as he gripped his chest, Regina would have found it almost entertaining if he hadn't become marginally less annoying since his heart had been removed.

"Stop," Thirteen pleaded as she gripped the blonde's shoulder in support, Foreman stood beside him giving the same expression, while House was trying to hide a look of concern.

"Belle, please," Rumple said in a weak voice, "I don't want you to do this."

The brunette refused to look at him and replied, "you'll die if I don't."

"I have lived longer than any man has the right to. I am not a person who deserves to live any longer than I already have, just let me go."

Belle closed her eyes against his words and Regina watched curiously as the hand holding the dagger twitched slightly, almost as if she was resisting something.

Emma seemed to notice the same thing as she exchanged a curious look with her wife, but another groan of pain from the blonde doctor brought her out of preparing theories

"Please," Chase pleaded.

Releasing her grip slightly, she knew that this was not something she truly wanted to do, in fact, she couldn't even remember the moment that she had decided to carry out this plan. All she could remember was a kind of dark void and then the urges to save her husband from a death that he probably more than deserved.

Emma instantly recognised the look on the librarian's face, it clearly represented the feeling she'd experienced on numerous occasions during her time with the darkness.

It was the look of someone trying to resist a power much stronger than themselves. She was pretty sure that she wore that expression when the darkness told her to kill her mother, deep down she knew that there was no way she would want to kill the woman, but she had been convinced that Snow White deserved it. She had even felt guilty after one of her attempts, but the darkness had stopped her from even attempting to reconcile with the woman who had given her life.

In this moment, she wished that she could relay this information to Regina, but try as she might, the direct command was just too strong to go against.

Belle took a deep, rather ragged, breath, and her fingers once again came around the glowing organ, this time she was hardly able to apply enough pressure to cause Chase any pain at all.

"What is wrong with you?" Regina asked cautiously as she inched closer to the clearly conflicted woman.

"I…" she began, almost as if she were about to give a full confession, but she instantly trailed off as something prevented her saying what she wanted to.

"Do it!" a voice roared, though only Belle and Emma seemed to have heard it.

The Dark One looked over to the source to see a very scaly version of the man lying in the hospital bed, dressed in the familiar garb of her predecessor.

She was very used to seeing him around, but what she was not accustomed to was someone else reacting to his demanding voice.

Belle looked straight at the manifestation of the voice she had been hearing for a couple of weeks now, she was never quite sure who it was, but now it all made complete sense. She had long ago let go of her feelings for Rumpelstiltskin, it was this thing that had convinced her that he needed to be preserved. What she didn't understand was how he had infected her mind.

"How?" she stuttered out.

The doctors and Regina each stared at the empty wall that Belle seemed to be addressing and the mayor turned to the sheriff with a questioning look.

Emma pointed to the patient in the bed and then made exaggerated gesture with her arms, amazingly, Regina instantly knew what she meant, but the doctors were completely stumped.

"We're playing charades now?" House asked.

Regina pinched the bridge of her nose and chose to ignore him, turning back to hear what Belle was saying to the invisible spectre.

"Get out of my head," she said in a pathetic voice.

"I need you to set me free of the saviours body, her child is far too light for me to effectively inhabit her, if you do this then you will have the husband you love back. He will have the power he always strived for, there is nothing that he could possibly want, therefore nothing to get in the way of your marriage," the Enchanted Forest version of Rumple said.

"I…don't…" Belle tried.

"You don't love me anymore," the supposed coward announced with complete sincerity, there was no bitterness behind the dying man's words, only acceptance.

Belle turned to look at him with a confused look, she was sure that there was no way she would ever be able to tell him that little fact, much less for him to have already figured it out himself.

"I have known since I came back to town and saw you with that thief, I have no right to any longer expect you to owe me anything."

Belle looked between the two Rumples, they were so completely different, but she definitely knew which one she liked more in this moment, the issue was that the other one had the ability to control her actions.

Relaxing her hand for a moment, she just about managed to release Emma from her last command, and the blonde instantly let out a breath of relief.

Regina looked between Belle and Emma and realised what had just happened, "Emma, what the hell is going on?"

"I honestly have no idea," the blonde replied as she stared at the scaly man.

Regina rolled her eyes with an exasperated sigh and ground out, "take a guess then."

"Rumpelstiltskin…I mean the essence of the Dark One….I think he may be controlling Belle."

"You see another Rumple?" Regina as slowly as possible to make sure that she had heard her wife right.

"I've been seeing him for ages," Emma replied with a dismissive wave of her hand.

"And you didn't mention this because…"

"You didn't ask," the blonde replied.

"You are an insufferable child!" Regina nearly shouted when someone cleared their throat to bring her back to what was important.

Regina looked over to Foreman who pointed back at Belle who was visibly trembling.

"How can it be controlling her?"

With some trouble, Gold managed to raise from the bed and go over to his wife, placing a hand on her shoulder, she seemed to relax for a moment but her eyes were still unfocused as she tried to fight against what she was about to be forced to do.

"It is unlikely that the darkness was able to co-exist with your child. A second generation product of true love is a rare occurrence indeed. It is conceivable that a portion of the darkness was forced to leave your body and attach itself to another."

"And why would it choose Belle?" Regina asked with a furrowed brow, it sounded possible to her, but at the same time she didn't like the idea that she had been completely unaware of the presence of another dark presence in her town.

"Because she has the knowledge it needed, and it clearly believed that she wasn't strong enough to resist, though I would say that she has been underestimated," he said almost proudly as he carefully removed the heart from her hand and placed it back into the box.

Once he had already done this, Belle seemed to realise what was happening around her and gripped the dagger more tightly in her hand, "I-I have to complete the ritual."

"No you don't," he whispered softly.

"That child will only continue to weaken the darkness, she cannot remain the Dark One," Belle growled, though it sounded very much like she was reciting someone else's words. With that she walked over to Emma, "if she will not allow me to perform the ritual, I must protect the power."

Regina's eyes widened and she was about to walk forward to stop the librarian from doing something she would regret, but she was stopped when Rumple took the potion she had been clutching since leaving his store.

She gave him a quizzical look and he smiled at her weakly, "your child needs you Regina, it will be better this way, you know what you have to do."

Without leaving room for further talk, he downed the clear liquid in one gulp and instantly winced.

With one final surge of energy, he surged forward and took the dagger out of Belle's hand just as it sank into the Dark One's chest.

There was an almost spectacular display of dark energy as it escaped the saviour's body.

Regina watched with widened eyes as the tip of the blade sank through the skin and into her wife's heart, just as she had planned to do herself. It was what came next that she hadn't planned.

The darkness attached itself back to its former vessel, but instead of taking control of him as it had for centuries, he collapsed to the floor while the potion began to take its desired effect. Regina had grabbed the potent liquid in the hopes that she would have drank it herself, and it was now systematically destroying the brave man's heart as it would have done to her own.

She managed to tear her eyes away from him and rushed forward to the saviour's side.

Blood was spewing from her mouth and she was already coming close to taking her final breath.

Her original plan had involved healing the wound before it could have taken the blonde's life, but try as she might, nothing was happening. The damage done by the dark metal was apparently irreparable with light magic.

A future where she would have to live without her wife and in the knowledge that she had lost her child forever quickly flashed through her mind and a feeling of hopelessness flooded her system.

"Her…heart…" someone said behind her.

Regina shot a glare over her shoulder, to see a very confused Belle was trying to get something out. Her expression softened, however, when she saw the librarian no longer looked torn, clearly the power of the dagger had drawn all of the darkness back into Gold's body, where it would now remain for the rest of time.

"What?" she asked.

"She doesn't have her heart," Belle reminded her.

Regina's eyes widened and she leapt up to the boxes on the table, it quickly became apparent which one belonged to the saviour. Without hesitation, she picked it up and dropped back to her knees next to her wife.

Emma's eyes were closing, and her breaths were becoming shallower, after a second, Regina thrust her hand into the other woman's chest, then she quickly healed the wound which promptly closed at her magical touch.

She was sure that the four doctors were watching in amazement, but all she would do was wait with bated breath.

Her entire world could literally be ruined in the next few moments.

Three seconds later, Emma took a heaving breath and sat up looking around the hospital room.

She remembered everything that had happened, but it almost felt as if someone else had experienced it all.

The blonde looked at everyone in the room, but ultimately her attention fell upon Regina, "I…" she began.

Regina took a moment to inspect her wife's demeanour, expression and most importantly her beautiful green eyes, and instead of allowing her the chance to say 'I'm sorry', she launched forward to capture her lips in her own.

"Never try and sacrifice yourself for me again," she whispered.

"I can't make that promise," Emma shot back.

"Idiot," Regina mumbled against her neck with a laugh.

"You know we're still here?" House announced.

Regina rolled her eyes and said, "I am well aware."

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