Definitely not Lupus

Chapter 17

Chapter seventeen

"Are you okay, kid?" Emma asked as she fell into the booth next to her son.

Henry looked up from his hot chocolate, and as most people had been doing, he inspected the saviour cautiously. It didn't take long for him to decide that she was completely back to normal, however, as he laid his head on her shoulder.

"I'm fine," he mumbled.

Emma brought her hand up and began to lightly stroke his back as she replied, "you're allowed to be sad about your grandpa."

"But…" he trailed off, he honestly had no idea how he could voice his thought without sounding like a completely terrible person, and it was only making him feel worse.

"He sacrificed himself so that me and your little sister can survive. What he did in the past was the Dark One, but the way that he died proved that he was capable of bravery. He died a hero, Henry, and that is exactly what I want you to tell Tamsin."

Henry smiled weakly at the thought.

"How's Belle?" Henry asked.

"She's in shock," Emma sighed, "she has Ruby to cheer her up though."

They sat in silence for a moment, before he sniffled and brought his head off her shoulder, "where's mom?"

"Probably watching Whale work," the blonde laughed, "he ran a few tests to make sure that everything was okay since I'm actually willing to take the tests now."

"And you didn't stay?" Henry asked with a furrowed brow.

"Trust me, I know everything is okay."

"So what's her middle name going to be?" he asked out of the blue.

"Why does that matter now?" Emma frowned.

"Mom likes to be prepared, she's probably already planning which room to turn into the nursery, you have a lot to think about, ma," he warned in a joking manner.

The blonde's eyes widened in fear as it hit her just how much they needed to do, but she was interrupted by the sound of a cane hitting the floor.

Smirking slightly, she looked up to see her former employer coming towards the booth, she was moderately surprised that the others hadn't come over with him, but they were all at the counter, she imagined that they were still trying to process what had happened during their little detour.

"What am I going to tell Cuddy?" he asked in his usual mocking tone, though it seemed to be missing some of its edge.

"Tell her the truth, she'll just call you an idiot and tell you to get back to work," she laughed.

"And what about Wilson? He loves me too much to not realise that I'm telling the truth."

Emma rolled her eyes, and said, "then come up with a lie, you're capable."

House bit his lip, clearly reluctant to air his thoughts.

"You want to not remember?" she realised after a moment of silence.

"I don't know about the others, but I would much rather live in a world where fairy-tales are not true, things make a lot more sense when there are no happy endings."

"So you want to live a lie just so things will make sense?" Henry asked.

"It will be like I finally gave into religion," House quipped.

The boy gave a shocked expression to his mother, but Emma just shook her head telling him not to further question Gregory House.

"I'll ask Regina," she replied, "if she agrees, then she can place new memories for the last couple of days. I'm guessing Foreman would want the same."

House nodded, it had been the other doctor who had first suggested he idea, but they had both secretly been afraid to air it just encase the magic users would think that they were being idiotic.

"Chase will probably want to remember, and I honestly have no idea about the other one," he replied.

The bell rang out, and a moment later, Regina walked regally over to the booth where her wife and son sat.

She shot House a questioning look, but he just waggled his eyebrows with a smirk and limped back over to the counter.

"What did he want?" she asked as she fell into a seat.

"We can talk about it later," the blonde assured, "what did Whale say?"

"He said that everything appears to be perfect," Regina smiled.

"Did he also complain about having the mayor hover over him as he worked?"

"What's your point?" Regina asked.

Emma just rolled her eyes and brought her hand across the table to intertwine with the other woman's.

"Are you seriously a doctor?" Henry asked, completely breaking the romantic moment.

Emma looked over at the people she used to work with nodded, "I was a doctor."

"How can you just choose not to be a doctor anymore?" he asked with a furrowed brow.

The blonde smiled at Henry's curiosity, and replied, "I'll tell you everything, family dinner tonight?"

Regina couldn't resist the smile that spread across her face as she realised what the blonde was doing, she was agreeing to tell her the truth, not that she was particularly angry at the woman who was carrying her child anymore.

The mayor's phone buzzed and she instantly looked down at it, "Blue believes that the town line is safe to pass over now" she announced.

Emma nodded slowly and looked over at the counter, despite having his heart back, Chase still sat somewhat away from his colleagues, with his head leant on one hand as he nursed a glass of clear liquid that was almost certainly not water.

"Go and talk to him," Regina sighed.

Emma blinked a few times and replied, "really?"

"I would certainly not pass up the opportunity have another conversation with Daniel, but if you kiss him again, we're getting a divorce."

A look of genuine fear passed over Emma's face and Henry laughed at her reaction.

"You know about that?" she choked out.

"Don't worry sheriff, you get one pass for being controlled by ultimate darkness," she smirked.

Emma's expression relaxed and she stood from the booth, quickly kissing her wife as if to prove a point. Henry pretended to grimace at the sight and Regina and rolled her eyes at the boy.

The blonde woman walked away from her family with a smirk on her face, finally, she slid into the seat next to Chase at the counter.

"Feels good to have your heart back doesn't it?" she asked.

Chase looked up with blurry eyes, he certainly liked this Emma better than the one he had been subjected to during their visit, but she still wasn't Cameron.

"It was weird without it," he chuckled half-heartedly.

The pair sat in silence for over thirty seconds, until finally, he male blonde managed to build the courage he needed to ask, "were you ever planning to tell me?"

"You sound like Regina," she grumbled, he frowned and she held up her hands, "sorry, not helping."

"If we had stayed together, would you have continued to let me believe that your name was Allison?"

Emma thought about this for a second, and replied, "my name was Allison. Back then I thought that I needed to create a new person in order to be happy, I wanted to create someone who had a perfect Childhood, someone that I believed had the right to actually be a doctor."

Chase nodded, and said, "but we was married."

"I would have told you eventually," she sighed, "I thought I would need to tell you on our wedding day, but you never questioned where my parents were."

Chase blinked a few times, and he rolled his eyes at his own idiocy, "I guess I was preoccupied with someone in a dress."

"Seriously Chase?" she laughed.

He sighed deeply and replied, "sorry, I guess I still need to get used to the idea that your married."

"That's really the biggest thing you need to get used to?"

The blonde waved his hand dismissively and said, "the other stuff will probably take a long time to sink in, like years."

"You could just forget like House and Foreman," Emma pointed out.

"I thought about that, but I think it would be better for me to remember that you're completely unavailable, and then I can start to get over you," he replied in a rather pathetic tone.

The saviour nodded and they sat in silence for a moment, before she asked, "why doesn't Thirteen want to forget?"

"She said that the idea of fairy-tales being true was comforting or something."

"Or she doesn't want you to be the only one that remembers," she replied, rapidly coming up with a theory.


"She wants you two to have something to talk about, think about it, she has been the most concerned about you, like when Belle was about to crush your heart."

Chase thought about it for a second, and quickly glanced at the doctor who was talking to Foreman, he had certainly thought about asking out the insanely beautiful woman in the past, but he hadn't yet been ready to give up on the idea of his ex-wife eventually returning.

"It's a good thing that House is going to forget about me and Regina though," Emma thought aloud.

Chase looked away from Thirteen and asked, "why?"

"Because if the two of you broke up and her next relationship was with a woman, he would never let go of the jokes about you turning women away from men."

The man finally genuinely laughed and replied, "please make sure he doesn't remember."

-One year later-

Emma looked down at her phone after it buzzed, and she saw a reply to the picture she had just sent, 'the treatment worked- Chase.'

"You know a lesser woman would be concerned about you texting your ex-husband," Regina commented as she walked in holding a little bundle of joy.

The sheriff looked up, her eyes instantly trained upon her three month old daughter, "it's a good thing that you're not a lesser woman then."

Regina laughed and handed Tamsin to her other mother, who brought her closer to her chest.

"I don't think I'll ever get used to the thought of you being a doctor," she sighed.

Emma smirked and looked up from admiring her daughter's face, "I'm just a consultant, plus it means I never get bored at the station."

"You're always on your phone," she pouted. "We're supposed to be going to Ruby and Belle's bridal shower."

"And you're being childish," Emma returned and walked over and gave her a peck on the lips, "besides you know I always put it down whenever I see you."

Regina sighed as her wife's kiss let the tension fall away after a hard day at work, she still maintained that it was unfair that her leave had to follow the rules of paternity leave.

"And House still hasn't questioned why you suddenly decided to become a consultant?"

"No, he just thinks that I need the extra cash."

"You know we really don't need the extra money, you don't have to be a mother and a consultant, plus it won't be long until you go back to being sheriff," Regina argued.

"I like being both," Emma shot back, "I get more to focus on than chasing Pongo, and I don't have to spend every at hour of the day at a hospital. Trust me, this is the perfect balance of Allison Cameron and Emma Swan."

"Well as long as Dark Swan stays out of our lives, I'm happy, there are already too many former villains in this family," Regina sighed contently.

A/N Hope you guys enjoyed and thanks to everyone who followed this through to the end XD

I need to thank Quindecim for helping me with the bulk of the plot for this fic, and as always I need to thank my beta QueenApples for just being overall amazing XD

I would love to hear what you thought of this fic, and pm me if you have ideas for any more crossovers between the two shows, I've really enjoyed doing this one. Check out 'Paging Doctor Swan' if your looking for another crossover XD

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