Definitely not Lupus

Chapter 2

Chapter two

"Are you even a real doctor?!" a male voice carried down the hall and Regina closed her eyes in frustration as she made her way to the ER.

"I..." Whale began, only to be interrupted by the mayor.

"I can handle this Whale."

"Yes madam mayor," he said sardonically.

Gregory House instantly looked up to find the source of the smooth authoritative voice, and as soon as his eyes trained upon Regina Mills, his jaw practically dropped.

Whale scowled, and walked away to treat someone else.

"Please forgive Doctor Whale, he can be quite incompetent, but he's the only doctor in town," Regina said calmly, hoping that she could quickly convince this people that they need to stay, and then go back to trying to get her wife back.

House cocked his head, and said, "I'm surprised he's actually certified, he clearly has little understanding of cuts and bruises."

A scoff could be heard across the room, and Regina shot Whale a warning look, which caused him to roll his eyes and move out of sight.

"Again, please accept my sincerest apologises, and please allow me to pay for your sleeping arrangements, Granny's B&B should suffice until we can get your vehicle in working order."

House looked at the woman sceptically, from his experience, he knew that he couldn't trust a politician, and there was just something mysterious about this woman that he wanted unravel.

"Is that so we don't sue this quaint little town for having unsafe roads?" House shot back.

"I believe you lost control of your car over the town line, and crashed into my quaint little town, so good luck with that lawsuit, doctor," House's eyebrows shot up in amusement. Regina continued, "as mayor, I hope you enjoy Storybrooke...aren't there supposed to be four of you?" she asked with a furrowed brow, she was relatively sure that Whale could at least count.

"The Aussie went in search of a toilet," House replied dismissively.

Regina nodded slowly, though she had the urge to hit Whale for letting one of them explore, she silently prayed that this 'Aussie' wouldn't see anything strange.

Chase yawned as he made his way down the hall, hoping that he would walk passed a men's room soon.

He had to admit that this hospital seemed awfully low-tech, almost like it hadn't been updated since the 80s, and the way that he had suddenly lost control of the steering wheel seemed more than a bit odd, even despite House's insistence that he was just an idiot.

Chase rolled his eyes at the thought of his boss, and continued to inspect every door in hopes of finding his goal. That was until he stopped dead in his tracks.

Outside one of the private rooms, the name card read, 'Emma Swan-Mills', and though he was sure that he had never heard the name before, he felt inexplicably drawn to whoever held it.

It was for this reason that, after looking down the hall twice, he slowly pushed the door open, and sighed in relief when he saw no visitors were present.

His relief instantly fell away, however, when he saw the blonde lying asleep in the hospital bed.

"Allison?" he choked out, and made his way across the room in just a couple steps so that he could stand next to his ex-wife.

With a shaking hand, he softly stroked her hair.

He hadn't seen her in almost four years, but that didn't change the fact that he knew he still loved her, and the regret over losing her only intensified as he looked around at the medical equipment surrounding her.

After a few silent moments of staring, a thought suddenly occurred to him, and he grabbed the chart at the end of the bed.

The moment he opened the folder, he was met with that name again, "Emma Swan-Mills' and he clenched his teeth. Even though he knew he had no right to dictate any of her care, he thought that he at least had the right to be angered that the imbeciles hadn't even got her name right, who knows what else could be wrong?

He blew out a breath of frustration, and went straight to the information he wanted.

The moment he saw the words 'sedated' and 'danger to others', he sighed and threw the chart back into his place.

He looked again at the peaceful sleeping face and decided that there was no way that his Allison Cameron could ever need to be sedated, and the idiots had obviously made a mistake.

Then there was the fact that she seemed to be on a higher dosage then even an elephant would require, so after taking a deep breath, he gently pulled the IV out of her arm.

"It's going to be okay," the doctor whispered softly.

Knowing that it should take hours for her to wake up, he stormed off in search of the person responsible for this.

Regina rolled her eyes at House's forth racist comment, and continued to take the details of the accident from Dr Foreman.

"You can't ignore me," House pouted as he limped over to stand next to her.

"Really? It would seem that I'm rather good at it."

Thirteen laughed quietly, and whispered, "will you stop hitting on the mayor."

Though she had intended it to be inaudible Regina had heard it, and without looking up from her pad she said, "you're not my type."

House fake pouted and asked, "not into hot world class doctors?"

"House," Foreman tried to scold, but he went ignored.

Regina let out a breath of frustration and decided to shut down this irritating flirting, "why don't you ask my wife?"

House's face went from confusion to a look of pure joy in a second, "I would love to talk to your wife."

Foreman put his head in his hands, and Thirteen just snickered as Regina just stared the man down. Her heart contracted slightly as she imagined Emma shutting down this flirting herself, admittedly in her current state, it would turn out much more violently than would be necessary.

The moment was interrupted, however, when an Australian voice called from the entrance of the ER, "what the hell?!"

Regina looked over at the angry blonde man, and honestly tried not to laugh at just how non-threatening he appeared to be.

"What's wrong Chase?" Foreman asked with a furrowed brow.

"Cameron," he replied, causing the other man's eyebrows to shoot up.

Whale walked around the corner looking at a chart, only to be suddenly thrown against a wall.

The two doctors stared each other down, until another blonde man stood between them.

"What's going on?" David asked.

Regina blew out a breath, she decided that she had already spent way too long with these people, but she also couldn't leave the stand in sheriff to deal with the situation.

"He attacked me!" Whale said rather childishly.

"He sedated my wife!"

"Ex," House called, and Chase only clenched his fists further.

Regina and David shared a look, knowing that there was only one person sedated in this hospital.

"Who's your ex-wife?" the sheriff asked cautiously.

"Allison Cameron," Chase said defiantly, and Regina felt herself relax somewhat.

"There isn't even anyone in town with that name," Whale retorted.

"How would you know? You clearly have a knack for getting people's names wrong."

"What are you talking about?" David sighed, still holding out his hand to block the other man's path.

"Her chart said her name was Emma something," Chase scowled.

David nodded slowly, "and you're sure it was her?"

"One hundred percent certain. Just like I'm certain that you were giving her enough sedative to cause kidney failure," Chase almost shouted.

Regina ran her hand across her face. She had already had this discussion, and Whale had assured her that Emma's magic would prevent any damage the sedative could do, which would also interfere with her ability to perform spells should she wake up.

"How long were you married?" Regina asked.

Chase looked at the mayor in confusion, and said, "that's not important..."

"I disagree," the brunette said firmly, "how long?"

"A year," he replied, which instantly caused Regina to begin storming off.

David let out an exasperated sigh, and grabbed her arm, "what are you doing?"

"I'm going to kill Emma," she said simply.

"For what?"

"Oh, I don't know David, take your pick. For not telling me that she used to have a different name, for not telling that she was married before, or for not being awake so that I can yell at her."

David put a calming hand on her shoulder, "when she wakes up," he began, knowing Regina knew he meant when she was no longer the Dark One, "she'll be able to explain."

Regina deflated slightly, before noticing the look of horror on Chase's face.

He seemed to abandon his crusade against Whale, and Foreman asked the question on everyone's mind, "you're Cameron's...wife?"

"Her name is Emma," Regina snapped, "and yes."

"Well clearly you're not a very good one," Chase replied, and David had to hold Regina back. "I'll never understand why you would allow her to be sedated."

"I have my reasons," the mayor ground out.

"Care to share?" House asked, though the bombardment of information was rather a lot to take in, he was still eager to discover the fate of his former employee.

"Not really."

"Well then it's a good thing that I already took her off it," Chase replied angrily.

Regina stared at him blankly for a moment, before the implications of the words finally sunk in.

"You idiot!" she shouted and David instantly released her arm, allowing her to run down the hall at top speed.

As she approached the room in record time, she barely even registered the team of doctors and her farther-in-law following her.

As soon as the room came into view, she hit her head against the door when she saw the empty hospital bed.

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