Definitely not Lupus

Chapter 3

Chapter three

Chase stared blankly at the vacant bed, and he just about managed to stutter out, "that's not possible, she shouldn't have woken up for hours."

David quickly grabbed Regina's tense shoulder before she could even think about summoning a fire ball, and the former-queen shot him a grateful look.

"Well clearly it is possible," Whale said triumphantly, which caused Regina to scowl deeply at the doctor.

"That doesn't change the fact that she shouldn't have been sedated," Chase finally retorted, his shock somewhat falling away.

"How would you possibly know that?" Regina shouted, though she would normally be much calmer in a crisis, there was something about the man that angered her. She refused to acknowledge that she was simply jealous that he was married to her wife, and continued, "when was the last time you even saw Emma?"

"Her name is Allison!"

"Her birth name is Emma Swan," Regina growled, "clearly she changed her name."

Chase looked desperately to House, sure that if Cameron had a legal name change, then the man that had gotten into sealed records would know about it, but the older doctor simply shrugged, "I never thought to look for a different name. It was strange though that her life seemed so perfect."

Regina scoffed, unable to believe that these people claimed to know the blonde so well, and yet clearly knew nothing of the years she had spent as an orphan, not to mention what Neal had done to her.

"So she must have changed it before med school," Foreman pondered.

Regina stared at the man for a moment and blinked a few times, "med school?"

Foreman nodded slowly, "she's an immunologist."

The mayor began to take calming breaths, but internally she was almost screaming, is my idiot actually smart?

Regina's anger was cut short by the ringing of her phone, and the moment she saw the caller ID, she answered instantly, "what's wrong Henry?"

"Why is ma awake?" he whispered.

Regina's eyes widened and she asked urgently, "where is she?"

"At the diner."

The brunette furrowed her brow, she was sure that the newest Dark One would be up to something far more sinister, but then she didn't know what the blonde was doing.

"Doing what?"

"Drinking a hot chocolate," he replied.

Regina pinched the bridge of her nose, "is that it?"


"Then why are you whispering?" she sighed.

"I don't know," he whispered back, "can you please come here?"

"I'll be right there," with that she hung up the phone and turned to David, "Emma's at the diner."

The sheriff nodded, they were about to set off until Regina noticed they were being followed, "really?" she scowled at Chase.

"I want to see her," he insisted.

Regina closed her eyes in frustration, and asked, "and you too?"

House nodded, "this is shaping up to be quite the puzzle, do you honestly think that I would miss it?"

"You two stay here," Regina commanded, making Thirteen and Foreman nod their agreement, both clearly slightly afraid of the mayor.

Emma audibly yawned as she stirred the last bit of her drink.

She could feel all of the eyes trained upon her, and though she was sure that it should have bothered her, she was strangely satisfied. Especially whenever she caught Ruby's eye and she would instantly tense and turn away. Honestly, she was grateful that no one seemed to know that she didn't have her magic at the moment. It would certainly dampen her almost oppressive intimidating presence upon her fellow patrons.

Stretching slightly, she felt her black leather squeak against the booth seat, but she still felt somehow bone tired, stupid sedative, she internally grumbled.

The Dark One felt all of the eyes shift from her as the bell rang out, and languidly she looked up with a small smirk on her face as Regina came into view. The smirk slightly fell away, however, when she saw who was coming in behind her father. She never thought that she would see Chase again, and she certainly had no plans to ever visit House. As her former-boss's cane hit against the floor, her smirk quickly came back, though it was more forced, she didn't want people to see that she had been affected by these people from her past.

Her golden eyes trained onto Chase's own blue ones, and she could tell that he sucked in a sharp breath. No doubt he'll probably think that I have jaundice she quietly chuckled to herself. She noted with satisfaction that he seemed to have been rendered speechless by her new, much darker look.

The group finally approached her, and she couldn't help but notice House inspecting her, probably trying to come up with an explanation for all of the differences, but she was relatively certain that any logical explanation he could come up would be overcomplicated and incorrect, no matter how hard he tried.

When Regina finally entered earshot, Emma called, "hey Gina, can you tell the kid to stop staring at me?"

Regina's eyes snapped to the far wall where Henry seemed to be hiding, and she tilted her head slightly making him come over to hide behind his mother.

"What the hell are you doing?" Regina sighed.

Emma shrugged, "getting a hot chocolate."


"I'm thirsty," Emma smirked, and then looking at Chase's dumbfounded expression, she quickly added, "babe."

House returned with an amused expression, and Regina just rolled her eyes.

The brunette replied, "you need to go back to the hospital."

Emma tilted her head and asked, "why? I'm fine."

"I disagree dear," Regina ground out.

"Tell me why I was sedated and I'll go," the blonde returned.

Regina stared at the woman, knowing that she couldn't say the truth in front of the 'non-believers' she resorted to plan B.

Bringing her hand up, she rested it on the dagger inside her coat.

"You need to go back to the hospital Emma," she said slowly, hoping it would suffice as a command.

House looked at the woman curiously, noticing the tight grip on the outside of her coat. Even weirder was the fact that Emma, or Cameron, actually stood up and seemed to be willing to follow her wife despite her earlier protestations.

As the group, now with the addition of a certain blonde, approached the door, House whispered to his fellow doctor, "I think we may have a case."

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