Definitely not Lupus

Chapter 4

Chapter four

Regina stared at the petulant Dark One in silence for a few minutes.

The blonde woman lay in the bed with her arms crossed arms, and Regina finally sighed and asked, "what could possibly be wrong with you?"

Emma rolled her eyes and looked at her wife, and replied, "not too happy to see them again, speaking of which, why are they here?"

Regina raised her eyebrow, and explained, "they crashed over the town line and according to Blue they can't leave. I did get the joy of learning that you lied to me, however."

"It was more of a small omission," Emma smirked back.

Regina looked over her shoulder at the closed door to make sure that no one was listening to the impending argument, and asked as calmly as possible, "who is Allison Cameron?"

"Someone who doesn't exist anymore," the blonde replied cryptically.

"But she did?"

"Why does this matter, Regina?" Emma sighed dramatically.

"Because I told you everything, and it would seem that you lived a life that I didn't know about."

"If it helps they didn't know about Emma Swan, so it's only fair," she replied languidly.

Regina clenched her fists, and tried to take a calming breath, "were you ever planning to tell me?"

"Nope," was her simple reply.

Regina stared into the golden eyes of her wife, and instantly this argument felt absolutely pointless. The Dark One was not the woman she had married, and it seemed that she was set on being more childish than she had ever been before. That didn't change the fact that she needed the truth and had no intention of waiting.

Bringing her hand up, she placed her hand upon the dagger, and Emma instantly rolled her eyes.

"Is this going to become a regular thing, Gina? You do know that there are far more interesting things that you can command me to do," Emma waggled her eyebrows, and Regina scowled.

"I command you to tell me the whole story."

Emma rolled her eyes, and let out a breath, "while I was in prison, I had nothing else to do but complete college work. Apparently, I was some genius special case, so when I completed a full years work, they just kept giving me more until I had enough credits to not actually have to go to college, so they gave me a scholarship to medical school, I took it and created Allison Cameron so that no one would know the real me. House took me onto his team and I worked for him for years, and that's it."

Regina closed her eyes, feeling utterly guilty for her anger. She herself had created the Evil Queen to escape the pain of being just Regina, but then again she had also told her wife countless stories about this painful time of her life.

"And Chase?" Regina asked, her hand falling away from the dagger, she hoped that the blonde would just tell her the truth without being forced to.

"We were married for a year, and then he turned out to be a bad person. We got divorced and I became Emma Swan again."

"You say it like it was simple," Regina sighed.

"It was that simple, I tried to be someone else and it wasn't working so I went back to being miserable with a different name."

Regina blew out a breath, "if it was that simple, why didn't you tell me?"

"Because it's not important," Emma laughed, though she was clearly trying to mask her true feelings. "Allison Cameron was never a real person."

"So you're not a certified doctor then?"

"If you want to be technical..."

"You are such an idiot!" Regina shouted, a part of her knew that she wasn't really that mad about this, but it was just easier to shout at the blonde in her current state, then to have an actual constructive conservation.

"Isn't the issue here that I'm not an idiot?"

Regina stared blankly at the woman for a second, and just said, "I command you to stay on that bed," before she walked away in search of coffee.

"What if I have to pee?" Emma shouted, but went ignored.

"You think there's something wrong with Cameron?" Foreman asked sceptically.

"You didn't see her, Foreman," Chase sighed and unhitched himself from the wall, "everything about her is completely different. How many cases have we had where the patient had an altered mental state?"

Thirteen looked around the empty private room that House had led them to, and wondered if the mayor knew they were here, but she just shook her head and contributed, "a lot can happen in four years. She could have just changed."

"People don't change that much," Chase countered.

"People can lie, though," House pointed out.

"What are you talking about?" the blonde man sighed.

"We clearly didn't know her as well as we thought," House continued, "we knew Cameron, but I'm willing to bet that we knew nothing about whoever Emma Swan was."

"I thought you said we have a case," Chase said with an exasperated sigh.

"We do, I just enjoy pointing out facts that make you uncomfortable," House chuckled.

Chase rolled his eyes, and asked, "So you agree that she has an altered mental state?"

"Absolutely, but the question is, how do we know just how altered her personality really is?" the oldest doctor asked as he limped/paced across the room.

"I know her," Chase said firmly, "the Allison we knew is who she really is."

House raised his eyebrow, and just nodded, "lets base our diagnosis on your gut feeling shall we?"

The blonde rolled his eyes and said, "can we focus on helping her?"

Foreman looked between the pair, and quickly tried to break the tension, "why don't we start with her eye discolouration?"

"The sedatives clearly damaged her kidney," Thirteen said, "it should be reversible with dialysis."

"That begs the question of why so much sedative," Foreman said almost to himself.

"None of these questions will ever be answered if the mayor doesn't allow us to care for her," Thirteen countered.

Chase tensed at the thought of Regina, he could certainly wait until House started the jokes about him turning Cameron onto women, thankfully he hadn't seemed to have thought of any yet.

"Why would she not want her to get better?" he sighed.

"She doesn't seem to think that there's anything wrong."

"You can do whatever you want," came a seething voice from the doorway.

The four doctors each snapped their heads towards the doorway where Regina was standing, they hadn't been particularly quiet in their secret differential diagnosis.

"What?" House asked after a moment.

"You can take the case," and have to stay in town, she mentally added, "but any treatments have to be approved by Doctor Whale."

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