Definitely not Lupus

Chapter 5

A/N All of the medical information is from a rather lazy google search haha so please excuse anything that is incorrect, I also changed a fact or two to fit the conversation, but I hope you guys still enjoy XD

Chapter five

"What are you doing?" Emma asked while Regina looked through a book.

Finally finding what she was looking for, she whispered a spell and the emerald green eyes that she loved more than anything returned.

For a second, she simply stared at Emma, pretending that she was completely fine, but the feeling of metal inside her blazer told a different story, and she blew out a frustrated breath. Finally she replied, "giving you dialysis."

"You know House doesn't like having to report to anyone, he's going to start realising that you're not actually giving me these treatments," the blonde replied.

"Well hopefully Blue will have time to figure out what is happening with the town line before he begins his rebellion."

Emma rolled her eyes, and asked with a pout, "when is my magic coming back? This is horrible."

Regina tried to ignore the part of her mind telling her that the other woman's expression was adorable, and simply replied, "I have no idea, regardless you won't be able to use it."

"You know I don't appreciate being controlled by my wife, it must be some kind of abuse."

"Will you stop complaining?" Regina sighed, since being commanded to remain on the bed the Dark One had been becoming increasingly petulant, and though she used to find it endearing, it was just becoming annoying.

Emma crossed her arms and puffed out a breath of air, "can you get me lunch then? I've never been a fan of hospital food."

Regina rolled her eyes, "I thought you to be a fan of all food."

The blonde tilted her head, a small smirk pulling at the corner of her mouth, "I'm the number one fan of grilled cheese."

"Fine," Regina sighed, "I'll be back as soon as I can."

"What about Dissociative Personality Disorder?" Foreman suggested.

"She doesn't have two personalities," Thirteen replied, "she can remember her life as Cameron."

"There are rare cases where they are able to remember the other personality," he countered.

"What kind of trauma could she have lived through to have triggered the condition?"

"Foster care," Chase said in a hollow voice. The two doctors turned towards the blonde man at the desk, even House turned away from the white board that he had requested.

"What?" House asked.

Chase looked up from the file that Regina had given them and explained, "she's an orphan and she lived in about thirty foster homes before being sent to prison for stealing a car."

House's eyebrows shot up, and he turned to Foreman, "it's a shame we didn't know sooner, you two could have made the perfect team."

Foreman rolled his eyes, and continued with his theory, "so she could easily have been traumatised by a particularly bad foster parent," he allowed the implications of his words to go unsaid and looked to the other doctors for their thoughts.

"So how did we never see a glimpse of Emma Swan?" House pondered.

"Maybe we didn't notice?" Thirteen began, "if she ever went out of 'character' it was small enough that no one thought anything of it. Or we tried to explain it away."

"She did seem different after all nighters," Foreman contributed, he was now thinking more seriously about her 'jello shots and wild sex' comment from all those years ago.

"It doesn't fit," House sighed as he turned away from the whiteboard with only 'altered personality' written upon it. "She seems to be in perfect control of who she is, Cameron was clearly just an alias that she created."

"So you're saying that foster care didn't traumatise her?" Chase asked, sounding almost hopeful.

House shook his head and replied, "I'm saying that it damaged her enough that she felt the need to create a new person who grew up with a perfect family."

"So...her real personality isn't altered?" Thirteen asked with a furrowed brow.

House sighed dramatically, and explained, "everybody lies, but nobody lies that well."

"Unless you're a sociopath," Thirteen sighed.

"She is not a sociopath!" Chase growled.

"How would you know?" House smirked, "sociopaths don't tell people that they're sociopaths."

Foreman quickly held up his hand before Chase could retort and said, "so Allison didn't exist as a separate personality, but this Emma exists as a separate personality to the real Emma. How can we know that for sure? We didn't know Emma."

"Regina obviously felt the need to sedate her, so something must be different," Chase pointed out.

"We should ask whether she has received any head injuries," Thirteen suggested.

"Or we could just do a CT scan, look for any physical damage, possibly any tumours," Foreman suggested.

"Excellent, go forth and get permission from our idiotic master, I'll administer the house search," House announced, receiving an eye roll from everyone in the room.

"Will you just eat your food?" Regina asked with an exasperated sigh.

Emma inspected the grilled cheese once again. She had been craving one since she had woken up, but now faced with it, particularly the smell, she felt like throwing up, but for some reason she was still hungry.

"Are you sure that this is from Granny's, it seems different."

"There are only so many ways to melt cheese between bread, Emma," Regina replied, and began to unwrap her chicken salad.

"What do you have?" the blonde asked, throwing the grilled cheese, just about getting it in the bin.

"Nothing you would be interested in," Regina replied and violently speared some lettuce.

Emma looked into the container, and asked "can I try some?"

Regina's eyebrows shot up and the moment was interrupted by the appearance of Doctor Whale, "they're asking for a CT scan."

The mayor managed to finally tear her attention away from the blonde, and took the consent form he handed her, "what do they think is wrong now?"

"Head injury or brain tumour...and they said they want to be present to control what parts of the brain to focus on."

Regina closed her eyes in frustration, and replied, "fine," and was about to sign before Emma interrupted.

"Don't you think an MRI would be better?"

"Why?" Whale asked with a furrowed brow.

"House probably assumed that we don't have 3D isotropic imaging, it will produce a clearer image and MRI's are better for finding brain tumours," she explained.

Regina stared at her blankly for a moment, and replied, "you know that they won't actually find anything."

Emma shrugged, and countered, "House will doubt the CT and make you do the MRI later if he finds out that we have the latest technology, so the CT would be a waste of time."

Whale looked at the blonde sceptically, and Regina couldn't help the feeling that he was forming some kind of theory, but Emma returned with narrowed eyes, and he instantly turned on his heels, "I'll go and change the consent form."

A/N I hope you guys liked this, please let me know what you thought XD

I need to thank SKRowling for helping finalise this chapter, they started a OUAT/House crossover called 'Gap Years' so please check it out if you're interested XD I need thank Quindecim for talking things through with me, and my awesome beta QueenApples for always being there to help XD

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