Definitely not Lupus

Chapter 6

Chapter six

Henry and Snow sat on Regina's living room couch, each gaping at the laptop screen on the boy's lap. The saviour's mother had found herself in a state between shock and pride that her little girl was some kind of highly respected doctor, mostly though she felt disbelief.

Now, however, she could hardly deny the truth looking at a picture of 'Allison Cameron' attached to some medical paper that she didn't understand one word of, but was supposedly written by her daughter.

The only thing she found herself able to say was, "she was a brunette?"

Henry shot his grandmother a sideways look, and laughed, "Is that really what you're focusing on?"

"She almost looks like a different person," Snow sighed, did she really have to make someone up to be happy? She thought with an internal sigh, the fact that it obviously hadn't worked making her feel so much worse, not to mention the fact that she was unable to even go near her for a conversation about all of this, due to her new found urges towards matricide.

"It's kind of cool," Henry commented, only to be met with an incredulous look from the woman next to him, "I mean...she was a doctor."

Snow sighed and turned towards her gurgling youngest, who was asleep in the push chair next to the couch, he smiled in his sleep and Snow felt guilty yet again.

"She isn't really mad about Neal you know," Henry said reassuringly.

'You don't need me anymore, you have the shiny new unbroken kid to look after,' Snow closed her eyes against the memory of her daughter's words from just last week. "I know, it's just hard to believe when I heard her say it," she sighed.

Henry nodded in understanding and they fell into a silence as the boy continued to scroll through the Google hits for 'Allison Cameron.'

A few minutes later, a rustling sound made each of them jump and look off into the direction of the foyer.

"Is Regina back?" Snow asked with a furrowed brow.

Henry shook his head instantly and replied, "she always stays with ma for a few hours and the goes to work until dinner."

His grandmother nodded, and stood cautiously from the couch, motioning for Henry to stand next to his uncle, which he did instantly.

"Cameron's done well for herself," she heard someone comment, and tried not to wince at the use of that name.

"Shut up, House," an Australian voice ground out.

"I'm just saying, her life is looking pretty good without you, Chase. Big mansion, hot wife..."

Chase seemed to decide to end this line of conversation by pointing out, "the place looks pretty clean."

"Unless Cameron is a full time stay at home wife, there is no way that this place is completely clean," he clearly doesn't know about the cleaning charms, Snow thought, before she shook her head and grabbed something to defend her son and grandson with.

Jumping out into the foyer, she asked, "why are you here?"

House didn't seem to respond, and the blonde man held up his hands, and said, "woah, put the lamp down."

Snow blinked a few times, and looked at the lamp that she had grabbed from side table, she realised that it would have to do since her usual weapons were not an option, and pulled it higher to show them that she is serious.

"Answer my question," she said threateningly.

"We're doctors, we're just trying to find any environmental causes for Cameron's...Emma's personality change," Chase replied, clearly trying to be reassuring.

"So you break into her house?" she asked incredulously.

"We're trying to help her," he tried.

Snow inspected the man for a moment, and remembered what her husband had told her about the doctors, he had told her something in particular about one of them that had made her very, very angry. "Are you Robert Chase?" she asked stalking towards him.

He nodded quickly, clearly believing that the information would help his case, but instead of a surrender he received a lamp smashed upside the side of his head.

You can't break my little girl's heart and get away with, she thought triumphantly as the blonde fell backwards clutching the side of his head.

Ten minutes later, the two doctors sat on the couch, Chase with a bag of peas clutched tightly to his head, scowling deeply at the woman that had introduced herself as Mary Margaret as she calmly placed the lamp back where it should be.

House, on the other hand, seemed to be trying to gain all of the information that he could, "Cameron has a son?" he asked sceptically.

"Yes, Emma, has a son," Mary Margaret replied as she took a seat on the coffee table.

"You expect me to believe that she had a baby in jail, and then got a scholarship to med school? And then ten years later her son found her, and she fell in love with his adoptive mother?" Chase asked disbelievingly.

"Mad that you don't know her as well as you thought?" House asked mockingly.

"You didn't know her either."

"The difference being, I don't actually care," House laughed.

"Then why are you here?"

"Because it's interesting, I don't actually care that she used to go by a different name. I am a bit annoyed that I didn't figure it out sooner, but what can you do?"

"So you're annoyed that she's smarter than you?" Chase asked with a furrowed brow.

"Hiding her crappy childhood does not make her smarter than me," House said rather childishly.

"Shut up!" Mary Margaret shouted, finally gaining the two doctor's attention.

"Who exactly are you?" House asked with a quizzical look.

"I'm her...friend," she replied, "now why didn't you just ask to have access to Emma's home? What if Henry had been alone?"

"In our defence, we didn't know that he was her son," Chase said unconvincingly, he had seen the resemblance in the diner, but it had been something that he refused to give further thought to.

Henry looked at the man sceptically, and he felt strangely nervous under the familiar eyes, though House was forming another theory that he was sure was the Vicodin influence. Henry and Mary Margaret had the same eyes as Cameron, and then there was her hesitation before saying 'friends'. He was beginning to see that something very strange was going on in this town, but he couldn't quite crack what it was, and he would be lying if he said he wasn't going to stay here for as long as he needed to in order to figure it out.

"Are you going to allow us to look around, or do we need a note from the mayor?" he asked after a few moments.

Mary Margaret rolled her eyes, and pulled her phone out quickly pressing her daughter-in-law's name.

"You know I was kidding," House pointed out, only to be met with a raised finger to silence him.

"Is everything all right?" Regina answered a couple rings later.

"Henry's fine," Snow assured, knowing where Regina's mind would jump to, "but House and Chase seem to think that they have to search your house to see what's wrong with Emma."

On the other end of the line, Regina pinched the bridge of her nose, and replied, "fine."

"Really?" Snow asked in shock, "isn't there any...err."

"Stop stuttering, all of my magical items are in my vault," she sighed.

Snow nodded and hung up, "she said fine."

"Fantastic," House said in fake excitement, "let's start with the photo albums."

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