Definitely not Lupus

Chapter 7

Chapter seven

"It looks like there's something on her frontal lobe," Thirteen pointed at the screen.

Foreman leaned closer and shook his head, "it's benign," he sighed, "do you really believe that she's that different? I mean we haven't talked to her."

Thirteen shrugged and continued pressing buttons to look at different sections of Cameron's brain, and pointed out, "her brain looks healthier than most average people."

"So her issue is that she's too healthy?" Foreman scoffed.

"You know I can hear you," streamed through the microphone and each doctor jumped, Foreman finally realising that he was leaning on the switch.

They shared a look, before Foreman tentatively pressed the button, and said, "sorry Cameron."

A growl of frustration was what they were met with, and she replied, "my name is Emma."

"Right, sorry Emma," Thirteen answered, considering Foreman's dumbfounded expression.

There was a silence, and finally the blonde in the MRI machine said, "how long are you guys going to do these tests before you realise that I'm fine?"

Foreman shrugged, and replied, "well I don't think there's anything wrong with you, but..."

"You finally realised that every time you went against House, you ended up being proven horribly wrong, and you had to go home and be embarrassed."

"He wasn't always right," he said, trying to maintain his dignity by not pouting.

"Yeah, he was," Emma laughed, "but trust me, he won't figure this one out."

"So you admit that there's something wrong with you."

"Depends who you ask," she replied cryptically, "I personally think I'm fine."

"Then why with the sedation?" Thirteen asked.

"It's irrelevant to your diagnosis, and from what I can tell you only have one symptom. Isn't anything you come up with going to be weak?"

"If you know what's wrong, then just tell House and he'll leave," Foreman pointed out.

"I'm not allowed."

Foreman and Thirteen exchanged another look of confusion, and the latter of the two whispered a theory.

"Before you start making suggestions, I'm not in an abusive relationship," Emma announced.

The female doctor cleared her throat, those words on the tip of her tongue, and she replied, "obviously people would lie about that."

"You're really grasping at straws aren't you?" the blonde scoffed, "have you seen any of the signs, do I really seem afraid of Regina?"

Foreman flipped to the last slide on the screen, and with an audible sigh he said, "MRI's over, there's no signs of damage to any of the personality centres, and no abnormal cell growth."

"Told you," came through the microphone, "now can you let me out? Apparently I have to go back to bed."

"House, no," Chase breathed, standing in front of the door that he had just snapped shut.

"We need to search every possibility, and in my head this is where they spend most of their time," House laughed and pushed past to the other man into the Swan-Mills bedroom.

The first thing that Chase zeroed in on was the framed photographs upon a dressing table. Ignoring whatever his boss had to say, he made his way over to them and picked one of them up. It was an image of Regina and Emma sitting down for a picnic, Emma was laughing as Regina wiped something off of the face of the scowling teenager's face. With a deep breath he placed the picture of the happy family down, and looked over to House, "what are you doing?"

He was met with the sound of drawers opening, and House replied, "tell me you're not the least bit interested?"

Chase rolled his eyes when he realised what the older man was looking for, and retorted, "how would that be medically relevant?"

"Well...I'm a doctor, and I find it very important that we see their...inventory, so obviously it is medically relevant."

"They have a son, don't you think they would make things like...that hard to find," Chase sighed.

House shrugged, finally pushing the last of the drawers closed, and replied, "it was worth a shot, unless Cameron is that good that she doesn't need assistance," he laughed.

Chase clenched his fist, and began to look around for actual medical significance, "it's just as clean as the other rooms, I don't think it's environmental," House announced.

"Do you really think that she spends all her time at home?"

"Have you seen her wife?" House chuckled.

"I get it, Regina is hot, will you stop mentioning it?" he asked as they began to make their way back down the stairs.

"It's not a fact that I can easily ignore," House replied in faux innocence.

Finally they made their way back to the living room, where Mary Margaret and Henry were whispering, and House announced sardonically, "well thank you for your hospitality."

Chase felt a sharp pain run through the bruise on the side of his face, and his scowl deepened as he looked at the woman, and he was met with narrowed eyes.

"We have one more question," Chase finally said.

"What?" Mary Margaret replied rudely, she had more of enough of these doctors, and she was beginning to feel sorry for her daughter who had spent years working with them.

"Where else does she spend her time?"

Mary Margaret tilted her head in consideration, and instantly took her chance to make the blonde man uncomfortable, "the mayor's office."

Chase scowled and nodded for her to continue.

"Granny's diner, the sheriff's station..."

"Why?" Chase asked with a furrowed brow.

"Because she's the sheriff," she replied slowly as if she were talking to a child.

Chase pinched the bridge of his nose, and tried to imagine Cameron with a badge and gun, and he couldn't help but think how ridiculous that would be.

House looked stunned for a moment at the information, before he composed himself and said, "Looks like you have your next assignment Chase."

Chase rolled his eyes and began to make his way to the door, not even sparing Mary Margaret or Henry a look.

He didn't want to have to delve into another aspect of Cameron's new life, but he would do anything to get back the Cameron that he knew.

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