Definitely not Lupus

Chapter 8

Chapter eight

Chase walked into the sheriff's station, clutching his sampling bag tightly.

It was more than strange to imagine that Cameron had ever handled a gun, much less carried one every day. As much as he loved her, he just always thought of her as innocent, someone who needed to be protected rather than be the protector of others.

His mind kept trying to tell him that maybe Emma Swan wasn't the same person that he loved and that he should quit while he was ahead, but then another part of him refused to admit it. If he did, than he would be admitting that years of his life had been a lie, that the woman he had spent a year betrothed to had done nothing but lied to hlim. That was not something that he would chose to accept, no matter how much that his boss and co-workers tried to convince him that Allison had nothing medically wrong with her, he would continue searching for a logical answer, anything but the fact that he simply didn't know the blonde as well as he had thought.

Finally he managed to navigate his way into the main room where he saw the familiar blonde man sitting at a desk.

David looked up, and resisted the urge to scowl at the man who was interrupting his work, and instead smiled when he saw the somewhat violent bruise that had formed on the side of his face.

"Dr Chase?" he asked while trying not laugh, "are you okay?"

Chase saw the glee clear on the other man's face, and he set his jaw in frustration, "the woman babysitting Henry mistook me for an intruder."

At the news, David actually smiled broadly. Snow had been royally pissed off when he had told her about Robert Chase, and it was now clear just how agitated the thought of their former son-in-law made his wife.

"Mary Margaret can be very protective," he replied.

"You know her?" Chase asked with a furrowed brow.

"She's my wife," David said casually.

Chase scowled, thinking back to Mary Margret's eye colour, he now saw the resemblance between the interim sheriff and Emma, and finally he had to ask.

"Are you related to Alli-Emma?"

David blinked a few times, before finally he replied unconvincingly, "no, why?"

"Then why do you look like her?"

David tried to keep the smile off his face, he liked the idea that his children would actually look like him, it just clearly wasn't very helpful in this situation.

"I guess we both have generic faces, why does it matter?"

Chase sighed and replied, "I always wondered why she didn't introduce me to her family, I suppose I should have guessed that she was an orphan."

David clenched his fists under the desk. He hated that word with a passion, mostly because he didn't like the thought that Emma had lived as one for almost her whole life.

Chase narrowed his eyes at the man's reaction, before David replied, "did you not ever think that she didn't think you were good enough to be introduced to her family."

"What?" Chase asked with an exasperated sigh.

"Like maybe if she had grown up with her parents she wouldn't have married a pretentious jerk who is incapable of moving on?" David replied in as casual a voice as possible.

"What is everyone's problem?" Chase sighed, "Everyone in this town seems to hate me for no reason."

David raised his eyebrow, and once again noticing the bruise, he decided that the man had probably had enough abuse for one day, "shouldn't be a problem, right? I mean you should be leaving as soon as possible. Speaking of which, why are you here?"

Chase gave the man a dirty look for a moment, before he replied, "I need to find environmental causes for changed personality."

David nodded, and pointed in the direction of the separated office, "that one's Emma's office, but I doubt you'll find anything."

"And why is that?"

David shrugged, "no reason."

"You don't believe that there's anything wrong with Emma?" Chase asked with narrowed eyes, he just couldn't understand why everyone in this town seemed to want to so adamantly ignore the issue.

"Well...I'm no doctor, but from what I've heard you only have one symptom, so you know..."

"Being a bitch could be a symptom," someone slurred from the holding cell.

David rolled his eyes, and spun around in his chair, "shut up, Leroy."

Chase turned his attention to the short, drunk man in the cell and felt instantly agitated.

"She arrested me like every day for no reason," the dwarf retorted.

"She arrested you for public intoxication, which the last time I checked is very much illegal ."

"So is murder, but nobody seemed to care when she offed..."

"Shut up, Leroy!" David almost shouted as he jumped out of his seat.

"Murder?" Chase choked out.

"It was self-defence," David tried to assure, but it didn't seem to help with the other blonde man's shocked expression.

"No it wasn't, it was man slaughter," Leroy slurred, "she couldn't even have hurt Henry."

"Emma didn't know that, she was protecting her son," David growled.

"Well she really should have known that before she threw her off a cliff," he laughed.

David continued to stare Leroy down, until he fell onto the cot and shut his mouth.

"Ignore him," David said with a nervous laugh.

"She threw someone off a cliff?" Chase asked, the colour having completely drained from his face. He couldn't help but think that his ex-wife was a complete and utter hypocrite, she had left him because he took the life of a dictator to save a nation from tyranny, and she saved one person and somehow she didn't think it was unethical.

"To save her son," David repeated.

Chase shook his head, and began to walk away, "I have work to do," he said, almost in a daze.

"Why are you staring at me like that?" Emma asked after she swallowed her second attempt at lunch.

"I don't think I've ever seen you eat salad," Regina replied, "or even turn down a grilled cheese for that matter."

Emma shrugged and speared another leaf, "can't be unhealthy and immortal, right?"

Regina narrowed her eyes and replied, "that makes no sense."

"Why do you always have to see sense in everything, Regina? Why can't you just let something be?"

"What in the world are you talking about, Emma?" Regina asked, "what exactly did that MRI entail?"

"Listening to two former colleagues talk about the difference between Allison Cameron and Emma Swan," the blonde shrugged.

"And what is the difference?" Regina retorted after a moment.

"Does it really matter? It's not like I'm either at the moment," Emma laughed and stuck some more lettuce in her mouth. "Then again, Cameron did eat a lot of salad, so maybe I'm reverting?"

Regina rolled her eyes again and muttered, "idiot."

"So how long am I going to have to stay in this bed? You know when you're not here it gets really boring."

"You can stay in the bed until they leave, and according to Blue that could take a while."

"I don't think you understand just how bored I get, I need my magic back," the former saviour pouted.

"Well hopefully that will also take a while," Regina replied.

Emma sighed audibly and finally handed Regina the empty container, when she felt the familiar spark of electricity as their fingers brushed, an idea occurred to her.

"You know I've really missed you?" she said.

Regina tilted her head, and replied, "You've seen me every day."

"Not in that way," Emma said with a devilish grin.

Regina just shook her head, trying not to bite her lip as she had the urge to, "is it my fault that you might as well be a hormonal teenager?"

"Please, just come closer," Emma pouted, "a kiss might tide me over, you can't say you haven't missed it."

"I'm not a teen, Emma; I can survive without a kiss."

"Is this really the most sinister thing I could have asked for, please Regina?" she said.

Regina rolled her eyes, mostly at herself because she knew she couldn't say no. So, she brought her hand up to her coat and then placed the dagger behind her in her seat, so as to prevent the Dark One from attempting any tricks.

Then she leaned forward in one quick fluid motion and captured her wife's lips in her own. Much to her surprise, the kiss started out sweet and innocent, like many of their kisses before, and she could almost pretend that everything was completely normal.

As soon as their lips touched, Emma felt the darkness melt away for a few seconds, and she could finally focus on what was happening and actually enjoy it. It was then that she began to move her lips faster against the other woman's.

Emma was about to swipe her tongue across Regina's lower lip to ask for entrance, until the sound of a high pitched yelp behind them caused Regina to pull back quickly.

The blonde looked up with a scowl at the person who had ruined such a perfectly enjoyable moment, and her scowl only deepened when she saw who it was.

"What do you want Chase?" she almost growled.

The doctor looked torn as he tried to take in what he had just seen. Honestly, he hadn't actually believed that their marriage was legitimate until this moment, and now he could hardly deny it. He had come here to ask about what he had found out at the station. After he had found nothing at the sheriff's station but a shocking revelation, he had decided to finally confront the blonde that he had spent the last day thinking about.

Emma suddenly smiled as she realised that her plan had worked as expected, and Regina furrowed her brow at the wide grin.

"What did you do?" Regina asked with a sigh.

"Well you wouldn't help, so I sorted out my own problem," she returned.

Both of the other people in the room looked thoroughly confused, and so by way of demonstration, Emma raised her hand causing the clock to come off the wall and smash Chase up the other side of his face.

As he fell to the ground with the clock on top of him , Emma explained, "I got my magic back."

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