Definitely not Lupus

Chapter 9

Chapter nine

"What the hell Swan?" Regina shouted as she made her way over to the unconscious man.

"You can't say that he didn't deserve it," Emma smirked triumphantly, before her eyes widened as they fell upon the chair where the brunette must have forgotten she had left the dagger. For the first time in a day, she didn't feel the oppression of magic forcing her to stay put, and stealthy swung her legs around, allowing them to touch the ground.

"What happened?" someone asked from the doorway.

Regina and Emma both looked up, and the mayor sighed deeply.

She couldn't help but think that, of course, the three other doctors would chose now to come to the room.

"He tripped," Regina mumbled, throwing the clock to the side.

"Storybrooke seems like quite the dangerous place for him," House pointed out and made his way past his unconscious employee, and over to the mystery that was his former employee.

"Well when he chooses to act like a pretentious jack-ass, I would say that he deserves whatever hits him."

House's eyebrows shot up, and he replied, "I didn't know that you had such a dark side, Cameron."

Emma laughed lightly, and said, "You have no idea."

House tilted his head and Regina simply rolled her eyes as she looked over at the pair while Foreman and Thirteen inched their ways into the room.

Regina was silent for a moment, before she took the chance to do something that she had wanted to do for a while, and slapped the blonde Australian across the cheek.

Chase sat up with a deep breath and shouted, "What the hell?"

Regina raised to her feet regally and said, "He's fine."

The blonde man held the side of his face, he decided not to put too much thought into the fact that Regina seemed to have purposely slapped the bruised side, and stood alongside her.

"Did the clock fall?" he asked.

Regina nodded instantly, she had been worried that he might have actually seen the magic at work, but at his words, she felt her tension fall away.

"You were knocked out by a clock?" Foreman asked with a smirk.

Chase narrowed his eyes at the other man and moved past the comment, "why are you guys here?"

"Because Storybrooke's resident imbecile promised us blood test results, and I thought it would be interesting to bring Cameron in on it," House said.

"Emma," the blonde in the bed said.

"Whatever," the older man sighed.

"Since when is it ethical to bring a patient in on a differential?"

"Since the patient is a world class immunologist," House replied, "who else is going to wrongly suggest lupus?"

"Oh ha ha," Emma drawled.

Chase looked between the two and Regina furrowed her brow as she noticed his clenched fists. She suddenly got a feeling that she knew exactly why their interaction bothered the man, it was clear that Emma was attracted to the older doctor, but she couldn't really find it in herself to be bothered by it. She couldn't say that she hadn't been attracted to others during their relationship, and she honestly believed that the blonde was legitimately afraid of cheating on her, she knew that she would be met with a fire ball and it just wouldn't be worth it. In fact, she couldn't quite believe that it bothered her ex-husband, if attraction bothered him, she couldn't imagine what the thought of the blonde being in love with someone else must have been doing to him, and she was trying not to have a satisfied smirk on her face as she thought about it.

Emma's attempt at a further reply was cut short by the sound of someone powering their way down the hall, and the next moment, Whale stopped short at the doorway clutching a crumpled piece of paper.

"Regina…" he started to say before he saw the others in the room and clamped his mouth shut.

House raised his eyebrow at the man's look, and gestured for Foreman to take the paper, which he didn't do, causing House to roll his eyes.

"What is it, Whale?" Regina asked with a sigh.

"This is probably something that you, I and Emma should talk about in private," he replied after a moment.

Regina tilted her head and narrowed her eyes at the man who was obviously holding her wife's test results. She suddenly felt her stomach clench at the thought that there could actually be something wrong with the idiotic woman.

"Don't you think that it's something that her diagnostic team should be made aware of?" House asked, and before the other man could reply, he strode across the room at an impressive speed for him and snatched the paper out of the doctor's hand.

Whale rolled his eyes, and fell back against the door in resignation, having decided to just allow the intruders whatever they wanted.

House's eyebrows shot up over the paper, and he lowered it with a huge smirk on his face, "well it would appear that Cameron has a parasite."

Chase furrowed his brow, while Foreman and Thirteen tilted their heads in consideration.

"A cysticercosis parasite could attack the brain, if it invaded the Frontal Lobe it could have caused a personality change, but those cases are extremely rare," Foreman pondered aloud.

Regina's eyes widened, and Emma laughed which caused her to frown at the woman, her worry making her not even realise that her wife seemed to be sitting up with no issues.

"Calm down, Gina, he didn't mean that kind of parasite."

"At least one person in this room gets me," House sighed dramatically, which just earned him confused looks from everyone but the supposed patient.

"What on earth are you talking about?" Regina asked with an exasperated sigh.

Chase scowled and grabbed the test results from his boss, as soon as he read what it said, his mouth dropped open, after a moment of complete and oppressive silence, he said, "you're pregnant?"

Regina blinked a few times, before she realised that it made complete sense. The blonde had been repulsed by the grilled cheese, she wanted an MRI instead of a CT, she was sure that it wouldn't take long for the saviour to begin throwing up each morning.

"You knew?" she asked accusatorily when she noticed that the blonde didn't seem the least bit fazed.

Emma shrugged and replied, "it was hard to miss."

"And you didn't tell me because?"

"You seemed preoccupied," Emma smirked.

Regina tried to take a calming breath, but found that it didn't work as she shot back, "I swear to God, Swan…"

Chase continued to look dumbfounded for a second, before a satisfied grin crept upon his face, "isn't it obvious why she didn't tell you?"

Regina managed to refrain from forming a fireball, and turned to face the bruised man next to her and looked at him expectantly.

"Because she cheated on you," he said gleefully.

There was a loaded silence following his words, before a loud crack sounded out as Regina retracted her fist from the man's nose.

Chase took a deep breath and brought his hand forward and sighed in relief when he didn't see any blood. However, he didn't seem to have learned his lesson, "you obviously didn't think that you were trying for a baby, so clearly there was no IVF planned. She doesn't love you, clearly you were just a rebound to get over the person she really-"

Before he could finish his sentence, he suddenly began to make sputtering sounds and clawed at his throat.

Everyone in the room looked completely and utterly confused, except Regina, who turned to the woman sitting on the bed.

Emma casually stood from the bed, and picked up the dagger from the chair next to her.

"Emma," Regina said, after she silently berated herself for allowing the kiss to rob her of all of her sense, she added, "stop."

The blonde tilted her head, and walked over to Chase who was still desperately trying to take a breath that he physically couldn't.

"But he was irritating me."

Regina desperately tried to think of what to do, though allowing Chase to die was rather appealing, she knew that it would set her back on her road to redemption, so she grabbed Emma's shoulder and tried again, "you can't kill him for being a moron."

The Dark One sighed for a moment as Regina's touch sent a shot of clarity through her mind, which allowed her to release Chase. The blonde man fell sputtering to the ground, and looked up fearfully at his ex-wife, "what the hell?!"

"I told you I'm not Cameron anymore," she laughed, before a cloud of white smoke engulfed her body, leaving nothing behind once it vanished.

Everyone in the room turned to the mayor with faces completely drained of colour, and she dropped her head into her hands and muttered, "dammit Swan."

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