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The Effect She Has

By Katie

Romance / Humor

New Job New Town

Disclaimer: I do not own Sons of Anarchy or these characters. Kurt Sutter does.

Sorry the delay in getting this story posted. I hope you enjoy it. It's going to start a little slow so I can give some background and lay the ground work.

Gemma stood in the doorway of the shop and looked at her family. It was breaking a part. After JT's death 10 years ago things had gone downhill. She missed the brotherhood her husband had started. It was something she had wanted for her son, Jackson, but now it was nothing more than a group of guys riding Harley's and wearing kuttes. The clubhouse was still in good shape but was rarely used anymore. Most of the guys had moved out and many were looking to move on from Charming and the glory that had been SAMCRO.

Turning around she went to answer the phone, "Teller Morrow." She said

"Hey Gem." Jury said.

"Jury its been ages. What's going on?" Gemma said sitting down in the chair and thinking about her late husband's friend.

"You still looking for a mechanic?"

"Always. We can't seem to keep them around here."

"Well I got one I'm going send your way."

"Jury if you need him."

"No I'm alright. Just make sure to give this one a chance. She'll surprise you."

"It's a woman?" Gemma questioned sitting up.

"Yeah but she's one of the best I have seen. One of my guys knew her grandparents, they taught everything she knows."

"I'll give her a shot. Maybe she can keep TM afloat."

"Keep your head up Gem." Jury said before hanging up the phone.

Gemma set the phone down and leaned back. A woman mechanic, Jury had always been a little strange but this one sure took the cake, but Teller Morrow needed a new mechanic after losing Otto to Stockton.

Tara pulled up to the Devil's Tribe clubhouse. Jury had called her and said he had found her a job. Getting out of her cutlass she walked towards the door, which opened before she reached it.

"Tara." Jury said pulling her into a hug.

"Hey Jury." Tara said smiling hugging him back, "where's this job?" She asked pulling back.


"No. No way." Tara said stepping back.


"Not a chance." Tara said angrily. She had no good memories of California. That's where her parents still lived.

"Listen to it all before you spout off again, will you." Jury said smiling. Tara was going to get along with Gemma Teller just fine. "The job is at a late friends shop, Teller Morrow. They really need a mechanic. It's in Charming about 8 hours away from your parents. And the lady that runs the shop, Gemma, is willing to give you a shot." He finished.

"John Teller's shop?" Tara asked remember Jury telling her about his Vietnam war buddy.

"That's the one. His Old Lady runs it now." He answered, "plus Tara do you really want to waste your talent just working on Devil's tribe bikes?" He asked.

"I like working on bikes." Tara defending looking down, she wanted more.

"I know you do, but your grandparents didn't pay for you to go to school for the trade to stay and just work on a motorcycle clubs bikes." Jury insisted, "Go to Charming. Check out the garage, give them a chance and see what happens."

"What if I like it?" Tara asked unsure.

"Then you have found your place." Jury said bringing the small woman towards him, "I know your grandparents would be so proud of what you have accomplished." He said kissing her head.

Tara nodded and looked up at Jury. He had become her surrogate Dad after everything had gone down with her parents. He had believed in her, helped her find her internships for her technical degree.

Jury waved as Tara got out on the road. He hopes that Teller-Morrow was a good fit for Tara. She had become something like a daughter to him since she had moved to Nevada to escape her parents and everything that had happened.

Tara drove with the window down, swaying to the music she had blasting. She reached Charming after about 4 hours. Turning the music down she looked at the small town as she drove through to Teller-Morrow. It was a cute quiet town.

Pulling into the lot she noticed the Harley's and smiled. Jury knew her all too well. Parking in a spot she noticed the reaper on the fence, Sons Of Anarchy. Jury had told her about them and how they had fallen apart after their president, Clay, had kept them running guns and eventually got himself killed cause of a double crossing.

Gemma stood on the steps and looked at the woman who had pulled in, she didn't look like a mechanic. She looked like a priss, but Gemma knew better than judge a book by its cover.

Walking over she smiled, "you must be Jury's mechanic." She said extending he hand, "I'm Gemma Teller, I run this shop." She said.

Tara shook Gemma's hand, "Tara Knowles." She said looking around, "this place is nothing like Jury has told me about it." She noticed.

Gemma looked around, "no I guess it wouldn't be." She smiled, "come on I'll show you the shop."

"Okay." Tara said following her, "I only have one request."

"What's that?"

"That I have Wednesdays off so I can get my nails and toes done." Tara explained.

"You get a weekly mani and pedi?" Gemma asked.

Tara laughed at Gemma's face, "just cause I work in oil and on cars doesn't mean I don't like to be pampered." She explained.

Gemma smiled, "well Tara then I had you pegged all wrong." She said, "and if you want a good and reasonable mani and pedi try Mario's on main" she finished, "they do my nails." She said holding out her hand.

Tara took Gemma's hand and looked, "I'll look into them. I like your nails." She said looking around the shop.

"What do you think?" Gemma asked standing beside her.

"I don't know. I need to get my hands dirty and then I'll be able to see." Tara explained.

Gemma grinned, "well that Mustang has been sitting here a week, my son Jackson has been working on, but has some other engagements that keep him busy."

"Got a shirt I can borrow?" Tara asked pulling her hair into high bun.

Gemma walked into the office and pulled the cleanest shirt off the rack and handed it to Tara, "good luck." She said before heading back into the office.

Tara bounced over to the Mustang and lifted the hood, looking around she found what she was looking for. Settling into her groove she got to work.

Gemma sat in the office, working on paper work when Bobby came in, "whose the girl?" He asked grabbing his work shirt.

"The mechanic that Jury sent over." Gemma said not looking up.

"How's Jax gonna take this?" Bobby asked turning around, "cause it looks like you're replacing him."

"I could never replace my son. But with Tara here he can concentrate on his other responsibilities." Gemma stated looking up.

"Whatever you say Gem." He said before walking into the garage.

Tara was so into her work that she didn't notice that she had and audience. Looking up she jumped, there was a group of four men standing around the Mustang she was working on.

"Hi." She said nervously.

"Hi, I'm Bobby," Bobby stated stepping forward to shake her hand.


"Where did ya come from lass?" Chibs asked.

"Jury sent me."

"Bull shit. Jury would never send a woman here." Tig replied.

"I could see it." Happy said smiling, "I'm Happy."

Tara just stared at him, "it's a nickname."

"Oh sorry. I didn't." She stuttered.

"It's okay." Happy said, "you taking over for Jax?"

"Not trying too. I just came here for a job." Tara said looking at the men standing around her.

"Then why you working at Jax's station?" Tig demanded to know.

"Cause I told her too." Gemma said coming to join the group, "now if all of you would get to work maybe we could actually get some of these cars fixed today." She stated looking around.

"On it Gemma." Chibs said smiling as he walked to his station. The others followed.

"Come with me." Gemma said to Tara walking away.

Tara wiped her hands on the rag and followed the woman, "sorry about the guys. Things have been tense around here." Gemma said sitting down, "take a seat." She states pointing at the love seat in the office.

"Okay you met Bobby, the heavy set guy, and Happy, the quiet one." She stated. Tara nodded, "okay the Scottish one is Chibs and the angry one is Tig, ignore anything he says."

"Okay." Tara said looking around, "is Jackson your only kid?" She asked noticing the pictures on the desk.

"Yeah." Gemma said smiling sadly, "he almost had a brother, Thomas, but I miscarried."

"I'm sorry."

"Ain't your fault." Gemma said looking at her, "any siblings for you?"

"No. Only child, parents pride and joy." Tara stated shrugging, " or was pride and joy."

"What happened?"

"I went to a technical school to become a mechanic rather than going to Berkley to become a doctor like my Dad."

"Ouch. I'm guessing your parents didn't take to kindly to that?"

"Disowned me."

"That's how you met Jury?"

"No, I didn't met Jury until a couple of years ago. I moved to Nevada to get away from my parents and finished school. I started looking for jobs, but no one would hire me cause I'm a woman, but Jury he took a chance and brought me to the Devil's Tribe clubhouse and let me work on their bikes giving me an in."

"Jury's a good guy" Gemma smiled remembering Jury coming to see JT.

"He was a surrogate father to me." Tara said looking out the window. A bike had just pulled in. "I should get back to work." She finished standing up.

Gemma nodded and turned to see her son dismounting his Harley. Walking out, "how was today?" She asked.

"It was alright?" Jax said kissing her cheek, "who does the cutlass belong too?" He asked taking off his backpack.

"The new mechanic," Gemma stated.

"You finally hired someone?"

"Jury sent them."

"Jury? Wow, must be one hell of a mechanic."

"That's what I'm hoping for. Their at your station." Gemma said, "go say hi." She instructed heading towards the office.

Jax walked into the garage saying hi to all the guys. Heading towards his station he stopped when he caught sight of the jean clad ass that could only belong to a woman.

Stepping forward he leaned against the car and watched the small woman, she was a wonder. Bur he was also intrigued because she was already wearing one his shirts.

Tara was so into the engine of the Mustang that it took her several minutes to notice the jean clad legs leaning against the fender. When she finally noticed she jumped banging her head.

"You okay?" A voice beside her drawled.

Tara took in the sight of the pure white tennis shoes, baggy jeans and the purest blue eyes she had ever seen, "yeah I'm fine." She stated once she found her voice. Whoever the guy was, he was beautiful.

Jax smirked, "you look good in my shirt." He stated furthering his smirk.

Tara just stared at him, "if you thought that would work you need to leave." She stated going back to engine

Jax stared at her, trying his hardest to not lose his cool, "I'm Jax." He stated bending down and joining Tara in looking at the engine.

Tara turned and looked at him, "Tara. Now you can leave." She stated going back to her work.

Gemma stood in the doorway of the office watched. She had to give Tara some credit. She had just undressed Jax with her eyes and then shot him down. That never happened to her son. He was a ladies' man.

Jax stared at Tara, more than intrigued. He wanted to know what made the woman tick. Looking up from Tara's toned back, he noticed his Mom smiling. He knew he had been had. Walking towards the office he followed his Mom inside.

Tara looked up from the engine just in time to see Jax walk away. Taking a deep breath she went back to work.

Bobby and Chibs both exchanged knowing looks. Things at Teller Morrow were about to get very interesting.

Jax sat down on the love seat and looked at Gemma, "what's the deal?" He asked.

Gemma took a deep breath. She wanted more for Jax, he had big dreams and the brain to achieve them, "She's not replacing you." She started.

"Okay." Jax said stretching out his long legs.

"Jax, you can get out of Charming. You can make something of yourself."

"You don't want me to be like Dad." Jax stated staring out the window at Tara.

"You're already like your Dad. I just mean you can become whatever you want to be. Your Dad wanted to open his own shop and run it with friends." Gemma stated looking at the last picture she had of the three of them, "he got his dream. I just want you to get yours."

"I think she should stay." Jax said standing up.

"Jax." Gemma warned.

"Ma, yeah I'm intrigued and attracted but I've also been working on that Mustang for a week. She about to get it running." Jax stated as the engine revved.

Gemma stood up and followed Jax out into the shop.

Tara opened the door and sat in the driver's seat, cranking the engine; she smiled when the engine roared to life. Climbing out she did a little skip dance and grinned.

Bobby walked over, "wow lady. You got it running." He said smiling.

Tara admitted looking at Jax, "it wasn't all me."

Jax met her glance, "don't look at me. You got that thing running." He said smiling.

Gemma stared between the two and met Bobby and Chibs faces. Shaking her head she walked over, "well I'll call the Tucker's and tell them their car is ready."

Tara nodded and took off Jax's shirt, "here ya go." She said handing him the shirt.

Jax took his shirt. Tara looked at Gemma, "so?" She asked.

"You've got a job if you want it." Gemma said smiling, "we need a mechanic and you've got some real talent."

"I'll take the job." Tara said walking out of the garage. Walking towards her car she pulled her keys out.

Gemma followed her out, "Tara do you have some where to stay?"

"I'll just find a hotel." Tara said climbing into her car.

"Don't waste your money." Gemma said pulling her out of the car, "you can stay in the clubhouse. It has dorm rooms. I just put new sheets and everything in one of the rooms." She said leading Tara towards the clubhouse.

Tara grabbed her bag from her back seat, "Okay." She said nodding. Following Gemma she stopped when they entered the building.

Gemma looked around sad, "this place doesn't get used to much anymore."

Tara put her hand on Gemma's arm, "thanks for letting me stay here." She said looking around.

"Not problem darlin." Gemma said leading the way back, "none of the guys will bother you."

"They don't bother me." Tara said walking into the room.

"Not even Jax?"

Tara blushed, "your son is attractive Gemma. But I'm not here for anything other than the job."

"Good for you. But Jax won't give up easily."

"That's okay. I don't mind a challenge."

"That's good cause you're going to get one." Gemma said holding the door open, "I'll see ya tomorrow."

"Good night Gemma." Tara said sitting down on the bed. She was home. Finally Tara was in a place that wanted her.

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