The Effect She Has

Something there, maybe

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Hey everyone! Sorry for such a long delay in getting this chapter up. If you have followed my other stories you know it doesn't take me this long to update normally. I lost my muse for this story for awhile. But she is back and ready to go. So hopefully (fingers crossed) you all will have chapters more regularly. Thanks for your patience. I hope this chapter doesn't disappoint.

The next morning Tara got up early and went out to the common room of the clubhouse. Looking around she saw that it had not been used in quite some time. Walking back to the room she was staying in she grabbed her purse. She was going to make the guys at Teller-Morrow breakfast.

As she walked out of the clubhouse she saw Jax pull up, "Morning Jax." she said walking to her car.

"Morning Tara. Where are you headed?" Jax asked following behind her.

"To the store. I'm going to make everyone breakfast."

"Sounds good. Want some help?"

"If you promise to not hit on me, then yes."

"I'm all about service darlin." Jax said with a smirk.

"What is it with place and darlin?" Tara murmured to herself as Jax climbed in her passenger seat.

Parking in front of the market Jax and Tara climbed out and began making their way around finding ingredients to make everyone breakfast. Tara watched Jax, he was different when he wasn't at the shop, now he just seemed like a normal 23 year old. Paying for everything they made their way back to Teller-Morrow.

When they pulled into the lot, Tara noticed Gemma's Escalade, "Ma's here early, again." Jax said climbing out and grabbing two bags.

"Is she always here this early?" Tara asked following Jax inside.

"Since Clay died 4 years ago yeah. She has been trying to keep Teller-Morrow above the red."

"I'm guessing that hasn't been easy."

"You'd guess right. She does her best. Me and the guys try to help as best we can, but some months it ain't enough."

Tara just nodded and made her way into the kitchen. As she started to make breakfast she poked her head out of the kitchen and saw Jax sitting at one of the tables with books laid out in front of him. "He's in college?" she asked herself, "who would have thought."

After a half hour the club house smelled like muffins, pancakes and waffles. Bobby, Chibs, Happy and Tig all made their way inside, "What smells so good?" Bobby asked looking at Jax.

Tara came out of the kitchen carrying a plate of muffins, "I made everyone breakfast." she said smiling setting the plate down on the bar.

Gemma came in, "you didn't have to do that Tara."

"I wanted too." Tara said heading back into the kitchen.

Gemma followed behind the young girl and grabbed the plate of bacon and sausage and headed out. Soon everyone was sitting around the tables laughing and talking. Looking around Gemma noticed a change in the air. It was light hearted in the Sons of Anarchy clubhouse for the first time in years. Shifting she looked at Tara, who had started to clear away the plates.

Jax had put his books in his backpack when his Mom and Tara had brought out the food. But now they were back out, he had a test on Friday that he needed to do well on. Looking around he noticed that Tara was watching him, smiling he went back to his studying.

Tara stood behind the bar, mesmerized, "What's Jax studying?" she asked Gemma.

"I don't know exactly." Gemma answered, "He has tried to explain it to me and I get confused the longer he talks so I just let him be."

Laughing Tara dried off the last plate, "I'm heading to the shop."

"Alright." Gemma said smiling, "Hey Tara."


"Thanks for this morning. You have no idea what this all means."

Nodding Tara walked out the clubhouse. Making her way across the grounds she caught up with Bobby, "you did a good thing this morning." He said smiling at her.

"Why does everyone keep saying that?" Tara asked out loud.

"Cause you gave us something back. Something we've all been missing for a long time." Bobby explained.

"What exactly is that?" Tara asked.

"A sense of family. You're coming Devil's Tribe, their a family. SAMCRO used to be the same way. We looked out for each other, loved each other, and would do anything and everything to protect one another. Then Clay turned us down a wrong path and everything went to shit."

"I don't see how me cooking you all breakfast has anything to do with family." Tara stated grabbing the shirt she had been wearing the day before.

"It wasn't the cooking of the breakfast, it was the fact that you had us all in the same place at the same time. We were together and not at each other throats."

"I still don't get it but I'll take your word for it Bobby." Tara finished as she headed towards the car she was to start working on.

Jax came out of the club and sat down at one of the picnic tables. Pulling out his books, he began studying again. School was going to be the death of him, but he wouldn't change the fact that he only had a year left for anything. He was doing something that no one in his family had done, graduating from college.

After a couple of hours, Jax got up and stretched. Turning he saw Opie's blue Explorer pulling onto the lot. Smiling he stayed standing, "Uncle Jax." a little voice squealed as soon as the back door was open.

Squatting down, Jax opened his arms as his God-Daughter made her way into them. Scooping her up, he kissed her cheeks and spun her around.

Tara stood by the shop and watched Jax with the little girl. She was adorable. Watching Jax, she couldn't help but think that maybe she had miss judged him.

"Jackie Boy has always had a way with the ladies. Regardless of age." Chibs said coming to stand beside her.

Tara bit back a laugh, "that I can see."

"But lass he isn't the playboy you have in your mind. Yeah he has a reputation, but what guy doesn't have one?"

Ignoring the comment, "I thought Jax didn't have siblings." she noted watching Jax and a much bigger guy hug.

"He doesn't." Gemma said coming to stand with them, "That's Opie, Jax's best friend since forever."

"Sorry, I didn't."

"It's alright. Those two mine as well be brothers, with how close they are." Gemma said smiling, "the little girl is Ellie, Opie's oldest, she loves her Uncle Jax."

"I can tell." Tara said feeling a blush creep onto her cheeks.

Jax looked over Ellie's head and noticed Tara watching him, there was a different look in her eyes. Smiling he kissed his God Daughter on the head and spun around making Ellie giggle.

"Jax, who's the lady?" Opie asked noticing Tara.

"The new mechanic." Jax answered setting down Ellie.

"You're Mom was okay with this?"

"Yeah, Uncle Jury sent her."

"Wow, that's quite the recommendation right there."

"Yeah it is. She fixed that Mustang I had been working on in only a few hours."

"You're kidding?" Opie said looking at the small woman.

"Nope." Jax said with pride in his voice.

"Good for her."

Jax nodded and went back to the picnic table where his books were sitting, "How's school going?"

"It's going. I have this huge test on Friday and I'm not nearly ready for it."

"You will be. You always say you aren't ready and then you ace whatever it is. I hated that about you in high school."

Opie watched his best friend go back to the books. It was surreal to know that Jax was going to college. In high school all either wanted was to become a Son and do what their Dad's had done. But Clay Morrow had made sure that didn't happen, then he had gotten himself killed and the club along with him.

Tara was in the shop working on a little VW Bug when she heard a little giggle coming from beside the car. Looking over the side she saw Ellie. Smiling she set down her tools and crouched down beside the little girl.

"Hi." she said sweetly smiling.

"Hi." Ellie responded looking at her. She was fascinated by the Bug's flower hubcaps, "Fowers." she giggled.

Smiling wider, Tara sat down, "yeah flowers." she said watching the little girl.

Growing tired of the flowers, Ellie moved to sit in Tara's lap, "Pretty." she said tugging at Tara's hair.

"Thank you."

"Marry Uncle Jax?" Ellie asked.

Tara blushed, "I don't think so." she responded shifting the little girl.

"Why not?"

"Cause your Uncle Jax and I don't know each other that way."

"Ellie." Opie called, noticing that his daughter wasn't coloring at a far table.

Tara stood up with Ellie in her arms, "let's get you back to Daddy." she said holding Ellie close.

Walking towards the clubhouse, Ellie played with Tara's hair and wiggled as they got closer. Setting her down she followed behind her.

"Hi. I'm Opie." he said standing and picking up Ellie, "sorry if she bothered you."

"She was fine." Tara said smiling, "I'm Tara."

"How do you like TM?"

"It's nice. Different." Tara responded honestly.

"You came from Devil's Tribe, right?"

"Yeah, Jury sent me here cause he knew I wanted a full time job and that Teller-Morrow needed a mechanic."

"Well I do have to say it's nice to have something nice to look at." Opie stated.

Tara blushed slightly and looked at Jax, who was watching the conversation, "You two must have gotten your lines at the same place." she said looking between the two guys.

"Yeah, we did." Opie agreed laughing, "We've been friends our whole lives."

"I can see that." Tara said smiling, "It was nice to meet you, Opie." she said before returning to the garage.

Over the next few weeks, Tara fell more instep with how everything ran at Teller-Morrow and the guys that worked there. Tig was still a jerk, but the others had taken to her. Every morning she had been making breakfast and at night Gemma would make dinner for everyone. For the first time in what felt like forever, Tara had a home.

One Wednesday Tara walked out into the common room and stopped, Jax was fast sleep on one of the couches with a book open on his chest. Not able to resist knowing what the book was, Tara walked over. Stopping near him, she picked up the book, Hamlet by William Shakespeare.

"See something you like darlin?" Jax drawled when he noticed Tara staring at the book.

"You read Shakespeare?" she asked ignoring his question.

"Yeah and others." Jax responded sitting up and rubbing his neck.

"I never would have..."

"No, most people don't."

"I'm sorry. I judged you all wrong." Tara said sitting down beside him.

"That's alright. You put me in my place when it came to you." Jax said taking back his book, "that's what drew me to you."

Tara blushed and looked at her hands, "Maybe sometime we could discuss Shakespeare and what else you like to read." she said standing up.

"I'd like that." Jax said standing up beside her.

Tara made her way to the door, she was on her way to get her weekly mani/pedi, "Hey Tara."


"Do a funky color this week. You always do dated colors."

Tara smiled and nodded, "I'll think about it."

"All I'm asking."

After Tara got back to Teller-Morrow she was giddy to see Jax. She had gone with a funky color, it was a chameleon color the lady had said. It was different colors in different lights. Walking towards the clubhouse she saw Jax playing with a younger boy, Jax was pushing him on a swing and then running under it, causing the boy to laugh away.

Rooted to the spot, Tara watched Jax play with the boy, "You want kids Tara?" Gemma said surprising her new mechanic.

"What? Huh?" Tara said coming out of her trance.

"Do you want kids?" Gemma asked again.


"Jax has always loved kids."

"He's really good with them."

"Yeah they love him." Gemma stated watching Tara. She had noticed her son and the new mechanic becoming closer, it warmed her heart.

As the day at the shop came to an end Gemma made her way into the club house to make dinner, "Hey Ma." Jax said kissing her cheek.

"What's up baby?" Gemma asked looking at him, something was wrong.

"I have to go to school on Friday. The professor wants to do our test then so she can see who is serious about the course."

"That's fine Jax."

"You don't need me here?" Jax asked looking at his shoes.

"I'll always need you here, Jackson. You're my son, but your junior year of college is more important than me."

Jax nodded and wrapped his arms around Gemma's neck, "I love you Mom."

"I love you too Jackson." Gemma said kissing her sons cheek before he left the kitchen.

Tara stood in the hallway listening to Jax and Gemma talk. She had had no idea that Jax was in college. Now she was more interested than ever. Walking out into the common room she found Jax.

"What college do you go to?" she asked sitting down.

Jax looked up and smirked, "ease dropping?" he asked.

"Yes. Now which one?"


"That's huge Jax." Tara said surprised.

"What don't think I can hack it." Jax ribbed.

"No, I just..." Tara stuttered.

"It's okay Tara. I was kidding."

"I really didn't mean that you couldn't." Tara stated blushing, "It's just UCLA is a big deal."

Jax nodded, "Actually I was surprised I got in."

"What are you studying?"

"I want to become a Pediatrician."

Tara smiled, "I can see that."

Jax smirked, "that's what everyone says."

"With how you are with kids. Jax I think it would be great."


"If ever need someone to help you study, I'm around."

"That would be a welcomed help." Jax said rubbing his neck.

After dinner Jax and Tara hit his books. Tara quizzed Jax on the material, all while learning more about the man himself. He was nothing like she had first thought, he was a kind and caring person. He wanted to become something.

By 2 a.m. Jax and Tara were both tired and falling asleep on the couch. Before either of them realized it, Jax was fast asleep and Tara was using him as a pillow.

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