The Effect She Has

A Normal Girl

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So I still feel really guilty for making you all wait three weeks for chapter 2. So here is another update. I hope you all enjoying the story so far.

Gemma walked into the clubhouse the next morning and stopped on a dime. Jax and Tara were fast asleep on one of the couches, snuggled together. Smiling to herself she went into the kitchen and began getting breakfast together. Ever since Tara had made breakfast for everyone a few weeks ago, it had become a tradition of sorts.

Tara woke up when she smelled biscuits in the air. Shaking her head awake she came into contact with a harder body, shifting she looked a still asleep Jax Teller. Blushing she quickly moved away from him and off the couch.

"Sleep okay?" a voice behind her asked.

Tara jumped and turned to face Jax, "better than I have in awhile actually." she admitted, "You?"

"Same, although these couches aren't nearly as comfortable now as they were when I was a teenager."

Tara laughed, "I would guess not."

"Oh good you two are up." Gemma said coming into the common room.

"Morning Ma."

"Morning Gemma."

"How'd you two fall asleep on the couch?" Gemma asked looking between the two.

"Tara was helping me study for my test on Friday." Jax supplied.

"We both got tired. And I guess it just got the better of us both." Tara answered.

"Okay." Gemma smiled, "breakfast is almost ready and the guys will be in, in a few.

Tara looked at Jax as Gemma walked back to the kitchen, "she's not mad?"

"After what she has seen, us sleeping together on a couch fully clothed is nothing to worry about."

Laughing Tara turned, "I'm going to go get ready for the day." she said starting to walk away.

"Thanks again for helping me last night Tara."

"Not a problem." Tara said turning around to smile at Jax, running into a table in the process.

Jax laughed as he stood up and headed to the kitchen, "You be good the mechanic Jax." Gemma said when he stole a piece of bacon.

"Ma, Tara and I are just friends, I think."

"Looked like more than that when I walked in."

"You're reading too much into this Mom."

"Am I Jackson?" Gemma countered turning to face her son, "You're getting awfully defensive."

Jax rolled his shoulders, "Alright. I'm attracted to her. I want to know what makes her tick and all that other junk." he finished before walking out of the kitchen.

"It's about time Jax." Gemma smiled.

Jax made his way into common room and picked up his books. He was putting them in his backpack when Chibs and the rest of the guys came in, Opie included.

"Jeez Jax did you sleep here or something?" Opie asked.


"Really?" Opie said surprised.

"Yes and don't act surprised. You're just as bad as my Mom."

Opie laughed, "we just want to see you happy."

"I am happy." Jax countered.

"I know that, but Tara could be another layer of happiness."

"What are you getting at Ope?" Jax asked.

Opie smiled, "I'm just saying you slept here in the common room when the woman you're attracted to was sleeping just down the hall and you didn't even try anything." he said walking to grab a plate from the bar.

Jax stared after his best friend, Opie wasn't wrong. He hadn't minded sleeping with Tara and nothing happening. But he also wasn't going to give Opie more fuel by telling him he actually slept with Tara against him. Shaking his head he followed to get a plate off the bar.

Tara came out into the common room and took a deep breath, "Don't worry. None of the guys know what happened." Gemma said handing her a plate.

"Thanks Gemma." Tara said smiling, "You're not mad?"

"Tara I would have nothing to be mad at. You and Jax are both adults. I can't tell either one of you that you can't see each other, all I ask is that if you two do start something, use condoms."

Laughing Tara took the plate, "I don't know about any of that happening, but I'll keep that inconsideration." she said walking to a table.

"Don't count your chicks before they hatch, Tara. There is something between you and my son."

After breakfast Tara headed to the garage and got to work. Jax settled in with his books. The morning flew by. When lunch came around Tara sat down at the table across from Jax. Looking up Jax smiled.

"Why Hamlet?" Tara asked digging into her chips.

Jax stole a chip and explained, "For a while after my Dad died, I felt like Hamlet was my life. My Mom and Clay were close and I thought there was something between them, something that had, had them conspiring to kill my old man and take over SAMCRO."

"I'm guessing that wasn't the case?" Tara asked.

"Not on my Mom's side. On Clay's it was. My Dad died in a motorcycle accident, something malfunctioned. Clay became president of the Sons of Anarchy. After that everything changed. Gemma had been queen since the beginning and Clay wanted to make her his queen."


"Yeah, so I picked up Hamlet and thanked my lucky stars that my Mom wasn't as stupid as Gertrude."

"You're Mom is one of a kind." Tara said looking at where Gemma was dealing with an angry customer.

"She's something alright." Jax agreed.

The rest of the day flew by. By the end of it Tara was exhausted. She had been deal with Tig being an ass all day and accusing her of pushing Jax out of the shop. Walking out she stopped when she saw Jax pushing a little boy on the swings.

"Higher Uncle Jax. Higher." the little boy squealed.

Reaching the railing, Tara leaned against it and watched Jax. She was memorized at how good with kids he was. "He's better with my son than I am." Bobby said coming to stand beside her.

"I'm sure you're great with him Bobby." Tara said smiling at the man standing beside her.

"He may have my blood but we don't see eye to eye on anything."

"How old is he?"


"You just have to find what interest him. Games, swings, trains, etc." Tara explained.

"Is that what you're parents did with you?"

"No my parents never tried to get to know me. My Grandparents did, they knew I wanted to be a mechanic and help people that way. But I was supposed to be a doctor, like my Dad cause I have steady hands."

"I'm sorry Tara. That had to have been tough."

"Can't change the past so there is no point in living there." Tara said smiling at him.

Jax watched Bobby and Tara talk. He had always like Bobby, he had been one of the ones to help the most after his Dad had died. Bobby was always the Dad of the group, level headed and wanting to cover every base before going forward.

As the guys all moved into the clubhouse for dinner Tara stayed back. Looking down she pulled out her phone, the screen was flashing Mom. Taking several steps away from the clubhouse and stared down at the screen. she really didn't want to answer. Nothing good ever came of talking to her parents. Deciding to ignore the call she headed inside to get some dinner.

Gemma was watching Tara when she came inside, she knew something was bothering the young mechanic, it was a mothers intuition. Walking over she sat down at the table with her, "what's wrong?".

"Nothing." Tara said surprised.

"Tara I'm a Mom. I can tell when something is bothering someone."

Shaking her head, Tara looked at Gemma, "my Mom called me."

"Did you talk to her?"

"No. Nothing good ever comes from talking to my parents."

"When was the last time you talked to them?"

"A couple years ago when they disowned me."

"I'm sorry Tara. May be your Mom wants to know that you're okay."

"I doubt it."

"You'll never know if you don't listen to the voicemail and call her back." Gemma said going back to eating.

The rest of dinner was quiet. The guys were all eating the food like it was their last meal, Tara was struggling with whether or not to listen to her Mom's voicemail and Jax was dealing with the fact that he was more attracted to Tara than he had originally thought.

After dinner was over; Tara and Gemma did the dishes, the guys all hung around the clubhouse; shooting pool, drinking and becoming friends and brothers again; Jax studied for his test the next day.

Tara made her way out of the clubhouse and pulled out her phone. Opening it she hit 1 and put in her pass code. Leaning against one of the pillars she listened as her Mom's voice came over the line; Tara, hi it's Mom. I just wanted to call and see if you were doing okay. If you had found a job. I miss my little girl. I hope everything is going good for you. I love you, please believe that. Call me back if you want to.

Choking back a sob, Tara pulled her phone away from her ear and erased the voicemail. The truth was, she did miss her Mom, she had been her best friend, but she wasn't ready to forgive her for standing by her Dad when he had decided to disown her.

Covering her face with her hands, Tara didn't hear anyone come up behind her. Jax had followed her outside; he didn't know what was wrong, but he could tell it was something. He didn't know a whole lot about her family situation, but seeing her choke back a sob had him walking towards her.

Jax gently turned Tara around and wrapped his arms around her, holding her close. Tara nuzzled her head under Jax's chin and wrapped her arms around his waist. She had forgotten how nice it was to held and cared for. Gently rubbing her back, Jax placed a soft kiss on Tara's head.

Tara shifted in Jax's arms and looked up at him, slowly she stood on her tippy toes and kissed him gently on the lips. Jax tightened his arms around Tara's waist and held her close. Tracing her bottom lip he asked for entrance. Slowly Tara opened her mouth and allowed Jax in.

Opie came outside holding a sleeping Ellie and stopped. His best friend and Teller-Morrow's new mechanic were in a lip lock. Turning around he was about to call for Gemma when he noticed her standing beside him. The two smiled, finally Jax and Tara had made a move.

When Tara finally pulled away she put her head against Jax's shoulder, "I'm sorry." she whispered.

"You don't have to be." Jax answered, "I've wanted to kiss you for a couple days now."

Tara laughed and looked up at Jax, "You're not sorry?" she whispered looking into his clear blue eyes.

Jax tightened his arms, "No I'm not. I didn't come out here with the intention of kissing you, but no I'm not sorry it happened."

"Neither am I." Tara said putting head back against Jax's shoulder.

Several minutes later Jax and Tara made their way back into the clubhouse, ignoring the looks from everyone except Gemma, who looked please.

After a month of denying what was obvious to everyone at Teller-Morrow Jax and Tara finally became an official couple. One afternoon after getting home from school, Jax helped Tara move into his house.

"I can't believe you have your own house." Tara said as they unpacked her cutlass.

"My Dad put away money for me when he ran the shop, he wanted me to have enough to go to school and have a place of my own to live." Jax explained setting the box down.

Following Jax inside Tara looked around, "Well you're definitely a single guy." she mused.

"Yeah." Jax said looking around at the Harley Davidson mirrors and everything.

"That's okay." Tara said walking to him, "It just means that the house is truly yours." she finished kissing his jaw.

Ever since becoming official with Tara, Jax had been doing even better in school. He was more focused. Almost every day he and Tara would study his material so that he would be prepared for anything on a test. For the first time since he had gotten accepted into UCLA, Jax actually felt like he was going to actually succeed in becoming a pediatrician.

Tara on the other hand, had never felt more at home. She was starting to build a steady client list at TM and the guys were starting to bring her in on their inside jokes and even make new ones with her. Since her parents had disowned her and she had moved to Nevada, Tara had been searching for a sense of family and now she had that feeling every day.

Six months after Tara and Jax became official, a new model Mercedes pulled into Teller Morrow's lot. Gemma walked out to greet the woman climbing out, "Can I help you?" she asked stopping by the woman.

"I'm looking for my daughter, Tara Knowles," the woman stated taking off her sunglasses, "Jury said he sent her here about 8 months ago."

"He did." Gemma responded, "Does Tara know you're coming?"

"No. She won't take my phone calls." the woman said looking down, "Please if you know where I can find her. I just want to see my little girl and make sure she is okay."

"Well Ma'am I can tell you that Tara is fine." Gemma said.

"How do you know?"

"I'm Gemma Teller, this is my shop. Jury is a friend of my late husband John." Gemma explained, "Tara is doing great here in Charming. And today is her day off so she can go get a mani/pedi and some away from the shop time." she continued, "she's probably at her and Jax's house."


"Jackson, my son."

"She's dating someone?"

"Yes." Gemma answered noticing the heartbreak on the woman's face, "I'm sorry I don't know your name."

"Oh God, I'm sorry. It's Marlana Knowles."

"Well Marlana I'll give you Jax's address and directions so you can go see your daughter. I know she misses you also."

"Thank you Gemma."

"I'm a Mom. I know how hard it is to let a chick leave the nest."

"Yes it is. Or something like that." Marlana Knowles admitted following Gemma to the office of Teller-Morrow.

A few minutes later, Marlana Knowles had Jax's address and directions. Getting back in her car, she made her way to see her daughter.

Tara had just finished making some tea, when there was a knock on the door. Putting the tea in the fridge she went to open the door.

As Tara opened the door, her jaw hit the floor, "Mom." she squeaked with surprise.

"Hi Tara." Marlana said looking her daughter up and down, "May I come in?"

"Yes, sorry." Tara said moving out of the way, "what are you doing here?" she asked after her Mom was inside.

"I came to see how my little girl is doing."

"You could've called." Tara said looking at her Mom.

"I did. I have." Marlana supplied, "you won't return any of them."

"I'm sorry." Tara said wiping away the running tears, "I've missed you Mom."

Marlana Knowles wrapped her arms around her daughter, "I've missed you too, Tara."

Getting two glasses of tea, Tara and Marlana made their way out into the backyard. "Does Dad know you're here?" Tara asked once they were settled.

"No, your father thinks I am on a spa retreat with the girls."

"I'm sorry Mom. I never meant."

Marlana took Tara's hands, "this is not your fault. Your Dad wants his cake and to eat it too. You pushed the envelope when you decided to not go to Berkeley and become a doctor like him."

Tara didn't say anything, "I should have stood beside you." Marlana finished, "I could see how happy you were being a mechanic and Jury and Gemma both sing your praises."

"I like what I do." Tara said proudly looking at her Mom.

"I get that now." Marlana answered looking out around the lawn. The little house fit her daughter, it was big enough to have a family but not extravagant; just like Tara.

Jax pulled up to his house and noticed the Mercedes sitting the drive way. Climbing off his bike he headed inside, "Tara." he called when he noticed the blinds on the door open. Walking to the sliding door he stopped when he saw Tara sitting with a woman who looked like an older version of her.

Stepping outside he stopped when he heard, "What are you going to do with the trust fund your grandparents left you?" Marlana asked.

"Trust fund?" Jax asked stepping out into the sun, looking at Tara.

"Jax." Tara said standing up, she hadn't told anyone that she came from an affluent family.

"What trust fund?" Jax asked, "How rich are you?"

"Jax, please listen." Tara started, "It's not like that." she said stepping closer to him.

"I really don't know you at all." Jax said stepping backwards, "I thought you were like me and pulling yourself up, making something of yourself."

"I am." Tara said following him as he headed towards the bedroom.

"No you're not." Jax shot back, angry, "You're a little rich girl, who is slumming it with the townie." he spat packing a bag.

Tara stood in front of the door, "It's not like that at all. " she argued, "Jax, you know me better than most people do." she stated moving into the room, "Please you have to believe that."

Jax stopped and turned to look at Tara, "Then why didn't you tell me you came from a family with money?" he asked before walking out.

Tara crumpled to floor as the front door slammed. Putting her head against her thigh's, Tara sobbed.

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