The Effect She Has

A New Beginning

Disclaimer: I do not own Sons of Anarchy. Kurt Sutter does. Marlana, Henry, Patricia and Clint Knowles are mine though.

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Tara smiled across the table at Jax, who smirked back. "We made it through." he smiled.

"Yeah we did." she agreed, "Never again though." she said quietly.

Jax got up and pulled Tara up to him, "No never again. We'll talk things out instead of me running." he whispered holding her close.

Tara wrapped her arms around his neck, "I don't know where we go from here Jax."

Looking down, "I don't either. I think we just keep moving forward." he admitted before lowering his lips to touch hers.

That was one thing Jax had missed terribly in the time he hadn't been with Tara. Her sweet kisses, she always made him feel grounded and in control.

Tara pushed her hands into Jax's hair and pulled him closer. She wanted to forget this whole fight had happened. Tracing his bottom lip she moaned slightly as Jax deepened the kiss and pulled her closer.

Swiftly Jax picked up Tara and set her on the kitchen counter. Putting his hands on her thighs he pulled her close and moaned when Tara's hands made their way under his shirt.

Pulling away Jax looked at Tara. He loved seeing her freshly kissed lips, but they hadn't discussed sex. Which for him was rare to be with a woman for six months and not have been having sex.

"Tara?" he questioned in a husky voice.

"It's okay Jax." Tara replied, "Whenever you're ready."

Jax smirked, "I'm been ready since the day you told me off at the garage." he said nuzzling her neck.

Tara giggled as Jax kissed her neck, "Oh really?" she said sliding her hands back up under his shirt.

Jax nodded against her neck, "You have no idea." he whispered nipping at her collarbone.

Grasping his hips, Tara pulled Jax closer as he kept up his gentle assault of her neck and collarbone.

Jax smirked as Tara pressed herself against him. He could feel the heat radiating off her smaller body. Bringing his lips to hers, he kissed her deeply as he picked her up off the counter.

Tara wrapped her legs around Jax's waist as he carried her back to the bedroom.

Reaching their bedroom, Jax laid Tara down and peppered kisses along her body as he removed her shirt. Tara laid back with her eyes closed, she loved the feeling of Jax loving her. Opening her eyes she saw him getting one of his shirts out of the drawer.

"Jax." she questioned sitting up.

Jax looked at Tara, "Not tonight." he said walking back to the bed and putting her into his shirt, "I don't want this to be how we solve our fights or problems."

Tara pulled the shirt down and looked at her bad ass biker. He was a conundrum if she had ever seen one, she knew his reputation.

Jax could feel Tara watching him, "I've done that. Solved my problems using sex; it only goes so far. I want this to be more." he said changing into sweatpants, "I want us to be able to talk, connect and have a real shot at making this work." he finished turning to face her.

Climbing off the bed, Tara walked towards him. Wrapping her arms around his neck, "I want that too." she whispered before kissing him, "now come cuddle with me." she instructed, 'I haven't slept well in two days."

Jax happily obliged her and climbed into bed. Tugging Tara towards him, Jax kissed her temple and fell asleep holding his girl.

Gemma pulled into Teller-Morrow the next morning to see a car sitting in the lot. Grabbing her purse she took a deep breath. She knew the car, it was the bank. Teller-Morrow was in the red again.

"Mr. Garrett, how can I help you this morning?" she asked making her way to the office.

"Well Mrs. Teller, I came to give you some news." Mr. Garrett spoke following the owner into the office, "Teller-Morrow is officially out of the red."

Gemma dropped the coffee pot, "What?" she screeched looking at the banker, "Don't pull that shit on me Mr. Garrett."

"Gemma I'm not pulling anything on you." he said quickly as Gemma headed towards him, "The bank got a check in the mail yesterday for the remainder of the loans and debt that Teller-Morrow had been in."

"From who?" Gemma asked glaring at the man.

"I'm not at liberty to say."

"You better tell me." Gemma seethed, she didn't know who would pay off TM's debt but she wasn't going to let it go.

"You can't say a word to anyone." Mr. Garrett instructed.

"Who?" Gemma demanded.

"Patricia and Clint Knowles."


"That's all I know Gemma." Mr. Garrett said before heading towards the door, "But be happy TM no longer owes anyone money and is back in your hands completely."

Gemma sat down and stared at the broken coffee pot, grabbing the phone she called Jury.

Jury answered on the third ring, "Who in the hell are Patricia and Clint Knowles?" the voice on the other end demanded to know.

"Good morning Gemma." Jury said rubbing his eyes. Gemma Teller was going to have his ass for what she had just found out.

"Cut the shit Jury. Who are they?" Gemma demanded again.

"Tara's grandparents."

"That much I got. Especially since her Mom just left Charming yesterday."

"You met Marlana?"

"Yes. Why?"

"I never met the lady, but she'd been calling her ever since Tara left."

"She missed her baby. Now why is Teller-Morrow paid off?" Gemma asked sitting back, "This place was going into foreclosure before Tara got here."

"Gem." Jury said rubbing his temple, this was going to be hard to explain.

"Jury, I know you know."

"Yeah I do." Jury answered, "You know the 'Know-It-All Garage where I used to get my bike fixed before Tara came to Devil's Tribe."


"That was Tara's grandparents shop. That's where she fell in love with being a mechanic."

"That doesn't explain why the check that paid off TM has their names on it."

"But it does. Know-It-All garage made bank every year because of Patricia and Clint, they were a great couple who knew their ways around cars and bikes. Everyone was welcomed and helped regardless of if they could pay or not."

"Damn saints."

"Something like that. Well when Clint died, Patricia put Know-It-All on the outlet, with the agreement that whoever bought it had to give so much to Tara when she found a garage to work in."

"And you sent Tara to TM." Gemma said realizing what had happened, "You didn't just send me Tara cause TM needed a mechanic, but also as a way to help save JT's garage."

"I couldn't let my best friends dream die or allow his queen to suffer watching it die." Jury admitted.

"I don't know what to say Jury." Gemma said looking around the office.

"You don't have to say anything Gem. Just don't say anything to Tara. She doesn't know that her grandparents put that into motion."

"I won't." Gemma promised before hanging up the phone.

Tara pulled into Teller-Morrow to find her family sitting at the picnic tables outside the clubhouse, "What's the celebration?" she asked sitting down beside Bobby.

"Teller-Morrow is out of the red." Gemma grinned, "The shop is officially debt free and safe form foreclosure."

Tara jumped up, "Gemma that's great." she said hugging her.

"Yeah it is darlin." Gemma said hugging her back.

As the year went on, Jax got ready to graduate from UCLA. Tara looked at lots around where Jax had applied to Med school. Gemma watched her son fall more in love with the spitfire of a mechanic. It was a sight she never got tired of seeing.

Jax's graduation day finally arrived. The whole family made their way to UCLA for the ceremony. Marlana Knowles even joined them to see her daughter and future son-in law, something Tara didn't know about.

After the ceremony, everyone headed back to Charming for the party that was taking place at Teller-Morrow. As the party got to the heights of a Sons of Anarchy party, Jax led Tara away from the group.

"Jax, you can't leave your own party." Tara said looking back over her shoulder.

"We're not leaving." Jax said guiding her towards the garage, "I just want some privacy."

"We are not having sex when someone could walk in any moment." Tara said adamantly.

"I didn't realize that was an option." Jax grinned.

"Jackson Teller!" Tara scolded not able to hide her smile.

Jax took Tara to her stall in the garage; the first place they had spoken; the first place Tara had put him in his place; the first place Jax had fallen in love with her.

Keeping the space dimly lit, Jax got down on one knee and looked up at a shocked Tara, "Tara Grace Knowles will you marry me?" he asked in a nervous tone.

Tara stared down at Jax as tears welled in her eyes, nodding her head, "Yes." she whispered as Jax slid a simple diamond ring onto her finger.

Jax stood and scooped Tara into his arms. Tara wrapped her arms tightly around Jax's neck. They were getting married.

Gemma and everyone else stood out in the open, they all knew what Jax was going to do. They gave him the privacy he had wanted but now they wanted to congratulate the couple. The couple that had made the inevitable work; the rich girl who had a work with her hands job and the boy from the wrong side of the tracks who had big dreams.

As Jax and Tara started to plan their wedding, Tara fought herself on whether to invite her parents. She and her Mom had reconnected and were making things work. But her Dad was another story, he was still upset that Tara had not gone to college to become a plastic surgeon like him.

Finally three months into the planning, Tara dropped off the wedding invitations off at the post office, including the one to her parents. She had decided that even though her Dad was disappointed in her she wanted them at her wedding.

Jax was sitting at the kitchen table staring at the letter. He had applied not expecting to get in; Columbia University College of Physicians and Surgeons had accepted him. It had been a long shot in his eyes, but apparently his advisor at UCLA had written him one hell of a recommendation letter.

Tara came running into the house, "Jax!" she called.


"They're coming!" she squealed as she ran to him.

"Your parents?" Jax asked pulling an excited Tara on his lap.

"Yes!" she squeaked looking at him, "What's wrong?" she asked running her hand along his jaw.

Jax reached around her and handed her the letter, "I got in." he breathed as Tara read the letter.

Tara wrapped her arms around his neck, "I knew you could do it." she said kissing his cheek, "I'm so proud of you."

Jax buried his head in Tara's neck, they were moving across the country all so he could follow his dream.

Tara held Jax close. She knew what his meant to him, his dream was within reach.

That evening Jax and Tara headed to the clubhouse, it had been restored to its former glory. Everyone was there when they arrived. Walking in hand in hand Jax and Tara looked at each other.

Tara finally broke the silence, "My parents are coming to the wedding." she all but squealed.

Gemma jumped up and hugged her daughter in law. She knew what this news meant to Tara, it was step towards healing the other half of her family.

Jax watched his Mom and soon to be wife, clearing his throat, "I got into Columbia Med." he said looking at Gemma.

Feeling the tears start come down her cheeks, Gemma pulled Jax into a hug, "I'm so proud of you." she whispered in his ear, "You're Dad would be so happy and proud." she finished pulling away.

"Now let's get this party started for real." Gemma stated wiping her eyes.

The rest of the night was filled with laughter and a few tears. Gemma watched her family, she couldn't be more happy; it was finally whole again.

Tara stepped outside and pulled out her cell phone, it was late, but she couldn't keep from telling her Mom about Jax's acceptance to Columbia Med.

Marlana Knowles answered her phone after seeing her daughters picture, "Tara is everything alright?" she asked as she answered.

"Everything is fine Mom." Tara quickly stated, "Sorry to call so late, but I couldn't wait to tell you." she gushed.

"Tell me what?"

"Jax got into Columbia Med." Tara stated not able to stop her smiling from coming through.

"Tara's that amazing. Tell him congratulations from me and your Dad." Marlana smiled, she could hear the happiness in her daughter's voice, "When will you two leave for New York?" she asked.

"I'm not sure. He just got the letter today."

"Keep me updated. and Tara I'm so happy for you both."

"Thanks Mom. I love you."

"I love you, too sweetheart."

Marlana smiled as she hung up the phone and headed towards the bedroom. Taking off her robe she settled into bed. Henry Knowles came in and settled down beside his wife, "Who was on the phone?" he asked picking up his book.


"What did she want?" Henry asked in a tight voice, he was still upset with his headstrong daughter.

"She called to let us know that Jax got into Columbia Med."

Henry Knowles gripped his book so tightly he got white knuckles, "Really?" he seethed, "the biker got into Columbia med."

"Henry don't be like that." Marlana stated looking at her husband, "It was his dream school. He didn't think he had a shot."

"They'll be in debt until they both die."

"They'll be fine."

"We're not going to the wedding." Henry said snapping his book closed, he was furious.

"Excuse me?" Marlana asked.

"You heard me."

"Tara is our only child."

"And whose fault is that?" Henry shot back at his wife.

Marlana stared at her husband, "I can't do this anymore." she whispered getting out of the bed.

"Where do you think you're going?" Henry demanded as Marlana headed for the door.

"Away from you. You have been blaming me for years about losing Tara's sister, I can't help that I miscarried Henry. Sometimes that happens." Marlana admitted, "I'm going to Tara's wedding. You can stay here in this prison by yourself."

"Marlana you will not attend that wedding if you expect me to keep paying for your credit cards." Henry Knowles threatened.

Marlana spun around and faced her husband, "Don't worry Henry. You won't be paying anything to me besides alimony." she said slamming the door.

Three months later, Tara stood in the back room of the small banquet center. Her Dad had called and stated that he and her Mom would not be attending the wedding. Neither of them could condone her marrying a biker who would never accomplish much besides disappointing her.

Smoothing down her dress again, Tara looked up and knew her jaw hit the floor. Her Mom was standing in the door way. Rushing to her Mom, Tara wrapped her arms around her, "I thought you weren't coming." she cried.

Marlana Knowles pulled back and dabbed Tara's make up, "I could never miss your wedding. Your Dad and I are separating." she admitted, "I wanted to tell you last year when I came, but I couldn't."

Tara stared at her Mom, "I'm sorry." she whispered.

"Don't be. It's been years in the making. Seeing you be strong and make it on your own made me realize that I can do the same thing." Marlana stated.

"Your Mom is going to become TM's lawyer." Gemma stated smiling.

"You're moving to Charming?" Tara asked surprised.

"Yes I am. Just in time to see my daughter marry her prince and move across the country."

Tara chocked back a cry as her Mom pulled her in for another hug.

Jax stood at the end of the aisle. He had seen Marlana Knowles sneak in with Gemma's help. He was happy to see her there. Tara had been devastated when she had gotten her Dad's call.

Tara took her Mom's arm as the music started. Slowly she made her way down the aisle to her prince. Never breaking eye contact she watched as Jax let a few tears slide down his face. Neither of them had thought they would get married and here they were.

As the ceremony came to an end and Jax and Tara shared their first kiss as husband and wife, Marlana realized something. She couldn't wait for Tara and Jax to move across country. It would give her the chance to see the country, a reason she had never had before.

Two months after being married, Jax and Tara packed up their U-Haul and started their trek across country. Tara had found a lot in Queens to open her shop. The businesses around her were thrilled that she was wanting to bring a little Ma and Pap shop into their community.

Getting settled into their little town house, Jax and Tara found themselves in New York. They had done it. Six months later, Jax was working hard at Columbia Med and Tara was on the phone with her Mom again. She needed advice on how to hire and who to hire for her newly built shop; JT's home.

Gemma heard Tara and Marlana on the phone. Hedging her bet, she instructed Chibs, Bobby and Happy to fly out and help Tara get on her feet. She knew it was hard to run a business, but Tara had her smarts to help her.

After a year of being in New York, Tara came home and found Jax asleep on the couch. She couldn't wait to tell him. They were pregnant, eight weeks along.

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