Chapter 4

Chapter 4 –


I danced from foot to foot as I looked over at the dress on the bed. I was so fucking nervous. I wasn't sure if I could do this. Was it too late to back out? I looked down at the watch on my wrist to check the time, damn watch.

Kate had been kind enough to tell me she had checked out the price online and it cost $445 to buy. That was like over half my monthly pay check. Plus the fact that it was only one of his gifts. I didn't even want to think what they all total up to.

Okay it was five o'clock. I had an hour to get ready before he came to pick me up. I had already done my hair, I just needed to do my make up and put the dress on.

Oh my god the dress, what if it didn't fit? I didn't have anything to wear other than the blue dress he saw me in at New Year, and I couldn't wear that again.

I should have tried the dress on before now. My only hope was that it would fit. I looked down at the shoes. Was it even possible to walk in them?

The house phone rang, bringing me from my thoughts. I went over to the bedside table to answer it, wondering who it could be. "Hello?"

"Bella, I just called to see how you're holding up?" I smiled when I heard the familiar voice.

"Oh hey, Angela," I sighed, sinking onto the bed. "Well considering I'm sitting here in my underwear about to have a nervous breakdown… not so well."

"Aw Bella, I'm sure everything will be fine." Angela said, trying to comfort me. "What is it your worried about?"

"Er… that I like him too much." I laughed nervously. "Or that he's too good to be true."

"It's just a date, Bella. If you don't like him, then you don't have to see him again."

"I suppose your right." I mumbled, but I wasn't sure if I could just walk away and forget about him. He had a pull over me that I had never felt before, and when I was with him it was like the rest of the world ceased to exist.

"I am right. Now go pour yourself a glass of red wine and get ready."

"Okay." I sighed. "Thanks for calling Angela."

"You're welcome. Remember to call me first thing in the morning with all the details!"

"I will, promise."

I said goodbye to Angela. Then I did as she had ordered, pouring myself a large glass of wine. I downed the glass for liquid courage and poured myself another to sip while I got ready. I headed into the bathroom, making quick work of my make-up. I was pleased with the results.

I headed into my room, taking a gulp of the wine. This was it, moment of truth. I stepped inside the dress and pulled it up, just managing to pull the zipper on my own.

When I looked into the mirror, I felt stunned. It was perfect, it hugged in all the right places and it was going to look amazing with those heels.

I didn't understand how someone I barely knew could pick out a dress for me that worked. What was even more surprising was that he knew my size.

I couldn't stop looking at myself in the mirror. If I did say so myself, I looked hot. The dress was clinging amazing, though maybe a little short. I tried pulling it down, but it slid back up my thighs. I didn't know if it was the wine, or the dress, but I now had a surge of confidence.

At five to six, there was a knock at the door. Edward, your five minutes early, I thought as I made my way to the door. I opened the door to reveal someone who definitely wasn't Edward, but I recognised him as one of the guys from the pub.

"Are you ready Miss Swan?" he asked.

I laughed at him, it sounded as if he was talking to my mother. "Please, call me, Bella. You're Garrett, right? We met at the bar the other night?"

He chuckled. "Yes we did." He was probably remembering my friend Kate, who had been giving him mouth to mouth resuscitation for most of the night.

"So, I thought Edward was picking me up?" I asked, looking at him confused.

"Mr Cullen had a work matter to attend to. He will be meeting you at the restaurant. I will be your driver for this evening." He said bowing at me, which made me giggle.

"I just need to grab my purse and shoes, and then I'm good to go." I said leaving him standing in the hall.

I grabbed my purse from the bed and slid the shoes on, standing up. Yeah, I would definitely need to concentrate to master walking in these baby's.

Please, if there is a god out there, don't let me fall flat on my face, I whispered under my breath as I headed to the door.

Garrett didn't say much on the ride to the restaurant, he was too busy navigating New York traffic. I didn't speak much to him because I was slowly going out of my mind with nerves.

We pulled up outside The Peninsula restaurant, and I gaped in amazement. I shouldn't have been surprised that Edward would take me to a place this expensive, not after all the gifts he had showered me in.

Someone opened the back door to let me out, and Garrett jumped out from the driver seat before I had a chance to move. "Leave it." He yelled. "I'll get her."

He ran around the car and pushed the guy out the way, giving him a glare.

I found his behaviour strange, but I didn't get a chance to think about it. The next thing I knew he was offering me his hand and helping me out the car.

"Thank you." I said breathless as I took in the view of the hotel. I had never dined in such a luxurious place before. I was more than a little excited.

"Ready?" Garrett asked, offering me his arm. Was I ready? No, but I was as ready as I was ever going to get.

I took a deep breath and wrapped my hand around his arm. I was grateful for the contact, which I used to balance myself on more than one occasion.

Garrett led me into the hotel and towards the lift, which we took to the second floor. He then led me down a corridor and into a large dining room. The hotel was beautiful. It had sleek modern furniture, which surprisingly matched well with the original features.

As I took in the scene of the dining room I realised that it was empty, I found that odd for a Saturday night. Garrett led me towards a large arch window. That was when I noticed Edward sitting at the table. When he heard us approach and rose to meet us.

Garrett gave my arm to Edward. "Bella." He said in greeting as he pulled me towards him, placing a kiss on my cheek. The closeness to him gave me instant access to his inciting aroma. I felt myself relax.

"You look amazing." Edward said pulling away from me and giving me a little twirl. I giggled as I felt my cheeks flush.

Edward led me to the table, pulling my seat out for me and then helping push it back in. He was such a gentleman I couldn't help, but smile.

The nerves crept back up on me as he sat down across from me and I no longer had his aura of comfort.

"Champagne?" Edward asked, lifting a bottle of Moet.

"Please, though just the one." Champagne usually went straight to my head. The last thing I wanted was to end up drunk and in his bed. Though I'm sure he would be more than happy with that result.

Edward finished pouring my drink and raised his glass in a toast. "To the future," he said. I wasn't sure what he meant, but I repeated the words and clinked my glass with his, before taking a sip.

I sat the glass on the table and somehow managed to knock the damn thing over. "Fuck, I'm sorry." I called out in shock.

"Bella." Edward said sternly. "Don't ever let me hear you swearing again."

My face flushed, and I looked down at my knees not knowing what to do. I felt like I had just been told off by my father.

I wasn't sure where they had come from, but the next thing I knew there was a waiter there, mopping up the spilled champagne and refilling my glass. I smiled at him sheepishly.

When he left, Edward turned to me as if nothing had happened. "I hope you don't mind, but I ordered you a selection of dishes. I thought you might like to try a few of them."

"That was very kind of you, thank you." I answered quietly, still feeling a little embarrassed about being told off.

Just at that several waiters came out dishes and laid them out on our table. "The food looks fabulous." I took a sip of the champagne, ensuring I didn't knock it over this time.

"Tuck in." Edward said, lifting a spoon and filling his own plate. I followed his lead and started to fill my own plate.

The food was delicious, it melted it my mouth. I had only taken a small plate as I didn't want to look like a pig on our first date, but I now wished that I had filled it a little more. I wasn't sure if I would get a chance to taste food this good again.

"So, tell me about yourself, Bella. Where do you work? What do you do?" Edward asked in between bites.

"There isn't much to tell…" I said playing with the food on my plate. I hated talking about myself. "I work at the Bookstore Café, but I guess you already know that." I said laughing nervously.

"Have you worked there long?"

"A few years, I started working there when I moved to New York. It helps fund my rent and College."

"Ah, so you go to College. Which one do you attend?" Edward asked, taking a sip from his glass.

"The Brooklyn College, do you know it?"

"I know of it." He smiled.

"So, what is it that you do, Edward?" I asked. I took the opportunity to change the subject before he could ask me any more questions about myself.

"I help my Uncle run the family business." He said with a smirk playing on his lips.

"And what kind of business is that?" I asked curiously. Was he being evasive on purpose?

"It's an import, export business, we mostly ship tools." He said smirking even more.

I frowned. I didn't expect there would be a lot of money in tools, not that I knew a lot about tools. Was there more to the business than what he was telling me?

I finished my food and sat my cutlery down on the plate.

"Would you like some more?" Edward asked, finishing off his own.

"No, thank you. I'm full."

Edward got up from his seat and walked around to me. "Well how about we get you out of here? I've been dying for another chance to dance with you."

Before I could give him an answer, he had taken my hand in his and was pulling me to my feet. "I…I don't know if I can dance in these heels." I said looking down at my feet.

"I won't let you fall." He said putting his hand under my chin and making me face him. His smile won me over. He leaned in a placed a kiss on my lips, igniting a fire inside me that hungered for more. I wrapped my arms around his neck, pulling him closer to me as his lips massaged mine. When he pulled away from me, I felt breathless, and needy.

Edward laughed, taking my hand in his arm and leading me towards the lifts. As we walked along I tried to calm myself down, but when the lift doors opened Edward he shoved me inside, pinning me against the wall, and I was all het again. His lips were on mine; assaulting them as his hands reached round and gripped my ass. God he was trying to kill me? His lips started working down my neck as his hands moved to my waist; I couldn't contain the moan I let out.

The lift doors pinged open, and we were brought back to reality. Edward pulled away from me with a satisfied smile on his face. He took my arm and led me outside to the car.

Garrett was leaning against the car, when he saw us he jumped up, rushing to open the back door.

As I was sliding inside the car I caught sight of the car valet attendant, he was standing over by the far side of the stairs. He was holding a bloody towel up to his nose, and it looked as if he had a black eye. I wondered what had happened to him. He glanced over in my direction and then quickly looked away. He looked terrified.

I looked towards Garrett, his hand was on the top of the door, and it looked as if they were stained with blood.

"Bella?" Edward asked, looking at me concerned.

I shook my head, sliding in the car. "It's nothing."

I started to wonder if Garrett had hit that boy. I couldn't think of any reason he would have to hit him, but with the blood stain on his hand it did look that way.

I wasn't sure if I should say anything to Edward, I didn't know how he would react, and I didn't want to spoil our night.

I had to admit that I was really enjoying myself.

I kept quiet on the car ride to the club, torn over what to do. Edward remained quiet also, rubbing small circles in my hand with his thumb. His touch made my skin feel as if it was buzzing with electricity.

We pulled up outside of New Moon, and I smiled. It was the club I had met him in on New Year's Eve.

Garrett opened the door for us. Edward climbed out first and offered me his hand. I did my best to slide out of the car looking elegant, but it wasn't easy with a dress this short.

Edward led the way past the queue and straight to the front door, where the doorman lifted the barrier. "Good evening Mr Cullen."

Was he a regular here? Or was he that rich that he got the royal treatment wherever he went? I stared up at him wondering.

Edward led me into the club. He took my purse and handed it to Garrett, who I never even knew was there. Then he pulled me onto the dance floor. I was excited to be close to him again, but I was nervous that I would fall in front of him on the dance floor.

I need your love by Calvin Harris was playing; I don't think there was a song better suited to the moment. Edward took me into the middle of the dance floor, and everyone seemed to move out of his way. He pulled me into his arms, and we started dancing.

After a few songs, I motioned to Edward that I was ready for a rest. He pulled me close to him and led us from the dance floor, up a few stairs and into a booth, marked Private.

"You have your own booth here?" I asked, sinking into the seat and fanning myself with a coaster.

Edward laughed. "You could say that. I own the place." I stared at him. Was he being serious? Of course, he was. Money was literally pouring out of him.

"You failed to mention you owned a club earlier." I said raising my eyebrow.

"Did I?" Edward laughed.

He motioned for someone from the bar to come over to us. They took our drink order and left, bringing them a few minutes later. The last time I was in here I had to queue for a drink for over half an hour. I could get use to dating the boss. I had a little smile to myself

It wasn't long until Edwards lips were on mine again. He was leaning over me, and his hand was running up my leg, towards my skirt. I was close to losing my resolve. I pulled away from him breathless and stopped his hand in motion. "I can't go home with you."

He rested his head against mine, trying to catch his own breath. "I know." He said quietly.

"It's getting late, I should probably go home." I slowly pulled my head away from his. If I didn't leave him now, then I might never leave him at all.

He nodded, though he didn't look pleased with the idea. "I'll get Garrett to run you home."

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