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After All This Time


Jax stood rooted to the spot. He was staring at blue eyes that mirrored his own, looking at him over Tara's shoulder.

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Two and half years earlier

Disclaimer: I do not own Sons of Anarchy or these characters. Kurt Sutter does. Carleigh, Jackie and Steph and Aubrey are though...

Hi everyone! Here is my second Sons of Anarchy story! Hope you enjoy!

"Tara hurry up!" Janet exclaimed up the steps.

"I'm coming!" Tara yelled back, looking herself up and down once again. She couldn't believe she had let Janet talk her into wearing a backless shirt.

Janet walked up the steps, "would you stop fighting with the shirt. You're a knock out." she said walking into Tara's room.

"Janet I've never shown off my tattoo." Tara said turning around and staring at her crow for the umpteenth time.

Janet walked over and turned around her best friend, "first off, the tattoo is bad ass, so guys will be all over you. Two, you don't have to tell anyone the meaning behind the it. That is no one's business beside you and mystery man."

Tara laughed, "I guess you're right."

"Damn right I am. Now let's go. Carleigh and Steph are going to meet us at the bar."

Jax and Opie pulled their bikes up beside Nero's car. "This the place?" Opie asked.

"Yeah. I know it doesn't look like much but inside is all the fun." Nero stated heading inside.

Jax looked at Opie, " can't be any worse than some of the places we've been. Plus we're right down the road from a college." Jax pointed out.

Opie slugged Jax in the arm, dude I'm married! And you've never cheated on Collette on a run."

Jax looked down, "I know." Turning he followed Nero inside thr bar. The place was hoping.

The guys got their drinks and made their way over to a table. There were two girls sitting at table across the way all alone, both extremely curious about Jax. Knowing his charm, he smirked and both girls blushed.

Jax was halfway through his second beer when the air in the bar changed. "I wonder who walked in." Nero said looking towards the bar."

"Don't know but they must be attractive." Jax said trying to get a look, when the girls at the table next them moved.

"Jackie! Over here!" Carliegh yelled waving her arms.

Two other girls made their way through the crowd, "wow how did you get a table?" Jackie asked ignoring the group of guys sitting at the table beside them.

"We got here nerdily early so we would have a place to prop her up after awhile." Carliegh giggled looking at Tara, who wasn't paying any attention.

Tara was shaking. She had seen Opie when they had walked into the bar, but also their bikes outside. She had no idea why the Sons of Anarchy were in Chicago but it couldn't be a good reason. Keeping her face down she prayed that Jax didn't see her or recognize her.

Tara made her way to the bar to get some drinks and shots. Knowing that Jax Teller was in the same place as her made her skin crawl. She still loved him, even if she didn't want to admit it. Leaving Charming had been the hardest decision of her life, but she had needed to get out, get away. That was something Jax had never understood.

Making her way back to her table she got knocked by a group of guys, turning her back.

Jax almost dropped his beer when caught sight of the raven haired woman standing in front of him. She looked so much like Tara.

Opie sat at the other end watching Jax. He knew his best friend was going to flip shit when he found out it was Tara. He had been at the bar when she ordered, if he didn't know Jax or love Donna as much as he did, he would have hit on Tara. Tonight she looked nothing like the quiet, yet strong girl who had stolen Jackson Teller's heart.

Fighting his way through the crowd, Jax stopped where the woman and her friends couldn't see him. Staning there he got a great view of the woman's jean clad ass and bare back, that had a very special detail on it.

Jax stopped breathing for a moment. Tara was standing in front of him, but she didn't look like the Tara who had left Charming 4 years ago. She looked confident and gorgeous as hell.

Not able to hold back any longer, Jax made his way to the table and ran his fingers lightly over his crow.

Tara stopped breathing a second before she felt Jax's fingers. Her friends shocked faces told her the guy they were checking out was now standing behind her.

Closing the distance between them Jax wrapped his arms around Tara's waist, "You're still wearing my crow babe." He whispered in her ear.

Nero had watched Jax stalk over the woman he was now holding, turning he looked at Opie' "care to explain." He said curious.

"Not much to explain. That's Jax's old lady." Opie explained smiling.

"Wait. I thought she was dead."

"No, Gemma just wishes she was. When Tara ledt Charming to go to college she broke Kax's heart and took a lot of it with her."

"That's why he won't let Collette get his crow."

"Yep, cause that slut ain't his old lady." Opie said with vigor, he hated Collette more than Gemma hated Tara, "that woman over there is Jax's old lady. Always has been."

"Always will be." Nero finished turning his attention back to Jax.

Tara nodded against Jax, she was doing her best to not lose her bearings but she hadn't been this close to Jackson Teller in 4 years and he had only gotten more potent.

Turning slowly in his arms, she looked into his crystal blue eyes that were filled with confusion, "Hi Jax," she barely whispered.

"It really is you." Jax said tightening his arms.

"Yeah it is. What are you doing in Chicago?" She asked as she noticed the President patch on his kutte.

Jax couldn't leave his crow alone. The girl he had convinced one night to get his crow was still wearing it. He had been sure that when Tara went away to school she would get the tattoo removed and never look back.

Tara stared at Jax. He hadn't really changed in 4 years, just filled out. His face though was still somewhat baby faced. Reaching up she ran her fingers along his scruffy jaw drawing out a low groan.

Unable to stop himself, Jax put his hands into Tara's hair and kissed her deepily. He needed ti taste her, claim her. Tara grabbed a hold of Jax's t-shirt when he kissed her. It felt like it had when they were teenagers and couldn't keep their hands off each other; hot, passionate and unending.

Tracing Tara's bottom lip, Jax begged for entrance. Granting him entrance, Tara moaned when Jax deepened the kiss.

Breaking the kiss Jax looked down at Tara. He still loved her. He could see it in her eyes, they had never gotten over each other.

Tara's friends sat in a stunned silence, even her roommate and best , Jackie, didn't know what to say. Lookin at each other they tried to come up with something.

Taking his eyes from Tara's, he grabbed her hand. Jax didn't say anything, he didn't need to. Tara let Jax lead her out of the bar and away from her friends without a second glance.

Nero got up to say something to Jax. "I wouldn't" Opie said putting his arm out in front of Nero, "unless you want to unleash his wrath."

"Jax is seeing Collette" Nero pointed out, why he didn't know. He couldn't stand the blonde escort anymore than Opie.

"And he has never cheated on her on a run. But tonight Jax is with his old lady, where he belongs." Opie said smiling.

"You like Tara?" Nero asked sitting back down.

"Of course I do. I got to watch her steal Jax's heart without trying, it was great." Opie grinned thinking about high school, "she was a different person back then. Going away did great things for her."

Nero grinned, "do you mean emotionally or physically?" He asked.


Jax climbed onto his bike and waited to feel Tara's arms around him. It wasn't long before her slender arms were around his middle. Just to tease Tara kissed Jax's neck and slid one of her hands down to his throbbing erection, causing Jax to swerve his bike. Returning her hand to its proper place she smiled and held on for the ride.

Arriving at the hotel, Jax got Tara into the elevator and pulled her against him. Cupping her face he assaulted her lips, making her moan as her hands went up his shirt.

Moving his hands down her body, Jax swiveled her hips against his body drawing another moan. When the elevator dinged they exited and Jax took Tara to his and Opie's room.

Tara inserted herself between the door and Jax. Grabbing his kutte she kissed him deeply as he got the door unlocked. When the lock clicked Tara stumbled in backwards pulling Jax along with her, theirs lips never parting.

Jax grabbed the small strings that made up the back of Tara's shirt and tugged them loose. Pulling away he looked down as Tara lifted the fabric away from her body.

Smiling Jax cupped her full breast, "did you?" He asked huskily.

"No, there real, they just grew." Tara said groaning as Jax pebbled her nipples, he was the only man who had ever been able to do that to her.

Jax picked Tara up and pressed her against the wall, "thank you mother nature." He said before taking one of her nipples into his mouth and sucking.

Tara's hands were instantly in his hair pulling and pushing his closer. While Jax nibbled on her nipples, Tara drove Jax crazy by grinding her hips against his hardened body.

Soon it was too much and Jax had Tara fully in his arms and then flat on her back against the bed. Tara pushed his kutte off and made fast work of removing his t-shirt. Flipping them over she kissed down his chest while undoing his belt and jeans.

Jax flipped them back over when his jeans were gone. Undoing Tara's skin tight jeans, he didn't ask before entering her soaking heat.

Both took a moment to adjust to each other again. Soon they found a rhythm that bought them both to their climaxes.

Tara kissed her way down Jax's body, taking in all of the more developed muscles he had. Settling herself to the side of him, she licked the head of his penis and smiled when she heard Jax moan.

Setting a rhythm, Tara took her time. Until she felt Jax's hands in her hair, she knew he wasn't going to last much longer.

Relaxing her throat, she took him in as far as she could hearing him moan deeply, while feeling his hips buck.

Jax couldn't believe that Tara was giving him a blow job. He remembered having to beg for them when they had been in high school, and God she was great at them.

Grabbing handfuls of her hair, Jax came hard. Tara propped herself up on her arms, "geeze Jax don't you have sex?" She teased, she knew that he had been with women since she left Charming; Donna had informed her until Tara had stopped calling.

"Shut it Knowles. You're dripping wet again." Jax drawled lifting his head as he slid a finger into Tara's soaking sex.

Tara moaned as Jax laid her back and increased the pressure of his thumb on her throbbing nub, "oh God! JAX!" Tara moaned as she grabbed handfuls of the comforter.

"Oh. Oh. Oh." She moaned as Jax settled himself between her legs.

Jax smiled as he watched Tara come apart at his hand again. He had missed her incoherent sounds and moaning.

Stopping the motion of this thumb got a groan from Tara. He replaces his thumb with his mouth.

Tara's hips bucked when she felt Jax's tongue on her clit. Grabbing his hair she pushed his mouth against her sex and moaned incoherent sounds as Jax brought her to her climax.

Jax lapped all of Tara's juices up as she orgasmed. He loved hearing his name as she screamed.

Settling himself back on top of her he kissed her deeply. Tara wrapped her arms under Jax's as she felt him enter her again.

As their rhythm picked up Tara's nails went down Jax's back. He bite her neck, marking her as his.

Tara wrapped her legs around his waist bringing him deeper inside her, "oh. Oh. Oh. Jax!" She screamed as she climaxed for the 3rd time that night.

Jax rolled off Tara and pulled her top of him. Tara took advantage and kissed all over his body, making Jax hard.

Grasping her hips, Jax put Tara on her knees and entered her from behind. Tara moaned deeply and leaned hard into the pillows on the bed as Jax thrusted into her. Jax brought Tara up and began to knead her breast as Tara gathered the comforter into balls in her hands.

Soon Tara's inner walls were milking Jax for all he was worth. Tara bite into one of the pillows as Jax screamed her name.

Jax laid down beside Tara, "I see we still have it." He said stroking her stomach.

"What?" Tara teased, "the inability to stay clothed around each other."

Jax laughed and kissed her deeply, "something like that." He said kissing her again. He hadn't meant to jump straight into bed with her when they had come to the hotel.

Tara rolled Jax onto his back and traced his bottom lip asking permission, something that had been lacking all night. When Jax opened his mouth Tara took advantage. Jax kneaded her ass as she settled herself on top of him.

If Jax was leaving to return to Charming tomorrow, Tara wanted all she could get from him that night. She wanted him to make love to her as much as either could handle. In the 4 years she had been in college she had done everything but actual penetration with a guy. That was too personal.

Sliding her hand down his body she found his erection waiting for her touch. Pulling away she moved herself above him and guided him into her again. Jax thrusted up as Tara rotated her hips above him. He was surprised they hadn't gotten any noise complaints. They had been going at for almost 3 hours.

Tara's nails dug into his skin and he couldn't bring himself to care that Collette was going to see the evidence that he had been with another woman. Tara wasn't just some slut he picked up, she was his, his old lady.

Tara moaned Jax's name as she climaxed bringing Jax right along with her. Rolling off she laide her head on his chest. Jax wrapped his arm around her and fell asleep. Tara followed soon behind him.

Opie, Nero and his guys had returned to the hotel a couple of hours before Tara and Jax fell asleep. "Are they ever goinf to stop?" Nero'd right hand man conplained.

Opie smiled, "not any time soon." He sais remembering how they used to go at it when they were first together.

"Jax still loves her doesn't he?" Nero asked.

"Never stopped." Opie said grabbing a pillow and laying down on the floor.

Several hours later Tara woke up with a start to Jax gently kneading her breast, "you always did like my boobs." She teased running her fingers through his hair.

Jax smirked and kissed her soundly. Deepening the kiss, he settled himself between her legs and felt the slickness from her sex. Grasping Tara's hips Jax entered her slowly as her nails drug down his back making him groan.

Setting an agonizing slow pace, Jax made love to Tara. Everything earlier that evening had been fast and hard, he had wanted her so badly. Now he wanted to show her how much he loved her.

Tara arched her back as Jax made love to her. She knew he was saying goodbye. Neither of them would ever be able to say it to each other. Digging her nails into his back, Tara felt her inner walls clinched. Jax brought his mouth down hers as they fell over the cliff together.

Afterwards Jax pulled Tara close again and they fell asleep. In the morning Tara got up to shower. Jax felt the mattress move, "sneaking out?" He asked with a sleep laced voice.

"No, going to shower." Tara said smirking at him.

Jax jumped out of the bed and watched Tara walk buck naked to the bathroom in front of him. Turning on the shower, Tara got down on her knees in front of Jax and licked the head of his erect penis. Jax groaned as Tara took his length into her mouth. Putting his hands in her hair, Jax rocked his hips to her rhythm. Before he could warn her, Jax came hard.

Tara stood up and kissed him soundly and stepped into the shower. Jax climbed in right behind and brought her close to him. Tara's back pressed hard against Jax's front. Kneading her breast Jax felt Tara tense.

Fluttering his fingers down her body, she moaned deeply pressing herself futher into him. Tara put her foot on the ledge of the tub as Jax slid a finger into her heat. Reaching backwards she turned and kissed him deeply as the water pelted them.

Adding another finger Jax kissed Tara deeper and continued to use his thumb to take her higher. He felt Tara's wall clinch around his fingers, he pulled them out gaining an irritated huff from Tara.

Turning her around he picked her up and slid inside her. Tara wrapped her legs around his middle and matched rhythm.

Opie entered the room he was supposed to have shared with Jax to find clothes all over the place. He didn't even go near the bed. He knew that Jax was careful, but looking st the trashcan he saw no used condoms or wrappers. Shaking his head he turned the bathroom in ehich the shower was running.

Knowing his two best friends, he banged on the door, "Jax we're leaving in 20" he called.

"Get out Ope!" Was the only response he got before he heard Tara moan Jax's name for the hundredth time or so.

Laughing he left the room and walked down to the lobby. Jax and Tara got out of the shower, no cleaner than they had been when they got in. Slowly Tara put her clothes back on while Jax sat on the bed in his boxers watching, exactly as he had when they were teenagers.

Reaching for her shirt, Jax came up behind her and pulled her close. He had put on jeans, cupping her face he kissed her soundly. Tara wrapped her arms around his middle deepening the kiss.

When they pulled apart, jax handed Tara one of his shirts to wear over hers, "I don't want anyone else oggling you." He said kissing her before she put it on.

Tara smiled at Jax as she kissed him, he was possessive as ever. When they entered the elevator, he had flat against him kissing her neck, marking her. Tara didn't mind, she loved being in Jax's arms.

Reaching the lobby they pulled apart. Tara started to pull out her phone, "what are you doing?" Jax asked pulling her to him.

"I'm calling Jackie to come get me." She said pulling out of his arms.

Jax took her phone and closed it, "No."

"Jax." Tara warned.

"I'm taking you home Tara."

"I can't go back to Charming, Jax. You know that." She said cupping his jaw.

"I know. Let me give you a ride home." Jax pleaded.

Nero stared at Jax. He had never heard the guy beg before, it was surreal that one small brunette woman had that much power over him.

"I brought you here." He finished rolling her hips.

Tara nodded not trusting her voice.

Jax climbed on his bike and started it when Tara was securely behind him. Opie was to his left, watching. Ope saw something Jax didn't, the silent tears Tara cried holding onto him as he took her to a home that wasn't Charming or him.

Pulling out after his best friend, Opie stayed close watching Tara hold Jax as her life line, like she had in high school.

Tara guided Jax with her body. When they pulled up in front of the townhouse, the door flew open and the three women who had questioned Opie endlessly the night before came out.

Climbing off Jax's bike, Tara held up a hand to stop her friends. Turning she saw that both Opie and Jax were off their bikes. Opie came to her first, "it was good to see you again." He said hugging her. Picking her up, "come home soon. Jax needs you." He whispered as he ser her down.

Tara wiped away a runaway tear, "it was good to see you too Opie." She whispered.

Going back to his bike, Opie watched as Tara faced Jax. Jax pulled her tightly against him. His arms would have been bruising hard to anyone else. Tara wrapped her arms around his neck and held on tight. Her heart was breaking like it had 4 years ago when Donna had dropped off at the airport and Jax hadn't showed up.

Burying her face in his neck she finally admitted, "I love you Jackson Nathaniel Teller."

Jax buried his face against her neck and whispered, "I love you too Tara Grace Knowles."

Pulling away Jax cupped Tara's face and kissed her. Kissed her goodbye.

Tara stumbled backwards when Jax let go. She watched him climb onto his bike, start it and take off without a backwards glance. Letting the tears fall freely, she looked at Opie and mouthed, "I'm sorry."

Opie gave her a nod and took off after Jax. Tara crumpled to the sidewalk, letting her sobs over take her.

Jackie rushed to Tara finally realizing why her best friend never wanted to talk about her tattoo or the picture she had on her nightstand, in a silver heart frame that said, always. The picture was of Tara and the guy who had just left without looking back, Tara's first and only love.

Picking their friend up under the arm pits they headed inside. Tara numbly went to her room and shut the door.

"Okay what was that?" Carliegh demanded to know.

"Tara saying goodbye again to the love of her life." Jackie said staring her best friends door.

"Tara's in love with the hottie from the bar?" Carliegh asked.

"Yeah and has been since she was a teenager." Jackie said turning to her friend.

"Lucky bitch. I bet he is great in bed." She sighed.

"Carliegh get out!" Jackie snapped.

"Alright. I'm just saying what you were thinking." She said shutting the door behind her.

Jackie cracked Tara's door and checked on her. She was curled in a ball in the white t-shirt crying. Shutting the door Jackie went about trying to busy herself. She wanted to know the whole story of the biker that Tara was in love with.

The whole way back to Charming Jax was in a foul mood. Opie left him alone and advised Nero to do the same. It wouldn't do any good to ask Jax a bunch of questions about what happened between him and Tara.

When they reached Charming Jax drove to home. He didn't give a shit if Collette saw the scratches that Tara had left on his skin. He was miserable. Pulling into his drive way, Collette came out, "how was Chicago," she asked kissing him.

"Good. Uneventful." He said walking past her.

Collette couldn't put her finger on it, but something was wrong. Something had happened in Chicago. Following Jax inside she watched him closely, "Gemma dropped off some dinner." She said walking towards him.

Jax kissed her cheek, "I'm going to take a shower." He said turning his back to her. Pulling his shirt off, Collette noticed the red scratch marks on his back.

Rooted to the spot she was standing in She yelled after him, "who was she Jax? Some whore you met in a bar?" She demanded to know walking back towards the bathroom. He was standing taking off his jeans.

Slapping his arm, he turned and she saw the scratches on his chest, "who was she?!" Collette screamed.

Jax stared at her, "my old lady." He said stepping into the shower.

Tara stayed in her bed all day, crying yet again over losing Jax. At least this time she got to say goodbye. Not that, that was any consolation for how her heart felt. Hearing her stomach grumbled, Tara climbed out of bed, found sweatpants and bra; changing and putting Jax's shirt back on she walked out to the kitchen.

Making herself some cereal she walked into the living room to find Jackie pretending to watch Gossip Girl. Sitting down she crossed her legs, "I'm sorry I didn't tell you about Jax." She said not looking at her friend, "It's a long complicated story."

"Tara a little heads up before you left with him last night is all I'm asking for." Jackie said turning off the TV and facing her, "we ended up questioning the Chewbacca looking one." She said, "or tried to. He wouldn't give us anything beside you two needed last night." She laughed.

"Opie is Jax's right hand, his best friend." Tara said to Jackies confused face, "the Chewbacca one." She clarified.

"His name is Opie?"

"That's all you got out of that isn't it?"

"Who names their kid Opie?" Jackie asked allowed.

"It's a nickname. He's had it since were kids."

"Who is Jax, Tara? And why are you so upset?" Jackie asked.

Tara set her bowl on the coffee table and looked at her hands, "Jax is my high school sweetheart. The crow on my back is his, it's like a branding. It means I belong to him." She started, "we dated for 3 years before I left Charming. I wanted Jax to leave with me but he couldn't leave behind SAMCRO." She continued, "I came to college expecting to never see him again." She finished wiping away the falling tears.

"And then last night happened?" Jackie finished.

Tara nodded giving up wiping away the falling tears, "that why you never have sex with the guys we would hook you up with." Jackie realized.

"I couldn't." Tara hiccupped, "it's to personal."

"Has he slept with other women?"

"Hundreds, maybe more." Tara admitted twisting the knife in her heart, "but he has a constant the past 2 years, Collette."

"Sounds like a whore." Jackie said trying to lighten the mood.

"She's an escort, owns her own house and runs a business out of it." Tara supplied.

"Do I want to know why or how you know all of this?"

"My friend Donna would tell me when I called. That's why I stopped. I didn't want to hear that Jax had a new old lady, that he had replaced me." Tara choked out.

Jackie pulled her friend close and held her tight. She had, had broken hearts but never like the one Tara was suffering from.

Jax stayed in the shower until it ran cold. The scratches on his skin stung when he got in and the pain was welcomed. When they had stopped after leaving Chicago, Opie hadn't looked at him. He knew Tara was in pain, but God Dammit so was he!

Stepping out of the shower he heard Collette on the phone, probably with his mother. Gemma Teller-Morrow hated Tara with a passion. She had loved her until Tara had decided to go to college out of state and had asked him to go with her.

Jax ran the towel over his head and remembered how he considered going with Tara, until Clay had decided to let him and Opie start prospecting.

Running the towel over his face, he remembered the night that Tara left. He hadn't gotten to say goodbye. There had been a SAMCRO party with other charters in town to celebrates his and Opie's start of prospecting. When he and Opie had finally been allowed to leave, it was too late, Tara was gone. Thinking he didn't love her.

Walking into his bedroom he grabbed a pair of boxers and sweats. If he was going to argue with Collette he was going to be comfortable. Grabbing a t-shirt he walked out to the living room.

"You're old lady is dead." Collette screamed when Jax walked by her to sit down.

"Darlin the scratches on back and chest prove otherwise." He drawled closing his eyes.

"I called Gemma. Tara Knowles is dead!" She screamed again, trying more to convince herself than him.

Jax knew Tara was alive, "Gemma will always tell you Tara is dead, because she hates her." Jax said evenly, even though he was about to lose it.

Collette started to cry, Jax didn't move from the couch, "why her?" She asked, "why couldn't you cheat on me with some crow eater whore." She demanded to know through her tears.

Jax looked at her, "because I still love Tara and she still wears my crow." He told her.

"She still has your crow?" Collette asked crying, "is that why you won't let me get your crow?!" She demanded.

Looking at the wall, Jax took a deep breath, "Collette, I won't let you get my crow because I don't want you to be my old lady. Tara is my old lady, always has been, always will be. And you're just a sad timeout." Jax said ripping off the band aid, "you're a great fuck but that's all. I don't cheat on you on runs because I don't want to come home to this bullshit. You're not cut out to be an old lady." He said standing up, "I made love to Tara last night and she never once asked what or who I've been doing the past 4 years. You, darlin grill me every time I come home."

"GET OUT!" Collette screeched.

"It's my house." Jax said heading to his bedroom. He turned out the light when he heard his front door slam.

Over the next three months, Jax and Tara put their lives back together; sort of. Jax had tried to make things work with Collette, but she pushed for him to replace Tara and let her get his crow. Finally he had had enough. He moved her shit out of his house and told her it was over, they were done.

Tara had started to see a new guy, Josh. He worked for the government and was stable as far as Tara could see. More than once though he had pushed her to get Jax's crow removed, each time she refused and told him that the crow was a part of the deal. The tattoo meant a lot to her. Finally he consented.

But something else was wrong. Tara was late, now she had always been irregular so she wasn't worried. But her breast were more tender than usual. And to tip it all off a perfume that Jackie wore, that Tara loved had been making her sick for almost a week.

Giving into Jackie's nagging, Tara got a pregnancy test. In the comfort of her bathroom Tara opened the package and took the test. By the time the 3 minutes was up, Tara knew the answer before she even saw the little pink plus sign on the test.

Dropping the test she put her hands on her stomach, "Tara, everything okay?" Jackie asked through the door.

"Yeah." Tara squeezed out.

"No its not. I'm coming in." Jackie said pushing the door open. Bending down she picked up the test, "oh Tara."

Tara cried, "I don't even know how far along I am."

"That's what you're worried about?" Jackie asked, "I'd be freaking out that I'm pregnant."

"I've always wanted to be a Mom." Tara defended.

"True. Come lets go to to the clinic. They'll be able to tell us."

Standing up Tara followed Jackie. When they arrived at the clinic, Tara filled out the information. Being called back, Tara laid on the bed while the doctor took blood and squirted some clear gel on her stomach. Soon a heart beat came over the speakers.

"Well Tara you are definitely pregnant." The doctor said moving the little controller around her stomach. Tara was fascinated by seeing her baby that she didn't notice the nurse come back with her blood work.

The doctor smiled, "Tara you're 12 weeks along." She said.

Tara stopped breathing for a moment, that meant that only one person could be the father. Jackie looked at her friends face, "can we find out the sex?" She asked.

"Not yet. You'll be able to find out in about a month and half." The doctor told them.

"Thank you." Tara said.

"Are you okay?" Jackie asked after the doctor and nurse left the room, "are you going to keep it?"

Tara stared at her friend, "of course I'm going to keep it. This little one was made out of love." She said rubbing her stomach.

"Okay. I wasn't trying to upset you. I just know how much you miss him. I didn't know if looking sat mini reminder."

Tara wiped her eyes, "I'll be okay, Jackie. If this baby looks anything like Jax it'll only make me love it more." She said standing.

Before leaving Tara made an appointment to find out the sex of the baby.

The next six and half weeks drug on and on. Ever since Jax ended things with Collette he had been living at rhe clubhouse going through crow eaters like they were candy. Most of them didn't mind because he was the President. While most of the club couldn't put up with the mood swings; Opie, Bobby and Chibs stood by his side and tried their best to keep their president even kiltered.

The day finally arrived for Tara to find out the sex of her baby. She had been trying to figure out a way to tell Jax. Nothing seemed to the right way though.

Walking into the room, she held Jackie's hand. The doctor squirted some of the cold liquid on her stomach and moved the controller around. Soon the picture showed up. Looking for several minutes the doctor finally turned to Tara, "you're going to have a beautiful baby girl."

When the doctor left, "do you have any names picked out?" Carliegh asked.

Tara nodded, "Aubrey Nicole."

"Tara that's beautiful." Jackie said.

"Whose last name?" Carliegh asked.

"Jax's." Tara said rubbing her growing stomach, "Aubrey Nicole Teller." She said rubbing he fading black eye.

Six months later Jax was still in a dark place. No woman was safe from being used by him. Tara on the other hand, was getting ready to welcome her little girl. She had sent Jax a letter with a couple sonogram pictures in it, telling him about Aubrey.

Jackie and Carliegh stood in the delivery room with Tara when it was time to go. After sixteen hours of labor, Tara was holding her beautiful little girl, who had bright blue eyes like her Daddy.

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