The Baker and The Biker

My Crow

The ride back to Charming was smooth but took longer than usual, thanks to Tara sneaking kisses against Jax's neck, making him pull over. The two felt like teenagers who had just found that special someone. When they arrived back in Charming, Donna's car was in the driveway.

Climbing off the bike, Tara smiled at Donna, "We expected you two a couple of hours ago." she said smiling.

"Thank this minx here." Jax said wrapping his arms around Tara's middle, making her smile.

"I'll leave that up to you." Opie said smiling, holding a wiggling Abel.

Tara walked over, "Come here little guy." she said holding out her hands.

"Ma!" Abel squealed and went happily into Tara's arms.

Jax walked up behind Tara and kissed Abel on the head, putting his hand on Tara's hip.

Donna and Opie shared a look. Jackson Teller was whipped. "Come on, I have dinner on the table." Donna said turning to go inside.

"Donna you didn't have to do this." Jax said stopping her and giving her a hug.

"I wanted to." she said hugging him back.

Opie turned to Tara, "I'm guessing you two worked everything out."

"We did." she said looking at Abel, "Thank you for whatever you said to him to get back to the cabin."


"No, I mean it. I was so scared I was going to have to call Donna and have her come get me."

"Jax would never leave you like that."

Tara put her free arm around Opie's middle and hugged him close. Opie put his arm around her shoulders and hugged her back. It was nice to have a connection with someone who cared about her.

Following Donna and Jax inside, Tara's stomach growled. Donna turned to look at her, "you two didn't eat on the way back?"

"No." Tara said blushing.

"Then what took so long?" Donna asked, before the recognition hit her. "never mind I don't want to know."

Jax smirked, "you do too, you're just going to ask Tara tomorrow at the bakery."

Donna smacked his arm and winked at Tara, who couldn't help but laugh.

"This smells amazing." Tara admitted putting Abel in his high chair.

"I'm glad."

Tara walked over and gave her best friend a hug, "how about we start lessons tomorrow and start going back to Lodi."

"Sounds wonderful." Donna admitted returning her friends hug.

"Why do you need to go back to Lodi?" Jax asked grabbing a plate.

"For some girl time." Tara said.

"Can't you do that here?" Opie asked.

"What is with you two?" Donna demanded to know.

Jax and Opie looked at each other, "Look the Mayans are only nice for so long." Opie said. "They'll turn in a second if you two keep going to Lodi." Jax agreed.

Tara stepped towards the two men, "Listen you two, we are going to self-defense classes. We're not going to Lodi to cause trouble. And when the classes are over we'll come home." she said in a serious tone.

"Plus we're grown women, you can't tell us what to do." Donna said.


"Harry." She snapped right back, "As Sons you can go wherever you want, damn the consequences. So why can't we go take some self-defense classes and have some fun in the process."

Jax and Opie shared a look and both raised their hands in surrender. Tara and Donna high fived at their success and joined the guys to sit down and eat.

After a couple hours, Abel was fussing. Tara got up and went into the nursery. Gently rocking from side to side she got Abel to sleep. Laying him in his bed, she kissed his head and tucked him in. "I love you Abel." she whispered kissing his head again.

"You are his Mom." she heard behind her.

Turning she saw Donna, "how long have you been there?" she asked.

"The whole time." she answered, "I've never seen someone so good with him. Not even Gemma."


"You're a natural Mom."

Tara blushed and put her hand on her stomach.

"Do you think you're pregnant."

"Not yet."

"How do you know?"

"I just have this feeling. And it wouldn't be right. Jax and I are just coming into our own. We need time to be family with Abel, before adding in another baby." She said sadly.

"You want to have a child of your own."

Tara nodded wiping away the falling tears, "more than you could guess. But I also know we need to wait."

Donna took her friends hands, "the time will be here before you know it."

Tara nodded. Both women turned when they heard Opie calling. "Looks like we're headed home."

"Thanks again Donna."

"You're welcome. Enjoy your time in your family. Things have a way of working out."

Tara nodded and followed her friend out into the living room. Jax and Tara told their friends good night.

"Want to go to bed?" Jax asked seeing Tara yawn.

"No, I want to cuddle with you on the couch." she said wrapping her arms around his middle.

Jax put his arms around her neck, "I like that idea."

Jax sat down with Tara to the side of him. Tara laid her head on his shoulder, while his arm snaked around to her hip so his hand could rest. Leaning forward Jax grabbed the remote and turned on the TV. Flipping through channels, Tara grabbed his hand when The Mighty Ducks came onto the screen.

"Please." she pleaded.

Jax laughed and set down the remote and tugged Tara closer. The two watched the movie in silence, laughing at different points in time. When it was over Tara kissed Jax's cheek, "thank you." she whispered.

"For what?" he asked looking at her.

"For this."

Jax kissed her softly, "I love you Tara Knowles."

"And I love you Jackson Teller." she said standing up, "come on let's go to bed."

Jax turned off the lamp and followed Tara back to the bedroom. Changing he climbed into bed and pulled her close. Kissing her temple, Jax drifted off to sleep. Tara laid in Jax's arms for several minutes after he had fallen asleep, tracing patterns on his arm with her fingers. Giving up fighting sleep she snuggled in closer and drifted off.

The next morning Jax woke up before Tara. Gently shifting away from her, he went to check on Abel who was chattering away in his room. Walking in he looked down in the crib at his son, "hey little dude." he said picking him up.

"Dada." Able said grabbing his beard.

"How was your weekend?" he asked kissing his son.

Abel chattered as they headed into the kitchen. Setting him in his high chair, Jax grabbed the cheerio o's and put some out on the tray. Hitting the power button for the coffee machine he leaned back against the counter, when he heard keys jingling in the door.

Turning he went and opened the door, surprising his Mom. Grabbing the bag about to fall out of her arms, "What are you doing here Mom?" he asked setting the bag on the table.

"Bringing over supplies. You weren't here this weekend to stock up." she answered looking around, "where's the baker?"


"Wore her out huh?" she sneered, "you always did have a way with the ladies."

"Knock it off." Jax snapped turning to get a cup of coffee.

"Just being honest Jackson."

"No you're being a bitch, just more than usual."

"Excuse me."

"You heard me." he said.

"Just say it if you don't want me here." Gemma said turning to leave.

Jax followed behind her, "Mom it's not like that and you know it."

"Then how it is Jackson?"

"I love Tara."

"For right now."

Jax just threw his hands up, "think what you want Gemma, but she's not going anywhere."


"I'll see you at the shop." Jax said turning around to walk back to the kitchen.

Tara stood in the hall way and listen to the front door slam. Looking down she felt horrible, she hadn't meant to cause problems between Jax and Gemma. She didn't know loving someone could tear apart a family. Taking a deep breath she headed out to the kitchen, she could smell the coffee and hear Abel chattering.

As she was passing the door, she heard a car door shut. Opening the front door, she waved at Anitta, "good morning." she said.

"Good morning Tara. How was the weekend away?" Anitta asked taking off her jacket.

"It was good, but I missed Abel."

Anitta hugged her, "that's a Mom thing."

Looking at the kitchen, "Anitta can I ask you something?"

"Of course."

Leading Anitta back to the nursery, "Why does Gemma hate me?"

Anitta laughed, "Dear, it's not you she hates. It's the idea of you. You have her baby's heart, the one thing that is solely supposed to belong to her."

"Did she hate Wendy?"

"Yes, but in a different way. Gemma could control Wendy. She can't control you, that is another reason she is so hostile towards you." Anitta explained, "Gemma hated Wendy, because she was a drugie, but also loved her because Jax didn't truly love Wendy, which made her perfect. Easily manipulated."

Tara shook her head, "I'm not trying to take Jax away from Gemma. I love him."

Taking Tara's hands, "I know that, he knows that and to some degree so does Gemma, but that stubborn bitch is stuck in her ways. Just keep standing up to her. Some day that'll get you the respect she rarely gives to other women."

Tara nodded, "Thanks Anitta."

"Anytime." Anitta answered and headed towards the kitchen.

Jax was standing by the high chair watching Abel throw his cheerio o's on the floor and at him. Anitta walked in and laughed, "I see your little monster has finally found his rebellious streak." she laughed.

Jax smiled, "he really is my mini me." he mused looking at Tara as she came in.

Tara took in the scene and smiled. She loved Abel and Jax. Walking over she put some cheerio o's on the tray and watched Abel eat them up.

"How did you do that?" Jax asked watching fascinated.

"A Mom's touch." she said kissing him on the jaw.

"Must be, because he has been throwing them at me." he said laughing, looking at his impish son.

"He knows he can get away with it from you." Anitta said grabbing the broom.

Jax looked at her, "what do you mean?"

Anitta laughed, "fathers are usually the ones that children can get away with more, when they are around. Abel has figured that out. Tara and I may let him make a little mess, but will also not give him anymore if the mess gets too big." she answered sweeping up the cereal.

"Huh." Jax mused, "so love with an iron fist."

"Exactly." Anitta said.

Tara kissed Abel on the head, "I'm going to shower and then head to the bakery." she said turning to face Jax.

"Alright. I'll shower after you and head to the shop."

"Sounds good." she said before they kissed and got ready separately.

Anitta watched the interaction and smiled. "Anitta." Jax said quietly.

"Yes?" she asked innocently.

"Would it be too soon to ask Tara to move in?"

"I don't know."

"What's your opinion?"

"I think you two should be a couple and family. Let her keep her house a little longer, get her feet back under her with everything that has happened and then ask her."

"Okay." Jax said nodding, "come on little monster, let's get you dressed." he said picking up Abel.

Both Jax and Tara walked out of the house together. Stopping beside her car Jax kissed her deeply, "I'll see you tonight?"

"Maybe. I'm going to start lessons with Donna at my house, so I may just crash there." she said.

"Let me know." he said kissing her nose.

"I will." Tara said climbing into her car. Jax shut the door and the two headed off in the same direction, but going to two different places.

Tara parked in front of her bakery and smiled. Donna was already inside, "hey." she said walking in.

"Good morning. I wasn't sure what time you'd be in."

"No you're fine." Tara said setting her stuff in the back room, "how many orders do I have?"


"Okay." Tara said taking the slips from Donna, "Oh good some of these are a couple weeks away, so I don't have to rush."


"Sweet. That just means we can start the lessons here." Tara said smiling.

"Let's do this." Donna said smiling back.

Together Tara and Donna made cinnamon sugar cupcakes, chocolate chip cookies, gooey butter cake cookies, carmel fudge and an assortment of other things. Before the two women could catch a break, people were filling the shop, buying anything and everything they could. A lot of people had never had gooey butter cookies, but many after trying them wanted more.

As the afternoon went on, Tara made several more batches of cookies and cupcakes all while Donna handled the orders coming. Around 2 p.m. a little red headed woman came in, "Hey Donna."

"Hi Cherry." Donna said.

Tara looked up, "Tara this is Cherry, Kips girlfriend." Donna said making the introduction.

Tara nodded, "I'd shake your hand, but they're covered in batter." she laughed holding up her hands.

"That's okay. Donna said something about you looking for help." Cherry said looking around at all the people.

Tara nodded, "Of course. Come on back, wash your hands and help Donna. I'll give better instructions when we close."

"Sounds good." Cherry said coming back.

Jax had arrived at Teller-Morrow to Clay bitching about something, "What's up?" he asked when he walked into the club house.

"The Mayans are botherin Jury." Bobby said.


"You said it brother." Bobby agreed, "Clay wants to do a patch over."

"That's not a good idea."

"Why not?"

"You know I love Jury. But his guys as Sons?"

"True, but you know Clay."

"Yeah, when do we leave?"

"Tomorrow VP." Clay answered coming up, "How was the weekend?"

"Good. Do you need me to go?"

"Bet your ass I do. Jury won't be okay with a patch over if you don't come too." Clay said.

"Alright. I'll tell Tara tonight."

"She'll be fine."

"I know." Jax answered looking around the club house.

As the afternoon finished out, Tara was thankful that Cherry had come in. "Cherry do you have any baking experience?" she asked as they sat down at the end of the day.

"None professionally. I'd help my Mom bake when I was younger." Cherry answered nervously.

Tara smiled sadly, "That's how I got hooked." she said reaching over the table to place her hand over Cherry's.

Donna clapped her hands happily, "Yay! Cherry, Tara and I have a self defense class to get to, but she's going to start my 'lessons' tonight, if you'd like to come by." she said looking at Tara.

"Definitely. I'll write down my address and phone number." Tara said getting up to get paper.

"That sounds great. I don't have many friends in Charming."

"Me either." Donna and Tara said in unison.

"How?" Cherry asked, "Donna you're Opie's old lady and Tara you're seeing Jax."

"Being an old lady is great, don't get me wrong, but it only really gets you headaches and the prison clause." Donna said honestly.

"And dating Jax, only gets me glares, name calling, and questions." Tara said coming to sit back down.

"Wow. I guess I don't really understand this whole MC thing, then." Cherry said looking between the other two women.

"You'll get the hang of it." Donna said, standing up and grabbing her purse.

"Here is my cell number and my address. I'll have Donna call you when we're hitting Charming limits." Tara said standing up with Donna.

"Sounds good." Cherry said following them out, "Hey Tara."


"Thank you."

Tara walked to her, "I know how it feels to be the odd duckling in Charming. Now we'll just face it together."

Cherry nodded and walked to Kip's white motorcycle that was sitting beside Tara's car. The three women parted ways. Donna and Tara off to Lodi while Cherry went back to the club house with Kip.

Jax pulled up to his house and let out a frustrated breath. He didn't want to go to Nevada. Clay and the rest of the club could handle a patch over. Clay was being a jackass like usual. He was pissed that Jax was putting Tara ahead of club business, but the club was old business, Tara was new and he needed her to know he wanted her.

"You coming inside any time soon?" Anitta asked standing by the front door.

Jax looked up and smirked, "Yeah, just clearing my head."

"Okay. Well someone is dying to see Dada."

Jax clamored off his bike and headed inside. "What's going on Jax?" Anitta asked, "I called your name 4 times before you turned to look at me."

"Club stuff." he said picking up Abel.

"Something you don't want to do."

"Yeah. Clay wants to patch over another club, make them Sons of Anarchy."

"Is that bad?"

"No, it just means a few days away."

Anitta sighed and headed into the kitchen. Jax followed curious about what that sigh had meant, "and you don't want to go, because you and Tara are finally something and in a good place?" she asked pulling dinner out of the stove.

"How do you do that?" Jax asked putting Abel in his high chair.

"I'm a Mom, Jax. I know much more than I let on."

Jax nodded, "Clay wants me to put club business first again."

"You don't?"

Jax shrugged looking at Abel, "I have him and Tara to think about."

Anitta smiled, "then I guess something will have to change."

"Just what I wanted to hear." Jax teased taking the plate that Anitta handed him.

Tara and Donna's drive to Lodi was filled with gossip of the weekend; ranging from how Jax was in bed to how Ellie liked Abel better as a younger brother better than Kenny. It was nice for the two women to catch up. When they got to the gym they went in and paid for their second class. The instruction asked why they had missed so much, neither woman wanted to explain so they went with life got in the way.

After an hour of kicking a punching bag and taking out their frustrations and catching up, Donna and Tara headed home. "Okay we definitely need to come more often." Donna said rolling her shoulders.

"That I agree with." Tara said cracking he neck.

"But I will say I don't feel nearly as much pain this time as I did a couple of weeks ago."

"I don't either."

"Are you sure you're okay with Cherry helping at the bakery?"

"I wouldn't have said yes if I wasn't. Donna I'm going to need help when you're not available and for when I get pregnant."

"Planning on that anytime soon?" Donna asked looking sideways at her friend.

"No. Just a precaution. Plus having Cherry around now will me time to get used to delegating work to someone else." Tara said.

"Uh-huh. We will get back to the pregnant comment."

"Some day."

Donna laughed and turned up the radio. Both women jammed out to songs as they came on, needing a release from their release.

Charming city limits came into sight and Donna called Cherry, "Hey we're almost in town."

"Okay, I'll head over." Cherry said happily.

"Sounds good. See you in a few."

Tara pulled her little car into the drive way and waved at Cherry and Kip. Kip waved back kissed Cherry and went back to the club house.

"What's going on at your house?" Tara asked noticing all the bikes.

"Opie must have called the guys. He is so excited that you are teaching me to bake." Donna said smiling.

"So they want to be taste testers?" Tara asked giggling, "They do know I won't be doing the baking tonight, right?"

"Yeah we know?" a voice said behind her.

Donna and Cherry both smiled when Jax wrapped his arms around Tara. "Hi" he said kissing her.

"Hi." she smiled kissing his jaw, "give us about a half hour and then you all can come over and taste test."

"Sounds good." Jax said holding her tight.

"What's wrong?" Tara asked rubbing his scruff with her fingers.

Jax put his face in her palm and closed his eyes, "I have to go on a run for the next few days."

"A run?"

"Something for the club."

"Okay to where?"


Tara took a step back, "What's going on?" she asked nervous looking at Opie, who had joined them.

"It's a patch over of a club there, the Devil's Tribe."

"You'll be safe?"

"I'll make sure he is." Opie said coming to stand beside her.

Tara looked between the two, "I guess I can't ask you to stay."

"You can, but I can't." Jax said tugging her back into his arms.

"When will you be back?"

"Tuesday night/Wednesday morning." Jax answered noticing how uncomfortable Tara looked, "You can stay at the house and I'll call you every night."

"Okay, be careful." Tara said leaning into him.

"I will." Jax replied holding Tara close.

"Tara, come on. The guys want cookies!" Donna insisted.

"Okay. I'll text you when a batch is ready." Tara said standing on her tippy toes.

"Sounds good." Jax said kissing Tara soundly.

The two parted ways; Jax to Opie's for some beers and hanging out with the guys, Tara into her house to bake cookies.

Once inside, "wow this looks so nice." Cherry said looking around.

"Thank you. The floors are new." Tara said proudly looking around.

"I really like the cherry." Donna said, "it'll be beautiful with the front shades open."

"I was just thinking that." Cherry said smiling, "I wish Kip and I could afford a house."

Tara and Donna shared looks, but said nothing.

"What do we need to start?" Donna asked setting down her purse.

"First we need to decide what to bake tonight." Tara said pulling out her recipe binder.

"You have a whole binder?" Cherry asked with envy.

"Yeah, but some of this stuff I haven't tried, yet." Tara said sadly, "I need to get back to baking."

"You will. And we'll help." Donna said smiling.

Cherry was flipping through the book, "Oo, why don't we try these chocolate chip walnut cookies?"

Tara looked through her cabinets, "We can. I have everything we would need to make them."

"Sounds good to me." Donna said agreeing.

"None of the guys are allergic are they?" Tara asked looking at the other two women.

"Wouldn't matter if they were." Donna said smiling, "they'll eat anything sweet."

The three women set to work. Tara instructed on how to tell if cookies were done, how to measure if you didn't have a measuring cup/spoons, and how to gauge cooking of the cookies while they were in the oven. After the first batch was done, Tara's house smelled like cookies. Getting out her phone she texted Jax.

Before any of them could comprehend, the house was overrun with Sons who had a sweet tooth. Each son got two cookies to start with. Lots of grumbles went out before Clay said anything, "Tara it looks like you have two very attentive students, these are delicious."

"Thank you." Donna and Cherry said in unison.

Tara had made her way over to Jax, "how much longer does Kip have to prospect?"

"A couple of months why?" Jax said curious.

"Cherry said something about wishing they could afford a house like this."

Jax nodded, "you want to sublease to them."

"I'd like too, but I'm also over stepping my boundaries when it comes to you and I." Tara said shaking her head.

"You're not over stepping any boundaries. I'd love to have you move in. And so would Abel." Jax said pulling her close, he had polished off his cookies, "plus if you move in, I can have sweets any time I want." he whispered.

Tara turned beet red, "Jax."

"Hmm." he said nuzzling her neck, "plus there is something I would like to talk to you about after you move in."

"A crow?" Tara asked.

Jax looked at her, "how did you?"

"Donna said something about them meaning that you belong to a Son."

Keeping his arms around her, he gently lifted up the back of her shirt, "they do. Each son, has a crow that is unique to him and they go in place of a tramp stamp." he said drawing with his finger.

Tara nodded and kissed his jaw.

"Tara can we make another batch of something?" Cherry asked looking hopeful.

"Of course, there is a carmel brown sugar cupcake in my binder that I have been dying to try." Tara said stepping away from Jax.

"That sounds delicious." Bobby said, "can we just hang out here? You're house smells amazing."

"Of course." Tara said smiling at Bobby.

"Tara, have you looked at your bedroom?" Happy asked.

"No, I haven't. Let me get the ingredients down and I will go look." She said smiling at the scariest Son in her opinion.

Happy nodded and made his way to the couch to sit down.

The rest of the night flew by. Tara had never had so much fun. She was surrounded by people who cared about her, but most of people who accepted her.

Gemma pulled up the bakers house and took a deep breath. She saw Anitta's car, so she knew that Abel was there also. Walking up the steps, she saw that door was open and music was being played.

"Hey sweet heart." she said sliding in beside Clay.

"Hey Gem." Clay said kissing her head, "I didn't expect you to be here."

"I have to try harder with the baker or I'm going to lose Jax." She said hushed.

"Gemma, I'm glad you could make it." Tara said handing her a cupcake.

"Thanks for the invite, the house looks good."

"It really does. The guys did a great job." Tara beamed looking around her living room.

Gemma took one bite of the cupcake and almost moaned, "well baker I must say, you should add this to your shop, it's wonderful."

Tara smiled, "I think I might. That was the last one."

Gemma smiled as the baker walked back to her kitchen. The woman may annoy the hell out of her, but even she had admit she was one hell of a baker. Looking around, Gemma saw her family, the one she had taken care of for years fawning over a woman who had just come to town. A couple of weeks ago she would have blown a casket, but tonight she realized that in order for the club to move forward she needed to accept Tara Knowles and allow her into the fold of SAMCRO.

An hour later; Tara, Donna and Cherry were cleaning the pots and pans they had used to make cookies and cupcakes. "Now I understand the name of your bakery." Cherry said wiping her forehead.

"I thought it was appropriate." Tara smiled handing her the last dish.

"Tara this was so much fun." Donna said sitting down at the table, "now I know I will sleep good tonight."

"You're not kidding." Cherry said, "I don't know how you do it."

"It's something you get used to. I have been baking for almost 4 years." Tara said taking a seat, "not including everything I did with my Mom when I was little."

"Are you going to stay here tonight?" Donna asked.

"Oh dangit. I haven't looked in my bedroom yet." Tara said shooting out of her seat.

Walking down the hall she paused outside her door and took a deep breath. Opening the door she looked around and smiled. Turning she noticed that they had removed the door to her closet and replaced it with a half door, it was cute. Letting out a sigh she sat down on the bed.

"Still feel like home?" Donna said sitting beside her.

"No." Tara said, "now it's just a house."

Donna wrapped her arms around her friend, "I heard Jax asked you to move in tonight."

"He did." Tara giggled as Cherry came back and sat on the floor.

"This is a huge master bedroom." Cherry mused.

Tara looked at the young woman, "Cherry how would you like to sublease from me?" she asked.

"What?" Cherry exclaimed.

"Well I'm going to move in with Jax and I'm not quite ready to sell the first house I ever bought, so how would you and Kip like to sub lease from me?"

"You're serious." Cherry said looking between the two women.


"I'll ask Kip tomorrow." Cherry said smiling.

"Sounds good. I'm going to pack a bag and head over to Jax's." Tara said yawning.

"We'll start moving you out tomorrow after the guys leave." Donna said hugging her.

"Thank you Tara, for everything." Cherry said hugging her.

"You're welcome." Tara said returning the hug, "And Donna that sounds great."

Jax was getting ready for bed when his front door opened. Walking out he greeted Tara, "I thought you were staying at your house tonight." he said gathering her close.

"It didn't feel like home." Tara said kissing his jaw.

"I almost feel bad saying I'm glad." Jax said bringing his lips to hers, "Abel won't go down."

Tara laughed and headed back to the nursery, Jax took her bag, "Hey little man, why won't you go to sleep?" she asked picking up Abel.

"Momo." he said wrapping his arms around her neck.

Jax stood in the doorway, "that's new."

Tara smiled and sat down in the rocker and nodded. Shifting she laid Abel across her chest and stomach and patted his back while humming. Soon the little boy's breathing evened out and he was out like a light.

Jax walked over and took Abel off Tara. Laying him down in his crib, "how are you so good at that?" he asked pulling her close.

"No idea." Tara said, "take me to bed." she whispered.

"Gladly." Jax smirked picking her up.

Jax laid Tara down on the bed and laid down beside her, "did you have fun tonight?"

"I did. Gemma was even nice."

"Wow." Jax said rolling on his back.

Tara rolled so that her arm was across his middle, "did you have something to do with that?" she asked.

"No actually. I didn't see my Mom until I was at your house."

"Hmm I wonder what made her be nice."

"I don't know." Jax said yawning.

Tara yawned right after him and got up to brush her teeth, "what time are you leaving tomorrow?"

"Around 11 am."

"Okay, so I'll see you for a bit."

"Yep." Jax said coming to stand behind her, "you can't get rid of me that easily."

Tara rolled her eyes in the mirror and spit out the tooth paste, "you need some new material Teller." she teased.

"I know. I'm out of original stuff." he said grabbing his tooth brush.

Tara laughed as she headed to bed. Jax finished brushing his teeth and hit the lights before he got into bed. Tara rolled over to be next to Jax, who wrapped his arms around her.

The next morning Tara woke up to Jax running his hands through her hair, rolling over, "do you want some attention?" she asked sleepily.

"No, I just love your hair." he said continuing to run his hands through it.

"Hmmm." Tara sighed and closed her eyes, "Donna is going to help me move in today." she said.

"Okay, you have a key so that works. We'll find a place for all of your stuff." he said smiling. Jax loved seeing Tara so relaxed.

"I think I'm going to leave the big furniture, I'll bring my clothes and stuff, pans and kitchen stuff and possibly my TV, but the rest can stay." she said not stirring. No one had played with her hair since her Mom had died, she missed the feeling immensely.

"Are you going to sublease to the prospect and Cherry?"

"Yeah. And you do know he has a name right."

"Yeah, but right now he doesn't. He's the bitch boy."

"Okay. I'm going to go make breakfast or I won't let you leave later."

"And why is that?" Jax asked getting out of bed.

"It's been a long time since someone has played with my hair." Tara said kissing his cheek before heading to the kitchen.

Jax smiled as he watched Tara head to the kitchen. They already had a routine and he loved it.

Across town Gemma was getting things ready at the club house when Tig walked in, “Hey Tig, would you do something for me this weekend?”

“Sure Gem. What’s up?” Tig asked coming to stand by the bar.

“Would you throw any pussy you can find at Jax this weekend?” Gemma asked in a serious tone.

Tig looked at Gemma with a strange look on his face, “Is Jax not seeing the baker anymore? Cause I thought he asked her to move in last night.”

“He did.” Gemma agreed, “but…”

“You want to make sure he’s really with her?” Tig said knowingly.

“Exactly.” Gemma smiled.

“Alright. I’ll throw all the pussy I can find at him.”

“Thanks Tig.”

Gemma went back to making breakfast.

Tara pulled into her bakery and smiled. She was looking forward to the day. She had to complete two orders for that evening, but she was getting to work with friends.

Opening the door she saw Kip dropping Cherry off. “Good morning.” She said happily.

“Good morning. I talked to Kip.” Cherry said smiling.


“We’d love to sublease your house.”

“Cherry that’s great. How about we talk rent and everything tomorrow or is Kip going to Nevada.”

“He’s going to Nevada. He has to drive the van.” Cherry replied gloomily.

“You and I are in the same boat, sister.” Tara said walking behind the counter.

The bell dinged and Donna walked in, “good morning.” She cheerily.

“You are too awake. What’s up?” Tara said smiling.

“I’m not supposed to say, but Jax got out his crow at the club house.”

“Got it out? It's alive?” Tara asked confused.

“No silly it's a drawing.” Donna replied shaking her head, “one of these nights I’m going to teach you two about MC life.”

After Tara had left for the bakery Jax tore apart his house trying to find the drawing of his crow.

“Jax what are you looking for?” Anitta asked.

“My crow.” Jax said frustrated, “I thought I brought everything home from the clubhouse.”

“Well go to club house and I’ll look around here.” Anitta said.

“Anitta, that’s really sweet but you don’t know what you’re looking for.”

“An older piece of paper with your SAMCRO crow on it, correct?” She said smiling.

Jax walked over and gave her a hug, “I guess I am making this much more complicated than it needs to be.”

“Just slightly. Now go.” Anitta said giving him a soft shove out the door.

“Anitta I don’t know what time Tara will be home tonight. She is going to be moving stuff in.”

“I’ll stay as late as she needs me, Jax. You know that.”

Jax nodded and got onto his bike. Driving to Teller-Morrow it came to him where his crow was. The chapel, the hidden back on the safe.

Smiling as he pulled into the lot, he waved at Opie and Bobby. “Tara okay with you making this run?” Bobby asked.

“No, but as VP.” Jax said.

“I get it. She’s a tough woman, she’ll be okay for a few days.” Bobby said.

“Let’s just hope Jax’s dick can last that long.” Opie teased.

Jax went to slug him in the shoulder, “jackass.” He said smiling as he walked into the clubhouse.

“Where’s he goin? He does know we leave in like 5 right?” Bobby asked as Clay came out of the office.

“To get his crow.” Opie said pulling out his cell phone.

“His crow? He’s going to make Tara his old lady?”

“He wants to.”

"Gemma flip shit.”

“I know.” Opie said smiling.

Jax walked straight to the chapel, "Hey brother we're getting ready to leave." Tig said when noticed where Jax was heading.

"I'll be right out. I need to get something." Jax said looking at Tig. There was no love lost between the two, the whole club knew. Tig thought Jax was a hothead to acted irrationally while Jax thought Tig was a psycho who would go to any lengths to make something go SAMCRO's way.

Neither man was wrong about the other, but neither was willing to get past everything and actually be brothers.

Turning back to the chapel Jax opened the door and snuck inside. It's not that the chapel is off limits, but it's not a room the guys usually hung out in. Hurrying to the safe, Jax opened the door and reached inside to back and hit the right spot with his knuckle. Reaching inside he felt the piece of paper he was searching for.

Closing the hidden back, Jax stood up and looked at his crow. His idea for it hadn't changed since he was in high school. It wasn't a big crow like some of the guys, but big enough to be carrying and ribbon that said, "JNT", his initials. In high school he thought he would find his old lady and he would brand her, now thinking about Tara wearing his crow, he wanted to change the ribbon to "JNT Forever".

Folding the paper back up he walked out of the chapel, "ready VP" Clay asked when he got outside.

"Let's ride." Jax smiled.

The guys all started up their bikes and started their journey to Nevada.

At the bakery, Tara was working on filling orders while Donna and Cherry worked on filling the display cases. Tara had to admit it was nice to not only have help, but also have interaction all day long.

"Donna what about your patients?" Cherry asked while rolling the dough for the caramel cupcakes.

"I still see a lot of them, but it's to expensive to rent office space, so I just meet with them at their homes and do sessions when they call." Donna said working on the icing. She had found her calling the evening before.

"Oh. Do you make good money?" Cherry asked curiously.

"I do okay. I ask a flat rate." Donna said, "So it depends on how many patients I have at one time as to how well I do."

"That's cool." Cherry said, "I wanted to go to school, but my family never had the money."

"What would you like to do?" Tara asked joining the conversation.

"I don't know. I love kids so I always thought about teaching." Cherry said smiling.

Besides stopping for gas the trip to Nevada was uneventful. When they pulled up to the Devil's Tribe clubhouse, the guys dismounted their bikes.

"Jackson Teller," Jury said coming out with arms open.

"Uncle Jury." Jax said smiling giving the man a hug. Jury wasn't a relative of Jax's by family blood, but by war time blood. He had served with Jax's Dad in Vietnam.

"What brings you to Nevada?" Jury asked opening the Devil's Tribe clubhouse to SAMCRO.

"We're here to patch ya over Jury." Clay said clapping the man on the back.

"Patch over." Jury asked looking at Jax.

"We know you've been having some trouble with the Mayans. We can more readily help if you're a Sons Of Anarchy charter." Jax explained.

Jury looked around at his guys, "let's take it to the table." he said when his guys nodded.

Back in Charming, Tara closed the bakery and headed towards the house she had bought when she moved to Charming. Pulling into the drive way she smiled, getting out she headed inside. Anitta had brought boxes by the bakery so that she could pack up her belongings.

As she unlocked the door, she turned and looked up and down the street. Stepping back onto the drive way she looked at the house next door to her, she was going to miss living next to Opie and Donna. They had become great friends. It had always been nice to have someone so close that she could depend on.

Turning she walked into the house and looked around, surprisingly she didn't have a whole lot to pack. Yes, she did have some knick knacks that she had had since she was a child, but many of the things could stay for Cherry and Kip. The kitchen was going to be the hardest to pack, since that was where a lot of her precious possessions were, her cooking tools.

Starting in the bedroom, she packed away all her clothes and bathroom stuff. Walking out she found Donna and Cherry in the kitchen packing things away. "I thought we were doing a baking lesson tonight?" she asked.

"We are. We're just going to do it at Jax's. We want to help you move and plus this way we can play with Abel and give Anitta an early night." Donna explained.

"Plus I really just want to see Jax's house." Cherry said blushing.

"It's really hard to not find him attractive." Tara said smiling, "Believe me I know."

Donna laughed as Cherry's blushed deepened.

After the kitchen was packed away Tara handed over the keys to Cherry, "tonight you can sleep in your home." she said.

Cherry wiped away a tear that decided to fall, "thank you." she said.

"You're welcome." Tara said, "And we'll talk about everything when Kip returns."

"Sounds good." Cherry agreed, "This means I can go shopping tomorrow for food for our home." she finished.

Donna and Tara both smiled, "Tara how about tomorrow instead of baking, I teach you some simple recipes that you can use when Jax gets back." Donna said.

"I like the sound of that." Tara said.

In Nevada, I's went up around the Devil's Tribe table. The Devil's Tribe banner was torn down and Clay spray painted an SOA on the wall; then the party began.

Jax was standing by the bar when a blonde woman came and started to press against him, "I'm Susie." she whispered into his ear.

"Jax, darlin." he said gently pushing her away, "I'm not looking for anything." he said when she pushed back against his hand.

Bobby was standing beside him coughing back a laugh, "You are the James T Kirk of the MC world." he said when Susie finally walked away.

"Going where no man has before." Jax said taking a swig from his beer.

Bobby laughed out right, "trust me I think every man has gone there before." he said before walking away.

Jax smiled as Bobby walked away. Finishing off his beer he walked outside to call Tara, he knew he was pussy whipped but he loved her.

In Jax's kitchen, Tara had Donna and Cherry working on pink starburst cupcakes with vanilla icing. The house smelled delicious. Anitta stayed just to have some girl time. She didn't have anyone at her house. Smiling Tara was surprised when her cell phone to ring.

Looking at the screen her smile grew, "hi." she said sing songly.

"Hi babe. How are things going?" Jax drawled.

"Things are good. I got most of my stuff out of the house and at home. We're baking right now." She said walking out of the kitchen.

"At the house?" Jax asked grinning, he loved the image of Tara baking and cooking in the kitchen.

"Yeah. Donna wanted me to get used to the kitchen." Tara responded walking back to the nursery, "do you want to tell Abel night?"

"Yeah, let me talk to the little guy."

Tara opened the door to find Abel sitting up in his bed, "Hey little man, Daddy's on the phone."

"Dada." Abel clapped.

Tara picked up Abel and put the phone on speaker, "Hey little dude." Jax drawled.

"Hi." Abel squealed.

"How ya doing? Ya having fun? Being good for Mommy?" Jax asked.

Abel giggled all of his responses. Tara laughed and juggled the phone as he tried to grab it, "Jax I'm going to put him down." she said setting the phone down.

"Alright, leave it on speaker and I'll tell him night."

Tara laid Abel down and tucked him in, over the phone Jax smiled when he heard Tara cooing Abel to sleep. When Tara was done, she took her phone off speaker and set it down beside Abel, "Night little man. Be good for Mommy." he said.

Picking up her phone, "Mommy?" she asked.

Jax couldn't help but grin, "Yeah, you're Abel's Mommy." he said.

Tara smiled and twirled around, "I like the sound of that." she said.

"You just did a little twirl didn't you?"

"How did you know?"

"I can hear the smile in your voice. But anyway babe, I got to go." he said.

"Okay. Have a good night. I love you, Jax Teller."

"Have sweet dreams babe. I love you, too Tara Knowles." Jax said before hanging up his phone.

Turning around Jax saw Opie watching him, "If you say one word." he threatened as his best friend came to stand beside him.

"I'm not going to say anything. I think it's great that you found someone like Tara." Opie said, "especially since you want her to wear your crow."

"How did you know?"

"Come on brother. We may not be related by blood, but I know you better than anyone else."

"True. I'm going to change what the ribbon says."

"To what?"

"I'm not sure I'm thinking, 'JNT Forever'."

"Conceited much?"

"What do you mean?" Jax asked looking at his crow.

"Why not do the heart thing like I did for Donna and then put forever under it or something."

"Then it would look to similar to yours."

"True, okay what about; a sunset with the crow over it and forever on the ribbon."

"Brother I think that's the winning idea."

"Talk to Happy. You know he'll do it. He loves Tara."

Jax just looked at him, "how can you tell?" he asked laughing.

Opie laughed, "watch him around her when we get back to Charming. He keeps a closer eye on her than you do."

"That's scary."

"Or a very good thing"

"True." Jax agreed, "Come on lets go in before someone comes looking for us." Jax and Opie headed back into the new added Sons of Anarchy Indian Hills club house.

The pink starburst cupcakes that Donna and Cherry made were delicious, but overly sweet. "What if instead of a vanilla icing, we did dark chocolate?" Cherry asked.

"That something to try." Tara said excited, getting up to get the ingredients ready.

"So what did Jax want Tara?" Donna asked helping her friend.

"To say goodnight."

"Nothing else?" Anitta prodded, knowing what Donna was getting at.

Tara turned to look at the other three women, "Okay fine." she said hands on her hips, laughing, "he told me that I'm Abel's Mommy."

Cherry, Anitta and Donna all hugged Tara tightly, "that's amazing Tara." Anitta said squeezing her hands.

"It really is." Donna agreed.

"Abel is a lucky little boy." Cherry said.

Tara smiled and hugged the three women, "Okay let's make some more cupcakes. I'd love to add more to my menu at the shop."

"Okay." The other three women said and got to work.

When Jax and Opie came back inside the clubhouse they looked at each other and smiled. It looked like a genuine Sons of Anarchy party; booze, tits and debauchery at every turn. Making his way to the bar, Jax felt arms go around him.

"Hi Jax."

"Susie, didn't I already tell you that I'm interested in anything." Jax said annoyed.

"You did. But come on, women all over know of your reputation. I'm not looking for a husband, just a night of fun with the best around." she said standing on her tippy toes to kiss him.

Opie watched the woman throw herself at Jax and was about to head over when he say her going in for a kiss. Jax wasn't the strongest guy when it came to blonde women. But Opie was happy and surprised when Jax pulled away and detangled himself from the woman.

"Susie, I won't tell you again. I've got somebody at home. I'm not going to fool around with you." Jax said angrily.

Susie pouted, "but Jax. Sons cheat on their wives and girlfriends all the time. It's a part of the MC culture." she stated trying to wrap her arms around him again.

Jax groaned when Susie's hand found his throbbing erection, he really did need to get laid, but not with this woman. He wanted Tara. "It may be a part of the culture, but I don't have to participate." he said stepping back.

"Jax." Susie whined, "your whatever will never know."

"No, but I will and that's worse." Jax said walking away.

Opie had walked up just in time to hear Jax. He smiled to himself, his best friend was truly pussy whipped, but he didn't seem to mind. Susie was about to follow Jax back, when Opie grabbed her arm, "who told you to throw yourself at him?" he asked in a serious tone.

"No one. And I'm not throwing myself at him." Susie defended crossing her arms.

"Yeah ya are and I know it's not your idea." Opie pressed.

Susie glared up at him, "maybe I just want to see what the big deal is about the prince of Charming."

"Bull shit. The prince of Charming legend doesn't reach this far. Believe me I know." Opie pointed out.

"So I've heard he has a things for blondes."

"He did, yes."

"So I could get him to fuck me."

"Not a chance."

"Why not? I'm attractive."

"That's not the problem."

"Then what is?" Susie demanded to know stomping her foot.

"Jax is in love and won't do anything to hurt her." Opie explained.

"Men cheat on people they love all the time. Your president is back fucking a red head right now and I'm positive he has an old lady." Susie said smugly.

"What Clay does is up to Clay. And he'll deal with the consequences if his old lady finds out." Opie said staring down at the little blonde woman, "now who told you to throw yourself at Jax?" he asked once more.

"The greasing curly haired guy." Susie said giving in, "I can't remember his name."

"Tig?" Opie asked.

"Yeah that's it."


"So you're sure I don't have a chance of Jax fucking me while you all are here?"


"Ugh!" Susie exclaimed as she stomped away.

Opie watched her stomp away and looked for Tig. He was going to give the sargent at arms a piece of his mind. He had seen Tig and Gemma talking, now he knew what they had been talking about. He knew that Gemma didn't like Tara, but to have Tig push women at him was a little beyond her usual.

Finding Tig, Opie walked over, "Tig, you and I need to talk."

Tig looked up at Opie and glared, "we don't need to discuss anything." he said.

"Not why, Gemma asked you to throw pussy at Jax."

"How did you know that?" Tig asked standing up.

"I'm not stupid Tig. I have eyes and you went around this club house twice when we got here talking to the women."

"Gem just wants to make sure that Jax is really with the baker."

'He is!" Opie snarled.

"We'll see Ope. He has a raging boner right now. Blue balls will only make his sex drive increase." Tig said smiling, "And then we will see how attached to the baker he really is."

Opie growled and walked away. Finding his way back to the dorms, he found the room Jax was in. Banging on the door, "Damn Ope." Jax said opening the door.

Pushing his way in, "keep your dick in your pants!" he growled.

"Excuse me?" Jax asked looking at his best friend.

"Keep your damn dick in your pants!" Opie said again.

"What's going on Opie?" Jax asked.

"Gemma told Tig to throw any and all pussy at you while we're here to make sure you're really with Tara."

"WHAT?!!" Jax shouted.

"That was my general reaction also."

"What the fuck?"

"I don't know brother, but if you fuck anyone else, you know Tara will find out." Opie said, "Gemma will make sure of that."

Jax ran a hand through his hair, "Yeah I know. I couldn't do that to her."

"Good. I really don't want Donna to kill ya by chopping off your dick."

"Thanks for letting me know."

"That's what friends are for.'

Tara said good night to Donna, Cherry and Anitta. Closing the door she walked back into the kitchen. Looking around she smiled. All 4 of them had had fun making cupcakes and cookies. Tara now had ideas for samplers at her bakery.

Turning off the light, she walked back to the bedroom turning lights off as she went. Checking in on Abel she smiled to see that the little guy, had rolled over and was cuddling with his giraffe. Closing the door she went into the bathroom to get ready for bed.

Settling into bed she picked up her phone and texted Jax, this bed doesn't feel the same without you. She sent. Rolling over she looked at her phone, I know the feeling. I miss you. Jax had sent back.

Fluffing the pillows, she drifted off to sleep.

The next morning Tara woke up to Abel crying. Getting up she walked to him, opening the door she went to the crib. "What's wrong little man?" she asked scooping him up.

Abel looked at her, "Mommy deam." he sobbed.

"You had a bad dream?" Tara asked sitting down in the rocker.

"Yeah?" he nodded laying his head down on her chest, "Mommy, where Daddy?"

"Daddy is away with his brother's. He'll be back tomorrow." Tara said rubbing his back.

"Oay." Abel said nuzzling his head under chin.

Tara kissed his head and smoothed down his sleep ridden hair, that looked so much like his Dad's, "come on let's get some breakfast." she said standing up.

Setting him on the floor she put her fingers down and let Abel lead her to the kitchen. They were at the front door when it opened and Anitta came in, "Good morning." she said taking off her jacket and purse, putting them on the hook.

"Good morning Anitta. We were just getting breakfast." Tara said smiling.

"Sounds wonderful." she smiled.

"I'm think this little guy would like some fruit loops."

"Oo. He just might."

Abel led Tara and Anitta into the kitchen were Tara put him into his high chair and Anitta put some Fruit Loops on his tray. Tara started the coffee and made some waffles, "Anitta would you like some waffles?" she asked.

"They sound wonderful."

The two women set to work on different things while Abel chomped away on his Fruit Loops.

Jax woke up and rolled over and met cold sheets. Rubbing his eyes he sat up and looked around. Slowly it came back to him that he wasn't in Charming with Tara, but in Nevada with the club on a run. Getting up he made his way to the bathroom and got ready for the day.

After brushing his teeth and splashing water on his face he made his way out into the clubhouse. Looking around he found his brothers in various states of undress and hung over. He was glad he had skipped the party, which was a change from his usual wish on runs.

"You're up early VP" Clay said coming to stand beside him.

"Didn't party last night." Jax said looking for Tig.

"Yeah I know. That little blonde was mighty disappointed."

"Too bad. I'm not cheating on Tara so Gemma can run over to the bakery and tell her, I did."

"What's Gemma got to do with you fucking a crow eater?" Clay asked in an angry tone.

Jax didn't even bristle, he and Clay didn't always see eye to eye, "Gemma told Tig to throw all the pussy he could find at me to make sure that I'm really with Tara, cause she hates her."

"Jesus Christ. Your Mother is crazy."

"That's being nice." Jax smiled when found Tig, "Now I have to go beat Tigs ass."

"Leave him breathing will ya."

"Won't promise but I'll try." Jax said walking away and over to Tig.

Grabbing Tig by the arm, Jax woke him up and moved him outside, "what the fuck is your issue with me and Tara?" he asked calmly.

Opie was standing outside on the phone with Donna.

"I don't have an issue with you and the baker."

"Then why the fuck would you promise my Mother that you'd throw all the pussy you could find at me." Jax asked stepping close to the saragent at arms.

Tig stepped back realizing that Jax knew, "because it's common policy to cheat while on a run."

"I'm not going to cheat on Tara."

"It really wouldn't be cheating." Tig said.

Then came the first punch, "why did you promise my Mother?" Jax asked again.

"She doesn't like Tara."

"No shit Sherlock." Jax smirked.

"She wants to see if you're really with her."

"By having me cheat on her?"

"No by seeing if you would." there was the second punch.

Tig hit the ground, Jax standing over him angry as a bee, "You're going to stop throwing pussy at me." he snarled.

"And if I don't." Tig challenged.

"You won't come home from this run." Jax said before laying into Tig.

Opie stayed out of the fight until Tig didn't try to throw any more punches at Jax. Walking over he pulled Jax off Tig, "get inside Tig."

Tig just stared up at him, "NOW!" Opie commanded while holding a riled Jax.

Scurry inside, Tig didn't look back. Setting Jax down, Opie looked at him, "fell better?" he asked smiling.

"Yeah actually, but I need Tara."

"It's only going to get worse."

"I know. I think I'm leaving tonight." Jax said looking at the club house.

"Miss her that much?" Opie asked smiling.

"Shut up asshole. And yeah I miss her that much."

"Or do you need to get laid?"

"I miss her and Abel, but I do need to get laid. Cause if I don't Donna won't have to worry about chopping off my dick, cause I'll do it myself." Jax said grimacing.

Opie laughed as he and Jax headed inside. It was going to be a long day.

Tara was in the bathroom getting ready for her appointment with Margaret. Walking out the bedroom she looked at her phone and noticed a text from Jax, I'm going home tonight with Ope. I miss you and Abel. Smiling she went about getting dressed. Finally deciding on what to wear, she walked out to the living room where Anitta was sitting with Abel.

"I'm off to Lodi to meet with Margaret." she said kissing Abel on the head.

"Okay. I hope it goes well." Anitta said walking with Tara to the door.

"Me too. I feel better than I have in years."

"That's good."

Smiling Tara headed out to her car. Climbing in she started her car and off to Lodi she went. Once she got into Lodi, she pulled into Margaret's lot. Walking in she knocked on the door.

"Tara. How are you?" Margaret asked opening her door and following Tara inside.

"I'm good. How are you?" she asked sitting down.

"I'm good." Margaret responded, "where would you like to start?"

"With my Mom." Tara said.


"You know last weekend that Jax and I went away together."


"We made love and also had an argument."

"Did everything get resolved?" Margaret asked.

"It did. And for the past few days I have been thinking about my Mom and how she told me to handle things in my life. Over the weekend when Jax and I made love we didn't use a condom and I lied about my birth control. I came clean and he got angry and left for a few hours." Tara started to explain.

"Was the fight about the birth control?"

"Yes, I hadn't been using it consistently."

"Okay, how did it get resolved?"

"Jax came back and we talked. He asked me why I came clean about it. And I told him that I couldn't lie to him anymore." Tara said looking at her hands, "we talked and everything has been great since I renewed my prescription and have been taking it every day."

"That's good. So why did you want to talk about your Mom?" Margaret asked sitting back in her chair.

"Because I can't help but think of how she would see Jax. I miss her and I want so badly to tell her about Jax and how everything is going. Jax calls me, Mommy, to Abel and Abel has started to pick up on it." Tara said holding back tears.

Margaret got up and came to sit beside her, "Tara you just told your Mom about Jax and Abel." she said, "if you want a way to talk to her, why don't you try writing a journal to your Mom, telling her how everything is going."

Tara nodded, "I just wish she was here to meet Jax and Abel. She wouldn't know what to do with them."

"Do you think she would accept them?"

A tear slipped down Tara's face, "I do. She always told me that when you're looking for love you won't find it, but the second you're not it'll pop up. And that's what happened with Jax and Abel. I love them so much, even though I came to Charming to escape, I found a home."

Margaret nodded, "Tara, how do you feel about making love to Jax?" she asked, "was it the right time?"

Tara sat back, "Before last weekend I was scared to let a man touch me, but after our first session and you saying that I needed to let Jax in, I decided I needed to go with my instincts."

"So it was the right time?"

"I think so. I wasn't nervous until after it happened and the whole birth control situation. I trust Jax to not hurt me." Tara said soundly.

"I noticed Jax isn't with you, where is he?" Margaret asked.

"He's on a run for the club, in Nevada." Tara explained getting nervous.

"And you trust him?"

Tara nodded, "He has given me no reason to not to."

"Okay. I'm not saying Jax would do anything to betray that trust, I'm just asking."

"Oh, I know. I'm just thinking. Jax was married before and it didn't end well." Tara said unhappily.

"Tara, each marriage is its own entity. You can't judge one by another." Margaret said, "but I do think we have reached a point where you need to do some therapy on your own."

"What do you mean?" Tara asked apprehensively.

Margaret took her hands, "You need closure from both your Mom and Dad. They're not in California." she said.

Tara stared at her, "You're saying I need to go home to St. Louis and see my parents." she said wiping away the tears.

"Yes, I am. When was the last time you were in St. Louis?"

"Almost 8 years ago." Tara said.

"I think for you truly move on and feel at peace with everything, you need to take Jax and Abel with you. Introduce them to your parents. Then I think this need you have for acceptance will get some closure." Margaret explained.

"That makes sense. I'll think about it." Tara said.

"That's all I can ask for."

"What kind of cookies would you like?" Tara asked.

Margaret smiled remembering their deal, "how about a variety."

"That I can do." Tara said getting up to leave.

On the drive back to Charming, Tara thought long and hard about taking Jax and Abel to St. Louis. she didn't know how Jax would feel about leaving the club for a few days, but it couldn't hurt to ask.

Sitting at a stop light, she pulled out her phone and started to dial Jax. It got one ring in and then she hung up. This wasn't important, they could talk about it tomorrow or in a couple of weeks.

Jax had been sitting in the club house waiting for a shipment to come in. The guys were waiting for trouble and action to happen. His phone went off and then stopped, looking down he saw that it was Tara. Getting up he moved away from the group and called her back.

"Hey." He said when she picked up.

"Jax." she said surprised, "how are you?" she asked quickly.

"I'm okay, ready to be home." he said, "what did you need?"

"I. Uh. Um." Tara stuttered, "it's nothing important. We can talk about it tomorrow."

"Tara." he said soothingly, "what's up?"

"I was wondering if you and Abel would come to St. Louis with me, to meet my parents, well at least see their headstones. I need some closure before I can move on and this is the only way I know how to get it." she spewed out quickly.

Jax leaned against the wall for a moment. He knew that Tara was struggling, but he had never considered her going back to St. Louis for some closure. "I think that would be a great idea." he said, "Abel would love it."

"Really?" Tara squeaked as she pulled up in front of the bakery.

"Yeah. We'll talk more tomorrow, but I like the idea Tara." Jax responded, "I love you." he said, not caring who heard.

"I love you too." Tara said, getting out of her car and heading inside.

Jax closed his phone just in time to see a red headed woman heading his way. Apparently she hadn't gotten the memo, "hi ya cutie." she drawled pressing against him.

"Hi." Jax said pushing her off and walking away.

The woman grabbed his arm, "Where ya going?" she asked looping her fingers in his belt loops, "You have gotten any action this weekend." she stated.

Jax stepped back and away from her, "I don't need any action, thank you." he said.

"Everybody needs action."

"Listen darlin, I'm not looking for anything and I'm going to be looking for anything." Jax said and walk away.

About an hour later, Happy came riding in with Bobby saying they had a tail. Then the bullets came flying. The clubhouse got shot up pretty good, but every son made it out alive, the Mayans weren't so lucky. It was a mess, but at least now Jax could head home to Tara and Abel. He was dying to see his girl and his son.

Getting on his bike around 8 he and Opie headed home. The others were staying to party one more night. Before they left Jax called Tara and told that they were on their way home.

All day at the bakery things flew. Before Tara, Donna and Cherry realized it was time to close down. "Wow that was the fastest day in history." Donna said following Cherry outside.

"You're telling me, I feel like I just got to work." Cherry said turning to face Tara.

"Thank you guys for helping me. I know I can't pay you a whole lot." Tara said.

Donna took one side while Cherry took the other, "You don't have to pay us. We're happy to help." they both said.


"Now let's get to Jax's before he and Opie get home and I'll teach you two how to make some basic meals." Donna said walking to her car.

"Sounds good." Cherry said following Donna.

"Alright. Let's go to my house." Tara said not able to hide her smile.

When they pulled up, they all climbed out of their cars and headed inside, "Anitta we're back."

"Hey ladies, how was the bakery?" she asked.

"It was good. Went by fast today." Cherry said.

"Today was a fast day." Anitta agreed, "well Abel is happy that Mommy is home." she said looking at Tara snuggling Abel.

Donna and Cherry both stood on the sides of Anitta and watched as Tara snuggled Abel. He was giggling away as Tara blew raspberries on his tummy. Smiling Donna headed into the kitchen, "Anitta thank you so much for going shopping today." she said getting stuff out to make.

"Not a problem, it gave me something to do with Abel."

Tara came into the kitchen, "okay, let's cook." she said rubbing her hands together. Abel was playing in his play pen. He had stuff animals he was beating up and then making better.

"Okay I think the first thing you need to know to make is lasagna, it's Jax's favorite." Donna said.

"Oo I love lasagna." Tara said excited.

"That works out perfectly then. Now I alwasy make extra so I can freeze it and reheat it at a later date."

"Perfect." Tara said heading for the cabinets, "what kinds of pots and pans do I need?" she asked.

"We need one pan to make the lasagna noddles, a pan to brown the meat and another pan to put it all together in." Donna said getting the ingredients out.

Cherry and Anitta went to work spraying the pan all together pan and browing the meat. Tara took care of the noddles. And when all were done Donna showed Tara how to lay it all down and how to add mroe cheese if they so desired. After was said and done, Tara smiled.

Jax and Opie stopped at the same gas station to fill up before they made it all the way home, "how are your blue balls?" Opie asked.

"Painful." Jax responded, he couldn't wait to get home to Tara.

After their bikes were filled they were back on the road to their families. When they hit the welcome to Charming sign, Jax sighed he was home. Riding in he and Opie parted ways to go to their houses.

Donna, Cherry and Anitta had left after they had eaten their dinners. Each was headed home for the night. Tara got Abel into bed and was cleaning the kitchen when she heard a bike pull up.

"Jax" she whispered. Going back to wiping down the counter she heard the door open.

Jax parked his bike and jumped off. He couldn't wait to be inside with Tara and Abel. Opening the door, he heard Tara humming to herself in the kitchen. Standing in the door way, he watched her for a minute.

When he couldn't take not touching her anymore, he walked in and wrapped his arms around her waist. "I missed you." he whispered turning her around.

"Hi." she whispered before he kissed her.

Jax assualted her mouth pushing her back against the counter, "Hi." he said when they broke apart for air.

"That was quite a greeting." Tara said breathlessly as Jax kissed her neck.

Jax moved his mouth down to her neck. His need for her was greater than he had thought. Swiftly he lifted her to sit on the counter. Tara wrapped her legs around his middle and brought him in closer. Putting her hands in his hair, Tara brought him closer to her neck.

Shifting Tara brought Jax's mouth back to hers and kissed him deeply. Jax groaned when Tara's tongue came to assualt his.

Jax's hands found their unders Tara's shirt and started to rub her waist. Picking her up he moved towards their bedroom. Tara moved her mouth to his neck and nipped gently causing Jax to stop and press her hard against the wall and kiss her deeply.

When Jax finally had Tara in their bedroom, he kicked the door shut and gently dropped her on the bed, "I need you." he growled kissing her.

"I coudn't tell." she teased, removing her shirt and jeans.

Jax took his kutte and t-shirt off and was working on his jeans when Tara sat on her knees and kissed her way up his chest. Moving slowly Tara kissed and nipped her way up to Jax's waiting mouth. In the mean time Jax had his hands in her hair, pulling and guiding her along his body.

Tara's hands had undone his belt and were pushing down his jeans when her mouth reached his, "love me." she whispered kissing him deeply. Jax laid Tara backwards and crawled on top of her. Kissing her deeply he pushed his erection into her heat, drawing a deep moan from the back of Tara's throat.

Soon they found their rhythm. Before either could comprehend they hit their orgasms. Rolling off Tara, Jax laid on his side and drew little designs on her flat stomach, "I needed that." he said after he had caught his breath.

"Rough time?" Tara asked rubbing his arms.

"Yeah. My Mom got Tig to throw pussy at me all the whole time we were in Nevada."

"You di..."

"I didn't cheat on you." Jax said kissing her softly, "when I felt like I was going to lose contorl, I locked myself in a dorm room and took a cold shower." he finished kissing her soundly.

"How many cold showers did you take?" Tara asked.



Jax tucked his fingers under chin and turned her to face him, "I love you. I did my best to not let it bother me." he said running this thumb along her lips.

"I love you too Jax." Tara said bringing his mouth down to hers, "I'm glad you're home." she whispered.

"Me too babe." he whispered back falling asleep holding her.

The rest of the club returned the next afternoon. It was a big party day at Teller Morrow. Tara arrived with Abel only to run into Gemma. "I heard you know what I had Tig do on the run." she said quietly taking her grand son.

"I do." Tara said grabbing his bag out of her car.


"And what?" Tara asked confused, "Gemma I can tell you I don't appreciate it, but that won't do any good."

"So you're not mad?"

"No I am, but I can't change what you had done. Plus Jax came home last night and we made love." Tara said taking Abel back and walking away.

Gemma followed behind her, "Jax came home last night?" she asked.


"Why didn't he call and tell me?" Gemma demanded to know.

"I don't know Gemma. Maybe because you're trying to control his life when he doesn't need you to." Tara shot back.

"Excuse me?"

"Gemma I'm tired of this. Either take the fact that I'm with Jax or leave it alone. I'm not having this argument or one like it again." Tara said walking towards Jax.

"Tara wait." Gemma called.

Tara stopped, Jax came and took Abel but stayed beside her, "Jackson can I have a minute with the baker?"

"No." he said sternly.

Gemma looked between Jax and Tara, "look I'm sorry. Ever since you came to town, my Jax hasn't been mine; he has been yours even when you didn't realize it. I don't like someone taking what is mine; I don't handle it well. But..."

Tara stood quietly letting Gemma finish she could tell that she was struggling to get it out, "You make Jax and Abel happy so I'm happy. And about the run, I'm sorry I had Tig throw pussy at him, but my son here has a reputation of being a womanizer and I wanted to see if you had affected that part of his past, and you have. I'll stop trying to make things difficult between you two." Gemma continued, "It's going to take me a while to be nice, but I will try. You, Tara Knowles, deserve that for putting up with my shit and giving it right back to me. That shows me you deserve the respect that I have been denying you."

"Thank you Gemma." Tara said not wanting to push the woman to far.

Jax leaned over and kissed his Mom on the cheek, "thank you." he said before leading Tara away.

When they got into the club house Tara went to sit beside Donna and Cherry, "how was last night?" Cherry asked.

"Amazing." Tara smiled, blushing at the same time, "how was your night Donna?"

"Good. I finally got some alone time with my man." she smiled.

The three women talked. Jax found Clay, "Don't call me on Sundays." he said.

"Excuse me?" Clay asked.

"You heard me. Sundays are going to be my days with my family." Jax said.

Clay stared at him like he had three heads, "you're making family time?"

"Yeah I am." Jax said, "I want this to work out."

"You makin Tara your old lady?" Bobby asked coming into the conversation.

"I'm going to her on Sunday to get my crow." Jax said.

"Okay VP you can have Sunday's but if something comes up." Clay said.

"I'll come." Jax agreed before walking over the Tara and the rest of the group.

The rest of the day went smoothly. Tara baked cupcakes, Donna made the frosting and Cherry worked on putting the two together. They had a system down. Gemma and Donna made the dinner for the club, it was fabulous. Around 9 pm, Abel started to get fussy.

Tara took him out the club house and turned him against her. Swaying from side to side she put him to sleep. He fought sleep for a good hour, letting Tara know he didn't want to go to sleep by screaming. Staying calm she finally got him to sleep. Jax sat ontop of one of the picnic tables watching Tara with Abel. He knew he would have never been able to do that. It was an amazing feeling to watch the woman he wanted as his old lady put his son to sleep, especially since that woman was the one his son called Mommy.

When they got home, Tara put Abel in his crib. Walking to the living room she straddled Jax's legs and kissed him deeply, "thank you for today." she said laying her head on his shoulder.

"You're welcome." Jax said rubbing her back.

"I haven't felt like I was a part of a family in years." she whispered.

"I'm glad you consider them family, because they are." Jax said.

Tara nodded and stood up, "I smell like smoke and alcohol." she said offering him her hand, "want to take a shower with me?" she asked.

Jax jumped off the couch and scooped up Tara and carried her to the bathroom. Once they were in the bathroom, Tara and Jax both stripped out of their clothing, but Tara had started the shower. Stepping in she put her head under the water and got her hair all wet. Jax stepped in behind her and pulled her close.

She could feel his erection against her stomach as Jax lathered her hair up with shampoo. Tara put body wash on her hands and rubbed them against Jax's hardened body. Jax groaned when Tara's hands ran across his abodmen.

Ducking her head back, Tara moaned when Jax washed the shampoo out of her hair. His hands were massaging her head. Gently pulling her forward, Jax kissed her deeply before putting conditioner in her hair. Tara got shampoo on her hands and made their way into his hair.

Softly she rubbed her finger tips against his scalp making him moan. Switching places Jax put his head under the water while Tara washed the shampoo out of his hair. Bringing her back under the stream Jax washed the conditioner out of her hair.

Tara was about to turn the shower off when Jax stopped her, "I haven't cleaned you yet." he whispered slipping his slim fingers between her thighes. Tara let out a moan when Jax teased the tender nub. "Jax." she moaned as he slid a finger inside.

"What do you want babe?" he asked huskily in her ear as he added another finger.

Tara pressed her back against Jax, "Oh God." she moaned, "Oh. OH. OOOHH!" she moaned deeply as Jax found a rhythm that kept Tara pressed tightly against his body.

Reaching behind her, Tara put her hands in Jax's hair and pulled hair, "what you want babe?" he asked again kissing her neck.

"You." she screamed as she hit her climax, "Oh God Jax." she whispered after she caught her breath and came down.

Turning around his arms, "we have to get out soon or the water will be cold." she said.

"Okay, let me get you clean." he smirked. Getting Tara's strawberry body wash he began to rub the wash over the body that was already tingling. He massaged her breasts feeling their heaviness. Moved his hands down her sides and across her stomach dipping a finger into her belly button before moving to work the wash into her legs.

Leaning against Jax, Tara closed her eyes to the sensations that Jax was producing. When he was making his way back up her legs, he pressed her against him as he kneaded her ass with the body wash and worked his hands up her back and over her shoulers.

Gently putting her under the stream of water he washed her clean and then turned off the water. Stepping out he got a towel and dried off before getting one for Tara. After he was dry he signaled for Tara to step out of the shower, she did into the towel he was holding open.

Tara tried to take the towel away from Jax, "No. Last night I needed you desperately because of the run to Nevada. Tonight I'm going to make you need me." he said before kissing her.

Tara relinguished the towel and let Jax dry her off. After she was dry he handed her one of his t-shirts and grabbed her blow dryer. Sitting on the toliet she let Jax pamper her. Soon her hair was dry and she was snuggled into bed with Jax's arms wrapped tightly around her.

"I could get used to this." she whispered agains his neck.

"Which part?"

"Definitely sexy shower time." she laughed, "But mainly you holding me before I fall asleep."

Jax kissed her, "I love you Tara Knowles."

Tara returned his kiss, "I love you too Jackson Teller."

"I like the way my name sounds on your lips." he said nuzzling her neck.

"I like saying it." she said rolling onto her back and pulling Jax on top of her.

Jax deepened the kiss and slid his hands under his shirt. Tara's nipples were soon hard nubs that desperately wanted his attention. Pulling the shirt off, Jax took one of peaked nubs into his mouth drawing a deep moan from Tara as she arched her back.

Tara put her hands into Jax's hair as his hand moved to fondle her other breast, "oh God Jax." she moaned and pressed herself against him, "Oh. Oh. Oh God." she moaned again and again as Jax made his way down her body.

Parting Tara's thighs Jax licked her outter lips gently as she pulled his hair hard drawing him closer to heat. Using his fingers he took her tender nub into his mouth making Tara scream with pleasure. Gently he inserted one finger into her seeping center causing Tara to buck her hips against him, taking his finger deeper.

Inserting a second finger, Jax sucked harder on the bundle of nerves that was causing Tara to make incohearent noises. Lapping tongue where his fingers had just been brought Tara her second orgasm of the night. Working his way up her body with butterfly kisses, Jax kissed her deeply.

Tara made quick work of removing Jax's boxers. Rolling him over she started to make her way down his body, when he stopped her, "not tonight babe." he said kissing her, "tonight is about you." he said kissing her again as he rolled them over.

"But I want to pleasure you." she said moving her hands under his arms.

"Babe you do pleasure me. Every time you moan or scream my name." Jax said as he pushed erection into soaking heat.

Soon the rythm that they found had them both climaxing screaming the others name. Jax rolled off Tara and kissed her head. Pulling her close they fell asleep in each others arms.

The next two days went as smoothly as the earlier part of the week. Tara got all of her orders completed and out on time. People loved the new additions she had to menu. Donna and Cherry had worked out a system for running the front of the bakery, leaving Tara to do the baking with one helper at all times. Gemma came in twice and sampled the treats. Jax spent the evenings at home with Abel and Tara as she made dinner.

As the nights drew to a close, Jax and Tara made love like they had the previous two nights. Each night was different and loving in a different way. Tara had tried being on top again and liked it a little better this time, while she also let Jax take her from behind. Even though she had been embarrassed to admit it, Tara liked being taken from behind. Jax always made sure she was comfortable and okay.

When Sunday morning came around, Tara woke up in an empty bed. Stretching she felt a twinge of pain. Getting out of bed, she headed to the kitchen and found Jax holding Abel, who was jabbering away about something. Jax was listening intently, nodding at different times, and smiling lovingly at his son.

Standing in the doorway she watched for a couple minutes before Abel noticed her, "Mommy." Abel squealed and wiggled away from Jax. Abel toddled his way over and into Tara's open arms, "how are you little guy?" Tara asked kissing his cheek.

"Good." he nodded.

"That's good." Tara replied putting him in his high chair.

Jax had noticed Tara tense when she picked up Abel. Watching her her noticed her tense again when Abel moved against her side. Walking up behind her and wrapping his arms around, "you okay?" he asked kissing her neck.

"Yeah, just a little sore." she said turning in his arms.

"A good sore or bad?"

"A good. A loving sore." she teased standing on her tippy toes kissing him, "What are your plans today?" she asked settling against him.

"I was thinking a family day at the park." Jax said.

"That sounds good. We can stop by the sub shop and pick up some lunch." Tara said excitedly.

"Exactly my thoughts." Jax said.

After breakfast Tara took a shower and packed up a blanket and some play toys for Abel. Jax took a shower after Tara and got Abel ready for the day. He packed up the play pen and got some sun screen. When everything was packed the family of three made their way to the park for a day of fun.

The car got packed and they headed to the park. Abel was in heaven when he saw the swing sets and the slides. Not being able to decide which, Jax put at the top of a slide and held him while he went down. Abel squealed with joy. Tara set up the blanket and play pen.

After several trips down the slide, Abel got tired of the slide and wanted to swing. Tara took over and put more sun screen on him, but he didn't want that. Eventually he was lathered up and ready for the swing. Putting Abel in the swing he squealed with delight.

As the afternoon wound on, Abel's stomach grumbled, "hungy." he said.

"Okay, bud let's go get food." Jax said.

"No. Stay." He said shaking his hands.

"Abel, we'll come back." Tara, "we're just going to go get food and take a break."

"Pomise?" he asked.

"Promise." Jax said picking him up.

When they got to the sub shop, Abel's little eyes were having a hard time staying open. They ate dinner in peace and by the time they were done, Abel was fast asleep in Tara's arms. Getting him into his car seat was easy since he was so soundly asleep.

Getting home Jax put Abel to bed and then helped Tara bring in the park stuff. After everything was settled inside Tara laid down on the floor. Jax laid down beside her on his side, rubbing her back.

"Do you feel okay?" he asked.

"Better now." she responded smiling up at him.

"Hmm." Jax said kissing her neck softly.

For the next couple of hours, Jax and Tara laid on the living room floor enjoying each others company. Jax proped himself on his arm once more and lifted the back of Tara's shirt, "whatcha doing?" she asked.

"Looking at where my crow will go." Jax said tracing her lower back.

"Are you asking me to get your crow?" Tara asked propping herself up.

"Yes." Jax said.

Tara wrapped her arms around Jax's neck and kissed him, "when do you want me to get it?" she asked pulling back.

"Tomorrow?" Jax asked, "Happy can do it."

"Okay, tomorrow I'll become your's forever." she whispered as Jax laid her on her back and kissed her senseless.

Jax took Tara to bed and rubbed her back till she fell asleep. Getting up he called Happy and set up Tara getting his crow done tomorrow. Happy was more than happy to do the tattoo; he was going to set up one of the dorm rooms at the club house. Afte getting off the phone with Happy, Jax called Donna.

"What's up Jax?" Donna asked answering the phone.

"Can you be at the club house tomorrow?" Jax asked.

"Yeah, why?"

"Tara is getting my crow." he said, "I'd like her to have someone with her the whole time."

"Sure Jax. Have you decided on a design?" Donna asked.

"I'm going to concept it now." he said, "Thanks Donna."

"Any time."

Closing his phone, Jax sat down at the kitchen table and concepted his crow. After talking with Opie in Nevada, he liked the idea of doing a sun, but not a sunset. He was going to do a rising sun with his crow coming over it, the little banner was going to 'forever'. Feeling satisified with his design, Jax headed to bed.

Tara woke up the next morning feeling nervous and excited. When she went into the bathroom she quietly talked to herself, "Mom I'm getting a tattoo today. I know you always told me to make sure they meant something and this one does. I'm nervous and excited. My tattoo is like a branding mark." she finished as she brushed her hair.

Walking out into the living room she saw Anitta was taking off her jacket, "Anitta can I ask why you always wear a jacket when you live in southern California?" she asked.

Anitta smiled, "I haven't always lived in such a nice climate and wearing a jacket was always second nature, becuase you never knew what the weather was going to be like." she explained.

"Sounds like the midwest."

"It was actually, I grew up Springfield Missouri."

"Really? I'm from St. Louis." Tara said excited.

"What a small world." Anitta said hugging Tara by as she and Jax headed out the door.

"Ready for today?" he asked.

"Yes and no. Yes, to getting your crow. No to the pain I'm sure I'll be in." Tara said squeezing his hand as they got to his motorcyle.

The drive to Teller-Morrow was a short one with Tara clinging to him. Jax knew she was nervous but he couldn't help but smile. Today was the day that Tara Knowles was becoming his old lady. Walking into the club house he saw Donna, Opie and Happy.

"Ready for this lady?" Donna asked excited to see her best friend become Jax's old lady.

"Yes." Tara said with confidence, the drive over had calmed her nerves and the fact that Jax was holding her tightly.

"We have a room all set up Tara." Happy said smiling.

"Show me the way, Happy." Tara said.

Jax held her for one more moment, "we have church so I can't be with you when Hap, starts."

"That's why I'm here." Donna said standing beside her.

"But I'll be in there as soon as I can." Jax said kissing her.

"Okay. I'll see you in a little while."

As Tara walked with Donna back to the dorm rooms, they passed the kitchen and Gemma. "Hey Tara." Gemma said standing in the doorway to the kitchen.

Tara turned around, "Hi Gemma." she said.

Gemma walked forward and put a hand on her arm, "Welcome to SAMCRO. I'm glad that Jax has finally found a woman to be his old lady."

"You are?" Tara and Donna asked in unison.

Gemma nodded, "Look I know I was a bitch when you first came to town, but I felt like you were trying to take my son away from me. I couldn't manipulate you so I got angry and mean. It's the way I am. But over the past two months you have stood up to me more than once and that has earned you my respect."

Tara took a breath, "Thank you Gemma. Any words of advice for a new old lady?" she asked.

Gemma looked at Donna who nodded, "Either Jax has to tell you everything or he can't tell you anything. Tara, you're too neurotic to live in the vague."

Tara nodded, "Okay, I'll think about which one is better for me." she said, "which do you guys do?" she asked.

"Opie doesn't tell me anything. Being a therapist by profession I live in the vague so it doesn't bother me." Donna explained.

"Clay tells me everything or he doesn't get my pussy." Gemma said.

Tara moved her head from side to side and took a breath, "I don't know yet. But I think I don't want to know."

"You can always change your mind. You're a woman, that's what we do." Gemma said heading back into the kitchen.

Tara and Donna continued down the hall to the dorm room Happy was waiting in, "Come on in." he said quietly.

"Happy I think this is the most I have ever heard you talk." Tara said looking at him.

Happy smiled, "You're going sit with your back to me with your shirt tucked into your bra in the back." he instructed, "I'm not a big talker. I prefer to watch people and get as much information as I can." he said as Donna helped Tara tuck her shirt into her bra.

"I can see that." Tara said sitting down.

Happy put his hands in front of her, "here are some ear plugs, some people get freaked out by the sound."

Tara quickly put the ear plugs in and reached for Donna's hand. She jumped slightly when she felt the pinch of the needles. After the first few strokes she calmed down and found her breathing rhythm. Soon Tara felt a change of hands, looking side ways she saw Jax staring back at her with joy in his eyes.

Jax had come into the dorm room to find Donna rubbing Tara's shoulder with her free hand while Tara breathed deeply as Happy tattoo his crow to her lower back. Stepping in he walked behind Happy and looked at the progress. Donna looked up and smiled.

"She's doing great." she said when Jax took her place.

"I'm glad." Jax said.

When Happy finished, Jax tapped Tara on the shoulder, "its done babe." he said when she took the ear plugs out.

Standing up, Tara went and turned to put her back to the mirror on the door. Jax stood in front of her with his hands on her hips staring at his crow, "you're mine." he said bringing his lips to hers.
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