The Baker and The Biker

I Promise

Tara wrapped her arms around Jax's neck and kissed him back pressing herself against him tightly. When they pulled apart, she looked over her shoulder and stared at the reddened skin where her tattoo was now inked. Smiling she looked at Happy, "thank you." she said detangling herself from Jax to give Happy a hug.

Happy returned her hug looking embarrassed, "You're welcome." he said turning her around, "I'm going to put some ointment on it so it will start to heal." he told her gently rubbing a thin layer of ointment on the tattoo and surrounding skin.

Tara shivered slightly when the ointment hit her skin. Smiling she looked at Jax, who was watching her. She couldn't believe she had gotten a tattoo.

Following Jax out, Tara showed off her new ink to the approval of everyone. Jax never left her side. The two shared little kisses and hugs, their arms never leaving the others body.

Gemma watched as her son showed off his new old lady and smiled. She had hated the baker when she first came to town, but now she had to admire the woman. Tara had put up with a lot in her life and had come out the other side stronger for her ability to get past everything. Gemma had watched Jax go through everything with Wendy, hoping that he would someday find someone to be his old lady and then Tara had come to town. Then it had hit her that her son had found an old lady.

"Gem, you okay with this?" Clay asked coming to stand beside his wife.

"Yeah I am." she said putting her arm around his middle.

"Really. Cause a month ago you wanted her out of Charming and her shop closed."

"I know. I misjudged the baker. She is stronger than I gave her credit for." Gemma admitted, "Plus how can I not respect a woman, who gave me my shit right back. Tara never backed down from me."

"No she didn't and she won't let Jax get away with shit either." Clay said watching his VP and his old lady interact with other members, "I just hope she can handle the MC life."

"She will. Donna and I will make sure of it." Gemma said determined.

Clay kissed her on the head and walked to talk to Tig.

Tara turned to find Gemma staring at her and Jax with a smile on her face. Returning the smile, Tara leaned her head against Jax's body, she was coming off the adrenaline of getting her tattoo done. Yawning, Jax pulled her in front of him and held her close, allowing her to rest against his bigger frame.

After several hours, Jax picked up Tara and took her home. She had fallen asleep on his lap after coming down from her adrenaline rush. Driving home, Jax smiled when he carried her inside and put her to bed. Anitta had brought Abel to the clubhouse. He had loved spending time with his uncles and his Mommy. When he saw Tara he toddled as fast as his little legs would carry him to her.

Once she had picked him he snuggled against her and didn't want anyone else. After he fell asleep, Donna took him off Tara, so she could crawl onto Jax's lap.

Sliding her shirt off, Jax kissed her collarbone making her stir, gently he undid her jeans and inched them down her legs causing Tara to wake up slightly. "what're doin?" she whispered half asleep.

"Getting you ready for bed." he replied kissing her head, "go back to sleep. I'm going to change and come to bed."

"Okay." she whispered, "Jax my back hurts." she said rolling onto her stomach after he had her jeans off.

Jax smiled, knowing that was going to happen. Putting her clothes in the laundry basket, he headed out to the living room, Donna and Opie had brought Abel and Jax's bike home; along with the ointment from Happy for Tara's tattoo.

Grabbing the little bottle, he went to the kitchen and got a glass of water. Walking back he checked on Abel, who was passed out asleep in his crib curled up with his giraffe. Going into the bathroom, Jax got ready for bed and grabbed two asprins for Tara.

Sitting on the bed he gently shook her awake, "here take these, it'll help with the pain." he said helping her sit up.

Tara took the asprin from him, "I love you." she said kissing him.

"I love you too." Jax said kissing her again, "lie down and I'll put some lotion on your back." he whispered as Tara laid down.

When his hands touched her body, Tara wiggled and sighed as she felt his fingers massaging the skin around her tattoo. She loved the feeling of his hands on her, especially knowing that she was his.

Jax smiled as Tara sighed and wiggled under his touch. He was happy he was able to effect her so much. Taking his time, he put extra lotion on her irritated skin and kissed gently above it.

Getting up he moved across the room to the oppisite side of the bed and climbed in. Turning off the light Jax turned onto his stomach and put his arm over Tara's back protectively.

The next morning Tara woke up and rolled to find Jax staring at her, "hi." she whispered.

"Hi." he whispered back.

Tara scooted closer and kissed him. Jax put his arms around her and pulled flat against him. He loved the feeling of Tara against him, she fit in the all right places. Tara moaned as Jax traced her bottom lip.

Granting him entrance, he rolled her onto her back. Tara pulled away quickly, "ow." she said pushing at him.

"Oh God. Tara I'm sorry. I forgot." Jax said sitting up.

Tara sat up, "it's okay. It just hurt more than I expected." she said running her fingers through his hair.

Jax leaned his head into her hands and kissed her palm. Tara got on her knees and unhooked her bra, gaining a groan from Jax, "Abel is going to be awake soon." he said weighing her breast that were heavy with need.

"Then we'd better get to it." Tara said.

Jax didn't need any encouragement, flipping Tara onto her stomach, he brought her up to her knees and entered her waiting and wanting heat.

Tara let out a moan as Jax entered her. Bunching up the sheets, she relaxed her body and let Jax have all the control. His hands were tight on her hips to hold her in place. Soon they moved to kneaded her breast as she screamed his name in pleasure.

Jax leanded into Tara when he felt her walls tightening around his member. Kissing her back he brought them to climax. Tara screamed his name in complete pleasure as she went over the cliff while he moaned hers as he followed behind.

Laying down, Tara propped herself up his chest, "that's one way to wake up in the morning." she said kissing the tattoo above his heart that said Abel.

"Yeah, I say we do it more often." Jax said tracing his crow on her back.

"Sounds good to me." she said as Abel let them know he was awake.

"Think we woke him?" Jax teased.

"Probably and the neighbors."

"I'm not the one who was screaming."

"No you were just the one banging the headboard." Tara said climbing off the bed and finding underwear and a t-shirt to go get Abel.

Jax smiled and watched her walk to get their son. He couldn't believe that they were a family.

Tara went and got Abel from his crib, “what's wrong bud?” She asked picking him up. Abel just snuggled into Tara, walking back into the bedroom she stopped by the bed and put Abel on the end. The little guy crawled his way to Jax.

Jax laid on his side and held his son as Tara climbed into the bed. Laying down she rubbed Abel’s back as he went back to sleep, “Jax he feels warm.” Tara noticed sitting up.

Jax put his hand on Abel’s back, “let's get dressed and take him to St. Thomas. He’s never been sick so.”

Tara stood up, “okay.” She said changing and getting ready.

Walking out of the house they ran into Anitta, “what's wrong?”she asked noticing Abel bundled against Tara.

“Abel's got a fever.” Jax said as Tara put him in his car seat.

“Oh no.” Anitta said, “I’ll follow you to the hospital.”

“Sounds good.” Tara said smiling at the woman.

Jax climbed into the driver seat while Tara sat in the back with Abel. The drive was short. When they arrived Jax went to the counter and asked for Abel’s doctor. Within minutes he was in an exam room.

Anitta stayed in the lobby calling Gemma. Tara sat on the side of the bed and comforted Abel who was crying because of his fever. The doctor came in and took a blood sample.

Gemma rushed out of the house when Anitta had called to tell her that Abel was in the hospital. The whole drive she had flashbacks of Thomas, her baby. When she got inside she found Tara sitting with Anitta, “Tara why aren’t you with Jax and Abel?” She asked.

“The nurse kicked me out since I’m not immediate family.” Tara explained looking upset.

“Bull shit. You’re Abel’s Mom. Come on” she said walking back to Abel’s room.

“Mom?” Jax said surprised when the door opened. He was pissed at the nurse for kicking Tara out of his sons room.

“You can’t be in here unless you’re immediate family,” a little red headed nurse said, glaring at Tara.

Gemma glared at the nurse, “sweetheart do you who I am?” She asked

“Yes Mrs. Morrow” the nurse answered snottily.

“Good then you’ll allow the mother of my grandchild in this room,” she said bringing Tara fully into the room, “cause that’s who this woman is.”

The nurse glared, “Mrs. Morrow that is not Abel’s Mom.” She said, “Wendy is on her way down.” She finished smiling sarcastically.

“Excuse me?” Jax shouted as the door opened.

Tara turned to look at the woman standing in the doorway. She had dirty blonde hair and thin figure. In a way she was beautiful.

“Wendy.” Jax said stepping towards Abel, protectively.

Wendy put her hands up, “Jax, I’m not here to cause trouble. I know you have an old lady now,” she said turning to look at Tara, “you her?” She asked.

Tara looked between Jax and Wendy, “I am.” She said.

Wendy put out her hand, “it's nice to meet you.” She said, “I just wanted to come meet the woman who is going to be raising my son and make sure Abel was okay.” She finished looking at Jax, “I know my drug use screwed him up.” She admitted staring at the little boy.

Jax stared at Wendy, “You just wanted to meet Tara?” He asked not believing her for a moment.

“Yes. I signed the papers and sent them back to my lawyer a month ago.” Wendy said.

“What papers?” Gemma asked looking between the two.

Wendy turned to face Gemma, “the papers giving up my rights as Abel’s Mom.” She said.

Tara stared at the woman. “You did that?” Gemma asked.

“I asked for it in the divorce. It was the only thing I wanted in case I got married again.” Jax explained coming to stand beside Tara. Extending his hand, “thank you Wendy.”

“It was the least I could do for him.” She said staring at Abel.

“Why don’t you sit with him.” Tara said.

Wendy and Gemma both stared at her, “I know you signed the papers, but you’ll always be Abel’s first Mommy and you came down here concerned. The least we can do is let you sit with Abel and hear from the doctor what is wrong.” Tara explained.

Jax squeezed Tara’s side, “go ahead. The doc should be in, in a minute.” He said cupping Tara’s face, “have I told you how much I love you?” He said before kissing her.

Tara shook her head no, kissing Jax back. She wrapped her arms around his middle and kissed him back standing on her tippy toes. Pulling away she grinned, "I love you." she said.

The door opened again and the doctor walked in, "Wow now we have a party in here." he said smiling. Turning to Jax, "Mr. Teller."

"Jax." he told him.

"Okay, Abel is going to be fine. He has a summer cold. His fever just comes across worse, because of his heart condition." he explained, "Keep him cool, but not cold. Light clothing and inside. And don't feed him a lot of heavy foods and a lot of liquids."

"But he's going to be okay?" Wendy asked looking at the doctor.

"He's going to be just fine. A little irritable for a few days, but fine none the less." the doctor said smiling, "I'll go get his discharge papers ready."

"Thanks Doc." Gemma said shaking his hand.

"Not a problem. It's always better to be safe than sorry." he said walking out of the room.

Wendy stood up and walked over to Jax and Tara, "thank you for letting me sit with him and hear the news." she said shaking Tara's extended hand.

"You're welcome." Tara said smiling.

Jax shook Wendy's hand, "thank you for signing the papers."

Wendy nodded, "I wanted Abel to have a Mom he could depend on." she said, "and it looks like you've found that." she finished looking at Tara wake up Abel so she could pick him up.

Abel went willingly to Tara and snuggled against her, "Mommy hurt." he said when they were standing beside Jax.

"I know baby." Tara said rubbing his back, "we'll go home and take a nice cool bath. how does that sound?" she asked kissing his head.

"Good." he yawned falling back asleep.

Jax patted his son's back, "when we get home. I'll run to the store and get some orange juice and cheerio o's. I think we're out." he said kissing Tara.

"Tara." Wendy said.

Tara stopped and turned to look at the woman, "You've changed him." Wendy said, "When I was pregnant I couldn't get Jax to do anything for me." she said, "I'm glad. This little guy needs both parents." she finished tugging Abel's shirt down.


"It's okay. I'm not cut out to be a Mom. But you, you are." she said turning and walking away.

Tara was about to call after her when a hand landed on her arm, "Don't. Let her go. Wendy needs to move on." Gemma said, "she'll find another guy. She always had that ability."

Staring at Gemma, "what do you mean?" Tara asked.

"Wendy and Jax went to school together. They've known each other for a long time." Gemma explained, "I pushed for them to date, because I thought she would make him happy and then they got married and pregnant and Jax was miserable. Both slept around, I'm amazed this little guy is actually Jax's." she finished walking away.


"He won't cheat on you sweetheart. He loves you too much to hurt you like that."

"How can you be sure?"

"By the way he looks at you. And the by the fact that he'll tell you he loves you in front of his brothers and kiss you in public. Jax has never been one for PDA." Gemma smiled, "well actually he's always been for it, but usually it was to get a rise out of someone." she said walking away.

"I trust your Daddy. I do Abel." Tara said following Gemma.

"Who ya trying to convince?" a womans voice behind her said.

Turning Tara saw a woman she had never seen before, "because hunny if you ask me, you don't sound to sure that Jax won't cheat on you. He loves blondes." she said before walking away.

Shaking her head Tara took Abel out to her car and buckled him in. When they got home, Jax ran to the store while Anitta and Gemma went about getting Abel a bath. Tara set to work getting him some new sheets in his crib and clean clothes.

Jax got home and found Tara in the kitchen, "Hey you okay?" he asked.

"Yeah I'm fine." she said unconvincely.


Looking down she stepped towards him, "You'd never cheat on me, right?" she asked hating the sound of her voice.

Lifting her face, "No, I would never cheat on you." Jax said forcefully, "what's going on?" he asked pulling Tara close.

Gemma stepped into the kitchen, "I told Tara about you and Wendy."

Jax shook his head, "Thanks Mom." he said sarcastically, "Tara, you and I are different than Wendy and I were. What I had with Wendy was physical. With you I have a family I can't wait to come home to."

Tara wiped away the tears that had fell despite her efforts to hold them in, "Okay, but it's not only what you said Gemma." she said looking at the other woman.

"Then what is it sweetheart?" Gemma asked sitting at the kitchen table.

"I was talking to myself and Abel at the hospital about how I trusted you and some blonde woman said that you love blondes." Tara explained, "She sounded like she knew from personal experience."

Jax tensed, his past had caught up to him. He had fucked most of Charming in his youth and twenties, "What did she look like?" he asked in a tight voice.

Tara looked at him confused, "she had on white shorts, a black bra like top and a white jacket." she said, "why does that matter?" she asked looking between Jax and Gemma.

Gemma came to stand beside her, "Hun, that's Ima. She's wanted to fuck Jax since they were in high school. She's a porn star."

"You've never?" Tara asked looking at Jax.

"No. She annoys me to no end." He said holding Tara tightly, "Tara I do have a past. I've never really done the whole monogamous thing. And most of the women I have slept with live in Charming."

Tara took a deep breath, she knew Jax wasn't a monk, "Okay. Everyone has a past."

"You sure you're okay?"

"I am now. I don't know why I let her bother me." Tara said angry at herself.

Gemma lifted her head, "Don't worry about it. Insecurity speaks louder than confidence, but as long as you two do what you just did, you'll be fine."

"Mom what are you talking about?" Jax asked.

"I'm talking about you two talking out your problem in calm rational tones. That is what you need to make this work." Gemma said, "Now I'm going home to make dinner for the party tonight. I'll have Donna bring some food by so you don't have to disturb Abel."

"Thanks Gemma."

"Anytime sweetheart."

Jax hugged his Mom bye and went back to check on Abel. Anitta was setting up a little fan in Abel's room when Jax appeared in the doorway, "Where'd you find that?" he asked sitting down on the floor to help her.

"In the hall closet" she said, "his fever is less, but I'm going to bet it's going to spike again. I was just trying to find a way to keep his room cool."

"Thanks Anitta." Jax said helping her stand, "let's test it out." he said turning the fan on low.

"Perfect." Anitta said turning to walk out of ther room.

Tara was in the kitchen when Jax and Anitta came in and sat down, "Anitta would you like some lunch? I was going to make some sandwiches." Tara said smiling.

"No I'm okay, but thank you." Anitta said, "I'd actually like to talk to the two of you." she said sitting down.

Jax took the seat across from her and Tara came to sit beside him, "My eldest son is moving to Missouri, near Springfield. He's asked me to move back to be near him and his kids. My other two kids both live in the Midwest also." she said trying to not cry, "I don't want to leave you short handed with Abel."

Tara took Anitta's hands, "Go. Be with your grandkids. They deserve to spend as much time with their Grandma as possible." She said smiling.

Jax nodded, "I agree with Tara. I don't want you to go, but your grandkids need you more than I do." he said, "Anitta I can't thank you enough for everything you have done for me and Abel in the past year and half."

Anitta wiped the tears that were falling down her face, "Thank you both so much. I promise I will call and check on Abel and you two." she said, "I'm going to miss seeing you two add to your family."

"We'll send you pictures and updates." Tara said standing to give the woman a hug, "Thank you." she whispered fighting back her own tears.

Jax stood and brought Anitta into his arms, "Thank you for everything. I don't think I would have made it without you here to help me." he said kissing her cheek, "Do you need help packing up your house?" he asked.

"I can manage." Anitta said.

"No, now its my turn to help you. When are you planning to move?" he asked.

Anitta clasped her hands, "this weekend." she said, "I already have a buyer for my house."

Jax took Anitta's hands, "then I'll come by tomorrow with some guys and help you pack up everything and get it ready to move." he said.

"You don't have to do that Jax."

"Yes, I do. I owe you more than I can pay."

Anitta took Jax's hand and grabbed one of Tara's, "Now you two have each other to lean on. Always be honest with each other. It's better to be hurt with the truth than with a lie." she said, "Remember you two have overcome many obstacles already but there will be more."

Jax looked at Tara and squeezed her hand. He knew they would have tough spots coming, but he didn't care as long as she stayed by his side.

Tara squeezed Jax's hand back. She knew he loved her and she loved him. She had never felt like this before. Now she knew exactly what her Mom had been talking about when she talked about being in love with her Dad.

Turning they both looked at Anitta and watched her walk to her car. Pulling Tara close, they watched Anitta's little car disappear down the street. Kissing her head they turned and went back inside.

The weekend flew by, Tara took care of Abel while Jax kept up with keeping the house clean. Both would wake up at night to give Abel a bath and get him back to sleep. On Saturday, Jax went over to Anitta's with Opie and some others to help her pack. It only took them a few hours and she was ready to move out. On Sunday, she came over in the moving truck with her middle child, a daughter who had flown out to drive to Missouri with her Mom, and said good bye.

By the time Anitta left, Tara was a complete mess. She was saying goodbye to a woman who had stepped in and been her Mom. Sitting in the back yard she felt empty again. Jax came out and sat beside her, "what's ya thinking?" he said laying down on the grass beside her.

"That I just lost another Mom." she whispered wiping away tears.

Jax rubbed her back, "Anitta is going to miss you too." he said kissing her arm.

Tara laid her head on his chest and took some deep breaths, "But you know my Mom is going to love you. Especially when we get pregnant." Jax said running his hand through her hair.

Tara sat up, "Pregnant?" she asked, "Jax we..."

Taking her hands, "Calm down." he said, "I'm not saying we have to be pregnant by next week. I'm just saying I would love to add a playmate or two for Abel." he finished kissing her hands.

Tara took a calming breath, "I'd love that too." she said, "But at the right time."

As the following months progressed, Tara fell more in step with being a Mom and a working woman. Her bakery was doing great. When Kip's prospecting was over for SAMCRO they voted to make him a patched member, that weekend they had a run.

Cherry and Donna stayed at the house with Tara. Ellie and Kenny loved weekends they got to spend at Grandma's, "so Tara how does it feel to be a Mom and a working woman?" Donna asked.

"Tiring, but I wouldn't change it." She smiled, "Cherry whats wrong?" she asked looking at her friend.

Cherry looked at her hands, "I'm pregnant." she said.

Both Tara and Donna tackled her and hugged her. The three women had become great friends. Not only did they hang out at the bakery, but also any free moment.

"Cherry, Kip is going to be so excited." Donna said.

"I don't know. We hadn't talked about a baby and he just became fully patched." Cherry said.

"Cherry, listen to me." Tara said taking her hands, "Tell Kip. He's going to love this baby." she said rubbing her friends rounding belly.

"You think so?" she asked.

"I know so." Tara said. Neither Donna or Cherry knew what she did. Two days before Kip became fully patched he had come into the bakery before it was open to the public to ask for her help in asking Cherry to marry him.

She thought back on the Tuesday before Kips patching in ceremony at Teller Morrow. The bell above her door dinged, looking up she saw Kip standing there looking nervous. "Good morning Kip." she said coming to stand in the belly of her shop as she called it,"what can I do for you?' she asked.

Kip looked around, "Is Cherry here?" he asked nervously.

"Nope I'm the only one."

"Good." he said coming in and sitting down.

Tara took the seat oppisite him, "what's up? You look nervous."

"I want to ask Cherry to marry me." Kip said pulling a small red velvet box out of his kutte pocket.

Tara opened the small box and looked at the simple ring and smiled; it was so Cherry, simple and sweet, "Kip she is going to love this." she said handing him back the box, "how can I help?"

Kip looked at his hands, "we have a run this weekend, but I'd like to ask her when we get back."

"Okay." Tara said thinking, "I have it. I'll open the shop early one morning and have Cherry opening. You can hide in the back office where we leave our purses, I'll be in the bathroom. Cherry will come in and open everything up and you can ask her, just the two of you." she said smiling.

Kip smiled, "That sounds great. Thanks Tara."

"Anytime." she said squeezing his arm.

Before the friends knew where the weekend had gone, it was over and the guys were back. On Monday, Clay announced that he was stepping down as SAMCRO President. His hands just weren't up to riding anymore. He was going to take over managing Teller-Morrow.

Jax was named the next President. There was a big party where Clay cut off his President's patch and then Jax's VP patch. It was symbolic, because eveyone knew it was Jax's destiny to be President of SAMCRO. Before the party started Jax named Opie as his VP and Chibs as his Sargent at Arms, Bobby was staying club treasurer.

Then the party took off full swing. Jax wrapped his arms around Tara, "Hi Mr. President." she teased kissing his neck.

"Hi." he said huskily pressing Tara against the wall.

Tara moaned in his ear,when his hands started to knead her ass, "Jax." she said before his mouth assualted hers.

"I love you." he said taking her hand and taking her back to one of the dorm rooms.

"Can my son keep his dick in his pants for one night?" Gemma asked no one in particular when she saw Jax leading Tara back to the dorm rooms.

"He can for several nights actually." Opie said coming to stand beside Gemma.

"You know what I meant Harry Winston." Gemma said smiling, "smart ass."

"Yeah I did and no he can't keep his dick in his pants around his queen." Opie said walking towards his own queen.

"And apparently neither can you." Gemma said smiling and shaking her head.

Jax opened the door to the room that had Abel fast asleep on the bed. Walking in he sat down in the chair and pulled Tara onto his lap. Kissing her senseless sounded like the best way to unwind from the weekend. Tara straddles Jax and kissed him deeply as his hands kneaded her ass, making her moan.

She moved her hands from his neck to his hair, pulling his head back as she moved her mouth to his neck. Jax's hips bucked when Tara grinded hers against his. "Woman you are going to be death of me." he said standing up and pinning her against the wall.

"At least no one can say we don't have a sex life." Tara said as Jax removed her shirt.

"True." Jax said removing her bra, "and I do love our sex life."

Tara nodded and kissed Jax, "Mommy." a little voice said.

Jax stopped and held Tara in place, "Mommy," the voice said again.

"Yes, baby." Tara answered finding her bra and shirt.

"I have to potty." Abel said sitting up on the bed.

"Cover your eyes little man." Jax said moving to turn on the lamp beside the bed.

Jax turned on the light to find his son sitting up with his little hand covering his face, "come on buddy," Tara said taking his hand.

Looking over her shoulder she shrugged and followed Abel into the bathroom. Jax walked to the bathroom and watched Abel and Tara. She was a natural with him.

Putting his hands in his pockets, he felt the little velvet box he had been carrying for a couple weeks. He hadn't found the right time to ask Tara to marry him. It was everything he wanted. She was his old lady and Abel's Mom and they could start to add more kids to their family.

As the party stared to wind down, Tara took Abel home and tucked him into bed. She was in the bedroom when Jax came in and brought her out to living room. Over the past few months, Tara and Jax had created a nightly ritual of dancing with each other. It was just a time for them to be near each other. While their sex life hadn't slowed down, their lives had.

Tara talked to Anitta twice a week, telling her what was going on and how things in Charming were. Anitta would update about her kids and grandkids. She loved being in Missouri and so close to all of them.

Jax brought Tara into his arms and held her close. Tara neslted her head against his shoulder with her arms around his neck. She loved being in his arms, she felt so protected. Wrapping his arms around Tara's waist, Jax rested his chin on her head and they started their gentle sway.

Donna knocked on Jax's door. She had forgotten to give Tara Abel's blanket. "It's open," she heard called. Opening the door, she stood rooted in place, watching Jax and Tara sway back and forth in each others arms. It was sweet sight.

Making her way quickly to Abel's room she found him sitting up, "come here little guy," she whispered picking him up. Carrying him out to the living room, she stood off to the side holding Abel, who mimicked his parents movements in her arms. Smiling she took him back to bed and left.

Tara kissed Jax's jaw line, "I love you." she whispered.

Jax kissed her forehead, "I love you, too." he whispered back. That was something Jax had taken to heart after Anitta had moved. He had called her one day, cause Tara couldn't; Anitta had told him to never forget to show and tell Tara and Abel that he loved them. So each and every day, Jax told Tara and Abel he loved them.

Daddy son time was at night when Jax gave Abel his bath and tucked him. Jax Tara time was dancing before bed and making love to as often as possible.

Yawning Tara pulled away from Jax and they headed back to their bedroom. Getting ready, Tara climbed into bed and waited for Jax, who came out minutes later. Turning off the lights she sighed contented when she felt Jax's arm come across her body.

Rolling over she remembered, "Jax." she said shaking him.

"Hmm." he answered looking at her.

"I have to go to the bakery early tomorrow."

"For what?"

"I'm helping Kip propose to Cherry."

"Okay." Jax answered falling asleep as Tara tucked herself into his side.

When morning came and the alarm went off, Tara got up with little resistance from Jax, who wanted her to stay in bed. Getting ready for the day, she made her way to the bakery. Unlocking the door, she went inside and waited for Kip.

Kip walked nervously to Cookies crumbles & Cupcakes. Opening the door, he noticed a smiling Tara sitting at one of the tables, "ready?" she asked.

"No." he said nervously, "I love Cherry."

"But marriage is a big step." Tara said nodding, "it is, but you could always have a long engagement."

"True." Kip said smiling.

Then the door opened and Donna walked in, "what are you two doing here?" she asked looking between the two.

Tara stood up, "I'm helping Kip propose to Cherry."

"You're proposing?" Donna squealed.

"Yeah." Kip said.

"How are you doing it?" Donna asked.

"Well he is going to get down on one knee and you and I are going to hide in the bathroom." Tara explained getting up.

Donna squeezed Kip's arm, "Good luck. She is going to be thrilled." she said following Tara into the bathroom.

Kip hid in the backroom and knelt down when he heard the bell above the door jingle. Taking a deep breath he got the ring ready when the door handle turned.

Cherry came into the bakey curious. Tara's car was out front, but she was taking the morning off to spend some time with Jax and Abel. And Donna's car was right next to Tara's; Donna wasn't supposed to come in until after 10.

Walking to the back room, she opened the door and dropped her purse. Kip was in front of her, on one knee. Covering her mouth she started to cry, "Cherry will you marry me?" Kip asked.

Nodding her head vigorously, Kip put the ring on her finger and stood. Cherry didn't notice the bathroom door opening or her two best friends taking pictures of her and Kip.

Pulling away Cherry looked at Kip and then down at her hand, "I have to tell you something." she whispered.

Kip lifted her chin, "what's going on?" he asked worried.

Cherry fought back her tears, "I'm pregnant."

Kip stood frozen for a moment, "we're pregnant?" he asked again.

Cherry nodded. This time Kip didn't hesitate, pulling his fiance towards him he kissed her and then got down on his knees and lifted her shirt and kissed her stomach, "I love you little one." he said kissing her stomach again.

Cherry stopped fighting her tears and ran her hands through Kips hair, "You're happy?" she asked when he stood up.

"Cherry, I love you and our baby." he said holding her close.

Tara watched the exchange between Cherry and Kip and felt a twinge of jealously. She loved them both and was happy they were getting married, but she wanted that too. She and Jax had been together for almost six months.

"Cherry, why don't you take the day off. Spend it with your fiance. Go shopping for the baby and start planning your wedding." Tara said.

Then Cherry turned to Kip, "I want to be married before the baby gets here. I know it doesn't really matter, but."

"Whatever you want." Kip said.

"I'll make your cake." Tara smiled.

Cherry went to her two friends, "Thank you." she said hugging both. Looking at Tara, "You knew he had this planned didn't you." she asked.

"Yes. I helped him come up with the idea." Tara admitted hugging Cherry again.

Donna smiled, "well why don't you start with what kind of cake you'd like at your wedding since you're at the bakery?" she asked.

Cherry looked at Kip, they both liked the same cake, "You're lemon meringue cake with the dark chocolate icing." Cherry said.

"Sounds good." Tara said writing it down, "would you like some cupakes for the guests? or just the cake?" she asked looking at her order form.

"We only have enough money for the cake, so I guess just that." Kip said.

"Don't worry about price. This is on the house." Tara said.

"Tara, no you don't have to do that." Kip said.

Looking between the two, "I want to. You two are good friends of mine." she said, "plus this is my bakery so I can give you the discounts to make it free." she smiled.

"Okay." Kip consented.

Cherry and Kip left the bakery having their cake and cupcake orders in and ready to go. All they had to do was pick a date and give Tara some notice.

The rest of the day went by quickly. Tara had run home before the bakery officially opened and brought back Abel. With Donna's help she set up a little sample table outside in the shade for people, she was trying some new recipies.

Jax went to the club house and sat down at the reaper table, but in a different spot. Opie came in and sat at his left, "did ya hear?" he asked.

"About Kip and Cherry? Yeah Tara told me." Jax said, bringing out his own little velvet box.

"When ya going to ask, brother?" Opie asked.

"I don't know. I need to soon." he said.

"Yeah you do." Opie agreed.

"I just can't figure out how to ask." Jax said leaning back and running his hand over his face.

"You're overthinking this."

"Probably." Jax said getting up.

By the end of the day, Cherry and Kip had come by and told Tara they were getting married early next month. It gave Tara two weeks to get everything she would need to make their cake and cupcakes.

Heading home, Tara listened to Abel chatter away. He was still coming into talking, so he did it all the time. His second birthday was coming up in a month and Tara was so excited. She couldn't wait to celebrate it with the club.

Arriving home she found Jax's bike already in the drive. Getting Abel out she watched him toddle to the door and bang his little fists against the door, wanting inside so he could play. Grabbing her bag she headed inside, holding the door open for Abel.

Walking into the kitchen she found Jax in front of the stove, "you're home early tonight." she said wrapping her arms around his middle.

Jax brought her hand up his mouth, "I thought I'd make dinner tonight." he said.

Tara poked her head around his arm, "sounds good to me." she said kissing his arm, "what is it?"


"Hmm, I'm on board." she said pulling her arms out from around him.

Heading into the living room, she laid on the floor and played with Abel. She was the track to his train, she loved spending time with her son.

Soon dinner was ready and as a little family they sat down and ate.

Two weeks later, Kip and Cherry exchanged their vows and got married in front of all SAMCRO. Tara's cupcakes and cake were a big hit. The day was filled with laughter and love. Abel had been the ring bearer, while Jax and Tara were the best man and maid of honor.

Three weeks later, Abel celebrated his second birthday. Tara made a Thomas the tank cake. Abel made a mess of himself and the cake. The party was held at Teller-Morrow outside. Kip and the other prospects had built a play set on the lot.

After playing in his cake, Abel wanted to play on the play set, "swing." he squealed as Jax picked him up.

"Alright buddy." he said.

Taking his son over to the play set, Jax put him in the baby swing. Abel squealed with joy as Jax pushed him higher and higher, "higher Daddy." he squealed.

The whole club watched Abel that day and grinned as after was done with the swing, he made his way quickly to his Mommy.

Tara scooped him up and covered him in kisses, making him giggle, "slide." he said.

"Alright." she said setting him down, and walking behind him to the play set. Helping him up the steps, Tara stood on the side and helped him down, "No Mommy," he said pushing away her hands, "by myself." he said.

Tara held up her hands and went to the bottom of the slide and stood off to the side of as Abel wobbled down the slide.

Jax came to stand beside her. Putting his arm around her waist he held her close. "I love you." he said as she intertwinded their fingers.

"I love you too." she whispered kissing his jaw.

By the end of the day, Abel was worn out. Tara's car was loaded down with toys and everything from the party. Jax got the prospects to clean up the lot and the clubhouse.

Seven months later, Cherry gave birth to a beautiful baby girl, Natalie Epps. She looked just like her Momma, but with her Dad's hair.

Tara was at the bakery one day when Gemma came in, "good morning Gemma." Donna said, as Tara ran away to the bathroom for the fifth time that morning.

"What's wrong with her?" Gemma asked taking the cupcake that Donna offered her.

"I don't know. She's been feeling off." Donna said.

Tara came out of the bathroom wiping her mouth, "how far along are you?" Gemma asked.

Stopping dead in her tracks, Tara stared at Gemma, "What do you mean?" she asked.

"How many times do you throw up a day?" Gemma asked walking towards Tara.

"I don't know. It depends on the day." Tara admitted, "You think I'm pregnant?"

"Possibly. Are your breast tender? Are you more tired than usual?" Gemma asked.

Tara nodded and looked at Donna, "I need to go to the store." she said quicky grabbing her purse.

Making her way down the street to the general store. Heading back to the medicine department, Tara picked up a pregnancy test. Hurrying back to her bakery, she barricaded herself in the bathroom and took the test.

Three minutes later, Tara came out holding a test with a pink plus sign on it. Gemma rushed to her, "Honey, Jax is going to be thrilled." she said kissing Tara's cheeks.

Donna gave her friend a big hug, "I'm so happy for you." she said.

"I don't know what to say." Tara said holding the test, with hand resting on her already rounding belly, "I thought I was just gaining weight because of testing my own cupcakes," she laughed.

"Not this time sweetheart." Gemma said.

Donna had left to grab her purse and Tara's, "let's close the bakery and head to St. Thomas. I want to know how far along you are." she said.

"Yes lets." Gemma said leading the way.

Locking up the bakery; Tara, Donna and Gemma headed to St. Thomas. Pulling into the hospital lot, Tara got out and followed the other two women in.

Gemma walked in and to the counter, "We like to get an ultrasound done." she told the nurse.

"For who?" the nurse asked.

Tara stepped forward, "me."

"Okay. Fill this out this paperwork and the doctor will see you soon." the nurse said handing her the clip board.

Tara took the clip board and sat down. Filling out the paperwork she smiled at almost every question. Giving the paper work back, Tara sat down and put her hands on her stomach.

"Tara Knowles." the nurse called.

Tara stood up with Donna and Gemma at her sides. Walking back to the room. Laying down on the table, Tara looked at Gemma, "how do I tell Jax?" she asked.

"You show him this ultra sound picture." Gemma said, "And tell him that Abel is finally going to have a playmate."

"Or you get Abel a shirt that says I'm going to be a big brother and take him to see Jax at the club house." Donna suggested.

The doctor came in, "Good afternoon Tara." she said, "You're getting an ultrasound?" she asked.

"Yes." Tara said sitting back.

"Alright. How far along are you?" the doctor asked.

Tara shrugged, "I just took a home pregnancy test." she admitted.

"Okay, well let's take some blood and find out how far along you are."

"Okay." Tara agreed raising her sleeve.

The nurse came in and took some blood, "it'll be done by the time we are done with the ultrasound."

Gemma and Donna held Tara's hands as the doctor squirted some of the clear gel on her stomach, "here we go." the doctor smiled.

Soon a strong heart beat came over the speakers. Tara gasped when a little white blob showed up, "that's your baby." the doctor said.

"My grandchild." Gemma said squeezing Tara's hand.

"My Niece or Nephew." Donna said squeezing Tara's other hand.

"Well Ms. Knowles your baby is strong and healthy." the doctor said printing out a couple of ultrasound pictures.

The nurse came back in as Tara was putting her shirt down, "Let's see." the doctor said looking at the labwork, "Ms. Knowles you are about 14 weeks along." she said.

"How long until I can find out the sex?" Tara asked looking at the ultrasound pictures.

"Four weeks." The doctor said.

"Good. Jax can come with me then." Tara said to Gemma.

"Yes he can."

Tara left the hospital and headed to Teller-Morrow. She couldn't wait to tell Jax about the pregnancy. Donna was heading back to the bakery. Gemma was going home to start cooking for the family dinner to celebrate Tara's pregnancy.

Pulling into the lot, Tara saw the blonde from the hospital. Walking right past her, she over heard her say, "You know those three weeks last month that Jax stayed at the clubhouse last month."

"Yeah." her friend said.

"Well he fucked me senseless." the blonde said, "I couldn't work for a week aftewards, because I was so sore." she finished saying.

"God. I wish he would fuck me. I've heard great things about him in bed."

"Oh girl you don't even know. Jax Teller is a God in bed."

Tara walked into the clubhouse seeing red. Jax had spent almost a month at the clubhouse, every night. He had said it was club stuff, but now Tara wondered if he had been cheating on her. Putting her hand on her stomach she looked around for Jax.

"Lookin for Jax?" Bobby asked standing behind the bar.


"Back in one of the dorms." Bobby said.

"Thanks Bobby." Tara said walking back.

Jax was laying on the bed that used to be his. His head was killing him. Ima wouldn't leave and the niners were having a bitch fit about Jax making a deal with the Mayans. Closing his eyes he rubbed his temple until his door slammed the wall.

Sitting up with a start he looked at a very angry Tara, "Have you been fucking that blonde slut?" she seethed.

Jax stood up but didn't move towards her, slightly nervous, "No. Tara what's going on?" he asked.

"Why did you stay here almost all last month?"

"Club stuff. We were making a new deal with the Mayans, so I wanted to accessable to Alveraz. I stayed here so he wouldn't know where I lived." Jax explained.

"Then why is that blonde slut saying you fucked her senseless?" Tara asked.

"I don't know. Tara what is going on?" Jax asked again.

"Cheating a deal breaker for me Jax. You know that." Tara said walking out of the room.

Jax chased after Tara, "Stop will you." he said grabbing her arm.

Tara spun and slapped him, "NO!" she almost screamed. The whole clubhouse turned to see what was going on.

"Tara you have to listen to me." Jax said chasing her again as she got closer to the door.

Tara turned to face him, "the prince doesn't always get his way." she said storming out of the club house.

Jax watched Tara slam the door of the club house. He was frozen, the woman he loved had just walked out of his life.

Tara stormed past Ima and got in her car. She couldn't believe that Jax had cheated on her. He had always promised that he wouldn't. Driving to the park she got out and went to sit on the far set of swings. Putting her hands on her tummy, "I'm sorry baby." she cried, "Your Daddy is an ass." she said letting the tears freely fall.

Opie had heard the argument start in Jax dorm room and followed it out to the open. He looked at his best friend, he looke so lost. He had never seen Jax like this, it wasn't good. Walking out he passed Ima as she came inside.

"Your Old Lady didn't look to happy." she said rubbing Jax's arm, "anything I can do?" she asked leaning into him.

Jax had never been one for violence against women, but this time he was indifferent. Wrapping his hand around Ima's neck, "What the fuck did you say to Tara?" he snarled.

"Jax." Ima said scared, "I didn't say anything to her." she struggled against his hand, "I swear."

"Then why does Tara think I fucked you senseless the three weeks I stayed here?" he thundered.

The whole club house took a collective gasp. Bobby and Chibs both stared at Ima, they both knew that Jax had stayed the fuck away from her while here. He was so in love with Tara, he would rather deal with blue balls than cheat on her.

Another porn star that Ima worked with was standing beside her, "You didn't fuck her?" she asked in a small voice.

Jax turned, "Why would I fuck her when I have an Old Lady that I'm beyond crazy for?" he asked staring at the other woman.

"Ima was telling me how you fucked her senseless when your Old Lady was walking in." the other woman said.

"Shut up Lyla." Ima screamed as Jax turned on her.

His eyes were steel grey, "You stupid bitch." he said stepping towards her.

Chibs, Bobby and Kip all headed for him, "Jackie Boy." Chibs got out before...

Jax grabbed Ima by the back of the head and slammed her face into the bar, breaking her nose, "keep your rancid pussy away from my club house." he snarled before walking away.

Walking outside, Jax called Opie, "where is she?" he asked in a worried tone.

"The park." Opie said. He had drove around and eventually spotted Tara's little car, "Go home brother. Give her some time. I'll talk to her."

Jax bowed his head, "alright." he said.

"Jax." a voice behind him said.

"What do you want?" he asked in a pissed off tone.

"If you'll tell me where your Old Lady is I'll talk to her." Lyla said, "If I hadn't reacted she wouldn't have believed Ima."

"Why do you want to help me?" Jax asked, "I just broke your friends nose."

"She's not a friend, she's a coworker." Lyla said, "and plus I've seen you with your Old Lady. You really do love her."

"She's at the park."


Jax walked to his bike and headed home to send Cherry on her way. Tara had given her time off to spend with Natalie and she had volunteered to watch Abel as payment. Both Jax and Tara had readily agreed.

Opie walked cautiously up to Tara, "Hey" he said sitting on the grass by the swing set.

"Go away Opie. I don't want to hear it." Tara cried.

Opie gently picked her up and pulled her to him. He held her while she cried, "I know you don't want to hear this, but Jax didn't cheat on you." he said rubbing her back, "Tara he is crazy about you. He'd never do something intentional to hurt you, especially something like that." he continued, "Those three weeks, Jax stayed as far away from Ima as he could." he finished.

Tara looked up at him, "how do you know?" she asked.

"I can vouch for what he is saying." a female voice said behind them, "I'm Lyla. I work with Ima at Caracara."

"Great another porn star." Tara said sarcastically.

"I'll forgive that since I know you're confused." Lyla said sitting in front of them, "Jax did stay as far away from Ima as possible." she said, "he was a miserable asshole those three weeks." she continued, "he couldn't wait to get home to you and Abel." Lyla finished.

"Then why did you say you wanted to fuck Jax?" Tara asked pointedly.

Lyla blushed when Opie stared at her open mouthed, "because I am a hot blooded woman, who has fantasies." she answered, "and Jax is one of them." she said, "believe it or not you're one lucky woman. Any woman in town would give their life for one night with Jax Teller and you have him every night."

Tara looked down and then back at Lyla, "I'm sorry I called you a porn star."

"It's okay, that's my profession." Lyla said.

Tara nodded, "I just didn't..."

Lyla took Tara's hands, "I get it. I do. I have a little boy too and his Dad cheated on me all the time." she said, "I found a guy I loved after that and I had a hard time trusting him. Eventually we seperated because I couldn't get past his past and my own insecurities." she finished, "don't let Ima ruin your relationship with Jax."

Tara nodded, "Thank you for coming and telling Lyla."

"You're welcome. I'm actually jealous that you have someone as loving as Jax." she said standing up, "Oh and just to add some icing, Jax broke Ima's nose."

Tara let out a laugh, "I wish I could have." she said regretfully.

"I'll make ya a deal. Bake me some cupcakes for my boys birthday next week and I'll let you know when Ima's nose is fixed and you can come to Caracara and break it again." she said sticking out her hand.

Tara shook Lyla's hand, "deal." she said laughing as Lyla walked away.

Opie had been distracted by a picture that had fallen out of Tara's hand, "Tara." he said holding up the picture.

Tara took the picture, "are you pregnant?" he asked holding onto the picture.

Beaming, "yes I am." she said, "thats why I was at Teller-Morrow, I was coming to tell Jax."

Opie wrapped his arms around her little body, "He is going to be thrilled." he said kissing her cheek, "I'm so happy for you two"

"Thanks Opie." she said returning his hug.

"Don't stay here to long." He said, "Jax is really torn up about all of this."

Tara looked down again, "I didn't mean to..." she said standing up.

"No, stay for a couple of hours. Collect your head." Opie said pushing her gently back to the swing, "I remember when Donna was pregnant both times, she was crazy." he said, "cool down and then go home and talk to Jax. I'll call him and tell him what's going on."

"Thanks Opie," Tara said wrapping her arms around his middle, "for everything."

Opie hugged her back, "you're the queen of SAMCRO and my best friends lady. I'll do anything I can to help."

Tara laughed as Opie walked to his bike. Sitting down on the swing, she began to rock back and forth, letting the wind take away her fears of everything. She knew deep down that Jax loved her and wouldn't cheat on her.

After a couple of hours, Tara climbed off the swing, "Its time to go home baby and let Daddy meet you." she whispered heading towards her car.

Jax was sitting in the living room playing with Abel when he heard a car door shut. He stood up, it was Tara. Opie had called him two and a half hours ago explaining that he had found Tara and Lyla come and talked to her. Tara was upset and needed some time to collect herself before coming home, but she was coming home that night.

Tara took a deep breath and opened the front door. When she stepped inside she saw Jax standing and staring helplessly at her, "Tara." he whispered coming to her.

Tara wrapped her arms around his middle, "I'm sorry." she whispered.

Jax wrapped his arms around her and held her close. He had never felt more complete, "Jax." Tara said into his chest, "we need to talk."

Taking a step back, those four words never meant anything good, "Okay." he said leading her to the kitchen.

Tara put her hand on the table and then turned to face Jax, who was leaning against the counter, "I'm sorry for what happened at the clubhouse. I should have listened to you." she started, "I heard that woman talking and she got in my head." she continued, "I know you would never cheat on me. It's just I was coming to tell you that I'm pregnant and I heard that, and." she finished looking at her hands.

Jax stood shell shocked for a moment, walking to Tara, "You're pregnant?" he asked putting his hand on her stomach.

Tara took the ultrasound pictures out of her back pockets and handed them to Jax, "Yes." she whispered.

Jax took the pictures and looked at them, "We're going to have a baby?"

Tara cupped Jax's jaw, "yes baby. We're having a baby." she said smiling, "We can find out the sex in four weeks." she said.

Jax kissed Tara deeply, "I love you."

"I love you too." Tara said, "but we still need to talk about what happened."

Jax pulled Tara against him, "Okay."

Tara laid her head against his shoulder, "I over reacted, I'm sorry. But I will probably be doing that for the next few months." she said.

"That's okay. As long as we talk through things we can make this work." Jax said, "I won't stay at the club house anymore. I'll come home to you, Abel and this little guy."

"Jax we don't know it's a boy."

"I have a feeling."

Tara laughed, "I don't want to keep you away from club stuff if it's important that you stay at the clubhouse you can." she said in a serious tone, "I'm going to work on my trust issues." she said adamently.

Cupping her face, "Tara you're fine. We'll get through this." he said kissing her nose, "let's go tell Abel." he said turning around to find Abel standing there staring at them.

Abel looked at Tara, "Mommy home!" he squealed and ran to her.

Tara picked him up and hugged him close, "yeah buddy, Mommy is home." she said kissing his head, "let's go sit in the living room. Mommy and Daddy have something to share with you." she said setting him down.

Abel took off for the living room with Jax and Tara following closely behind him. Sitting on the couch, Jax sat Abel on his lap while Tara held on to the pictures, "Abel, " Tara started, "Mommy is having another baby."

"Big broder?" he asked.

Jax nodded, "yeah bud you're going to be a big brother." he said, "like how Ellie is a big sister to Kenny."

Abel crawled over to Tara's lap and laid his head against her stomach, "Hi baby." he said, "I love you." he said kissing her stomach.

Jax wiped away the tears that slipped down Tara's cheeks. Sitting on the couch, Tara put her legs across Jax's while they watched Abel play. He was so excited about being a brother. He was showing them the toys he was willing to share and which ones he wasn't.

Gemma had put off her party when Bobby had called to tell her what had happened at the club house. She had always hated Ima, now that bitch had to go. No one messed with her family, especially her soon to be daughter in law she hoped. Gemma was irritated that Jax hadn't asked Tara to marry him yet, he had had the ring for months.

The next four weeks flew by, each day Tara's bell seemed to grow. Jax kissed her and the baby good morning and good night. Abel had picked up on his Dad's habit of kissing her belly, he would get mad if he didn't get to kiss the baby.

Tara made the cupcakes for Lyla's little boy but had opted to not break Ima's nose. She just stopped by with the cupcakes and Jax holding onto rubbing her growing belly. The look of jealousy on Ima's face was revenge enough.

On the day of her appointment Tara sat in the room with Jax and Abel. The doctor came in, "Morning Tara." she said, "I see we have the whole family."

"We do." Tara smiled.

"Alright, let's see how cooperative this one is, cause I remember this one being a stinker." she said tickling Abel.

Jax laughed remembering trying to figure out if Abel was supposed to be a girl or boy. It had taken four different trips to get the answer.

Abel sat in Jax's arms as the doctor got Tara all ready, squirting the gel, "ready?" she asked.

"Yeah." Jax said smiling, holding one Tara's hand. Slowly the image of their baby came to the screen.

Gemma came quickly into the room, "Sorry, I'm late. Stupid customer at the garage." she said standing on Tara's other side.

"That's okay." the doctor said moving the controller, "well this one isn't shy. Tara, Jax you're having a baby boy." she said smiling at the couple.

Jax squeezed Tara hands, "See I told you another boy." he said smiling.

"They run in the family." Gemma said smiling at her son and future daughter in law.

The doctor printed off the pictures and handed them to Tara, as she wiped off her stomach. Tara looked at the pictures and smiled, a little boy, "Gemma, Jax." she said fingering the picture.

"Yes" they both answered.

"I want to name him Thomas." she said.

Gemma started to cry, "you wan to name him after Jax's little brother?" she asked.

"I do." she said looking at Gemma, "I know he won't and can't replace your son, but maybe now the name won't cause tears, but a smile." she said.

"Tara." Jax said wiping his eyes, "I love it."

"I do too." Gemma said hugging Tara, "thank you"

Tara hugged Gemma back, "You're welcome." she said, "I guess we can have that party now." she said standing up.

Abel stood on the table and kissed Tara's belly, "I love you broder." he said kissing her stomach again.

Tara smiled and ran a hand through his hair. She loved her little boys.

That night, Gemma and Clay's house was packed full of SAMCRO guys. All congratulating Tara and Jax on the baby. Tara beamed all night, but eventually got tired. Sitting down on the couch, she felt little hands. Opening her eyes, she picked up Abel and put him on her lap. Soon her stomach was going to be to round for her to hold close.

Abel snuggled into his Mommy and fell asleep. Jax kept a close eye on Abel and Tara. He smiled when he noticed that they had both fallen asleep. Donna took Abel and put him in Tara's car as Jax gently woke Tara.

"Come on babe. Let's go home" he said waking her up.

Tara blinked at Jax, "Okay, my back hurts." she mumbled leaning against him.

"I'll give you a back rub when we get home. Abel is already to go." Jax said tucking Tara into the car.

When they got home, Jax carried Abel inside and tucked him in. Abel's bath could wait till tomorrow. Tara came in, shut and locked the front door and went to bed. She was exhauasted, being pregnant was hard.

Jax walked into the bedroom to find Tara passed out on the bed. Gently shaking her, he got her up and changed into one of his shirts. Laying back down, Tara fell asleep as soon as Jax's hands started to rub her back.

Tara woke up before Jax the next morning. Making breakfast she thought about her parents and how she wished they were here to meet her family. Sitting down the couch she started to cry.

Jax walked out to the living room when he smelled coffee, looking at the couch he saw Tara crying. "Tara what's wrong?" he asked rushing to her.

"My parents will never get to meet you, Abel or Thomas." she said rubbing her stomach.

Jax pulled her close, "We haven't made that trip to St. Louis." he said, "Why don't we go next week?"

"Really?" Tara asked.

"Really. I'll book us some flights." Jax said standing and offering her a hand.

Tugging her close, he kissed her rubbing her tummy, "I can't believe how big you've gotten." he mused bending to kiss her protuding tummy.

"I know." she sighed, "I'm huge."

"You're perfect." Jax said, "our baby is growing."

Tara smiled, "Yes he is." she said kissing his jaw as Abel let them know he was awake, "go eat breakfast. I'll go give the little monster a bath. I've already eaten."

"Okay. I'll look at flights after I eat." Jax said slapping her ass playfully as she waddled away.

Tara playfully glared at him over her shoulder as she walked back to Abel's room. "Hi little man." she said, "ready for a bath?" she asked.

"yeah!" Abel cheered.

"Alright, come on." she said.

Tara followed Abel to the bathroom. Turning on the water and letting it fill the tub, she helped him brush his teeth. When the bath was full, Tara poppled him in, making Abel laugh.

Jax ate his breakfast and then checked out flights to St. Louis, he found one that would leave sooner than next week, getting up he walked back to the bathroom. Standing the doorway, he watched Tara interact with Abel, how loving she was.

"Hey babe." he said sitting on the toliet.

"What's up?" she asked getting a towel for Abel.

"How would you like to go to St. Louis this weekend instead of next week?" he asked getting Abel out of the tub.

Tara looked at him, "are you serious?" she asked.

"Yeah, it's pretty much the same price to go this weekend or next week."

"Let's go this weekend." Tara said, "Soon I won't be able to fly." she said smiling at her tummy.

"Okay. I'll book the flights." Jax said.

Tara smiled and followed Abel to help him get dressed. After all was said and done. Jax had tickets to St. Louis with them leaving early Saturday and returning on Tuesday afternoon. Tara was excited to go to St. Louis, to show Jax and Abel her home.

Kissing Jax, she headed to the bakery. When she pulled up she saw Opie's bike, walking in she smiled at Donna who had flour on Opie's kutte, "what did I walk in on?" she teased.

"Tara you're not supposed to be here." Donna scolded.

"Donna, I'm fine." Tara said, "Plus I miss my bakery." she said.

"I can see that." Donna said hugging her best friend, "anything new?" she asked.

"Jax, Abel and I are going to St. Louis this weekend." Tara said smiling.

"Jax is finally going to meet the parents huh." Opie said coming to stand with them.

"Yep, but at least they can't say anything about him." Tara bantered back.

Opie pulled her close, "that's great Tara. He's going to love it."

"I hope so."

"He will. He knows how much this means to you." Donna said.

Tara looked between the two, "how do you two do that?" she asked.

"The same way you and Jax do." Donna said, "we know each other."

"Oh." Tara said.

That night Tara and Jax packed bags so they could head to St. Louis. Tara was excited to be returning home, but at the same time she was worried about how this would impact her relationship with Jax. This was a huge step for them.

When morning rolled around, Jax drove them to the airport. Before their flight left, they bought Abel some sounds cancelling headphones, just in case. Boarding the flight Tara held Abel close, she wanted this to be a good experience for him.

After take off, Tara and Abel fell asleep. Tara using Jax's shoulder as a pillow, while Abel used Tara's growing breast as a soft pillow. Jax held the velvet box the whole flight thinking of ways to ask Tara. He had decided to ask her this weekend in St. Louis, when she would be at peace.

Touching down, Jax gently woke Tara and Abel. Watching Tara's face, Jax could see that she was excited to be home. Getting off the plane, Abel looked around curiuos about everything. As they were walking to the baggage claim, he saw something, "zoo!" he squealed.

Tara bent down beside him, "we can do the zoo. It's free." she said holding his hand standing up.

"It's free?" Jax asked, only knowing the San Diego Zoo.

"Yep." Tara smiled.

"Well then we should defintitely hit that." Jax agreed picking up Abel, who hugged him tightly.

Gathering their bags, the family headed out to the rental cars. Getting in their Ford Edge, Jax drove them the St. Charles and the hotel they would be staying at. As they drove Tara pointed out different landmarks and oddities of St. Louis.

Seeing the sign for St. Charles, Tara took a deep breath. She hadn't been home since she buring her father and closed up his house. Getting out at the hotel, she unbuckled Abel and held him as Jax checked them in. Their first night, their little family ate out and spent time at the pool, since it was August.

The next morning, Tara woke up early, took a shower and got ready to face her parents. Jax followed behind Tara in getting ready and finally it was the little man's turn. Driving to the cemetary, Jax held Tara's hand.

Getting out of the car, Tara took a deep breath and got Abel unbuckled. Walking with Jax, she took them to meet her parents. Sitting down in the grass with Abel on her lap, Jax sittin beside her, Tara talked to her parents.

"Hi Mom, Dad." she said, "I brought some people I want you to meet."

Abel walked to the headstones and peered behind them, wondering who she was talking to, "Mommy no one here." he said looking at her.

"Come here buddy," Jax said holding out his arms, "Tara there is a playground across the way, I'm going to take Abel over there." he said kissing her forehead, "take your time." he said kissing her soundly.

Tara nodded and turned back to the headstones, "That's Jax. I love him," she said, "I know he doesn't look like someone you would want for me, but he is everything I want." she continued, "And the little guy is Abel, his son" she said, "yes he has been married before, but it ended well. I'm going to adopt Abel when Jax finally asks me to marry him." she said wiping away her tears.

"Mom you were right. I had to stop looking for love." she admitted rubbing her belly, "You're going to be grandparents to two little boys. I'm pregnant, due in about 5 and half months." she told them, "I wanted them to meet you both, but Abel doesn't understand, he's only 2." she said looking across the way at Jax pushing Abel on the swing, "Both of them make my life whole." she said smiling, "And Mom I did it. I opened my own bakery, Cookies crumbles & Cupcakes. I have so many different kinds of treats, I wish you were here to taste them." she added sadly.

Standing up she pressed her lips to her fingers twice, laying her fingers on her parents headstones, "I love you both. Thank you for everything you gave me." she said, "I hope that Jax and I can create a life for our boys like you did with me." she said walking away.

Jax noticed Tara walking towards them, pushing Abel high he walked to her, "feel better?" he asked.

"Yeah, I wanted them to meet you." she said wrapping her arms around his waist.

Jax wrapped his arms around her shoulders, "I wanted to meet them too." he said, "I'm going to run to the car, for the camera." he said kissing her temple.

"Okay, I'll continue to push the little monster." she said laughing.

Jax smiled and walked towards Tara's parents headstones, "Hi. This feels weird, but I feel like I need to do this for Tara." he said sitting down, "I know most parents don't envision their daughters marrying a biker, but I love your daughter. Tara has brought something to my life that I didn't know I was missing, light." he said, "everyday I wake up holding her wondering how I got so lucky and every night I thank my lucky stars that she loves me too, cause I don't know what I would do without her." he continued as he pulled out the little velvet box, "I want to ask Tara to marry me. I know she shouldn't be pregnant when I do so, but I wouldn't trade her carrying my son for the world." he finished, "I hope you're both okay with this." he said walking to the car.

Grabbing the camera case, Jax walked back to the little playground across the way from the graveyard. He stopped for several seconds and watched Tara with Abel. Quietly he walked up behind her and got down on one knee, "Mommy what Daddy doing?" Abel asked looking between Tara's legs.

Tara turned around and covered her mouth with her hands, "Tara Grace Knowles will you marry me and Abel?" Jax asked.

Tara nodded quickly and put out her hand for Jax to put her ring on, "Jax." she said.

Jax kissed her deeply, "I've had this ring for months, I just never found the right time to ask." he admitted, "today seemed like the right time." he said holding her hands.

"I love you." Tara said kissing him.

"I love you too." Jax said pulling her close.

The rest of the weekend went smoothly, every morning Tara looked at her engagement ring and kissed Jax. She couldn't believe they were going to get married. They took Abel to the zoo, he loved seeing all of the animals, but especially the giraffes, they were his favorite. The rest of the day he tried to stick his tongue out as far as the giraffes did.

Flying back to California was easier than Tara had expected it to be. She finally felt at peace. Arriving home she noticed all the bikes in front of their home, "Jax." she said.

"I don't know." he said.

Walking in both were surprised when all of SAMCRO and their respective others yelled surprise and congrats, "did you call them?" she asked Jax.

"No." he said genuinely confused.

Opie walked up, "Donna and I did this." he said, "I knew you would pop the question in St. Louis."


"Because Tara would finally be free from everything in her past." Opie said hugging Tara.

Wiping away her tears, "thank you Opie." she said standing on her tippy toes to kiss him on the cheek.

Donna stepped forward and gave her friend a hug, "congrats." she whispered, "its about time." she said slapping Jax's arm.

Jax smiled, "Love you too Donna." he said pulling her into a hug.

For the next five months it was a celebration in Charming. SAMCRO had gone legit, since Clay had stepped down as president, Jax wanted to go a different direction and it had happened. Teller-Morrow was in better shape than ever and making more money than ever. Caracara was doing well and making more money than anyone had thought possible for a porn studio.

Tara's belly grew and grew, making her miserable because she couldn't do a lot of her usual things with it in front of her. Jax stayed home a lot to help his soon to be wife around the house and with Abel. They had decided to wait till after Thomas was born to get married, so Tara didn't have so much to handle at once.

One Monday morning Tara was at the bakery when she felt a sharp pain go through her belly. Taking a deep breath she held onto the counter. Then another pain came through and she fell to her knees knocking everything off the counter.

Donna came running inside at the sound with Cherry right on her heels, "Call 911 now." Donna instructed sitting Tara up right, "breath Tara. It's contractions." she said.

Tara took several deep breaths, "I hope these don't last long." she said squeezing Donna's hands.

"How long have you been having them?" Donna asked.

Tara looked at her best friend, "since last night."

"Tara Knowles." Donna scolded.

The ambulance showed, Cherry had called Jax, he was meeting them at the hospital. Making their way there, Tara continued to take deep breathes.

When they arrived, Jax was waiting at the door to take Donna's place. Walking with his finace, Jax couldn't help but smile, he was going to meet his second son. Donna took Abel from Gemma and hugged, "your little brother is coming." she said.

"Now?" Abel asked looking at Donna.

"Yep." she answered kissing his head.

Bobby, Chips, Happy and the rest of SAMCRO came in within minutes of Tara arriving. Eight hours later, Jax came out smiling from ear to ear, "Thomas is here." he said.

Congrats went around the group, Abel walked to Jax, "Mommy?" he asked.

Jax picked him up, "Yeah, you can see Mommy now." he said carrying him back.

Opening the door, Jax looked in on Tara holding Thomas, she looked beautiful, "someone else wants to see you." he said walking in with Abel.

"Hey baby." she said smiling at Abel, "meet your baby brother, Thomas." she said when Jax set him on the bed.

"Bodder?" Abel asked patting the blanket.

"Yeah, he's your brother." Tara said kissig his head, "I love you Abel."

"I love you too Mommy." he said kissing her sloppily on the cheek.

Tara smiled, "Is everyone here?" she asked.

"Yeah they are all dying to meet Thomas." Jax said taking the newest addition from Tara.

Tara took Abel into her arms and cuddled him. Just because Thomas was a new born didn't mean that Abel was old news. Kissing Abel's hair, she rubbed his back and hummed to him until he was asleep against her.

The nurse told everyone else they could come back. Soon Tara's room was overcrowded with people meeting Thomas and congratulating her and Jax on how beautiful he was. Tara never once let go of Abel, he was still her son and she loved him deeply.

A week later Tara got to take Thomas home. He had escaped the family flaw as Gemma called it. After returning home Jax and Tara began to plan their wedding. They decided to wait till Thomas was six months old.

Eight weeks before the wedding Tara began to feel funny. Instead of hoping it was just a bug, she went to the doctor and found out she was pregnant again. Walking out she rubbed her tummy, "your Daddy and I need to learn to use condoms." she teased laughing.

Two days before the wedding she found shirts for Thomas and Abel to wear. Abel's said, I'm being upgraded again: big brother of two. Thomas's said, I'm being upgraded to big brother of one.

The day of the wedding, Tara couldn't sit still. She couldn't wait to become Mrs. Jackson Teller. It was nerve racking, she hadn't seen Jax all week. Donna had told him he had to stay at the club house, which was probably a good thing, since she was starting to show and had found a new wedding dress.

Jax stood under the tree at the park waiting for Tara to come down the aisle. He wasn't nervous he was excited to finally be marrying the woman of his dreams. Smiling he saw Abel making his way down the aisle. As Abel got closer Jax noticed the writing on his shirt, bending down he read it and his grin broadened.

Donna followed Abel down the aisle holding a wiggling Thomas. When she reached Jax, she handed him Thomas. Jax held Thomas and read his shirt and smiled again. Kissing Thomas on the head, he took Abel's hand as Tara made her way down the aisle with Opie giving her away.

Tara kept her eyes glued to Jax as she walked down the aisle to him and their boys. She knew that all of SAMCRO and Alvarez were in attendance at her wedding, but she didn't care. When they reached Jax, Opie put her hands in his, as he took Thomas and stood behind Jax.

Jax looked Tara and smile when he noticed her beginning baby bump. The preacher started, "Today we are gathered to witness the marrige of Jackson Nathaniel Teller and Tara Grace Knowles. They have decided to go with traditonal vows." he continued, "Jackson do you take Tara to be your lawfully wedded wife in sickness and health until death do you part?" he asked.

"I do." Jax said.

"Tara, do you take Jackson to be your lawfully wedded husband in sickness and health until death do you part?" the preacher asked.

"I do." Tara said.

Jax put Tara's wedding band on her finger. Tara put Jax's wedding band on his finger and smiled.

"I now pronounce you husband and wife. You may now kiss the bride."

Jax was about to kiss Tara when Opie cleared his voice. Tara looked at him confused. Jax smirked and held Tara's hands, "I promise to treat you as good as my leather and ride you as much as my Harley." he added with the club's help.
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