The Baker and The Biker

Taste of Charming

Jax was fuming. He was sitting in the ice cream parlor across the street from Tara's bakery and Opie wouldn't let him out of his sight. Ever since Opie had picked him, he had become a watch dog, something was up; something he wasn't supposed to know about.

Right now the only thing keeping him sitting in the booth was the fact that Abel was sitting on the table before him trying to feed him ice cream. Even he had to admit his son was adorable and a ladies' man. Ever since Anitta had brought him in the women of Charming had been coming to the table and talking to Abel, who loved all the attention. The only problem, the woman that Jax wanted to talk to was holed up in her bakery.

Gemma Teller-Morrow the matriarch of the Sons of Anarchy, had been since its beginning. She had been married to the first president until he had died and was now married to the second president and she was the mother of the third and grandmother to the fourth. Now normally she would have demanded action against anyone who hurt her son, but after hearing the baker talk about her life in St. Louis she almost couldn't blame the woman for being nervous and Jax and the rest of the Sons; they were a scary bunch when they were all together. But Gemma knew them all as big teddy bears who without provocation wouldn't hurt a fly.

Walking into the ice cream parlor she saw that the one porn star she couldn't stand was sitting beside Jax and playing with Abel. That was one thing she wouldn't allow, her son could sleep with any crow eater he wanted, but that porn star was not to be tapped.

"Out Ima." Gemma commanded coming to stand beside the booth.

"What's your deal Gemma? I'm just giving Abel some attention." Ima responded rubbing Jax's thigh.

"No, you're trying to get my son's dick, like you have been for the past 2 years." Gemma responded

"What? No I haven't." Ima stuttered.

"Don't lie to me! I'm not an idiot and take your hand away from his zipper." Gemma warned, "his son is sitting right there and I know for a fact that you're not ready for someone to call you Mommy."

Ima beet red removed her hand from Jax's thigh, got up and stomped out of the ice cream parlor.

Gemma then turned on Jax, "Really? First the junkie whore and now the porn star."

"Give it a break Ma, plus every guy dreams of banging a porn star." He smirked as his Mom made her usual bitch face at him.

Jax just laughed and scooted farther into the booth, making room for her to come and sit beside him. Gemma sat down and slide Abel in front of her. Tickling his little tummy no one heard the door open over Abel's giggling.

Donna walked across the street to the ice cream parlor were everyone was waiting. She was nervous, she knew that Opie was going to immediately want to tell Jax about Tara and the ATF agent, but she had to buy her friend some time.

Opening the door she stepped inside. Opie was up immediately. He walked towards his wife knowing that she knew something.

"Let's talk outside." he said as he guided her back out the door. "What's going on?" he asked when they were outside.

"First I need you to promise me something."


"That you won't go immediately to Jax and tell him what I'm about to tell you."

"Donna, I can't make that promise until I know what the situation is."

"Then I can't tell you."

"Donna." Opie warned.

"Don't even try that Harry Winston!" Donna shot back.

"Why do I have to promise to not tell Jax."

"Because Tara asked if I could buy her some time to find her own solution."

"It's that bad?"

Donna took a deep breath, "Would you listen. Tara was involved with an ATF agent in Chicago, Joshua. He beat her for almost two years when she would do something he didn't like. They got pregnant, but Tara got an abortion because she didn't want to raise the baby with the guy as the father. When he found out he put her in the hospital. That's how she ended up here."

"Is that who left her the note?" Opie asked in a tight voice.

"She believes so. She says things have been going to well for it to not be him."

"Donna I know you told her you get her some time but I have to tell Jax." Opie admitted, he wanted to beat this guys ass as much as Jax would.

"Opie, I don't ask you to tell me everything that happens with the club do I?"


"Okay, then can you please give me this? I just need a couple weeks." Donna continued, "Just find some crow eater who can keep Jax entertained."

"You say that like it'll be easy." Opie grinned, he knew his best friend was a man whore.

"I say it that way, because it's true. Jax will screw anything with two legs and a vagina."

Opie just laughed and pulled his wife to him. Kissing her on the head he looked over at the bakery and saw Tara moving around inside. He didn't know what to do about Jax, he would want to know what was going on. But Opie also knew he couldn't go back on his word to his wife, she had never asked for much in their marriage.

Jax jumped up the second he saw Opie up and moving towards the door to lead Donna back outside. The only downside was the fact that he was in a booth with his son sitting on the table. Abel was now screaming, Gemma was glaring at him and Anitta was just shaking her head.

Jax held Abel close and rubbed his back, "it's okay little man. It's okay."

After a few minutes of ear splitting screaming, Abel calmed down and looked up at Jax with sparkling blue eyes. "Feel better?" Jax asked, tickling his son.

Abel just giggled and grabbed ahold of the chain that Jax always wore. The ice cream he had sitting on the table was forgotten as he played with his Dad's chain.

Tara could see Donna and Opie talking, and she could also see that Opie was struggling with not telling Jax what had happened to her. Grabbing her tray's from the cooling racks at the back of her bakery Tara, headed outside to set up her little tent.

Walking outside she found her tent was right in front of her bakery, Cookie crumbles & Cupcakes, Tara was now more than ready to face the town of Charming and it's many intimidating locals. Turning to go back inside to grab another tray of cupcakes, she noticed the scariest local of all heading her way.

Stepping out from behind her tent she waited patiently for Gemma Teller-Morrow to get to her. There was no reason for Tara to be scared of the woman she had decided in the bathroom.

"Hi Mrs. Morrow." she said as the woman walked up.

"No need for the formalities." Gemma stated looking the woman up and down.

"Okay, what can I do for you?" Tara asked a little taken aback.

"Well first you can stay away from my son and secondly I'm just wanted to say I'm sorry for all the shit you have been through."

"Oh, okay." Tara responded flustered, "well you won't have to worry about me and your son. I'm not looking for anything right now."

"All women say that and then Jax's smirks at them and there goes their underwear and morals running for the hills."

"Well I am not most women, Mrs. Morrow." Tara stressed, "I'm not some slut who just wants to sleep with your son because he is the V.P. of the Sons of Anarchy."

"We'll see about that won't we." Gemma scoffed as she turned to walk away.

Tara stood rooted to her spot. She had never met a woman she hated more than Gemma. The woman knew all the right buttons to push to piss Tara off. Something was going to have to change.

Opie had watched the whole cat fight go down between Gemma and Tara, and he had to hand it to Tara on handling herself. Gemma still scared most of the Sons and they were all grown men. He was pleased that Tara seemed to be doing better than she was earlier in the afternoon.

Jax came outside to stand beside Opie so he had caught the last little bit of the argument between his Mom and the woman he was so curious about.

"What do you think that was about?" he asked as opened his pack of cigarettes.

"Hmmm, I wonder." Opie played.

"Me? Naw, Tara wants nothing to do with me."

"You never know, brother. And come on, most women want something to do with you." Opie smiled, "look at Ima."

"God, I would love to pound that pussy, but my Mom would kill me and I couldn't do that to Abel."

"Still scared of Mommy are we?" Opie teased.

"Don't even start, Op. You're still scared of my Mother."

"True. And when did you grow up and start thinking about your son instead of with your dick?"

Jax just nodded towards the bakery, "When I saw her at the hospital covered in bruises and a boot on her foot."

Opie stared at his best friend, "Jax..."

"What' up Op? You've been starin' at me like you wanna hook up or something?"

"Donna talked to Tara."

"What did she find out?" Jax questioned immediately.

"You were right. Something bad is going on with her, but it's not her fault." Opie.

"Op, just tell me."

"I can't. All I can tell you is that the bad thing isn't her fault."

"What the fuck, Op." Jax snapped, "That's all you can give me."

"Look I know you want more, but for right now that's all I can give you."

"Fine, then I'll go find out myself."

Donna had walked out of the ice cream parlor holding Abel, when she heard Jax say he was going to find out on his own, "Jackson Nathaniel Teller, don't you dare!" she screamed.

Everyone who was the street stopped what they were doing and turned to stare. Some even moved to get a better view for what was surely about to become a full fledge yelling match. The only person not moving was Jax, who was rooted to his spot, his shoulders squared as he turned around, his angry face in place and eyes throwing daggers her way.

Donna handed Abel to Anitta and stood her ground. She was not about to let the prince of Charming get his way.

"What did you say to me?" Jax warned as he turned around to face his best friends wife.

"You heard me Jackson." Donna assured.

"No I don't think I did."

"Then you're getting old." Donna said stepping forward, "You leave her alone this weekend."

"Donna, you're an old lady, you can't tell me what to do." Jax stated glaring down at her.

Donna raised her hand and the smack was heard both ways on the street and everyone took a collective gasp, "Say something like again Jax and you'll live to regret it." She warned, "Tara is not one your crow eater sluts, she has brains, morals, and dreams. Stay away from her."

Tara had stepped outside the bakery just in time to see Donna slap Jax. "Oh no." she whispered as Donna made her way over.

"Donna I'm so sorry." Tara uttered when Donna got close, "I never meant to cause tension between you and your family."

Donna shook her head and rolled her shoulders, "Tara, that wasn't all about you. Most of it was about Jax being a complete and utter jackass, while the smaller part was because he was going to come over and ask you what is going on."

Tara looked past her friend and the Sons V.P. who was glaring at Donna. "Maybe I should just tell them." she whispered.

"No!" Donna countered, "we are going to take some self defense classes, get you some confidence and then we will discuss things with the club."

"Okay. Thank you for sticking by me in all of this." Tara said

"That's what girlfriends do. And they also let their friends try their delish smelling cupcakes."

"Go ahead, I have plenty."

"You're a God send." Donna said as she sunk her teeth into the cupcake.

Jax was staring at his best friends wife and her new friend. He couldn't believe that Donna had slapped him. He knew he had it comin' after his comment, but Donna had never been one to raise her hand at anyone. Now he understood why Opie let Donna wear the pants in their marriage, his cheek was burning and stung like a bitch. Turning around he saw Opie, who yet again was doubled over at his expense, along with several other brothers.

"Fuck you all." he said as he headed back into the ice cream parlor to get some ice for his cheek.

Anitta just smiled as her boss went inside to sooth his bruised ego and inflamed cheek. The man could be such an idiot some days, she thought, but he was a good father. Not paying attention she felt Abel patting her cheek, "What do you want?" she asked.

Abel just pointed across the street to Tara's bakery, "CC" he squealed.

"You want a cupcake?" Anitta asked just to make sure.

"CC" Abel squealed again clapping his little hands.

"Okay, we'll go get you a CC." Anitta laughed as she headed across the street.

Donna was finishing her cupcake when she noticed Anitta and Abel coming her way, "hey guys. how are you?" she asked.

"Entertained." Anitta answered, "and Abel here wants a cupcake."

"Okay, give me one minute. I'm going to ask Tara how much she is selling them for."

"Take your time."

Tara walked out right as Donna turned around to get her, "Just the person I was coming to find."

"What's up?" Tara asked staring at Abel, who looked so much like a miniature version of Jax.

"Abel here wants a cupcake, so I was wondering how much they were."

"For this little handsome fella, they're free." Tara said holding one out to Abel.

"CC" Abel squealed as he grabbed for the cupcake Tara was holding.

"Thank you." Anitta said.

"You're welcome." Tara responded, "I'm Tara Knowles by the way."

"It's nice to meet you. I'm Anitta James, Abel's nanny."

"Jax can afford a nanny?"

"Yes and no. I didn't ask for money when he interviewed me. I have 4 kids of my own who live all across the states so I don't get to see my grandkids all that often. So I really just wanted the pitter patter of little feet around."

"Oh. I can understand that."

"Are you a Mom?" Anitta asked.

"I was, but..." Tara commented, but stopped when she noticed that Jax was heading towards her.

Anitta was going to ask but what until she saw Jax's reflection in the glass of the show, "That man needs another set of brains in his stomach, with how stupid he acts some days." she muttered.

Donna barked a laugh as Jax approached. The old woman had spunk and didn't put with Jax or his bullshit any better than she did.

Tara was frozen in her spot, she had never interacted with Jax beyond giving him a black eye earlier that afternoon.

"Donna can I speak to you?" Jax asked when he arrived to the group of ladies.

"Of course." Donna responded following Jax to the middle of the street.

Tara just watched in awe as the two old friends made up. "It's okay to be attracted to him." Anitta stated watching Tara.

"What? No. I'm not." Tara defended, pointlessly.

"Yes you are. And that's okay. Some day he will realize that his son needs a mother and he doesn't want to sleep with everything that has two legs and a vagina." Anitta mused.

"I can't be a Mom." Tara mustered looking at Anitta.

"Anyone can become a Mom, it does take a special woman to be a Mother though." Anitta said, "And plus you already have the two Teller boys wrapped around your little finger. And you didn't even try." she smiled as Abel reached yet again for Tara. "he wants you to hold him."

"I..." Tara flustered, "Jax will be right back."

"Abel doesn't want Jax at this moment. He wants the person who gave him a CC." Anitta said shifting Abel so that Tara could take him.

Tara awkwardly put her arms out and Abel all but jumped into them and leaned against her. Shifting the little boy in her arms, she relaxed and started to sway. Abel wasn't all that heavy for being what she guessed was around a year old. He was an adorable little boy, blonde hair and blue eyed like his Dad.

Abel shifted in Tara's arms and looked up at her. "CC." he squealed.

"No, you've had enough CC." Anitta answered.

Tara had been so busy staring at the young boy in her arms that she had forgotten that Anitta was standing there. Abel didn't fuss after Anitta told him no, which surprised Tara until she felt him tugging at her hair and now she knew why.

Donna followed Jax away from Anitta and Tara, "What do you want Teller?" she asked icily when he stopped.

"I know you're pissed at me for what I said but can you turn on the heaters?" Jax joked lightly.

Donna just glared at him, "You called me just an old lady, Jax. You can't weasel your way out of that comment with charm."

"I'm sorry, Donna. I didn't mean it." Jax offered, "You know I'm not used to people telling me no."

"I get that, but that was uncalled for."

"I know." Jax said looking, "Is there anyway..."

"Anyway what?" Donna asked impatiently, she didn't want to interact with Jax Teller anymore than she had to that evening. "Jackson Teller, you better answer me or so help me..." Donna threatened.

Jax just ignored her and kept staring at Tara holding Abel, who was playing with her hair. Tara was cradling Abel against her chest and patting his little legs, making him giggle.

Donna was about to walk away in a huff until she turned and saw what had caught Jax's attention. She had to smile at Tara holding Abel, who was loving the Eskimo kisses Tara was giving him. Shifting Donna saw that look, the one men get when they see their children interacting with their Mom's. Abel didn't a Mom, but as Donna watched Jax watch his son with Tara, she wondered how long it would be before Jax got to know Tara in a more personal way.

"Go on Teller." Donna whispered as she laid a hand on his arm.

"Donna." he started.

"We're okay this time. But you pull that shit again, you're losing your most prized possession." she said aiming a fist for his balls.

Jax lunged backwards and laughed. Before leaving Donna he pulled her into a hug, "I really am sorry, Don."

"I know you are." she whispered.

Tara had looked up exactly once while holding Abel and she had been greeted with blue eyes watching her with a different look in them. Jax had been staring at her holding Abel and she didn't know how to take that, so she just started to give Abel Eskimo kisses. The little boy wiggled and giggled happily in her arms, he made her want a child of her own, one she could cuddle and snuggle every day. Feeling a spurt of sadness coming on she buried her head against Abel, who just squealed with delight.

Jax knew Tara had seen him staring, but he couldn't help it. The woman was a natural with Abel, which only made him more attracted to her. His dick seemed to agree because it was straining painfully against the zipper of his jeans, "oh yeah cause now is a great time for that," he whispered as he walked over to his son and Tara. As he got closer he noticed how Tara stiffened, but didn't move back. He could see her physically stopping herself from retreating into her bakery. He was glad that she wasn't running away.

When it was just the table between them Jax said, "I'm not going to hurt you."

Tara just nodded and continued to squeeze Abel. The little boy just looked at his Dad and smiled. Jax slowly made his way around the table to stand beside Tara, he tried to keep some space between them, but he was dying to be close to her, to touch her, smell her, hold her.

Tara took several deep breaths as Jax made his way around the table. She had to physically stop herself from running away. He had just said he wasn't going to hurt her, but she had believed that Joshua would never hurt her either. Closing her eyes and breathing deeply she got spooked when she felt little hands on her face. Opening her eyes, she gazed at Abel who was smiling at her and then turned his head towards his Dad, who was now standing behind her.

Jax reached a hand out to Abel who reached out at the same time to grab his fingers. Abel began to tug which meant that he was going to have to be closer to Tara, who was doing her best to not freak out. Slowly he stepped behind her and closer so that Abel wouldn't be leaning halfway over her shoulder. Tara took a deep breath in and smelled what was uniquely Jax Teller. He didn't smell like she had expected, he smelled male but in all the best ways. Relaxing she ticked Abel who squealed and wiggled in her arms, still holding onto his Dad's fingers.

Anitta had made her way away from the group of 3 to stand with Donna, Opie and their kids. "Are they gonna get married?" Ellie asked, watching her Uncle.

"Maybe." Opie answered pulling Donna closer.

"Ew not in public." Ellie shuttered at her parents.

"Oh Ellie. You're Dad and I can't show we're in love, but your Uncle Jax can show when he is interested in someone. How is that fair?" Donna laughed.

"Abel isn't big enough to see how gross PDA is." Ellie responded.

"Touché" Opie laughed.

After being held by Tara for a good 45 minutes Abel got tired and fussy and only wanted Jax. Reaching for his Dad, Tara turned around and handed over the little boy who made her wish she was a mother.

"Come here little man." Jax cooed as he took Abel from Tara. Abel just snuggled against his Dad, kutte and all. It was enough to make Tara want to have sex with the man right then and there.

Ever since Jax had come to stand behind her, she had had to control her breathing. The man was doing funny things to her. She knew she wasn't ready to even think about a relationship, but somehow this one particular biker had found her soft spot, kids. Stepping back, Tara watched as Jax swayed gently back and forth until Abel was passed out against his chest. It was a sight she wanted to see more of, Dad and Son.

"You should get him home." She squeaked turning fire engine red.

Jax stared at Tara, something was wrong. She had been fine just a couple of seconds ago, but not wanting to push her any more out of her comfort zone he relented, "You're right." he said as he started to walk towards Anitta, "Have a good night Tara."

"You too, Jax." she replied not even bothering to ask how he knew her name.

When Jax reached the group he had a funny look on his face, "What did you do?" Donna asked as she watched her friend start to pack up her tent.

"I didn't do anything. Tara just freaked." Jax answered as he handed a sleeping Abel to Anitta. He had to stay and help clear out main street.

"Okay I'll go talk to her." Donna stated heading towards the bakery.

No one noticed the man up the street holding a camera, snapping perfectly timed pictures.

Tara's hands were shaking so badly she almost dropped two of her serving trays and was about to drop the final one when Donna walked up, "Woah, let me get that." she said quickly grabbing the falling tray, "is everything okay?"

"Yes, no, I don't know." Tara muttered looking confused.

"Well let's get the rest of this torn down and we can talk."


It only took a few minutes for the two women to get the rest of Tara's trays and decorations inside the bakery and ready for the next day.

"Now what has you shaking so badly?" Donna asked sitting at one of the tables.

"I felt something." Tara admitted, "Something for Jax and Abel."

"What did you feel?"

"That I want to see more of them." Tara whispered

"And that scared you?"

"Terribly. I'm not ready for any kind of relationship and they deserve someone who isn't so messed up in the head."

"Now hold on one minute, Tara you are not messed up in the head, you have been through some majorly traumatic things in the past couple of years, so that's bound to leave some scars." Donna started, "And now you listen to me, you wanting to see more of Jax and Abel could be a good thing, you are phenomenal with Abel and his is a picky little boy. Now Jax is well that maybe his charm or the way he can make you feel as though nothing bad will ever happen to you again."

Tara just nodded, Jax had given her that exact feeling. That nothing bad would or could happen as long as he was around her. "Donna, for the first time in 3 years I have felt safe."

"You are safe in Charming. Nothing will happen to you in this town, especially once we take some defense classes and give the club some heads up about what happened in Chicago."

"Thanks again for being my voice of reason."

"Not a problem. Now go home and get some sleep tomorrow is another busy day."

The two friends hugged and parted ways for the night. Tara arrived back at her house and looked down the block and noticed the motorcycle. Waving she headed to her front door, where there was a package. Bending down she opened the box and looked inside.

There were two things in the box: a camera and a note. Setting the box back down she turned on the camera and was immediately horrified, there were pictures of her holding Abel, Jax watching her and then some of Jax standing behind her interacting with Abel. Slowly Tara bent down and opened the note: This could have been us, but you killed our baby.

Tara spun around and looked frantically around her and up and down the street. She couldn't believe it. He had found her.
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