The Baker and The Biker


Jax woke up half way through the night to something tickling his nose. Turning he heard a muffled grumble and an arm tightened around his waist. Shifting he moved the hair away from his nose and looked at Tara who was holding onto him as if he was a life line. Lowering the arm that was behind his head, he tucked Tara closer to him.

Tara had started to struggle against Jax, so he began to gently rub her side. Soon she was still and fast asleep. Jax laid quietly listening to her breathing even out. Letting himself drift off again, Jax wondered if this is what it would feel like to hold Tara every night.

As the sun rose so did Tara. She cursed Joshua for not allowing curtains in the apartment in Chicago, but at this moment she was glad. The natural light coming in from her window casted a glow on Jax Teller, who was still fast asleep. He looked so peaceful. Having him at her mercy she traced his lips with her fingers and trailed them down to his abs and traced his six pack lightly. Feeling his stir, Tara stopped and quickly dashed to the bathroom.

Why did I do that? He isn't mine to touch. she chastised herself. After brushing her teeth and washing her face, Tara peeked out into her bedroom and saw that Jax was still fast asleep. Quietly she made her way across her room to the closet, grabbing a change of clothes she went back into the bathroom to change.

Feeling ready to face the day, she headed out into the kitchen to make some coffee and breakfast. Sneaking a glance she saw that the same two Sons were outside. Grabbing two cups of coffee she headed towards the front door. Opening the door she poked her head out and looked at the two tired Sons.

Chibs nudged Happy with his boot, "the lass is up." he said.

Happy turned towards the tan house, "is everything okay," he asked getting off his Harley.

Tara stopped at the end of the drive way and nodded and held out the two cups of coffee as the roar of motorcycles came up the street. Chibs jumped off his motorcycles and followed Happy as they walked across the street to Tara. Each took a cup and then gulped down the liquid.

"Wow." Happy smiled, "that was a good cup of coffee."

"That it was, brother." Chibs agreed.

Tara just nodded and looked at Tig and Juice, who just arrived. Walking up, "coffee, where?" Juice asked looking around.

"Inside." Tara squeaked.

Jax had woken when Tara did because of her jump. It was hard when she had traced his lips. Jax had been dying to put his hands in her hair and pull her full lips down to his. But he had almost come unglued when Tara's fingers made their way down to his abs. It had been the single most intimate moment he had ever had with a woman and he was supposed to be asleep.

Rolling over Jax looked at the door and heard Tara moving around in her kitchen. When he heard the front door open he made his way into the bathroom. Looking around he realized that Tara was not a normal woman. Her bathroom was very minimalist, but still feminine. She had little touches here and there like the living room, but overall the room was unisex. Splashing some water on his face, Jax moved to change into his clothes from yesterday and noticed Tara's sleep clothes laying on the floor, with a hint of purple lace showing.

Never being able to control his curiosity, Jax picked up the purple lace boy shorts and took a labored breath, "not a good idea." he said out loud. Putting the underwear back in place Jax made his way into her bedroom. Putting his clothes back in the duffle, he heard the front door open and voices come inside.

Tara had slowly started to back up as Tig and Juice had come up. She was still unsure of them. She was about to back up some more when she ran into something.

Turning around, "sorry." she whispered to the Scottish accented one.

"It's alright dear," Chibs told the nervous woman, "I'm Filip, but everyone calls me Chibs." he said trying to reassure Tara.

"Tara." she replied quietly, looking at the other 3 men standing on her driveway talking.

Chibs gently put his arm over her shoulders, "The bald one there is Happy, the curly headed lad is Tig, and the tattooed head guy is Juice." he told her pointing them out as he introduced them.

Tara nodded feeling more comfortable at least knowing the men's names. "Tig and Juice are going to be watching your house today while you are at the bakery." Chibs informed, "and Jackie-boy is going to follow you to the bakery."

"What about you and Happy?" Tara asked unsure.

"Well lass, we are going to go the club house and catch some z's." Chibs replied.

Tara nodded, "are you all hungry? I could make some breakfast."

"Hey brothers, ya hungry?" Chibs asked, gaining the attention of the other three men.

Happy, Tig and Juice all looked at each other and then at Tara and nodded.

Tara quickly headed inside with the little army following after her. Heading towards her kitchen, Tara started getting out ingredients for pancakes and waffles. After everything was set out, she felt a hand on hers, looking over she saw Happy.

"You don't have to cook us breakfast." Happy said looking at the nervous baker.

"It's the least I can do." Tara argued.

"No. You don't owe us anything." Happy argued, "as a club we don't tolerate bastards beating up on women."

Tara nodded and felt a tear start down her cheek, Happy just reached over and wiped it away with his thumb. Nodding at Tara he went and sat back down at her kitchen table.

Jax stood in the hallway watching his brothers interact with the woman who had stolen his heart. Opie was going to give him shit for it, but Jax didn't care. Tara was different. This time things would work out, even if it killed him.

Stepping out into the light, "morning, Jackie-boy." Chibs responded scooting his chair over.

"Morning" Jax responded walking over to Tara, who had her back to him. Gently he placed his hands on her shoulders, "how did you sleep?" he asked quietly.

Tara looked over her shoulder at Jax, "good. better." she whispered turning red.

Jax just smiled and rubbed her shoulders, before walking to sit down around the table.

"Hey chef." Tig stopped when he saw Jax glaring at him, "that smells amazing." Tig finished returning the glare at Jax.

"Thank you." Tara said turning around with a plate full of pancakes, "I have pancakes and waffles. And I'll get the syrup." she said placing the plate down in front of the guys, who all jumped to get food. Grabbing the syrup and butter she set them on the table.

The little group of six ate in silence. The guys all to concentrated on saying something that might end in Jax wanting to kill them and Tara was to nervous to say anything. Juice was the first to break the silence, "that was amazing."

"Thanks. Juice?" Tara hesitantly responded.

"Yeah." He reassured.

Jax watched Tara interact and realized that for her to become comfortable, she was going to have to meet the guys and be around them more than just short meetings like this. Especially since Bobby would be spending everyday in her bakery.

As breakfast came to a close, there was a loud thump outside. Getting up the Sons made their way to the front window of Tara's house and looked out to see Half-Sack lowering her car into her drive way. Jax gently squeezed Tara's shoulders and led her back to her bedroom.

"Everything is going to be okay. I'm going to head out front and talk to the prospect. Are you going to be okay?" he asked.

"Yeah, I need to shower. And what is Happy doing in my kitchen?" she asked curious.

"He's going to do your dishes. He's a bit of a neat freak."

"He doesn't have to."

"He wants to. Tara every Son here wants to help you. They want to see you stay in Charming. Each of us has some motive, but mostly it's to keep your safe."

"What's your motive?" Tara asked because that was all she had heard out of what Jax had told her.

"I'll tell you at a later date, so we need to take a minute to figure everything out." Jax responded smiling.

"Okay we'll take a minute." Tara agreed, having no idea what he meant by taking a minute.

"I promise we will talk about my motive." Jax said as if reading her mind.

Tara just smiled as Jax walked to her door. Following behind him she locked her bedroom door and headed towards her bathroom to take a shower.

Walking into the kitchen Jax looked at Happy, "be careful with her stuff." he instructed.

"Got it, Boss." Happy responded as he continued to wash the dishes.

Jax just smirked and walked outside to talk to Half-Sack. "Hey.. Hey.. Jax." Half-Sack said as Jax approached.

"Prospect." Jax replied, "any problems with car?"

"Nope was able to move it no problem."

"Good. Anyone around it?"

"Not when I got there."

"Alright unhook it and head back to TM."

After Half-Sack was done putting Tara's car in her drive way he headed back to Teller-Morrow, while Jax waited for Tara to come outside. Happy came out of the house smelling his hands, "Do I even want to know?" Tig asked.

"They smell like lemons." Happy replied shoving his hand in Tig's face.

"Get those mitts..." Tig started before smelling Happy's hands, "wow they really do."

Jax just laughed and looked at Chibs and Happy, "head back to the club house to get some sleep."

"Alright boss." Happy replied walking to his bike.

"See ya later lover boy." Chibs laughed as he headed towards his bike.

Jax just shook his head, leave it to Chibs to see something Jax didn't want seen yet. Looking at Juice and Tig, "you don't have to sit in front of her house all day, just do some drive by's. Make sure everything is okay."

"So do you want us to try her doors and everything?" Juice asked as Tig slapped him in the back of the head.

"No, just check out any cars that don't look like they belong and make sure nothing is wrong with the house."

Juice and Tig didn't say anything as they headed back to TM. Jax sat outside on the front steps and waited for Tara. He was worried about Abel, he hadn't spent a night away from his son since he had brought him from the hospital. He was pulling his phone out when Anitta's car pulled to a stop in front of Tara's house.

Getting up Jax headed towards the car, "Anitta is everything okay?" he asked worried looking the back seat at a tear stained faced Abel.

"Everything is fine, Jax. Abel just missed you." Anitta said getting Abel out of his car seat. The little boy was wiggling to get away from Anitta and to his Dad.

Jax took Abel and kissed his head, "hey little guy. It's okay. I won't leave you again." he cooed as Abel gulped for air.

"Is everything okay, Jax?" Anitta asked in a hushed tone.

"I think so. I don't for sure though."

"What are you going to do about it?"

"Make sure Tara is safe."


"Because that's what the Sons of Anarchy do." Jax retorted, getting tired of people questioning his motives.

"Is that the only reason?" Anitta questioned, knowing that Jax wanted to keep his motive to himself.


"Good." Anitta smiled as Tara stepped outside.

"Good morning, Anitta" Tara said coming to stand beside Jax.

"Good morning, Tara" Anitta replied taking in the picture of Jax, Tara and Abel. She kept her thoughts to herself about them being a cute family. "I do hope everything is okay."

Tara nodded, "everything is better this morning."

"I'm glad." she said stepping forward, "Well I will take Abel home and put him down for a nap." she said trying to pry Abel away from Jax, but Abel wasn't having it.

"Actually Anitta." Tara said, "I was wondering if you and Abel would like to hang out at the bakery today?"

Looking at Abel, who just realized that Tara was there, "I think that would be a great idea. I'll have to run by Jax's and get his play pen." Anitta said happily looking at Abel who was now reaching for Tara.

Tara gently took Abel from Jax, "well why don't I follow Jax home and give you a couple hours of sleep, it doesn't look as though you got much." she finished.

"You would be right." Anitta smiled rubbing Abel's back, "this little guy has a powerful set of lungs."

"Good, that means he's healthy." Jax said not able to take his eyes off Tara holding his son, "Tara are you sure you want to watch him by yourself?" he asked looking her over.

"Yeah I'll be fine." Tara insisted, "I love kids."

Anitta couldn't hide her smile at the look on Jax's face. He looked so in love and didn't even realize it. It was a sight that Anitta was happy to see, since Jax was known around town as man-whore, it was funny to see him so smitten with a woman who didn't and wouldn't put up with his shit.

"Okay, then I guess you can follow me home and we'll get Abel all packed up for the day." Jax said smiling.

"Oh Tara you are going to need his car seat." Anitta said remembering their plan for the day.

Jax walked with Anitta to her car and helped her get Abel's car seat out and into Tara's little car, while Tara played with Abel who was smiling and happy. She had his feet grazing the ground making him giggle happily as he stared up at her. Jax stopped more than once to look at his son and smile. It looked for effortless for Tara to take care of him.

Once the car seat was in Tara's back seat she scooped Abel up and walked towards her car, "ready to go for a ride little man?" she asked smiling. Abel just clapped his hands as she buckled him in and headed towards the driver's seat.

"Thanks Tara. I really need some sleep." Anitta smiled.

Tara smiled and hugged the woman. Turning to Jax, "I'll follow you." she grinned.


"Now the tables are turned." she giggled.

Jax just smiled and walked to his bike. Climbing onto his bike he put on his helmet and prepared to show Tara his home.

Gemma Teller-Morrow was furious. Clay was keeping something from her and she didn't like it. Jax wasn't answering his cell phone and he wasn't at home. Pacing in his living room she stopped when she heard his bike pull up and turn off. Walking to front door she stepped outside and froze. It wasn't just her son coming home, it was also the baker, who had Abel in her back seat.

Walking towards the drive way, "Jackson Nathanial Teller." she snapped, "Where have you been all night?" she demanded to know.

"I was out." Jax replied walking towards Tara's car to get out Abel.

"Out where?"

"Out." Jax answered glaring at his Mom.

"With the baker I'm assuming." she commented glaring at Tara.

"He was with me, Gemma. I asked him to stay at my house." Tara interjected.

"Did ya suck his dick to?"

"Mom. Knock it off." Jax warned.

Gemma just passed her son and got in Tara's face, "I told you to stay away from my son."

"Your son is a grown man." Tara replied going toe to toe with Gemma yet again, "I will see him if I want to."

"You've been warned Chef." Gemma retold before heading to her Cadillac.

Tara just turned and stared at Jax, "Your Mom is crazy."

"She's just protective." Jax said holding Abel and staring at where his Mom's Cadillac had been sitting.

"Jax, don't take this the wrong way, but she seems a little obsessed with you."

"I know. She is, but that's because of my little brother."

"Oh, Jax. I'm sorry. I didn't know." Tara said quickly walking over to him, "I never would have."

Jax just took one of Tara's hands, "it's okay. I don't talk about Thomas a whole lot. Someday I'll tell you about him and why my Mom is obsessed with me."

"Okay." Tara agreed squeezing his hand.

Together they walked into Jax's house. Tara looked around in awe, the house was clean. Not what she expected from a bachelor pad. Walking around, she loved the layout. It was an open kitchen and dining room with a separate living room. The walls were covered with Harley Davidson mirrors, but Tara had to give that to Jax, since it was his house.

"See something you like?" Jax asked as he watched Tara explore his house.

"No, just curious." she admitted blushing, "its... so you." she finished sitting down on the couch.

Jax looked around, "I guess it is." he said folding up the play pen.

Standing up he looked at Tara and extended his hand. Tara gently took Jax's hand headed back out to her car. "I'll follow you to the bakery and call Bobby."

"Okay. Thanks again for staying at my house last night, Jax."

"It wasn't a problem, Tara." Jax replied buckling Abel into his car seat, "Ready for today?"

"Yeah, more than I have been lately."

"It's going to be okay," Jax told her pulling Tara close and holding her.

Tara just rested her head on his shoulder and let herself relax. She felt better about the whole situation. It actually felt like she was going to be able to handle everything her way. Jax and Tara stood in their embrace silently, each thinking about the other until they heard clapping and squealing.

Tara turned to look at Abel, who had been watching them, "I think he likes us together."

"He isn't the only one." Jax agreed ruffling Abel's hair, "come on let's get your bakery open."

Tara and Jax arrived at her bakery, to see Bobby standing in front of the small door, with a group of people waiting to get inside. "What's going on Bobby?" Jax asked as Bobby came to help him with the play pen.

"People been waiting out here for an hour or so, wanting to tastes the baker's stuff." Bobby commented looking at Tara, who was holding Abel.

"They have?" she asked looking at the group.

"Yes ma'am. Word of mouth has been spreading around town and outside of if about your treats." Bobby commented smiling.

Tara smiled happily, while Abel clapped. Turning she walked towards her bakery, "Everyone please listen." The group stopped talking and turned to look at Tara.

"My treats are going to take some time to bake. I do not make any overnight, everything is made fresh the morning of. I am so glad you all have come out, but please come back in a few hours and I'll give you all a treat." Tara explained. The group of people seemed satisfied and dispersed.

Tara unlocked the door and propped it open so that the smells of her treats would waft out onto main street, drawing people in. Jax and Bobby put the play pen back together, when it was finished Tara set Abel down inside with a blanket. Gently rubbing his back, Jax watched his one year old son fall asleep.

Bobby had been standing besides Jax, watching him and Tara watch Abel. The little guy didn't know how lucky he had become. There was a mother's instinct in Tara's eyes that showed she would never let anything happen to that little boy. And then there was Jax, who in and of his own right was the most dangerous man, because of his present and always accounted for protective streak.

Walking over to Tara, Bobby put his hand, "I'm Bobby Munson. Treasurer of Sons of Anarchy."

"Tara Knowles." Tara said looking at Bobby, he looked the least intimidating of the Sons.

"Tara are you okay?" Jax asked.

"Yeah, I just need to get baking."

"Okay, then I'm going to head home to TM and work on some stuff." Jax said.

Bobby followed him outside, "keep an eye on her. She seems okay, but sometimes it just hits." Jax informed.

"Got it VP. I'll call if anything happens." Bobby replied looking through the window and at the young baker.

"Thanks again for doing this Bobby."

"You know none of us have an issue keeping her safe."

"Some do."

"Tig is Tig."

"True." Jax agreed laughing.

Jax got on his bike and headed to TM while Bobby headed back inside to keep an eye on Tara. Sitting inside Bobby was able to see what had attracted Jax to the baker, it was her quiet strength. She didn't let anyone handle anything she couldn't do on her own. It was something Jax needed to balance out his protective streak.

Across town Joshua Kohn opened Tara's front door and slipped inside. Looking around he could see that she was OCD about where everything was placed. He had seen the bikers stay the night outside her house, but also the one who slept inside. Walking back towards her bedroom, Joshua just slightly moved a little Precious Moments figurine, Tara had sitting on the bar.

Walking into the bedroom he could see that he had instilled some sense of good in the whore, because the bed was made wonderfully. Everything in place. Looking around he noticed the sleeping bag on the floor beside the bed. There was a pillow laying beside it.

"So the biker did stay in the bedroom with you." Joshua noted out loud, "Well that will change."

Turning towards the bathroom, he went inside and just moved Tara's shampoo and conditioner a little out of place, after finishing in the bathroom Joshua left the house and locked the door. He was in his rental car when he heard the roar of motorcycles.

"Too late assholes." he smiled looking in his review mirror.

In town Tara's bakery was in full swing. She had gone to work as soon as Jax had left making chocolate chip cookies, pecan muffins, chocolate and cheesecake swirl cupcakes. Some of her favorite goodies to make. Soon her bakery had a line. People were even sitting inside, some talking, some asking her questions, and some even looking through her books.

"Do you make this turtle cupcake very often?" a woman asked.

"I do, it's one of my favorites to make." Tara replied coming to stand close to the book.

"How many is in a batch?"

"It depends, I can make a batch of 6, 13, or 18."

"Oo wonderful. Could I put in an order of two 13 batch orders?"

"Of course." Tara replied, getting an order form and handing it to the woman.

The woman filled out the form and handed it back to Tara, "So all I would have to do is come in and pay and pick up the order."

"That's all." Tara replied smiling. Her first party order.

As the day continued Tara got two more party orders, making her day feel successful. It became slightly more hectic when Abel had woken up and wanted to played with and held. But Tara had managed. The little boy had become important to her.

Bobby smiled and pulled his cell phone out and snapped some pictures and sent them to Jax. He couldn't help it, he was the least romantic of the crew, but Tara with Abel was something he couldn't pass up. The woman was a natural with the little boy, who was so much like his Dad.

Jax was sitting in the chapel with Clay, when his phone buzzed. Picking it up he couldn't help but smile.

"What's up VP?" Clay asked looking at his step-son.

Jax just turned his phone around and showed Clay the picture of Tara holding Abel and running her bakery.

"That woman would make a great old lady." Clay mused looking at Jax. He knew Gemma hated the woman, but it was obvious to everyone else that Jax was hooked.

As the day dwindled down Tara handed Abel over to Anitta who had shown up around 2 to help with Abel and the bakery. Now she was on her way home with Opie behind her. Jax was handling a club matter. Getting out her car she waved at Half-Sack who was sitting on his bike outside her house. The poor prospect just waved and blushed.

Walking in Tara noticed that her Precious Moments figurine was moved, but she just thought it had happened that morning with so many people in her home. Heading towards her bedroom she changed into a pair of work out shorts and a t-shirt when she heard her front door open.

"Tara, ya here?" Donna called standing by the front door.

"Bedroom." Tara called back.

Donna made her way back, "hey girlfriend, how did today go?" she asked sitting down to tie her tennis shoes.

"Good, really good. I have 3 party orders of cupcakes. All within the next 3 weeks." Tara smiled.

Donna got up and hugged her friend, "Tara, that's awesome. Do you need any help putting them together?"

"I could use all the help I can get. My bakery was so busy today I could barely keep up."

"Well I know that Half-Sack knows someone who is looking for a job." Donna grinned.

"Who?" Tara asked curious.

"The lady he wants to become his old lady, her name is Cherry." Donna said, "she is real nice and a hard worker."

Tara nodded, "Well I guess I'll tell Half-Sack to send her by. Does he have a name?" she asked.

"Kip." Donna said laughing, "since he is a prospect, he is only called a prospect or half-sack."

"Oh, okay. I still don't get it, but."

"It is a little strange." Donna agreed, "how was it with Jax staying last night?"

"Good. I slept better than I have in over a year." Tara admitted blushing.

"I'm glad, but come on slow poke. We need to get going if we are going to make this defense class on time." Donna urged.

Finishing tying her shoe, Tara stood up, "Ready. Is it okay if I drive?" she asked.

"That's fine by me." Donna said following her friend outside. "hey guys we're going to head to Lodi, for that self defense class."

Opie and Half-Sack nodded, "Alright, we'll follow you till you're out of Charming." Opie said.

"Sounds good." Tara agreed climbing into her car.

The drive to Lodi was calm and chatter filled. Donna and Tara talked as if they hadn't seen each other in days when in reality it had only been a day. As they parked in front of the gym, Tara took a deep breath and looked at Donna. She knew there was no way she could thank the woman sitting next to her. The one person who had gotten her to open up about her past.

Donna reached over and squeezed Tara's arm, "you ready to kick some ass?" she asked smiling.

"Let's go." Tara said opening her door.

Once inside the gym, Tara and Donna signed all the paperwork saying they would pay for 12 classes each and would not sue the gym if something happened because they were taking the classes.

Back in Charming, Opie was at Jax's with Ellie and Kenny, who were playing with Abel. "You okay brother?" Opie asked Jax, who had been quiet all night.

"Yeah, just thinking?"

"So that's the smoke I saw coming off your head." Opie joked.

Jax threw a wadded up napkin at him, "shut up." he laughed, "how did you know you wanted to be with Donna?"

"Why ya asking?"

"Come on, Op. You really going to make me say it?"

"You know I am."

"There's something about Tara. Something different. The way she is with Abel, the way I can't stop thinking about her or the way I just want to protect her."

"Jax are you saying what I think you're saying?"

"I don't know if it's love. I thought I loved Wendy and look at how that turned out." Jax admitted looking at Abel, "I almost lost my son."

Opie looked at his best friend, "Tara isn't Wendy. Not even close. She would never let anything happen to Abel."

"I know."

"Look I think you and Tara need some time away together. Time to be a couple and get to know each other."

"Yeah you're right. After this whole mess is taken care. I'll take Tara for a weekend to the cabin."

"Sounds good brother."

After another hour, Opie and the kids headed home. He had to be ready to watch Tara's house that night and Gemma had arrived at Jax's. Jax was in no mood to deal with his Mom. She had been causing issues since Tara had come to town.

"Where you goin with this baker bitch, Jax?"

"Mom let it go."

"No. Where's this goin'? You have a son to think about."

"You're right I do. But Abel is my son, not yours. And he loves Tara." Jax said turning to face Gemma, "you saw that for yourself this morning."

Gemma just grimaced, "I saw a one year old, who loves to be held." she countered, "that does not mean he likes her."

"What do you want me to say Mom? That I'll be a single father the rest of my life, just fuck crow eaters to get my fix." Jax argued, "well I'm sorry to disappoint, but I want a family. I want more kids. I want a wife to come home to."

"So is the baker the wife you're thinking of?" Gemma asked snidely, "she's not old lady material."

"I don't give a shit what you think, Mom. What happens between me and Tara is my business, not yours."

In Lodi, Tara and Donna walked out the gym laughing at each other. "I haven't been in this much pain since I gave birth." Donna wheezed.

Tara just laughed, "But it's a good pain." she commented holding her side.

"Definitely." Donna agreed, "I'm glad you asked if I would like to come."

"I didn't." Tara said smiling, "you asked if you could come along." she laughed as she unlocked her car.

"Whatever." Donna smiled, "it was a great idea."

Tara nodded and tried to start her car again, "what's wrong?" Donna asked.

"I don't know. It won't start." Tara commented turning the key again.

The roar of motorcycles became almost deafening as they surrounded Tara's Mazda. Donna hit the lock button before Tara could even comprehend what was going on.

"Oh no." Donna whispered.

"What?" Tara asked nervous.


"I don't know what that means."

"It means we're in some trouble." Donna said as a knuckle wrapped on the window.

Both women jumped and turned to face Marcus Alvarez, "step out of the car please." he asked.

Tara looked at Donna unsure of what to do, "no." Donna said nervously.

"Ladies, I do not want to have to break a window in this nice vehicle." Alvarez said.

Looking again at Donna, "let's just do what he said." she said.

"Tara." Donna warned.

"Donna we don't have any other choice and I don't have the money to get my windows fixed."

"Okay." Donna finally agreed.

Tara hit the unlock button her door and slowly opened her door. Stepping outside she came face to face with Marcus Alvarez. Donna opened her door and quickly came to stand beside Tara.

"Now what are two SAMCRO old ladies doing in Lodi?" Alvarez asked.

"Old ladies?" Tara questioned.

"You're not an old lady?" Alvarez asked

Tara looked at him confused, "I don't know what an old lady is." she commented.

"You're friend here is an old lady." another Mayan biker said, "She has the crow on her back."

Tara looked at Donna, "It means that I belong to a member of the Sons of Anarchy." Donna explained, "When you marry or become involved with a son, they brand you in a way."


"Now that we are all clear, what are you two doing on our turf?" the same Mayan biker asked.

Tara cleared her throat and looked at Marcus Alvarez, "We came to take the self defense class at this gym." she explained.

"Need self defense against the Sons of Anarchy?" Marcus asked.

"No, someone from my past." Tara explained further, "Donna volunteered to come with me so I wouldn't be alone."

"Did this person hurt you?" Alvarez asked stepping closer to Tara and Donna, making Donna back up.

"Yes, that is why I wanted to take some self defense classes."

"Okay. Then why aren't you half way back to Charming?"

"My car won't start."

"Well pop your hood. My guy here is a mechanic. He'll take a quick look." Marcus explained, "And by the time the Sons get here we will be long gone."

"Why would sons be on their way?" Tara asked.

"Because they have been listening to this whole conversation, courtesy of your friend."

Tara turned to Donna, "I'm sorry. I was nervous so I called Opie."

"It's fine," Alvarez said, "at least this way the Sons of Anarchy know we didn't harm their ladies."

Opie had answered his phone when Donna's name had popped up. Then heard a voice that sent chills down his back, Marcus Alvarez. The Sons of Anarchy didn't have a good relationship with the Mayans. Looking outside he saw Half-Sack. Instructing him to watch his kids, Opie drove over to Jax's. Gemma's Cadillac was still in the drive way which meant one of two things; either they were arguing or they were having a smoke fest.

Knocking on the door he met Jax and handed him the phone. Jax had told Gemma to stay with Abel. And now the two of them were on the road to Lodi to get Tara and Donna.

Tara had her hooded popped and open for the Mayan biker to look at her engine. He kept grunting and making other noises. All of which were making her nervous. The car wasn't even a year old, so there shouldn't have been anything wrong with it.

"It looks like the cable connections." The Mayan said pulling his head from Tara's engine.

"What does that mean?" Tara asked looking at her engine and seeing nothing.

"It means they are corroded and not connecting to your battery." he explained.

"How would they become corroded? I have only had this car two months." Tara said

Marcus Alvarez stepped up and looked at the engine, "was something poured here?" he asked his guy.

"Could be. That would be right over the cables."

"So someone sabotaged my car?" Tara questioned in a high pitched voice.

Alvarez was stepping towards Tara, when Jax and Opie pulled up. "What's going on?" Jax asked looking at a distraught Tara.

"Someone sabotaged the ladies car." Alvarez said standing back from Tara.

Jax looked at Alvarez, "Sure it wasn't one of your guys." he asked.

"Look, we got a call that two SAMCRO old ladies were in Lodi, alone. We came to check it out." Alvarez said in a tight tone.

"It's true Jax. They didn't come up until we were already in the car." Tara said holding onto Jax' arm.

Jax looked between Tara and Alvarez, "okay. I'm sorry."

"It's okay." Alvarez said, "but her car won't run. We have a tow truck, we can take it into Charming to your shop as long as I know we will okay getting out of Charming."

"I'll call Clay and let him know you are coming in and have an okay from me." Jax said pulling out his cell phone.

Calling Clay, Jax put him on speaker and explained what had happened in Lodi and that the Mayans were just assisting Tara and Donna and had offered to bring Tara's car to Charming. After hearing everything, Clay agreed to allow the Mayans a one-time free pass into Charming. They were to come to Teller-Morrow and then leave. Bobby and Tig would meet them as they entered Charming; Clay and Juice would follow them out.

Alvarez agreed and sent two of his guys to get the tow truck. While they were waiting, Jax just held Tara, who was worried about her car. She knew who had messed with it, she just didn't know when.

Back in Charming, Joshua snuck back into Tarah's house. He was going to make that whore pay, that night. No one killed his unborn children and got away with it. Plus she had to pay for sleeping with the biker. The sleeping bag on the floor didn't fool him, he knew that something had happened between them. Tarah was his and no one else's.

Stepping into her closet, all he had to was wait for her to arrive home. So he could punish her for being a whore.

When the tow truck arrived, Tara climbed on Jax's bike behind him and held on for dear life. She had only been on his bike once and that time she had been so high on adrenaline that didn't matter. This time she was painfully aware of the rumbling machine beneath her. Closing her eyes, she laid her head against Jax's back and relaxed.

Before Tara knew it she was standing in front of her house on shaky legs. "The first long ride on a bike can leave ya sea legged." Jax said holding her.

"I can tell." she answered laying her head on his shoulder, "you should get home to Abel." she said stepping away unwillingly.

"You sure?"

"Yeah. I'll be okay." Tara said stepping back, "I'm just going to take a shower and go bed. Plus we need to take a minute, remember."

"Yeah, but a minutes a long time." Jax said pulling her back to him.

Donna and Opie both stood at the end of Tara's drive way watching the two. It was obvious to everyone except them that they were in love with each other. Jax had finally been tamed while Tara had finally found the one person to heal her.

Tara gently pulled away from Jax and kissed his cheek, "Good night, Jackson." she said teasing.

"Good night Tara."

Giving a wave to her friends she headed inside. Making her way back to her bedroom she didn't notice anything out the ordinary. She was busy too busy taking off her shoes to notice the closet door open, "hello Tarah." a cold voice said.

Donna, Opie and Jax stood outside talking. It had been a weird night for them all. Opie didn't say a word about the conversation he and Jax had had. Donna wondered what was going on in the minds of the two men she was standing with but didn't ask, because her phone rang.

Tara unlocked her phone quickly and called Donna, put it on speaker and locked it again, before turning to face Joshua.

"Joshua." she whispered.

"You've been a very bad girl." he said coming closer to her.

Tara looked at her nightstand. "Looking for this?" he asked holding up her gun. "Yeah I found it and removed all the bullets." he sneered.

Looking around Tara knew she was in trouble. Joshua stalked towards her and before she could move, he had her by the hair. Screaming Tara jerked and tried to kick Kohn in the leg, but missed and fell.

Hearing Tara scream had Jax running towards her door. Trying the lock he looked at Opie, it was locked. Tara was always worried about safety.

Joshua laid Tara down on the ground and straddled her, "now you listen to me you little whore. We are going to make a baby and this time you will not kill it. Do you understand me?" he asked.

When Tara didn't answer he hit her with the butt of the gun on the collarbone. Rolling into the fetal position, Joshua got off her and stood to undo his pants.

Tara looked up at Kohn and knew that if she didn't do something she would be dead. Raising her leg she kicked him hard in the shin sending him falling down on her, "you stupid bitch." he snarled slapping her.

Jax had had enough. "I'm sorry." he said out loud before putting his foot against the front door sending it flying off the hinges.

Joshua heard the door come off the hinges, "you stupid whore. I guess you really are a biker slut now." he said turning towards the door.

Tara grabbed his gun and fired a shot.

"TARA!!" Jax shouted as he heard the shot.

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