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1.1 - Bangtan Organization

Your eyes said everything that you were too broken to say out aloud

"Okay, here it goes!"

I roll the dice between my palms while analyzing the expressions of my companions and the second I throw the dice on the board which is sprawled on table in front of us, I almost try to jump off my seat.

The dice rolls and rolls and rolls and then finally stops with a 5 on its upper side.

"One, two, three, four, five, Yes! I am at the castle!" I clap my hands like a seal that has gotten food after performing well in a show— I jump up and down on my chair, expressing my happiness.

"Someone is going to throw those purple balls of fire, I see," Jimin smirks in my direction and playfully crooks towards my side. I scoff and softly slap his face to send him back to his original seat.

"Yeah, be jealous all you want."

Just when Jimin tries to open his lips to retort back, I pat Gyuri's shoulder, rather hardly resulting the girl to glare at me.

"Gyuri! Go ahead."

Ignoring Jimin's further reaction to my words which he surely has given after stopping his sentence, I grin while facing Gyuri. She smiles knowingly and shakes her head at my childishness.

The dice shakes between her palms and my eyes move with anticipation with her each & every more.

The rotation technique, the rolling and throwing method, everything about her speaks professionalism even though all we are playing is a simple 1 hour board game.

As she throws the dice— almost throwing our counters away from their places, I bite my lip in anxiousness when it finally ends with a glorious six. I groan loudly and stump my foot like a little child as she chuckles and moves her token towards mine while placing it just behind me.

"Cool Gyuri," I purse my lips, cooling down all the rage developing inside me as I pat her shoulder. "Time for your turn, mind reader."

"Oh my darling, when you have already won the game 3 times in a row then why do you want to play it again and again so badly?" Jimin finally is able to let out his taunt which he has saved for me since moments ago. While swinging his wooden chair here and there, he raises his eyebrows at me in a rather larky manner.

I swear he never lets me go off the hook without retorting back.

"Because our foreteller wants to-"

I stop between my sentence once I notice Gyuri's intense glare strengthening towards me as if giving me a warning to dare not to spill the next few words from my mouth.

"Okay! Because I love winning in this game, alright?" I agree and mutter the truth while folding my hands like a child throwing a tantrum.

This feeling of getting exposed of the obvious fact is so..

Hmph, so embarassing.

"It is okay, Goeun. But you know this game-"

"Is not the same since Jungkook, Jin and Namjoon moved away. I already know," I let out a helpless sigh out of my mouth. Gyuri just nods and ganders down at her lap, agreeing with the reason stated.

Its has already been years since the three of our game partners moved away because of their college issues. Two of them are currently enrolled into a prestigious university which is located in an another city of the country whereas Jungkook on the other hand is studying abroad.

Although it is just a matter of half an hour to come here for Namjoon and Jin, but because of their busy schedules I can't just force them to travel and play a 1 hour board game which will be considered quite a childish act.

And even though Jin and Namjoon, both of them have different interests for further studies and are in different years, still they are sticking together comparatively much better than us- me, Gyuri and Jimin.

We three fight almost everyday, related to this and that which are practically the world's useless and most hopeless reasons to argue about. Each one of us knows the cause behind it too which is absence of an elder member in our group to handle us.

If the elders get to know about this, they will be so disappointed.

Because we made a promise and now we are breaking it.

"Kids! How are you all?" Our basement's door opens with a loud thud as Jimin's mother peeps down at us kids who have our lips turned upside down. She grins and makes her way down the stairs with a tray full of snacks and drinks.

Jimin as an obedient son, after watching her mother coming down the stairs, stands up and takes the tray from her hand.

"Thanks Jimin," His mom flashes a genuine smile at him. "You are still playing this game? Let me remind you, age is 19 now right?"

"I know aunty, but I love this game and just can't let go.." I peer down with my cheeks flaring with red and noticing that, Jimin's mother shakes her head. "I get it, dear."

Although this is a totally different thing but his mom likes me the most amongst our group, I can swear that with my life. She treats me just like her own daughter and Jungkook like her own son.

She is the only one who uplifted me in harder times when I was a kid. Though Jungkook was small too, but he had many more things going on with him, hence he acted like there is no need to take care of him.

He knew how to control his emotions but I didn't.

I smile at her and just when I try to take a wafer from the bowl, my watch produces a certain sound and blinks with purple color again and again as I tremble lightly.

Instantly covering my watch with my other free hand, I glance at my two companions and send them an eye signal.

"What is it Goeun?" Aunty eventually feels the surroundings turning fishy and my actions, so she questions.

"Nothing special aunty, actually our teacher gave us a project to gather some information about.. about.."

"Secret agencies for our nation's safety?" Jimin completes my sentence as I send him an amused glance.

I mean, how much this kid needs to attain the honesty level?

"So we need to visit the library."

"Such a cool topic! Yeah complete this tray and then-"

"No mom! We are getting late we need to-"


"Let's go!" Gyuri quickly scribbles on the notebook that she always keeps beside her as we all gather our belongings in a hurry and rush towards the door in full speed.

"Be safe!" Jimin's mom shouts just when we close the door.

"Need to meet the recruits, wish me luck!" I exclaim at Jimin and continue on fixing my tie while looking in the hazy glass of the room. This thing is not setting up which is really irritating me to my core.

But with a sudden movement, I am pulled backwards as I feel hands tightening the fabric of the tie.

"You always rock and same goes for today too. Good luck," Jimin smiles and pats my shoulder. Sliding his hand to grab my hand in his, he gives it a light squeeze.

Tiny bit of anxiety is rushing through my body but somewhere in my mind I know that this recruitment event will be handled smoothly as always.

Just take a deep breathe.

Walking towards the stairs of the podium, Jimin unwraps my hand and throws a thumbs up. I nod in acknowledgment and take a deep sigh as I walk upto the stand with my stiff posture and cough to clear my throat.

Taking my usual position— clutched hands behind my back, a position so commanding that everyone around me straightens up, I ready myself to speak.

"Feeling quite bewildered right? I am glad to introduce you all to Bangtan Organization— a place where agents like us work to save our country from troubles."

As smoothly as I can and always do, I announce.

I am always given the task to guide the agents who are recruited of our country, South Korea. I need to assemble and tell them how this place works.

Absolutely everything.

All thanks to our dear, Miyeon.

Damn her.

She is my superior who ain't worth the designation. No brain at all, I swear sometimes I want to rip every bit of her body and throw it elsewhere. She always tries to put me into irritating situations and every word escaping her mouth frustrates me.

And no, I am not biased about her.

The whispering sounds snatches my mind back to the present, forcing me to recollect my scattered thoughts.

"Are we kind of Avengers or Power Rangers or something?"

One of the recruits mumble as I catch him looking at me from the side of his eye. His demeanour changes into a startled one when we make an eye contact.

"No. We are not avengers or Power rangers who save the world from monsters or aliens," I declare, mixing a bit of amusement in my tone. "But we are one of the best people who saves the country from bad people. You can say like.. terrorists?"

Just the single word results in everyone's eyes to bulge out of their sockets.

"So scared of them? But there will be times when you all will be handling such cases. From a small theft to large executions— anything can happen."

Well, I guess I am scaring off the kids.

"Any questions till now?"

Good, no questions.

Another record of me conducting the recruit's first meeting smoothly.

But guess I celebrated my success a little too sooner as I notice a hand raising up slowly.

"Is it necessary to stay here? I mean what if I don't want to be an agent?" The male questions in a tone I hate the second I hear it. He doesn't have even a slightest bit of excitement in his voice and I already know who it is.

Gladly, my face is covered with a mask- a rule every agent needs to follow while meeting the new recruits for the time being till it is made sure that they are worth of being an agent.

But the worst thing is, the boy is one of my acquaintance.


He is Kim Taehyung.

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