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1.2 - Rage

I can't give you everything

But I can give you my all.


Kim Taehyung.

It is his name.

We are from the same city, Daegu and I saw him once during a friends gathering. He is a year senior than me.

I know that he attends the same classes as mine but of course the timings are different so I have met him several times with my friends.

But both of us felt awkward to talk in person taking in the fact we don't have a common topic to talk about— just casual greetings like 'Hey, how are you?' & 'Fine, what about you?'

Indeed, I am surprised to meet him here.

Like how can't I be?

I actually have a good first impression of his in my mind but right now he is kind of being rude which is completely different from his real personality. I can't help but snarl at his comment.

"Everyone here are the only 'deserving' ones from the whole nation having those capabilities which can help us to keep our mother country save from problems which cannot be solved by the leaders or soldiers. Got it?"

He remains silent and keeps on looking in my eyes, like he is searching for something. Something that can ensure him that I am the person he wants me to be.

But I won't let him know about my identity just yet.

I nod, taking his silence as an agreement. My eyes travels back towards the other recruits who is gawking at me and him with their mouths ajar.

"Last thing for now, tomorrow there will be an orientation meeting conducted in the morning so better not be late. The rules and regulations will not be announced again."

Just when I am about to give them a farewell and go back to my room, a knock is heard on the door with my eyes trailing the path.

Ugh, Miyeon.

I don't know for what reason I should be shocked about. That the way she just has blowed a kiss in Taehyung's direction or how her whole face is on show, which is a clear disregarding of rules.

"This is the end for now. Ms. Miyeon will take the lead from here. Thank you."

I hear Miyeon's heels clicking around the stage as I make a sharp turn towards the right purposefully so that I don't have to face and hear her voice.

No matter how hard I try to avoid her and try not to easily get triggered by her actions, the more she tries pushing me and further towards the end.

I walk in the direction of door and just when I think that I have successfully walken out without hearing her nonsense of words, a sudden jerk is felt on my arm.

I jerk back and the second I see Miyeon smirking at me, I barely control myself from setting her soul free from her body.

"Won't you show them your face, junior?"

I know what she wants from me but there is no way that I will let it happen. So I give her a kind eye smile and snatch my hand back away from her grip.

"It is okay-"

But before I can even speak any further, she tears my mask off my face and instantly my hair springs out from their position.

The next thing that I see is purple.

My eyes glow purple as my hands form two balls of purple flame. The rage inside my body increases out of a sudden because of my bracelet but I don't forget to have a control over myself.

I am trying so hard to stop but it is technically impossible to do that.

What Miyeon did has made the recruits know about my identity, specially him who I previously gave a sharp reply.

"Hey hey calm down, Goeun."

And in seconds, Jimin pops out of nowhere and holds me back tightly and soothingly, in his arms.

My breathe starts getting uneven when he tries dragging me out of the stage, but I keep on glaring at the girl who has made my blood boil from the stupid deed she has done.

"Everyone here, it is alright," Jimin calms the recruits down as he keeps on whispering in my ear to have control over myself which I always tend to have just after his arrival.

His mere presence calms me down.

Losing a single percent of control during my duty can get things quite tough for me and nothing is worse than leaving my designation.

Yes, my job as an agent.

I will lose it.

I have never imagined myself not being an agent in my life and if it is taken away from me, I don't know how I will survive after then.

But before exiting the stage, I don't forget to warn Miyeon, not caring what the others will think.

"Remember, next time I will make sure this leads to something quite miserable for you senior."

I don't care how the recruits or actually my main centre of attention— Taehyung thought of me after witnessing my right form there on the stage but it was Miyeon who actually pushed me towards the edge.

Coming to think of that, the new recruits must be having their first orientation now.

The whole night I kept on thinking about the incident that occurred yesterday. I couldn't stop myself from playing that scene again and again in my mind.

Though, I am invited in the meeting too but I don't want to be somewhere where everyone are terrified after witnessing my totally different self the previous day.

I am 100% sure, they are truly terrified.

And my that self is controlled by my bracelet— a boon to us by the advanced technology that makes it possible for our specialities or powers to come on the surface so we can use them during missions.

It actually gives us strength and activates our powers that are not activated during our normal life. There are a few people in our life who can be agents like us, that means not everyone has that power except us.

But my power is quite different from everyone.

It is some kind of magic but for sure, I am not a sorceress or an enchantress or even a witch as it is rumored. Indeed my specialty matches their powers but those creatures are purely fictional while I am a completely normal human, thought I can't say 'completely'.

It is science which should be given the credit for allowing me to exhibit the power.

All thanks to it we agents are able to carry out missions easily and it even saves our lives during crucial times. But one thing that I hate about my bracelet is it gets activated whenever I feel extreme emotions building inside me resulting my other self to come out in a second.

This is the problem that occurs with only me, no other agent is experiencing this problem with their bracelets.

Even scientists are not able to find the reason behind the issue so they are still investigating.

More about me, I don't talk to anyone, more like I don't want to indulge myself with anyone when I know they ain't worth it. May be it is just my misconception but whenever someone new tries to have a regular talk with me, my introvert self comes out in a rather impolite manner resulting in the person to never talk to me again.

Well— Jimin, Gyuri, Namjoon and Jin became my best companions and so they are able to take out the best of me. I never feel even a tiny bit of embarrassed in front of them.

Jimin is an overly adorable human and has a comfortable personality that makes me feel at home. From being my rescuer in situations I can't handle like the yesterday's incident to irritate and taunt me at times, he is an all rounder for me to be honest. He has a number of abilities which are totally different from his nature that is shooting painful radiations, slowing anyone's pace plus reading minds.

Gyuri, she is a mute but that doesn't make her abilities go in vain. Just because her speaking power is not there, she has trained her brain well enough and is a successful foreteller.

And excluding these two, I have 2 more friends here in the organization, Boram and Dohee- twin identical girls who are utterly adorable but bears a dark and twisted past that no one knows about.

After observing their behaviour for some days, I instantly got the idea of them being different from regular humans so I tried my best to befriend them though they are not super close to me as others are because they both prefer to stay alone most of the time yet I am sure I am the closest to them.

Both of them are illusionist. They are gems, I swear.

For Miyeon, now my hatred for her is increased much more than before. It was already enough when she gives useless tasks to do and now it is unbearably high because of yesterday.

By the way, she is good in hypnotizing and it totally suits her personality.

"Slash!" Jimin's voice cuts into my thoughts like a sword as I sense the rapid fist being thrown at me and my instant response to it is to dodge. Balancing myself just on time, I raise my head towards him.

"Remember, distraction is your biggest enemy when you are in front of your opponent."


I bend down a little while taking my regular position and hands tightly formed into fists— I tighten them more and more to ensure.

Jimin is not an easy opponent AT ALL. One of the best fighters in our whole country, he never fails, even a single mission. Though he is always assigned the mission for two meaning someone else also accompany him but even when I am paired with him for a mission, it is my duty to complete the rest of the work except for the combat part.

He is too good in handling hundreds of people in one attempt, no kidding.

"Ready and go."

As soon as the last word escapes his lips, I punch him hard on the stomach. He gets stunned of my sudden attack, probably not expecting me to act this swiftly.

After all slowing anyone's pace is his ability, not mine. But dude, I ain't the second best fighter in the organization for no reason.

He quickly recovers his fighting stance as I use my clenched fists to guard myself. My breathe becomes more short and shallow with my muscles tensing as each second passes by, because of anxiety.

No matter how well trained I am and even when I know that, I still feel anxious during a fight.

The boy in front of me swings at me with his arm but I am too quick for him. Easily dodging his attack, I scoot around his body.

"Well done."

Just after praising me, he lunge towards me again but well, the stupid me got distracted easily after the appreciation, makes it worse.


Oh man.

And one of his fists meet the side of my face as I crash onto my back and the impact forces the air out of my lungs— I can feel the flow of warm liquid dribbling down my jaw from the wound that that has opened on my cheekbone. It is quite painful than I expected it to be and by the look he is giving me, he himself is quite shocked by the force he had put into his punch.

"I am so sorry Goeun!"

While shaking my head indicating that I am alright and signalling him to continue the fight but he doesn't budge. He moves to my side and immediately grabs my face in his deadly but soft hands.

"Shit. It is bleeding and the sides are turning blue," He curses under his breathe for so many times that a small chuckle escapes my mouth. He is just too cute to handle and the way he is concerned for me makes my heart warm.

"It is okay Jimin, just a mistake. Of course you never intended to do," I pat his thigh and try my best to stand up but he pins me back to the ground.

"Let's go to the infirmary."

"Hell no. I ain't wasting my time with Jin and hear his scoldings for getting hurt again. I mean how come I won't get wounds when I have the the job to protect the whole nation?"

"His motherly instincts comes out when he even glances at you and that is absolutely precious when he looks at you with those warm eyes," He tries to convince which obviously convinces me enough, as I let out a groan.

Jin has the ability of healing anyone, anytime so he is the healer. The plus point is each of my friend works here.

Great coincidence right?

And not that I hate Jin, I totally love him as a brother. I would love to have a real brother as sensible like him but well the reality is twisted.

"I must say, your brother's a ball of mischief," Jimin comments while helping me get up. I groan again and dust off my clothes that is stuck on my clothes. "I know and I sometimes want to exchange him with Jin."

"Jungkook won't like that Goeun."

"Says the one who tried snatching the candy from his younger sister."

"She stole it first."

"She is only 3 for god's sake."

"She is more mischievous than Jungkook," He deadpans but I know the arguement on this topic won't get us anywhere so I close my mouth.

Thinking I don't have any comeback for him, he smiles victoriously.

I just want to save myself from Jin's wrath right now.

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