The Unseen Factor


This is set sometime after 'Shot in the Dark' and near the end of the three year Hiatus for Sherlock.

They were running.

Running as fast as they could trying to out run the security behind them. It was made even more difficult since the guards behind them were quite insistent in using firearms against them.

"Take the next left then the first door on the left." Hatch instructed Carleton and Sherlock via the ear buds. He was directing them through the building looking at the security schismatics in his surveillance van that had been parked a few blocks away before all Hell broke loose. Hatch thought he was doing a decent job of looking at the schismatics on his smart phone without hitting any pedestrians in the streets. "That's your way out."

Without hesitation Carleton took the next left grabbing Sherlock by the arm and practicality pushed him through the door. They quickly closed the door, locked and barricaded it.

"Where's our way out?" Carleton asked between deep steady breaths.

"Look behind you." Hatch explained.

Carleton and Sherlock looked behind them to the ceiling and floor windows. On the other side of the window was Amelia and Tekla on a swing stage cutting the glass so they the men could get out.

"All board," Amelia said when she and Tekla pushed the cut glass out of the way. They helped the boys on the swing stage and began their hurried descent just as security broke through the barricaded door. Amelia threw in a smoke bomb before any of the guards could take aim of them, but it did not stop them from taking a few shots.

All four held on for dear life as they practicality fell to the ground. They violently jolted to a stop a few stories off the ground. Tekla already threw a rope over the side and they all made their way to the ground. Hatch just pulled up to the curb.

"Let's move it and shake it." He yelled through an open window as Tekla opened the door. She and Amelia climbed in followed by Sherlock who was supporting an injured Carleton.

"Hatch, you have my permission to drive recklessly through the streets," Amelia said as she slide the door closed behind her. She was oddly calm with all the gun fire. "Just don't hit anyone."

"You don't have to tell me twice." Hatch slammed on the gas and they were off.

"What happened?" Wilhem asked as he entered the room. His question quieted the hotel suite of flying questions and demands. He was not mad, concern traced his voice more than anger.

He surveyed everyone in the room; Carleton was sitting on a bar stool as he was being stitched up by an eerily calm Amelia by the kitchenette, he had several deep gashes on his back resulting from the scuffle back at the office building. Tekla had taken to pacing behind the couch opposite of the kitchenette as she ranted and Hatch was surprisingly calm as he worked on his laptop reviewing what he was able to download before he was locked out of system. Sherlock sat a ways from everyone else near the window with his hands pressed together as he thought. Wilhelm could not help but note the well disguised hint of concern in his stance; something had spooked him. He looked up when Wilhelm stepped into the room, as did everyone else.

"The head of security thought he recognized Will. He was very insistent about it and blew our cover." Carleton explained. He grimaced slightly as Amelia added another stitch. Sherlock also injured as evident by the blood and tears on his shirt, but his injuries were not as extensive as Carleton.

"Really," Wilhelm remarked glancing at Sherlock who returned his stare. Wilhelm was concerned, that much was evident; he took note of the injuries on both men as he pulled out a stool to sit on while he listened.

"They seemed very hell-bent on killing you, Will." Carleton continued, looking at Sherlock as best he could. "More than just mistaken identity; makes me wonder ah-"

"Sorry," Amelia said drily as she continued. "Forgot to say this will sting."

"Right." Carleton did not really believe her and Amelia knew it. "Who is Holmes?"

The sound of his actual name spoken by Carleton gave Sherlock pause. It sounded almost unnatural to hear it from the hitter. To be honest, after so much time away it sounded strange to hear it at all; it reminded him of home, of John and all the things he wanted to get back to; things that seemed more distant the longer he was away. Sherlock quickly looked to Wilhelm whose stony expression screamed at him not to say anything. Sherlock snorted indignantly and turned his attention back to the window; as if he would actually say anything.

"What?" Tekla asked, she finally stopped pacing and took a seat next to Hatch who was failing at trying to not pay attention to the argument that was building before him.

"They kept saying that they found Holmes?" Carleton explained not taking his eyes off of Sherlock. "And that he was gonna pay."

"What happened?" Enola just walked into the suite unaware of the previous conversation. She looked worried. She was not the only one; both Tekla and Hatch looked waywardly at Carleton as his eyes flitted to Enola before refocusing on Sherlock. Enola did not notice the action from the pair on the couch since she was solely focused on her brother. Despite his calm exterior she could tell that something was off.

"The mark recognized Will." Carleton repeated for her staring at Sherlock. "Kept referring to him as 'Holmes'; any idea why?"

"Carleton." Wilhelm said with a warning tone.

"I think being shot at and the entire con blown because his mug is recognized with a different name owes us an explanation." Carleton spoke with equal severity now staring down Wilhelm.

"Play nice you two." Amelia ordered showing just a hint of threatening. She finished up patching up Carleton and was currently wiping her hands before covering the stitches. Her demeanor at the moment could be best described as a calm before a storm. Enola did not react at the sound of her family name, but made a beeline to her brother to see his status, the blood on his shirt made her worried.

"Who is he?" Carelton demanded. "He's obviously not just a photographer whose an amateur detective on the side."

"If you're going to be mad at someone Sach, be upset at me." Enola said as she inspected Sherlock's injuries despite his protestations. Her eyes flew over him, relief showing through as she realized the injuries were superficial and would easily heal. Turning her attention back to the conversation, Sherlock could not help but notice a new different fear lace her eyes; he realized that she feared the reaction of her family to this moment, that she feared to lose them, even if she could not lie to them any longer. "I asked Wilhelm and Amelia not to tell you."

"Why?" Tekla asked.

"Tekla, if you were to remove the spectacles," She took off the said object from Sherlock's face. He quickly, but gently, grabbed her wrist as she pulled the spectacles away. There was a look in his eyes that seemed to beg her to stop what she was doing, but she continued on by sitting next to him, extracting her hand from his grasp. "And if his hair was the same color as mine."

Tekla looked between them, studying their faces; Sherlock was looking at Enola, but she was looking away from him towards her feet. It was not long before the confusion left Tekla's face and was replaced by realization.

The museum job in Paris with Arsene Lupin and the run-in with Sherlock Holmes. She remembered the girl's reluctance in working so close to the self proclaimed consulting detective. She remembered fooling the deductive powers of said detective, and now he unknowingly fooled her for the past two years.

What a comeuppance. She would have laughed at the situation at any other time.

"Will is really Sherlock Holmes and you two are related," Tekla finally said. "By the looks of it I would say – brother and sister."

"Wait a second," Hatch closed his laptop giving his undivided attention to Sherlock, not that Hatch was not giving it already. "You're the internet detective? The one accused of arranging the crimes you solved to look smart? The one who offed himself? The one with the hat? That one?"

Sherlock just glared at him. Of all the things for Hatch to remember, he remembered that damned hat.

"That one!" Carleton said annoyed. He took no effort to hide the betrayal he felt. "So how long did you think you- watch it!" He glared at Amelia who was being less than gentle with the dressings and bandages.

"Well if you kept still," Amelia shrugged continuing her work.

"We don't need to tell them anything." Sherlock whispered softly to Enola as everyone was distracted by Carleton and Amelia's exchange. He felt the sudden need to protect his sister, he found himself worried she was about to be hurt by someone she held closest. It was an uncomfortable overwhelming sensation.

"You don't," Enola said just as quietly looking sadly to her brother. "But I do."

"Elle," Her name was a plea.

A plea to consider the ones in danger if revealed that he was alive before the right time.

A plea not to undo their work over the past two years.

A plea to side with him and not with them.

"I can't keep lying to them." Her plea was for him to understand.

Both pleaded, but both could not really understand. Even though truly the argument they pleaded for was the same, they both wanted to protect the families they held dear.

"How are you two related?" Hatch asked. He did not sound angry like Carleton, oddly enough his manner was calm and curious. "Are you brother and sister?"

"Better question – how long did you think you could hide this from us?" Carleton demanded.

"If they do not wish to divulge then do not force them." Wilhelm suddenly spoke up. He had not said anything for so long that his voice sounded booming.

"You don't con your own crew! " Carleton stated, jumping up, fury in his eyes. "Wh – "

"They are not the only one with secrets." Wilhelm cut him off with a calmness that would frighten anyone. There was a sudden heaviness in the air as he stood from the stool and replaced it in the kitchenette. "It is late and we're all tired; I suggest we all go to bed and continue this in the morning when we are all calmer."

And that was that – Wilhelm left the room to the bedroom he and Amelia had claimed as their's. Amelia stood in the room with her arms crossed watching everyone, waiting for them to listen to Wilhelm's suggestion.

"Good night Carleton." Amelia said. Sherlock noted the motherly tone she had taken on, but it did not take away the threatening underlay to her voice.

Carleton broke his gaze from burrowing holes into the door that Wilhelm had just closed, quickly looked at Amelia before settling his stare to Sherlock and Enola still sitting by the window.

The Holmes siblings looked back waiting to see what he would do next. Carleton just stood and stormed out to go to his room. The bang of the door caused Tekla to jump slightly; she never liked to Carleton angry. After a moment, when the bang was less resounding, she patted Hatches leg and motioned to the door and he nodded in agreement.

"G'night," Hatch mumbled as he grabbed his computer before he and Tekla filed out to their own respected rooms.

"Don't stay up too late you two." Amelia remarked when the door closed, gentler this time. "It will be alright." She gave Enola a kiss on top of her head and gently squeezed Sherlock's shoulder without hurting him before joining Wilhelm in their room.

Left alone, Enola stood and went to grab the medical kit to tend to Sherlock's injuries.

"Take off your shirt," She ordered, kneeling in front of him and taking out different bottles and such from the kit. "Let's see the damage."

"I'm fine." He insisted for the second time; the first was for Amelia and now his sister.

"I'll believe that when you stop bleeding." She remarked moving his jacket so he got a better look at his shirt. The blood splotches had increased in size and Sherlock grudgingly agreed to allow Enola to examine him further.

Nothing required stitching, which was good. Enola had not quite mastered the art of binding wounds neatly, not like Amelia. It was mostly clean, disinfect and cover and she quickly went to work.

"They're mad at me." She murmured, half to herself, half to the room, but not really to Sherlock.

"No they're not." Sherlock said in a desperate attempt to comfort her. Comforting was not his best suit. He had always relied on John for that in cases. He thought about what would John do in a situation like this; the only thing that popped into his mind was John telling him to not behave like himself. Not helpful in this case.

"You sure picked a Hell of a time to become a bad liar." Enola remarked evenly as she cleaned another cut on his arm.

"Elle – "

"It's a betrayal of trust." She continued on becoming more visibly upset as she spoke. Sherlock found that over the past year he did not like to see Enola upset.

"Elle – "

"You don't con your crew." She repeated Carleton's words.

"Elle – "

"What have I done to my family?"

"Enola!" Sherlock did not quite shout but it was enough to snap Enola's attention completely to him and he grabbed her hands to keep her from fiddling with anything.

They looked at each other. It was the first time since Marseilles when she asked him not to, that Sherlock had used her full name. She felt stiff in his grasp, suddenly remembering past things that they had both hoped to forget.

"Elle," He began again with a more gentle tone. "You only did what Mycroft and I asked. Their anger is truly directed at us for the position we put you in. There's no need for your concern."

"I'm your sister," She said softly looking down at their hands. "I'm always concerned."

"It will be alright." Sherlock promised.

"I hope so." Enola murmured to their feet

As Sherlock and Enola talked so did Wilhelm and Amelia in their room.

"I think the last time I saw Carleton that upset was when we first met him." Amelia said as she paced. Wilhelm was laying on his back on the bed with his hands laced together on his chest, looking up at the ceiling deep in thought. "I do admit that it went a lot better than I thought it would." She stopped pacing and glanced at her husband. "Have you heard anything I've said?"

"Every word my dear." He said still staring at the ceiling. "It will work out in the end."

"You're sure about that?" She asked easing herself down on her side next to him. She propped her head up with her arm so she was able to look down her husband's contemplative face. He nodded. "Explain to me, o so wise one."

"There is a reason I picked who I did for this crew," Wilhelm explained. "It's more than just their skills, and being among the best out there. I decided on them because I knew that they would work well together; that they would be able to learn to be able to depend and trust each other."

"It also helps that they all treat Elle like a younger sister." Amelia pointed out.

"That did help with narrowing the prospects." Wilhelm smiled. He propped himself up as well, mirroring his wife. "Looking back on it I think the fact that they worked so well with Elle and her lack of social skills that when Will came along I unknowingly knew that when Hatch, Tekla and Carleton discovered Will's identity it would be alright."

"You knew they would figure it out?" She was surprised at her husband's assessment.

"They're not stupid; of course they would figure it out." Wilhelm sighed. "I just wished it hadn't blown their part in the con."

"Elle looked pretty shaken by the whole thing."

"You know Elle," Wilhelm sighed. "Family is very important to her, and seeing her surrogate family in an argument like that is bound to upset her."

"Probably reminds her of her childhood." Amelia thought back to the times when she would talk with Enola about her childhood and the arguments that her parents would have when they thought no one was looking. "So what about the job? We're blown."

"Elle's not." Wilhelm pointed out.

"So the saving and pulling off of the con is entirely on Elle's shoulders," Amelia stated the obvious. She thought it over a moment then nodded. "Oh boy."

"She'll do fine." Wilhelm said, a bit surprised at his wife's reaction.

"I know that." Amelia poked lightly at Wilhelm's shoulder. "I just feel slightly sorry for the mark." She smirked.

"Really? I don't." He returned the smirk.

"Will they be alright?" She motioned to the door and to the siblings on the other side.

"I know they will be." Wilhelm smiled as gently kissed Amelia's forehead.

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