The Unseen Factor

Chronological Order

Here is a list of the chapters in chronological order.

This story was written before the third season aired.

'A Few Goodbyes'

'Stars' First half

'The Lehrers'

'Seven Bells'

'New Name'

'Crown Jewels Theft'

'Vermeer and Birthdays'

'Hidden Meanings' first section

'Internet Searches'

'Museum Job'

'Job Offer'

'Hello Again'

'Welcome to London'

'Stars' Second half

'A Left Hand into Coincidence'

'Unpleasant Meetings'

'Almost Unexpected'

'Difficult Meetings'

'After Baskerville'

'Hidden Meanings' last section

'Guardians' 'We Begin' :: both happen during each other

'Camera and Mirror'

'Shall We Talk' 'Chats and a Letter' :: both happen around the same time

'Unusual Target'

'Travel and Work'

'John and Ivy'

'Difficult Job'

'A Mark'

'Shot in the Dark'


'Nine O'clock'


'End of Things'

I hope that helps!

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