The Unseen Factor

Crown Jewels Theft

Set shortly after 'New Name'.

"I want you to say that again." The Prime Minister said to the aide who interrupted his one on one meeting with Mycroft Holmes. Mycroft looked on with a mix of curiosity and surprise, which is saying a lot since he is hardly surprised by anything.

"An unmarked package arrived for the Royal Family," The aide began again. All his hopes of a simple day went out the window as soon as the package landed on his desk. "Discovering it was lead lined it was open in a secure location as a precaution. The . . . " He mumbled the rest from embarrassment, that and Mycroft Holmes always made the aid feel a bit nervous.

"I'm afraid you're going to have to speak up." Mycroft prompted, there was only the slightest hint of boredom in his voice.

"The Crown Jewels were inside . . . with a note," The aide held up said note in an evidence bag. Typed boldly in black was 'Too Easy'."

It was soon verified that the objects on display in the Tower of London were false and what was mailed to the Royal Family was real. A full investigation was launched as to how the jewels were taken without anyone realizing it. The theft was never publicized for fear of copycat attempts.

Mycroft became involved in the investigation on the fact that it might lead to a form of national security and it was quite odd. Which peaked the interest of the otherwise bored Mycroft.

Why steal the Crown Jewels only to give them back? - was the question that clung to the mind of everyone involved in the investigation.

Everything was reviewed with a fine tooth comb: security personnel, recordings, the case itself, the note and so forth. Mycroft did notice inconsistencies in the security recordings, very subtle and very well done. Whoever stole the Crown Jewels took recordings of the same time during a day of similar weather and blended it in on the day of the theft. Actually there were several recordings that this was done to, so there was many days on which the theft could have occurred. But outside of that there was nothing. Not even how the security system was hacked into. Nothing to point to who could have possibly have accomplished the theft.

The theft was very through and most likely new to the scene of crime. Mycroft hated to admit it but he was very impressed.

A week after the incident a typed letter, postmarked from Madrid, Spain, arrived at Mycroft's office, which contained an basic schismatics of how the robbery was done. It was missing details of how the thieves got in, how exactly the Crown Jewels were switched out and were mostly vague. Nothing to really identify the thief.

The letter explained that the items were in no real danger from the thieves explaining that the objects, despite the gold and jewels, had no real value in the Black Market for the very simple reason that they were too recognizable and breaking it into pieces would diminish the value too much to be worth it. The letter further explained that the partial plans of the theft were given to the British government as a professional curtsey and Mycroft could do with them as he wished. The letter ended with well wishes concerning the health of Mycroft.

Now to explain to the Prime Minister.

"I have to admit, the letter was a nice touch. I would pay to see his reaction when he opened it." Wilhelm Lehrer smiled as the gave Enola Holmes an one armed hug from the side as they walked to their terminal, pulling their carry-on bags behind them.

"I would pay more to see the reaction of the Prime Minister when he tells him." Enola joked.

"That would be interesting." Wilhelm looked pridefully at Enola. "You did good."

"Thanks," Enola did feel good. Her first solo theft went without a hitch and she would soon be established as a force to be contented with in the confidence game of the criminal world.

"I was a bit surprised that you wanted to come to England for your first solo act." Wilhelm remarked, discreetly getting a newspaper as they passed a newsstand when the clerk helping a customer, but he did leave money for the paper. They reached their terminal and sat to wait to board the plane. Spain was nice, but they wanted to get back home to New York City. "I know how much to hate coming to that country."

"My brothers always told me I could never pull anything pass them. Sherlock always said that I couldn't use my head to the fullest potential of my generic deposition for intelligence." Enola explained after a moment of thought. "I wanted to prove to them and myself that I could. And I hope that I did."

"How old were you when he said that?" Wilhelm asked.

"Ten." Enola stated.

"You were ten years old and your brother essentially called you stupid." He reiterated, mostly for himself.

"Never thought of it that way," Enola thought over his words. What surprised Wilhelm was that she was not upset, it was more along the lines of an academic who found a new perspective of an age old theory. Also she was not upset by it.

"Did they say a lot of things like that to you?"

"It was their way of giving me constructive criticism to, how did Sherlock put it?" Enola thought for a moment then smirked when she remembered. "Ah yes, 'to improve my person'."

"You remember everything they ever said to you." Wilhelm remarked shaking his head in slight disbelief.

"And how they said it, the weather of that day, what they were wearing – " Enola began.

"Yes, alright." Wilhelm cut her off with a smile. "You can stop showing off now."

"I have no idea to what you could be referring to." Enola spoke with feigned ignorance and an attempt of an angelic smile, but it came out gleeful conspiratorial.

Wilhelm smiled at Enola and opened the newspaper. "When we get back there's a politician taken bribes from a pharmaceutical company with questionable research practices that we need to look into."

"Political coup – fun." Enola leaned back in her seat and pulled out her sketch book to past the time.

I know it's short, but I won't be able to update for a while. So please tell me what you think and I have a few questions for you dear readers - would you be interested in reading about a con conducted by the Lehrers? If so with or without Enola?

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