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Bond Beyond Blood


“Look I know you were sad she had to go back last year. But here’s your chance to have her forever. And I believe the only one who can help her through all this is you.” Tigress, boldly stepping up, places a paw upon Po’s shoulder, causing his eyes to meet hers again. “Maybe you’re right.” It was hard not seeing the hope, filling those jades of his. She shook her head. “No, you are right. She needs me and I need her.

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Bond Beyond Blood

I don’t own KFP or DreamWorks. Just the story.

As like all my other stories. Everybody is OOC. And the story starts nearly 2 years after KFP3.

You said no?!”

Predict she’ll be fronted by him soon as her decision reaches him. Tigress didn’t remove from the lotus position she’s in on the floor. So, with her back toward the master panda at the doorway of the room. Tigress’s not sure if he knows her eyes been open since hearing the heavy sound his steps made in the hallway before bursting into her room.

“Hello, Po.” She calmly says, purposely disregarding his question. But of course, she’d known that’s not going to stop him.

“Tigress.” Unable to deny the stress within his voice. She closes eyes, suppressing a heavy sigh. Slowly Tigress pulls up those walls. The same walls that formed during the time in the orphanage, and remained intact before meeting the giant panda standing in her room... “I’m not leaving until you tell me why you said no.”

Regardless of the strength, she got in learning kung fu. It’s clear lately how much he knows the hardcore mask she hides behind. Is nothing but a front to keep herself from getting hurt……or feeling weak. Especially once he was her temporary chi master.

The sudden noise of the doors closing, but the panda still in the room. Tigress dares not move as her voice hardened.

“It seemed the right choice.”

“ Liar.”

Her teeth clenched at his counter. “Look Po….” Reopening eyes, she glares at the window shutters; blocking most of the outside light from the room. “You don’t understand.”

“No there’s where you’re wrong, Tigress. You have a chance to gain back what gave you inner peace and let your chi flow-.”

“That’s before….” Movements of a kung fu master, Tigress was at her feet; still keeping back to Po. “Before….” Again her eyes closed, but this time she hugs herself; trying to push away the emotions that come with the memory.

Suddenly her arms weren’t the only one offering comfort. Just as he did that day. Tigress couldn’t deny the warmth brought on by Po hugging her from behind. Somehow with each embrace, he’s given since her caring hug back in Gomen City. She’s discovered she can feel. As long as it’s Po’s arms.

“You got the message of Master Yijiro’s passing, a few months ago,” whispers Po behind Tigress’s ear, finishing the sentence she couldn’t.

Even though she’s aware those walls slowly crumbling while she nearly falls into his soft welcome fur arms. “Yes, that.” Instantly Tigress withdrawals from the embrace and steps closer up to the window shutters, remain her back facing him. “So-!”

Many things she expects from the panda. But snatching her arm, turning her around to face him. Wasn’t one of them. Action making her stun as the panda spoke.

“So what.” Clearly, she hears him fighting a growl through the words. “I know how much deep your feelings were for him.” She tried, but couldn’t stop her body from tensing up at the statement. For it brought up what Yijiro had her realizing at their last letters before receiving the note of his passing.

However, knowing nothing can come from what she learned. Tigress accepts what faith handed her. Leading to her decision that morning.

Nevertheless, though she can’t truly speak the mind of her chi was a block long before Yijiro’s death. Tigress figures she needs to say something to get Po to leave her be.

“Po, I”

“No, listen.” Now the panda was grasping both her arms, his determination face, told her regardless of what she will say. He wasn’t giving up. That’s why she allows him to continue. “You think Master Yijiro be happy, seeing you shutting out loved ones who need you?”

Unfortunately, during this part, Tigress was looking deep into those jades causing her to growl out, baring her teeth; expression she realizes too late, gave Po notion she doesn’t believe his words; which she does.

But since she’s right in what Po thought her expression meant. It’s no surprise their nose nearly touches, as he tries to ‘reach’ her. “Who also wants to keep you from becoming lonely again.”

Really certain why her chi is blocked as her heart becomes heavy. Tigress’s eyes shift from Po’s. “It’s not easy-.”

“No it isn’t.” with Po lowering his paws from her arms, drawing back a bit. Tigress, without thinking, looks back to the giant panda only to read the disappointment covering his face. “But remember you’re not the only one who’s lost, someone.” Not moving her sight from the panda. Tigress saw him lower his head to the floor. “She has too.”

Of course! How could she forget the reason they’re even having this conversation.

“Look I know you were sad she had to go back last year. But here’s your chance to have her forever. And I believe the only one who can help her through all this is you.” Tigress, boldly stepping up, places a paw upon his shoulder, causing his eyes to meet hers again.

“Maybe you’re right.” It was hard not seeing the hope, filling those jades of his. She shook her head. “No, you are right. She needs me and I need her. So I’ll go-.” Instantly Tigress was back in a hug by the panda.

“Sweet!” Was the excitement reaching her ears while Po remains, hugging her. For the moment she lets herself soak into his soft fur, before the panda breaks the hug, rushing for the door. “We leave after breakfast.”

“Wait, we?” At her question Po stops at the door, turning back.

“Yeah, I’m already heading there. My father needs to speak with me after the funeral and also I need to stop by Lu afterward.”

Familiar with the responsibility Po has with both being the chi master and still Dragon warrior; including soon running the Jade Palace in the short of three years from now; for Shifu will have retired by then. Furthermore, since all species’ -under Emperor Lu Kang’s ruling- high elder’s death are reported to Lu every time; reasons so as not to have another replay of the event doing with an elderly Siamese cat, Pang Bing. Po has to send word of Grandma Panda’s passing; mostly with him representing all panda citizens of the ‘Panda Village’.

Accepts his reason, Tigress starts for her bed to get enough sleep before tomorrow. For, unlike a certain panda who needs most of the night to pack, she doesn’t carry much on travels.

“But to let you know.” But hearing his voice, the tiger halts, looking towards him still at the door; but it’s open now. “Even if I wasn’t already going I still would.”

“Why?” blinking her eyes, Tigress didn’t hide the lost look on her face. In a few steps, Po had her in a side-hug, slightly laughing.

“Because you’re one of my best friends. And I’m always there for my friends. Even if they don’t want me too.” Po finished before playfully winks at her. While unaware of the displeasure Tigress has by his words.

In the beginning years of Po being a Dragon Warrior. If she heard those words Tigress would be unsure of her disappointment in him labeling her a ‘friend’. But not now. Which made it hurt more.

Nonetheless not one to go back on her words. She painted on a smirk. “Good to know.” Earning a smile from the panda. “Now leave before I kick you out.”

Still smiling, saying a simple. “Right, night Tigress.” Po leaves the room. It wasn’t until he was gone and she couldn’t hear him within the hallway. Tigress drops the smirk. Replacing it with a sad frown.

“Night, Po.”

“Master Tigress?”

By the familiar voice, Tigress snaps from the memory of the conversation her and Po had nearly a week ago.

Sadly, arriving just a day after the funeral. Her and Po only could give their respect to Grandma Panda’s grave that morning.

Currently -now- Tigress is within the housing that was and is Po’s temporary home; inside the Panda village. She was lead here by him before he was pulled away by Li; to go over doings going on in the village since his last visit.

Resulting in her waiting for Po’s return. But apparently, she doesn’t mind. Since it gave her time to her thoughts. Furthermore, despite being here for longer than two hours. Tigress still hasn’t seen the main person she came all this way to see yet.

“Master Tigress, can you hear me?” Again brought from her thoughts by the voice. Tigress shifts her attention to the entrance of the house, spotting Mei-Mei. Seeing her and her appearance, quickly Tigress jumps from her chair, offering it to the clearly pregnant panda. “Must have been in deep thought, before I got here?” the female panda asked, taking the only chair within the house. Leaving Tigress taking the bed as a seat.

“You could say that. By the way, boy or girl?” Right away joy covers Mei’s face, before rubbing her round belly.

“It’s a boy.”

“Is that the reason-.” Mei holds a hand up, stopping Tigress from going further.

“Figures Li didn’t tell you through the letter.” Scoffs, the female giant panda.

“Tell me what?”

“Grandma Panda’s last wish was for the little one to pick who she wants to care for her. Right away she picked you.” Undropping her eyes from Tigress. Mei’s paw laid over hers, in a friendly gesture. “You are the closer mother figure she’s had. And I’m certain my sister’s thankful her daughter found someone like you.” Mei added mentioning her sister she hasn’t spoken about since her death by given childbirth to Mei Mei’s niece.

Sadly, recalling how she gave her niece the cold shoulder; blaming the infant for her sister’s death. Resulted in the elder of the village caring for her niece. Unfortunately, that’s led to her niece not only not knowing her mother, but Mei as her aunt too.

However, with a child on the way, Mei-Mei finally understands why her sister did what she did to make sure her daughter lived. But it’s too late for Mei-Mei to form a relationship with the little panda. For it’s clear, besides Po himself. Her niece has never bonded with someone so fast as Tigress.

Though unaware of the female panda’s deep thoughts. But aware of the history of Mei-Mei and her sister arriving at the village nearly two years before Po became Dragon Warrior, and the early discarded Mei-Mei gave to her sister’s daughter after her death. Tigress’s not sure what to say at Mei Mei’s statement.

So she only nods slowly as a reply. But if Mei had something to say, Tigress didn’t get a chance. Because at that moment the door opens with Po stepping in.

Due to his high title now of days, outside the Jade Palace. Po wears more than just a pair of patch-up pants. That’s why he had an entire outfit tailored for him. A white robe that has black trimming, and long, black sleeves trimmed with gold, along with a red sash across his waist, black pants and a straw hat upon his head.

She long since admitted the outfit looks great on him; matching his fur perfectly. Not to mention most of his bulkiness is now muscular without losing the softness and the built that makes him a panda. But Tigress’s sight is on the little sleeping panda he’s carrying.

Lei Lei….

Instantly Tigress feels the longing to hold the little one she hasn’t seen in a whole year. Furthermore, she’s happy with what Lei Lei’s wearing.

With already begun teaching her the basics of kung-fu (for a kid) during her stay in the valley of peace. Tigress had an outfit resembling hers as cub made for Lei-Lei as going away gift when she and the other pandas left for Panda village. Except the colors are different; color of the shirt is pinkish-purple, with still black pants, but with a pink flower pattern on either side.

Getting off the bed, she watches Po start waking the little panda.

“Lei time to awake to the surprise waiting for you.”

Keeping a good grip on her Tigress action figure even during her nap. Raising her head from its place on Po’s shoulder. Lei-Lei wipes the sleepiness from her eyes. Not realizing she’s giving the adults a cute scene, and only increased it by yawning.

“Is it Tigress?” Smiling at the cub in his arms, Po shifts his sight from her to glance at Tigress; holding eye contact with her a moment.

“See for yourself.” He added, returning his attention to Lei-Lei as he lowers her to the floor.

It seemed like slow motion to the other pandas in the room as they witness Lei-Lei turns to her surprise, to find Tigress there. Immediately as violet eyes met amber ones. Tigress drops to her knees, opening arms out in time to catch the running Lei-Lei.

Actually having to fight tears at having the little one once again within her arms. Tigress didn’t even stop embracing the cub; that’s face was snuggled against her chest. As Po approaches, slipping his arms around her; joining the hug.

Witnessing this scene, causes Mei-Mei to silently smile, while lovely stroking her belly. Li’s right… they make a lovely family. I’m sorry how I treated her, sister. But she looks to be in great hands. Especially…. She thought, then another thought pops up. Maybe I can ask my husband to persuade Li in raising the wager between our village and the valley of peace. Though I might agree with Mr. Ping’s choice.

Sometime after the hug, and Mei-Mei leaving; stating she’ll make sure all Lei Lei’s stuff is packed and ready when they start to leave. Left the other three within the house.

However, by then, Po’s reminded him of something he needs to go over with Tigress before they leave.

“I know after here I’m going to see Emperor Lu. But I have been informed both Monkey and Crane are not too far from here. You two could join up with them and head to the valley. Instead of coming with me?”

Though not bothered in continuing staying with Po, and seeing Lu again. Tigress looks to the cub she’s not in a hurry to put down. “What do you think, Lei? Should we head for the emperor or meet Monkey and Crane on their way home?”

Moving a bit, but staying within Tigress’s arms. Lei reaches over to Po; who’s still in arms reach. Snatching a grip on his robe, making him move closer until he’s once again standing beside Tigress. It’s here Lei-Lei release’s her grip.

“I want to stay with both Tigress and Po.” Surprise by the answer but not showing it. Tigress shift eyes to Po’s startled ones.

“Then I guess we’re staying with you, Po.”

Right away the shocked look was gone from Po’s as he smiles. “Awesome.” He began while giving Lei-Lei a little tickle under the chin, making her giggle. “Then I can’t wait to show all the snack stops on the way.” He said, making his way out of the house. Tigress’s eyes were rolling at Po being Po, but the small smile gracing her lips says she wouldn’t have him any other way. With this thought, and continued holding Lei -Lei, Tigress not too long follows after.


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