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Manan SS His Mistress


This story is of a billionaire and his mistress who's already married to some one else.. But there's more to it. Read it to know more..

Romance / Fantasy
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Chapter 1

Caution: extremely hot only for 18+

Nandini was walking in the corridor along with a file in her hand.. she wore a simple plain pink saree, in which she was looking so elegant yet sexy...which cannot be undermined...

The way her hips were swaying with her walk aroused all the men who were watching her, but she cared least and wiped her tears.. before knocking the door of her boss...

“sir, can i come in” she asked, whilst her boss said yes.. and when she entered HIS cabin.. he immediately pinned her to the wall and started to kiss her lips..

HE was kissing, sucking and biting her lips..she just stood there all surrendered to him.. her heart fluttered but her mind overpowered her and she was not able to respond to his kisses...

“baby.. please respond na.. you know right.. how much i love your response...” requested her boss...

“MANIK... please... aahhhh...” moaned nandini.. as her boss attacked her cleavage and started to open the hooks of her blouse...

“wow! baby this is damn sexy.. you know what? i am just loving this! please... wear these blouses often.. and next time..show your boobs a bit.. because I WANT MY MISTRESS TO LOOK HOT AND SEXY....” said manik whilst nandini felt disgusted.. but she smiled...

“manik..please.. i need to go home and feed my husband..” dropped a shocker to us.. and manik’s jaws tightened...

he held her bare waist tightly and asked, ” youare not going to go to your bedridden husband? Is not a nurse there to take care of him? Then why you”

By this time he removed her blouse and eyed her boobs, which was giving him jitters all across the body

Manik sucked her nipples and she was moving his head all over her neck.

“Aahhh Manik... my panty is getting wet, please stop your tortures!!! ” moaned Nandini to which Manik smiled and

He poked his finger inside her butt and she released a ‘sshhh’ sound making manik’s hard on

“I love you Nandini, I love you so much I just cannot live without you and your body!! Just leave that dick husband of yours!!!” Begged Manik and Nandini just stared at him with pearly eyes!!

Her boobs were in his mouth now and he was not leaving a single part of her boobs un sucked!!

In fact Nandini also gave a few wet kisses to him, on his body and they brought their faces close to each other!!

Within no time, Manik captured her lips inside his tough lips and he was sucking it No extent!!

She was living it and responded equally, after a while when their kiss stopped, they heard a knock on their door!!

Manan wore their clothes quickly and Manik opened the door, only to be welcomed his so called fiancé rose

“Hi baby how are you? And I booked 2 ticket for us to a movie date” exclaimed rose and Manik just rolled his eyes!!

Rose saw Nandini working at the table and gave a disgusted look to her while Nandini ignored it.

Rose pulled Manik with her to her car and they both went in the car to see the movie.

Soon, Nandini received a message in her phone from Manik

Hi, baby please be ready at your home tonight wearing something tight because today I am not going to leave you at all. I will fuck the life out of you, and will make your super tight pussy loose.

Nandini smiled reading the message and went back the memory lane!!

A month ago when her life was smooth...

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