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When 15 year old Joey grace meets Elyza grey, she's in for the ride of a lifetime. When Joey's aunt Maria introduces her to Elyza joey flips out. Elyza is bigger, older, stronger, and Joey's brother and sister? At first Joey's not to excited about her aunt's new marriage to Dave. But she learns to accept that everyone deserves a little happiness. The two new siblings grow close. Joey feels too embarrassed to share her problem with Elyza. When joey was just 7 years old Maria began to notice problems in joey's breathing. So she took her to a doctor. And even the doctor himself was stumped with Joey's problem. So he diagnosed it as... Dysfunctional breathing. He also said Joey is in need of an around the clock all night vigil. When Elyza rose to the challenge Joey was infuriated. She didn't want anything more to do with him. They were already siblings. So to let off some steam joey leaves the house. Everyone thinks she is in the back yard. Well, she was. But something off in the distance sparks joey's interest. Joey knows better than to go into the woods alone. So she decides it will only be a minute to see what waits in the distance. So she sets off and soon she is too deep in the woods to see the path to home. The distance was not what she thought it would be. And somewhere at the start of joey's journey...she spots a leaf. A red one. Her favorite.

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Chapter one๐Ÿ

This is what she came for. But the lightning it struck at her every move. Just watching her, but she's never looking at you because her eyes are always down. But somewhere behind those red rimmed glasses and deep into those fawn brown eyes, there were so many emotions. She did not know which one to feel first so she chose to not feel any of them at all. When the lightning struck it never hit directly on her. Only hitting around her. It seemed there was some Invisible bubble-like fortress around her. Her face remained stony, blank with nothingness. It was as if she was unbreakable. Tenderhearted, sure. But standing on the outside looking in, as she got jostled around. People said crap about her. She did nothing to defend herself. When it was over she walked away. She was truly unbreakable. As the outside failed to notice that her pain, was indeed, unbearable. She could not take it anymore, there she was on the inside, taking it. One sunny friday afternoon Liv and her crew decided they could not wait any longer. So at what seemed to be the right moment Liv stopped the girl on the sidewalk, Looking the girl up and down. She wore faded jeans - with holes in the knees - that tightened around her ankles. The waist of them hidden by her by a light blue sweater. Her mane of curls was piled atop her head, held in place by two unshaven pencils. Li v turned to her group behind her. " You guys go on. I'll be there in a sec." The group passed and Liv lingered staring at the girl. When she did not make a move to leave or talk, Liv spoke up. She decided to jump straight to the point and ask the question that has been buzzing her mind for the longest time now. " What's your problem?" The girl re-adjusted her books. Shifting from one dirty blue sneaker to the other, she looked up. Inching her red rimmed glasses up her nose revealing two big, fawn brown eyes she opened her mouth. "I do not have one." And with that the girl shuffled past and Liv jerked her head backward so as not to be poked by one of the two unshaven pencils. Liv rightened herself and stared after The girl, opening her mouth then closing it realizing that a response was not needed seeing as the girl had already walked away. At just that moment as if aware she was being watched the girl looked over her shoulder at Liv, the red rim of her glasses glinted in the beaming sun. Of course, Liv wanted to look away, to show she was not interested. But she found she could not avert her eyes, even as the girl returned her attention to the path ahead of her. Li v felt an unsettling feeling in the pit of her stomach. There was something about that girl. Wether it be the red rimmed glasses, or the dirty sneakers. Or even the unshaven pencils sticking from her hair. Maybe that unsettling feeling was jealousy. Yeah, it was jealousy. Liv mizarri was jealous. And she did not like it. "What's with her anyway?" Kelly's voice asked of the retreating figure that had once been a girl. Liv blinked in response and felt heat creep up the back of her neck and rise into her cheeks at the thought of her friends knowing she was jealous of some girl who was never noticed. "Come on, we should go." Kelly tugged on her best friend's arm. Liv blinked yet again and watched the spot where the girl had disappeared carefully with squinted eyes. "Yeah. We should."

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