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How I became a CreepyPasta


What my story is about, is that there is a girl that knows slenderMan, but SlenderMan doesn’t remember her, nor recognize her. She is just like everyone including slender and Zalgo.

Horror / Other
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1: Zander (Zane for short)- monster, son of Zalgo

2: Mr. Maxwell- teacher

3: SlenderMan-Boss

4: Eyeless Jack- Proxy, demon, eyes gone

5: Ticci Toby- Proxy

6: Masky- proxy

7: Hoodie- proxy

8: sally- proxy, ghost

9: Lazari- proxy, demon

10: Ben drowned- proxy, drowned

11: Jeff the killer- proxy

12: Jane the killer- proxy

13: Lulu- proxy, eyes gone

14: Nina the Killer- proxy

15: Homicidal Liu- proxy, Jeffery woods brother (Jeff the Killer)

16: Zalgo- enemy, demon

17: The rake- enemy

Etc (more characters will be shown soon....)

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