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April and Autumn are sisters. When they were little children, one sister gets kidnapped. The other sister has tried to find them ever since. One day, the sister gets closer to finding her. Will she find her beloved sister, or will she ever know that her sister is gone. Credit goes to mluvzlps. I found this beautiful series on Youtube.

Adventure / Fantasy
Nilah Chears
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It was a breezy afternoon when it happened. My sister, April, and I were playing soccer in our front yard. My other friends, Harper, Kate, Samantha, Ella, Kelly, and Olivia, were also playing. We split up into teams. My sister and I were, of course, on the same team.

"I want to be with April and Autumn." Samantha said, pointing at us. A car sped past her, making her brunette, wavy hair blow in the wind. Our house was near busy streets, so cars would pass by all the time.

"Come on Samantha, you are just saying that 'cause they play soccer at daycare!" Ella said. Ella always had something to say. Samantha gave her a quick, stingy look. Ella stuck out her tongue.

We split into teams. April, Kelly, and Samantha were with me while Ella, Harper, Kate, and Olivia were on the other team. Kate and I were the goalies for our own teams. The game went normally. Kate's team was winning- probably because her dad taught her soccer- and we were losing.

After a few minutes of playing, a car approached us. This was normal because, like I said, our house was near a busy street. But this car didn't drive past our house. He stopped in front of our white house and got out of the car. He had a black beard and dark skin. He was wearing a black longsleeve shirt, black pants, and black boots. It was unusual since it was the middle of summer and he looked sketchy. We didn't care and kept playing.

"Kelly, pass the ball to me!" April yelled, waving her arms in the air and jumping. Kelly, being a good sport, passed the ball to April. April tried to catch it with her foot but it blasted past her. It landed near the tall, evergreen tree in my yard. The strange man picked it up.

"I have your ball. Do you want it back?" the man said, approaching us. April approached him, shaking in fear.

"Yes, please." April said, her voice shaky. I wanted to step in, but we were too scared. We all knew about Stranger Danger from school, but we were too startled to say or do anything. We think it's all fun and games until it actually happens.

"Are those your friends over there?" the man said, pointing at me and my friends.

"Um, yes." April said, glancing at us. She looked scared and fearful.

The man handed April the soccer ball and walked over to us. I slowly backed away toward the front door. My mom was inside, making lunch.

"Hey kids! I got candy!" He says, acting like we're babies. Even when I was a child, I knew he was stupid, thinking we would fall for that.

A car honked and a woman yelled, "Quit the act! Just get them in the trunk!"

"Okay kids, you need to get in that trunk. If you don't, you are gonna regret it." he says, pointing at the truck parked in front of our house. Olivia, Samantha, and I slowly backed away closer to my house. Everyone else was too scared to move.

April, Ella, Harper, Kate, and Kelly climbed into the trunk. I could see my sister's face in the corner of my eye. I ran into my house as Olivia and Samantha followed me. I ran to my mom, who was making grilled cheese sandwiches at the time.

"Mom, April is getting kidnapped! Come, quick!" I said. My mom ran out with her phone. She was dialing 911 as she ran.

"My daughter is getting kidnapped! Come, quick! 6272 Madison Drive." she said, running to the truck. All the kids had gotten in, and they were getting ready to drive away.

"Don't take my child! Please!" she yelled, tears in her eyes. Her face was red with anger and sadness. But the truck was gone. It drove down the street with the children inside. My mom fell to her knees, crying. Her eyes were buried in her hands.

"Why? Why my child? She yelled, looking at the sky. But it was too late. My sister was gone.

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