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Perfect harmony (Jae x Reader)


Finally the day has come. You got accepted on the school of your dreams. Rising Stars Institute of Music. Ever since you were little you loved music. You learned to play the piano and sing. You always like singing and making music but didnt really thought of starting something big with it. Until you saw that one guy that made you change your mind. And luckily he was attending the school you were going to.

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Chapter 1

″Y/N wake up! You don’t want to be late for your big day″ my mom said happily while shaking my body.

″I’m up″ I groaned rubbing my eyes tiredly and seating myself straight on my bed.

″Good now hurry up. I will make you breakfast″ she said ruffling my hair and kissing my head before leaving the room. I looked in the mirror seeing my messed up hair. I got out of bed and walked straight to the bedroom taking a nice shower.

″Today is finally the day″ I said smiling happily to myself. Today was finally the day. The day I was going to the school of my dreams. Rising Stars Institute of Music. I have worked my ass off these years to be admitted to this school. Rising Stars Institute of Music was the popular school there was. It wasnt just a school it was a music school. And a really good one. Only people who were really skilled and just good were admitted. Being one of those persons was such an honor and I felt really proud. Ever since I was little I love music. I learned to sing and even play the piano and now I even write my own songs. But despite all that I never wanted to do something with it. I just thought of it as a hobby altho I loved doing it so much and people always told me to do something with my talent. But my dad always talked about how he wants me to become a good doctor. So I didn’t want to break his heart and wanted to study to become a doctor. Until one day he said he wanted to talk to me. He told me how he saw how much I loved making music and singing and playing the piano. He wanted me not to worry about him and just do want I really wanted to do. At first, I still thought that I hurt him so I said it was just a hobby. But he told me

″Why don’t you make your hobby, your passion then?″ and that made me realize that he was right. Now singing and making music isn’t just a hobby. It’s my passion. I stepped out of the shower wrapping a towel around my body. I walked to my dressing table and started blow drying my hair. Thats when my eyes landed on a polaroid picture that I made. My cheeks became slightly red thinking about the picture and it was as if it was yesterday that I made that picture. It was him, the one who made me change myself and made me work hard to go to the school I was going to today. It was Jae. I still remember the day I took that picture still clearly. It was already night time and I was walking around with my polaroid camera taking pictures of the beautiful night view. Suddenly I stopped in my tracks when I heard a sweet voice singing. I saw a crowd of people standing around someone. I joined the crowd and my eyes grew wide at the sight of a beautiful guy around my age. He had slightly dark blonde hair and wore glasses. He was singing a beautiful song while he played the guitar. My eyes watched the movements of his fingers playing the guitar. It was like I was just in a dreamland nothing around me mattered to me. I was only focused on him and his voice. I saw him smiling while he sang and my heart skipped a beat. He was so cute while he laughed. And it really looked like he was enjoying making music and singing. Without knowing I just held my polaroid camera in front of my face and made a picture. Luckily he didn’t notice. I watched him perform until it ended everyone clapped including me and he bowed many times while thanking us. When he bowed my way we made eye contact and I lost my breath. I bet I was looking like a shocked idiot right now and I saw him chuckle at me. I blushed and looked away. And thats were my fairy tale ends. After that day I told my friend about it and showed her the picture. She told me that he was actually a new student on Rising Stars Institute of Music-making me almost choke on my spit. Since then I wanted to work really hard to get admitted to that school even more. My friend kept me up to date about him because she had a friend who was attending the Rising Stars Institute of Music. Apparently he was admitted together with his childhood friend and those two were known as the perfect duo. They said they always paired up together for assignments and that their voices really matched to eachother. I was finding this really nice to hear until I heard that his childhood friend was a girl. Well, no reason for me to get mad I didn’t even know him and I was already acting like he was mine. I waited for 2 years and finally, I will be able to go to the school of my dreams. And maybe even meet the person who made me fell in love with music more.

I quickly changed into my new school uniform and brushed my hair. I ran down the stairs seeing my mom already set the table.

″Here you go″ my mom said handing me some orange juice that she just poured.

″Thank you″ I said my mouth already stuffed with toast. I quickly gulped down the orange juice and ate my toast with eggs.

″I have to go now!″ I said in a hurry and grabbed my backpack.

″Y/N!″ my mom said screaming making me stop and quickly turn around towards her.

″Yes?″ I asked and she smiled proudly.

″Goodluck today sweetie″ she said and I smiled back.

″Thank you″ I said and this time I did leave the house. I skipped happily to the bus station until I saw my bus already arriving.

″NO!″ I screamed while running to the bus as if my life depended on it.

″I... got.. on-time″ I said talking to myself while panting like crazy. I checked in and seated myself at a window seat. I smiled to myself I just couldn’t believe I was going to the biggest and most popular school ever to fulfill my dreams. I plugged in my earplugs and listened to my favorite songs humming along.

Finally, I reached it. My eyes grew big once I stood in front of the school gate.

″Is this a school or a mansion?″ I asked myself amazed by the size of this school. It was so big and so pretty. I saw a lot of students walking, some were even sitting on the grass while writing songs together. Or just singing with each other while one of them played the guitar. I walked past the gate my eyes going from left to right admiring all the students. It was as if I was in heaven. This is the best day ever. I heard a bell rang and looked at the big clock that was in the school building. I grabbed my schedule out of my backpack. At first, I had to meet with the headmaster. I entered the school and saw a lot of students walking past me going towards their class. A lot of them were even carrying instruments. Do they bring their own instruments or do they get those from school? I wondered. The only instrument I can play is the piano, but I have a keyboard at home. Not really like a grand piano. My grandma does have one so whenever we visit I always play songs for her and she told me that she would grant it to me one day. I was now learning to play the guitar cause that was my second favorite instrument. So where is the headmaster’s office? I stood frozen looking around like an idiot. Maybe I should ask someone. I saw a group of girls standing with each other. One had a violin in her hand. Her hair was nicely braided to the side and she wore natural makeup. The others didn’t had an instrument with them but they did look really classy and elegant. Almost as if they were royal.

″Uhm excuse me..″ I said softly interrupting their talking.

″Yes″ one of the girls said smiling at me. I immediately felt better once I heard her sweet voice.

″Do one of you might know where the headmaster’s office is?″ I asked and the girl nodded her head.

″Yeah it’s here at the end of the hall. And then turn right″ she said smiling while motioning with her hands which direction for me to go.

″Thank you″ I said smiling and bowed.

″No problem. Are you new?″ she asked me and I shyly nodded my head.

″Well welcome to Rising Stars Institute of Music I’m Sena,″ she said and I shook her hand.

″Y/N″ I said shyly.

″Welcome I’m Heerin″ one of the other girls said also shaking my hand.

″Y/N″ I replied once again saying my name.

″And I’m Minsu″ the last girl said shaking my hand.

″Y/N I know nice to meet you″ she said making me laugh.

″Nice to meet you too″ I said smiling.

″Girls are you coming?″ a women across the hall asked, I guess she was a teacher.

″Yes″ all three of them answered in unison.

″Bye gotta go″ Sena said and I nodded my head.

″Bye we will see you around some time″ Minsu said and they left together with the women.

I stood in front of the headmaster’s office and I couldn’t help but feel nervous. I breathed in and out before nervously knocking on the door.

″Come in″ a low voice spoke. I quietly opened the door peeping my head out. I saw an old man sitting behind a desk laughing because of my shy behavior.

″No need to be shy. Come in″ he said getting from his seat. I entered his office and closed the door behind me.

″Miss Y/F/N?″ he asked while I seated myself in the big comfy chair across of him.

″Welcome to Rising Stars Institute of Music″ he said smiling brightly.

″Thank you″ I said bowing my head.

″So as I heard you already got your schedule right?‴he asked me and I nodded my head.

″Don’t worry about today. Cause today I will just let you explore the school″ he said making a big smile grew on my face. I already knew which room I wanted to explore the most.

″I saw your audition for the school. You’re really good at singing and you can play the piano beautifully,″ he said complementing me making me blush.

″Oh no need. I’m not that good″ I said and I saw his expression change.

″Don’t say that. Miss L/N you might know it but you have a really unique voice and the way you play the piano is just breathtaking. You might not know it now. But believe me you will find out what im talking about″ he said and I just nodded my head excepting his compliment. He wasnt the first one who told me this. People around me say it all the time. That my voice is really unique, but I don’t hear it myself.

″Well I will let you go explore now. If you want to know anything just let me know″ he said winking while getting out of his seat to show me the way out.

″Well in that case. Do you might know where the music room is?″ I asked grinning.

″On the 3rd floor its the biggest room. The music room is written on the door so there is no way you will miss it,″ he said and I thanked him once again. He led me the way out and I immediately moved to the 3rd floor, in search of the music room.

Once I reached the music room my eyes just grew wide and my mouth fell open. Nobody was there just me and the instruments that filled the room. Alot of instruments. From drums to the violin. From guitars to the cello. And all types of instruments but the thing that caught my attention. Was the big grand piano that stood in the middle of the room. I slowly walked up to it and felt a smile appearing on my face. I let my finger fall on one tile and chuckled and the lovely sound that the piano made. Suddenly I started singing it was the song he sang. The song that reminded me of him. The song Jae sang the day I saw him. I only remembered a small part of it.

″Hal mal iss-eo~~ Boya hagon~ Amu mal eobs-i maju anj-i~~″

″Jigeum meolis-sog-en~~ I mal-eul haeya hana mana~~ Wonhaji anhjiman~~″ A sweet familiar male voice sang. Finishing the part of the song that I didn’t had remembered. I turned around shocked by the owner of the voice. Altho I already knew who it belonged to.

″Jae″ I said softly feeling my heart beat like crazy.

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