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Perfect harmony (Jae x Reader)

Chapter 2

My heart was beating like crazy, my hands were starting to go get sweaty and my voice came out really soft when I said his name.

“Thats me. Have we met before?” He asked kindly. My heart skipped a beat because of the smile he gave me. He was really a sweet person. I shook my head and he seated himself on the bench in front of the piano.

“Are you sure? Cause I have the feeling we did meet before” he said letting his fingers play some notes on the piano. He played a note that didn’t fit with the rest and smiled embarrassedly.

“Oops sorry. I’m still learning to play” he said and felt more at ease instead of really nervous.

“It’s okay. You play the guitar right?” I asked and he nodded his head.

“Yeah. We did meet didn’t we?” He asked getting up from the bench.

“No, we didn’t really meet. We just saw eachother” I said shyly while looking away.

“Cute girl?” He asked making me confused and look back at him.

“Now I remember!” He suddenly said making me startled. He grabbed my hands in his and smiled brightly.

“You were the cute girl that was at my street performance 2 years ago,” he said happily. I was shocked and my mouth fell open. How did he remember? Or wait maybe I wasnt the person he talked about? I arched my eyebrows a little in confusion.

“The one with the polaroid camera right?” He asked me and let go of my hands. Thats when I knew that he indeed was talking about me. So did he just called me cute? I shyly nodded my head feeling myself blush at his words.

“Thats me,” I said smiling awkwardly.

“How come you know my name?” He asked making me gulp. Should I tell him? Tell him that I showed my friend a picture of him that I made that day. And that she knew him. Hell no.

“Oh, your name tag,” I said quickly noticing his name tag on his uniform.

“Oh right” he said smiling cutely while scratching the back of his neck.

“So you’re....” he bent a little so he could look at my name tag.

“Y/N” he said smiling and I nodded my head.

“Nice to meet you,” he said sticking out his hand for me to shake. I shook his hand and my fingers heated up.

“Nice to meet you too,” I said and he seated himself back on the bench.

“Soo... I guess you’re new” he said and tapped the spot beside him for me to sit down. I seated myself next to him and nodded my head.

“I am” I answered.

“How long have you been on this school oppa?” I asked altho I already knew the answer. I saw him blush and look away but I didn’t know why.

“What’s wrong?” I asked and he turned back to face me.

“Oppa” he said and I looked confused.

“You called me oppa. I was flustered” he admitted making me laugh. He was so cute when he was shy. He fake coughed and fixed his position sitting with a straight back.

“I have been at this school for 2 years now. I still need 2 years more” he said and I nodded my head. I was a little sad cause that would mean we would go together to this school for only 2 years.

“Y/N I have to say you have a really unique voice. And I’m surprised that you still remembered the song I wrote” he said smiling.

“Are you kidding me! I’m in love with that song! I sing it like every day, only the part that I know then” I said getting excited. He laughed at my reaction and pinched my cheek.

“Thank you. It was the first song I
wrote” he said smiling proudly.

“If you want I can learn it to you,” he said making me lose my breath.

“Really?” I asked and he nodded his head. Could this day go any better? It was my first day at the amazing school ever. The students were nice and on top of that, I finally met the person I hoped to meet in the last 2 years.

“Yeah really. Can you play the guitar?” He asked me and I shook my head.

“I’m learning it right now. I can only play the piano” I replied and he looked at me in amazement.

“And you sing right?” He asked and I nodded my head.

“Well, in that case, you can learn me to play the piano while I learn you to play the guitar. And my song” he said I nodded my head.

“Deal!” I said and I shook his hand.

“No promise,” he said and showed me his pinky. I slowly intertwined my pinky with his.

“Promise,” I said smiling and he smiled back.

“Don’t you have class?” I asked and he shook his head.

“No I have class in a bit,” he said and I felt sad again. I didn’t want him to leave. Did I fell for him?

“Oh okay. Uhm can you maybe sing the song for me?” I asked while fidgeting with my fingers.

“Yeah sure I would love too,” he said and got off the bench he grabbed a black guitar case that I just noticed. He revealed his guitar and seated himself back on the bench.

“I have to admit I’m a little nervous,” he said and I smiled to reassure him.

“It’s okay,” I said and then he started. His fingers played the first notes and I immediately closed my eyes.

“Hal mal isseo boja hagon~” he began to sing and again it felt like I was in a dreamland. His voice was as beautiful as an angel. I slowly opened my eyes seeing him singing while he had his own eyes closed. I couldn’t help but smile. He really loves music doesnt he? I started admiring his face. His closed eyes, his lips, his eyebrows even his ears and just his hair and fingers. He sang with so much passion. With so much love. And I clearly knew that I fell for him. His voice was so soothing for my ears. I could listen to it all day.

The song was coming to its end and Jae slowly opened his eyes. He played the last string while smiling brightly.

“And?” He asked and I immediately jumped off the bench clapping like a seal.

“It’s so good I love it! Really I wanna have this song on my phone so I can listen to it all day!” I said and I saw him laugh and blush at the same time.

“You’re being too much. You’re making me blush” he said softly and I seated myself back on the bench.

“Oppa youre really good. I mean it. I love your song and I love your voice. I love it so much that I can listen to it every day without getting bored of it” I said and ruffled my hair while smiling.

“Thank you~” he said in an aegyeo voice making me chuckle.

“What were you actually doing here?” He asked while placing his guitar back in the case.

“The headmaster told me I could explore the school today”

“And you?” I asked and he pointed to his guitar thats in his case.

“I forgot my guitar here,” he said and I nodded my head. He looked at his watch and his eyes widened.

“Shit I have to go,” he said while hastily getting off the bench and grabbing his guitar case. He threw it over his shoulder and walked up to me, while I got off the bench.

“I will see you later okay,” he said in a hurry and quickly left shutting the door behind him. I couldn’t even reply or he was already gone. I seated myself back on the bench and sighed. I didn’t want him to go. I suddenly felt so lonely. Out of the blue, the door of the music room swung open again giving me a heart attack.

“Oppa?” I asked confused seeing Jae enter again.

“Can I have your number?” He asked me while panting. Did he run back? I was confused at first by his sudden question but quickly grabbed my phone and nodded my head.

“Arent you late for class?” I asked while he types my number in his phone. He handed me back my phone and smiled.

“I’m already late. So it doesn’t matter anymore” he said.

“This time I will go for real,” he said making me laugh. And indeed he left. I couldn’t stop smiling. I looked at my phone, I hope he texts me soon.

It was already the end of the day. I got a good look around the school today. And I even met a couple of students that were really nice. I didn’t see Jae for the rest of the day. Probably because this school is so big. And he has been at this school for 2 years already so I’m sure his classes were on a different side of the school. I just walked around the school for a while in the hope I would see Jae. But I didn’t find him. I guess I should just head home. I walked past the gates and thats when I heard my phone ring. I saw a notification that I got a message from an unknown number. Could it be Jae?

“Y/N wait for me at the gate. I wanna go home together. Be there in a bit :))” the text said making me smile. I waited at the gate for about 10 minutes until I saw Jae running towards me.

“Heyy,” he said waving and I waved back.

“Hey” I replied.

“Shall we go?” He asked and I nodded my head. We both walked past the gates of the school and walked towards the bus station.

“And did you had a fun time looking around the school?” Jae asked after a couple of silents minutes walking.

“Yeah the school is really big. So I didn’t get to see all of it tho” I said.

“Do you already have your schedule?” He asked me afterward and I nodded my head in reply.

“Can I see?”

“Sure. One second” I grabbed my schedule out of my backpack and handed it to him. He scanned my schedule and then grabbed his phone. He took a picture of my schedule and handed the paper back to me.

“Good. Now I know where to find you” he said grinning while poking my cheek. We almost arrived at the bus station already.

“You’re starting the same time as me tomorrow so wait for me at the gate. I will bring you to your class” he said and my heart was beating a fast pace again. He was indeed the nice, funny, caring and cute guy I thought he was.

“Aren’t you taking the bus?” I asked once we reached the bus station.

“No I live in the neighborhood so I can go on foot” he replied to me. Aw he walked me to the bus station. I couldn’t help but fall for him more and more.

“Okay, I will wait for you at the gate then,” I said and he nodded his head.

“Oh thats my bus,” I said seeing my bus arrive.

“I will see you tomorrow,” he said smiling warmly.

“Until tomorrow” I said and stepped into the bus. The doors of the bus closed and it took of. I immediately got a text from Jae again.

“Look to your left?” I said confused reading the text. I looked to my left out the window and saw him running next to the bus like an idiot. Soon he couldn’t catch up anymore and stopped while panting. I looked back at him and waved while laughing. The last thing I saw was his big smile.

“Idiot,” I said smiling to myself while plugging in my earplugs.

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