Blood and Water

Moving Out

Elrond was brought back from Elrohir's mind in a most terrible state. He was kneeling on the ground coated in a thin sheet off sweat, his hair was tousled, as if he had gone to bed with it wet, tears leaked from his eyes and his mind felt fuzzy as to his surroundings. Glorfindel had been shaking his shoulders while calling to him. He had been loath to bring his friend around, but having read the cure in Erestor's book he knew they would need a decision on what to do if they are to save everyone.

Elrond watched his military advisor with odd glazed, confused eyes; his mind wasn't quite registering being back yet. He watched in dulled fascination at what the blonde elf was saying; his mouth was moving but there was no sound.

"Do you understand?" finally the blonde elf's voice finally penetrated the fog in Elrond's mind and from there it quickly cleared.

Elrond shook the cob webs from his mind and said, "My apologies Glorfindel what was you said?"

"He said we found a cure." said another voice from behind Glorfindel.



"We did not wish to leave any of you alone." said Glorfindel.

"But who's tending to my city?" asked the elf lord curiously.

"Elrond do not worry for Rivendell, she can stand on her own for a few days whether you will it or not." said Glorfindel.

Elrond nodded when Erestor's words finally registered in his mind. An overexcited glint sparked in his eyes.

"You said you found a cure?!" he grabbed the dark haired elf by the shoulders.

"Yes." said Erestor a little nervous.

No sooner had that word escaped that Elrond pulled his friend into a fierce hug that nearly knocked them both off balance. Erestor in complete shock and at a loss of what to do patted the elf lords back a little uncertainly.

Elrond pulled back and shook his head returning his features to the usual pride filled look.

"Good. Good, let me see it."

Erestor handed the elf lord the thick volume where the cure had been found. Elrond read everything that would be needed his smile growing at each new ingredient. They were all fairly common, and plenty was stored away in the healing cabinets in various places in the house. The instructions were simple enough, no real work would be required only boil water and add the herbs. Let boil till thickened, and allow it to cool for a short time so the herbs could properly mix and blend. Common procedures all of them. His hopes were high by the time he read the ingredients, but all was quickly dashed to bits when he reached the most important part.

Glorfindel watched as Elrond's features went from happy to deeply depressed in moments.

"What is it?" he asked

Elrond looked up over the book at his closest friends. Swallowing thickly he spoke, "The last ingredient." he put the book on the table for both elves to see. "Moon Spark. A very rare flower that only grows in the Lorien and in the light of a full moon."

"Is there any way to replace it with another plant with similar qualities?" asked Erestor.

"No if I remember right that's the most important part. Am I right?" said Glorfindel.

Elrond "It is. It can cure almost anything, but one must be careful on how they use it. Too little it becomes useless, but too much can end a life in seconds. It is very hard to come by and even harder to use. One must be very careful on not only the dosage, but what parts of the plant to use. Only the white parts of the petals, any of the blue colored tips could prove deadly, or worse."

"And you don't have any." said Erestor shaking his head.

"No, and according to this it must be cut fresh and used within two days."

"We can't wait that long." whispered Glorfindel.

"No, tomorrow is the forth day, it will be too late."

"What is your decision?"

"Give a few moments then we will head out."

"You are going through with it?" said Erestor astonished by the decision and yet not really the least bit surprised.

Elrond nodded his eyes never moving from the twin elves, who were once again in clutches of the vial potion.

Glorfindel stood and headed out the door Erestor both understanding Elrond's unspoken request to be with his sons for what may be the last time.

"Oh my boys what trouble you have found yourselves in now." He smiled fondly at both. "I know that if either of you were awake now then you would be fighting your way to your brother's side, but please do not follow. I don't care how well you may feel, I will not have you gallivanting around half dead." A light laugh passed his lips. Elrond didn't know why he was saying this, he just knew he did no reason, he only wanted to. It was silly he knew, but he also knew that the instant one was awake he would ride out in full armor trying to rescue the others. Shaking his head he continued, "I will be leaving you both soon; I will trade the ring for yours and Estel's lives. I will be honest I do not know how much longer either of you have but if nothing else please be here when I return."

He looked at Elrohir, "My son please fight the shadows, I know it's hard but please, remember what awaits your return to the waking world. The shadows lie; keep that in mind when you fight." His eyes turned to Elladan, "And that goes for you as well. I know not what fears those shadows have placed in your mind, but fight them they nearly broke your brother, do not allow them the same privilege. You are both stronger and better then I had ever thought you to be, you continually amaze and surprise me. Please don't leave for I could not bear life without either of you. Besides who would Estel have to tease and play with without you?"

He glanced out the nearby window at the pair of blue birds sitting on the branches of a nearby tree. They looked almost entirely alike. Their beaks were a light brown yellow, dark and light blue feathers decorated the delicate bodies. A single white stripe crossed both backs from wing tip to wing tip. The only difference between the two birds was the tail feathers. One had a single feather that was white while two blue ones flanked on each side. The other was a complete opposite the middle tail feather a dark blue while the side feathers were white. A small high pitched chirping brought his attention to a third blue bird. This one was much younger then the other two only a fledgling compared to the others. Baby down feathers still covered him for the most part. He didn't know why he stared at the birds for so long, but they comforted him some how. They reminded him of his own sons and besides blue jays were a good omen. A hand on his shoulder brought him back to the present.

"It is time."

Elrond nodded turning to Glorfindel, "Yes I shall be ready momentarily." he looked his old friend from head to toe. He was dressed in travel clothes a light elven armor that molded to his frame matching him perfectly. It's painted metal bringing out his bright blue eyes and enhancing the shine of his golden hair. Elrond looked at him questioning.

Glorfindel chuckled, "The letter didn't say you had to be alone. So I will accompany you, who knows what tricks this Rain may have in store. You may need me."

Elrond agreed with this logic, "Then that will leave Erestor in charge, yes?"

"Aye, he began that task when those two were first brought home."

With everything said and done Elrond left for his room to prepare for the upcoming battle, though he hoped it would not come to fighting. One last check on the twins then he and Glorfindel were off.


At the ruined place called Weathertop the wolf clan prepared for the elves arrival. Rain made some last minute orders and plans before hand. He smiled as he remembered a waterfall not too far off when another twist to his plan made its way into his already twisted mind. Oh the torture, he couldn't simply hand the brat and the antidote to the elf lord, no Elrond would have to earn it.

"My friends I leave you tonight with the runt in tow." He glanced at Estel still sitting on a nearby bolder. He sniffled a little, he was crying again. Rain rolled his eyes. 'Great the pup's a cry baby.' he thought.

"You're leaving us?" said Bear.

"Yes, I have another plan in mind. Come closer and I'll reveal to you what you need to know and what I want you to do."

That night plans were changed and twisted into almost a sick game to them.

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