Blood and Water

Bad Things Can Happen to Good People

Everything happened in the blink of the enemy's eye one minute their targets were standing the next they were moving. The man saw his chance but he would need to be swift. Taking aim he readied a tube at the back of one of the retreating elves.

It was then Elladan felt something hit his back, a slight stinging sensation and then nothingness.-

Elrohir skidded to a halt when he felt his brother's pain. He turned around in time to see his brother fall face down.

"Elladan!" he yelled in panic. Fearing the worst for his twin he ran back, but soon stopped. Estel was wriggling in his arms trying to get at his oldest brother and help in some way. Elrohir was torn between the two of his most loved beings in all of Arda. He was torn between his twin of many millennia and the squirming five year old in his arms he called his younger brother. He could not do it how could he possibly forsake one sibling for another it could not be done.

He had to think quickly he had no doubt they were next. Finally he came to a decision he would put Estel somewhere far, but not too far, from here then run back to help Elladan, and Estel could get help from one of the patrols or head home himself. Taking one last look behind him he ran into the woods, but did not get far before a stinging numbness hit his neck. Darkness quickly fell over his eyes before he could think to set Estel down.

Elrohir fell face first to hard ground beneath him; he was so close to the safety of the woods, but sadly not close enough. Estel fell from the noldor elf's grasp rolling into the nearby woods. He came to a halt right before he hit a large tree. Estel crawled on his hands and knees from where he had been dropped to where Elrohir laid. Tears streamed down the child's face as he placed his hands on his brother's side. He shook him as hard as he could for one so small to one who was so much bigger, being gentle about it all the while. It didn't work.

Through the tears and sobs he spoke, "Come on 'Ro. Get up." he shook a little harder. "'Ro please get up. Don't leave me alone." It was then he saw his brother's eyes, they were closed.

'Elves don't sleep with their eyes closed.' he thought, a truth he had found out only recently. He looked to his other brother trying to see if he was the same, but Elladan's face was turned away from him. Estel couldn't see his eyes.

The boy quickly ran to the other twin's side. He began to shake him like he did with Elrohir. "Elladan get up please. Elrohir's hurt he wont move and his eyes are closed. Please Elladan get up." by this time he was crying harder and choking on the sobs that quaked his small body. Seeing the noldor elves eyes were also closed only made it worse. Estel then collapsed on his brother's back and cried into it. Out of the corner of his eye and through the curtain of wavy dark hair he saw them.

Estel looked up at the ones who had done this to him. The ones who had done something no other being can ever make claim to doing, the ones who had in moments brought the renowned twin sons of Elrond unmoving to the ground. Never in Estel's five years of life could he remember feeling so alone, so afraid, and great pain of the heart. Feelings of hatred and anger crept into his aching heart at the sight of them.

Three men and one woman stood before him and the unconscious twins. Two of the men were big and looked to be twins both were powerfully built and had thick brown beards and mustaches. Only difference between them being the different animal skins they wore. One with a big brown bear skin that reached from his head to the middle of his calf muscles, the back legs dragged the ground, and the front paws wrapped around his neck to hold it in place while the head sat on his own head. His twin wore the skin of a warg made in a similar fashion while the bone that had once been the creature's fangs hung on a necklace around his neck.

A skinny man reminded Estel of a rat he had seen. He was scrawny, long limbed, and his front teeth almost protruded his thin lips. His face was long and narrow and ears seemed almost pointed. His almond shaped beady eyes bore into his. Seeing right through him striking fear into his very soul. Next to him stood a woman with long dark braided hair, brown and white hawk feathers were interwoven between the single braids. She wore a long green cloak whose ends were tied with the same type of feathers that are in her hair.

The big man with the warg skin began walking towards Estel, with intentions unknown to the child. This would not end well for him if he stayed, but he would not leave his brothers. Who knows what would happen to them if he did. Quickly turning back to Elladan he grabbed the pale clammy hand and began tugging on it. Hoping he would be able to wake him this way or perhaps he was trying to move him drag the elf to Rivendell. But then what about Elrohir, the small child couldn't possible bring both elves back home. The big man had had enough of the boys crying and futile attempts to rouse the elves.

'Why does the boss want this scrawny runt anyway? He should 'ave killed the elves and child for revenge. It would be easier.' he thought as he reached for the sobbing child. He grabbed Estel by the back of his shirt and flopped him stomach down onto his shoulder with a strong hand to hold him in place.

Estel realized, in fear, he was being carried off, away from his home, away from his family, away from the two lifeless beings on the ground. Seeing this as his only chance to get away he began to struggle. He pounded on the man's back with his tiny fists while he kicked the man's upper chest with his bare feet as he called for the twins in a final attempt to get them up and moving.

"Elladan, Elrohir Help! Get Up, Help!"

But alas his calls went unheard, falling only upon uncaring or deaf ears. The man carrying him was tired of hearing Estel's yells and roughly jumped the boy on his shoulder. All the breath left Estel's body when his stomach landed hard on the big mans shoulder.

"Shut up ya runt!" the man growled, "It's bad 'nough we 'ave 'ta carry ya'. I don' wanna ave' ta listen to 'er whining the whole trip. You understand?"

Estel gulped and shakily nodded his head.

Inside the dark oblivion of Elladan's mind he could hear his brother's cries, and wanted nothing more then to rise to those calls and fight off those foes. But his body and eyes felt weighted down. Then the calls and yells faded and he ceased his attempts to move.

"Check them. The boss won't be happy if one of them's faken it." said the skinny man.

The women wearing the hawk feathers in her hair and cloak walked to each elf. Elladan she flipped over using the toe of her boot, as if he was ridden with some sort a disease and should not be touched with bare fingers. The dark haired elf didn't even flinch or moan. She watched him with mild interest. She nodded her head the elf wasn't going anywhere. She then proceeded to where Elrohir laid and did the same to him. No these elves would die if they were out here too long.

Before leaving one of the men bent over the unconscious Elladan and lifted one of the closed eyelids, checking to make sure the noldor elf was really out or if he was only pretending. The pupils were dilated and glazed over a symptom of the poison in their system. Bear, as he was called due to his size and muscular build, and thick beard and mustache, placed the note between the pale skin and the top of his breaches. The bear sized man then stood, but not before giving the unconscious elf a hard slap on the cheek and a quick kick to the side. Elladan still remained unresponsive not so much as flinch at the mistreatment.

Estel watched all this from the other big mans shoulder as bitter tears streamed down his face. He wanted nothing more than call out to his brothers, as he did so many other times, but he now feared what the men would do to him should he try again. However, that did not stop his mind from screaming at them to rise, to move, even so much a as muscle twitch. But nothing happened and the young human was beginning to panic.

'Why can't they move?' asked a small voice in the back of his mind 'What if they are dead?' the same voice said becoming louder as the hope in his heart grew lower.
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