Blood and Water

Past Reveled

Glorfindel took the note from the elf lord's limp hand and read it. He looked solemnly at the noldor elf, "What does this mean Elrond, who are the Wolf Clan?"

Erestor took the note and read it his face quickly paling at the words written. "I thought we were past this."

"He wants revenge." said Elrond images of the dream from the past night coming back to him.

'Why does everything happen when I'm not around?' Glorfindel asked himself taking a deep breath. "What happened?" he asked he didn't want to cause his friend pain by reliving the clearly awful memory, but he needed to know if he was going to be of any help at all.

Elrond took a deep breath and began his tail. "It all started many decades ago, before Estel was born. A man came into Imladris telling us he was a ranger from Arathron's troop. He said there had been an orc ambush and they were in dire need of the twins help. Elladan and Elrohir both left not long after he arrived and delivered his message. I had reason to believe the man, though later I wished I hadn't made such assumptions, he was in terrible shape. He had three arrows with broken shafts imbedded in his back. He collapsed not long after delivering his message. I removed the arrowheads and bandaged his many hurts. He was in no danger of loosing his life; in fact the wounds were not very deep his thick coat had protected him well, so I left him in the hands of the other healers. That night while all of Imladris slept…. "


Elrond was in his room. He was tired from a long day of work and worry for his sons. He smiled at his own thoughts. No matter how old they became he would always be protective of them, but his parental instincts told him they were fine. After changing into his sleep clothes he pulled back the covers to his large bed and fell into a rest filled sleep never knowing of the danger that lurked in halls below his room.

Hours passed without a sound from the single occupant in the healer's wing, but slowly he came out of a healing sleep the pain relievers had caused. Keeping his breathing regular he scanned the room as well as he could on his stomach. Only a few healers sitting up for their night shift were there. When they left to do there standard routine of checking in on their patient and take stock of any and all herbs and medicines they had in stock and of what will be needed. Having heard Elronds sons were out to help fight off yet another band of orcs it was best to see what they had and prepare what would be needed upon their return. First one healer would check on the patient in the main healing room.

Pretending to sleep he easily passed the night check and with silent strides that could rival that of the eldar he left the healing ward and up to the Lord Elrond's family quarters. Sneaking around the corner and blending with the shadows he avoided all guards. Finally reaching his destination he quietly turned the knob.

Elrond was resting lightly when he heard the sound of his door opening he feigned sleep while who ever it was quietly approached his bed. Elrond listened to the foot steps taking note of how they were carefully placed to make very little noise. Whoever it was was taking careful measures to keep from being noticed. He instantly knew this was not one of the elves in Rivendell, for they knew better then to enter his room unannounced if they were allowed in the hall. What really gave the silent stalker away was when he tripped over one of the rug corners.

Elrond took the momentary distraction to his advantage and reached under his bed for a dagger he kept under the mattress and he waited for the assault.

Meanwhile outside two horses raced through the open gates, alerting the late night staff to their presence. The twins jumped off their horses before their faithful steeds completely stopped.

Elladan addressed the first elf he saw, his voice dripped I panic and worry, "Where is my father?"

"He is asleep I believe. He said he was tired and needed the rest." said Figwit.

"What about the man who was here earlier, the ranger who was injured?" asked Elrohir almost sprinting into the house.

"I believe he is in the healer's wing." said Figwit. But the twins were gone in the house before he finished.

Elladan and Elrohir raced up the stairs and down the hallways hoping against hope they were not too late.

Inside Elrond's room a figure stood poised over the mighty elf lord with dagger in hand ready to bring it down on the supposed sleeping elf.

The man was coming closer. He was surprised by how deeply Elrond slept; surly he would have awakened when the man tripped. But no matter he was so close, soon his task would be complete. He knew not why the Dark Lord wanted the ring. Because that was all it was right, only a simple ring, nothing more, nothing less. Then again who was he to question his master's orders? The Eye wanted the ring at any and all costs and killing the elf would be necessary to get it. He was troublesome to Sauron and presented a great threat to his success.

Elrond tightened his grip on the dagger. This mans plans were obvious, it was assassination attempt that much he was sure of. But hadn't anyone noticed? Why had no guards stopped him? What did the man want? All of these questions and more passed through the elf lord's mind. He was close now; Elrond questions would have to wait. Tensing every muscle in his body he struck.

The man watched as the elf's reflexes kicked in. The blade of the dagger coming dangerously close to his face as Elrond spun his body towards the intruder. He pulled back in surprise narrowly escaping injury. He had not expected the attack.

The elf lord's bedroom door flew open as the twins dashed in. Elladan tackled the human to the ground and wrestled the dagger from his hand. Elrohir raced to his father's side.

"Ada, are you alright?" he asked worry etched into his voice.

End Flashback

"He and Elladan fought for a sort time." Elrond glanced at the bed that held his eldest, "But he kicked Elladan low, giving him the chance he needed to knock him out. He hit his head on the nightstand." Elrond gave Elladan a sad pained look as he clearly remembered that night. He had been so worried for him when the young elf didn't rebound quickly. "The man then abandoned his mission here and fled. Elrohir followed while I stayed behind with Elladan. I know not what transpired between the two that night, and I doubt I ever will. But when next I saw them Elrohir was bruised and a little bloody and the man had not fared any better. There was a trial, but he had tried another escape attempt. We trached through the woods, but all that was found was blood a some cloth. This time we thought him dead for there was much blood at the site in the forest he ran through, but a body was never found. It wasn't until later we found out what he wanted."

A tear fell down Elrond's face as memories of that night and Elladan's hard fight. The older twin had been unconscious for almost two weeks because of the hard blow to the head. The reality of the situation was beginning to take hold as the contents of the previous nights dream began to make sense.

"Why is it I never knew about this?" asked the Glorfindel. It was more to himself then anyone else. He didn't expect there to be an answer.

"You were away in Mirkwood at the time." said Erestor solemnly

"Yes, when Thranduil requested us for help with his spider problem." added Elrond

"But why does he want Vilya? No one knows that you have it, do they?"

"Vilya was what his son was trying to steal from me." supplied Elrond as he smoothed out Elladan's hair. "He was willing to do anything to get it, even go as far assassination."

Glorfindel thought for a moment, "Now that I think about the ones who call themselves the Wolf Clan were always being pursued by Rangers. But they mostly engaged in theft, plundering, rape, murder, the list is unending. However, for some odd reason they always refused any summons by the Dark Lord."

"That's odd." said Erestor, "And undoubtedly quite untrue." The dark haired crossed his arms across his chest his eyes misted with deep thought on the problem at hand.

"I do not know what deception may lie in their plans…" Elrond started but he could not finish.

"Elrond what of the twins? The poison do you know of it?" asked Erestor as he looked sadly at the unresponsive twins on the bed. Neither of which had made no sounds not even so much as twitch.

"I have heard of it, but never in all my years encountered it."

"I have." said Glorfindel taking a seat in a nearby chair. "It is as the note says, an ancient poison one that was used to torture Morgoths victims. He would poison the friends and loved ones of some of his most formidable enemies, and then torture them by making them watch while their loved ones were hurting and they were not." Glorfindel shuttered in memory of tales he had long forgotten from his own friends long before the fall of Gondolin.

"What will happen to them?" asked Erestor; almost afraid of the answer.

"We are in for a long hard week my friend."

"They will be in much pain should they ever come back to us." said Elrond. He wanted nothing more but to pull his sons form the dark depths of their minds, but that would put them unbearable pain. However should they not wake up then they may very well die in their sleep. Never again seeing their family and friends forever lost until the end of time. The very thought of this broke the mighty elf lord to tears.

Elrond slid out of the chair onto his knees between the two beds each hand holding the cool clammy one of each son. He didn't know what to do and for the first time in a long time he felt lost and afraid.

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