Blood and Water

Life and Hope

Meanwhile, at Wheathertop, Estel was doing his best trying not to get in trouble. He had been in the company of these people for a total of one day and already he had been abused and treated as nothing more than a pet and a slave. He was tired, hungry, bruised and scratched. A tight metal collar had been placed around his neck to which a chain was attached to whoever held the end or sometimes it was tied to a rock. They would tug on this whenever they wanted his attention.

The leader Rain sat on one of the boulders that surrounded the historical site. He watched while his partners made preparations for the arrival of the elf lord. Various traps had been set up all along the woods and clearing he knew Elrond would come, the elf lord was well known to be devoted to his children as any father should be.

'Like I was.' Thought Rain as he remembered his son from that special moment when had first held him in his arms, when the boy had looked up at him and smiled, the day he took his first steps, to his first word. 'His first word was my name, Daddy.' He remembered that was the reason he had changed the clans ways. He wanted a better place for his son. A place where he could be surrounded by people that loved him that would take care of him. However all that had changed when that elf had so cruelly taken his life away.

He spotted Estel bending down to pick a stick for the fire tonight. Bear had given him that order; if it wasn't done there would be consequences. Though he would still abuse the boy anyway, this Rain knew.

'How could a lowly human come into the clutches of the elves? Perhaps the rumors of him being the last prince of Gondor were true. I'll take him there and see if it's true. Who knows maybe there's a reward?'

"Come here whelp." Commanded Rain.

Estel stood defiantly at the foot of the bolder the wolf clad man sat on.


The others who had been occupied with other tasks stopped what they were doing. No one defied their leader; he was their superior, their better. What gave the child the right to go against his whim?

Rain sat wide eyed at the five year old before him. 'How dare this child disobey me.' He thought bitterly.

"What did you say?" Rain's voice was cold and spoke of the cruel things he could do to the child.

Estel shook like a leaf at the sound of his voice, but still remained relentless. His father had taught him to never bow to those who treat you not as you should. He was not to be pushed around; he would stand strong for his family never giving this man the satisfaction of breaking him.

"I said NO." he yelled.

Rain's eyes grow in size.

'How dare this child.' he thinks. Rain jumps down from his perch and lunges at the boy catching him at the metal collar around his neck.

Rain shook the child with force that could rival that of the eldar. "I don't think you understand runt. I'm the one in charge which means what ever order I give you fallow. Understood?" he slapped Estel across the face with his free hand.

Tears filled Estel's eyes as his face stung where he had been hit.

"I think we should teach the boy a lesson he won't soon forget." Said the girl called Hawk. The others nodded in agreement.

Rain looked at each one of his followers. He agreed with them on this, but there was something more to their intentions then just a simple punishment. There was a menacing look in each of their eyes that he did not like.

"No, I will deal with the boy on this matter."

"What, why?" asked Hawk in outrage. She wanted to torture him to hurt the boy in ways he could never imagine.

"Because, I am the leader and what I say is the way we do things." he sent a glare into her that dared her to try and stop him.

Rain picked up the chain and dropped Estel to the ground and dragged him to up to the top of Wheathertop so that he may deliver the punishment.


Elrond, Glorfindel, and a few trusted healers worked tirelessly to save the twins. They had spent half and hour to get the bloody coughs and retching under control. Only to later be plagued with other symptoms: sudden drop and rise in body temperature, blood would come from almost every opening in their bodies, heavy nose bleeds, little rivers would leak out of their ears and corners of their mouths, their eyes were glazed almost a milky white, seizures were a common occurrence, there were several times when one or both were thought dead. But closer inspection would prove that wrong, much to everyone's relief. To everyone it seemed that when one problem was fixed another started not long after.

At last things had once again stopped and all remained anxious to see what would happen next. Now Elrond was sitting and watching the unresponsive twins the last horror having been solved not long ago. He dared not leave their side; he was almost a nervous wreck. His sons always became injured in some way, shape or form, but never had they been this bad.

Glorfindel walked back from the kitchens. He had left after the last event, claiming to be in need of something to eat. But in reality he had left to relieve some of the tension set on his nervous. HE needed the break and he bet Elrond did to, but trying to drag the elf lord away now would prove fatal. Erestor had long since left not being able to stand seeing his old students in such turmoil. He had taken to finding the cure while Elrond and the others work on the young elves. They had little time to spare and they needed to do something, plus the advisor needed to do something to keep his mind of the crisis at hand.

It was up to Glorfindel to keep everyone together if the were to get anywhere. But for now he settled for bringing his friend food, it would have to be something simple, something that would not spoil. Fruit, cheese, and a simple broth created from the leftover meat stew the cooks had stowed away for winter.

"What should I do my friend?" asked Elrond when he sensed the Balrog slayer near.

Glorfindel looked at him a frown was every present on the elf lords face. HE seemed tired, both physically and emotionally.

"Maybe I should give him the ring."

Glorfindel was shocked; Elrond never gave in that easily. "Mellon nin, are you sure. You can't give him the ring. Not yet anyway. We still have three days…"

"Exactly!" Elrond stood and stared at Glorfindel, "Three days Glor! Three days to find a cure, three days to save my sons. Then we have another problem, Estel! Or did you forget about him."

"Elrond, I would never forget." He had known the young human since he had first been brought to Imladris. He would never forget him, especially when the boy was in danger; the same went for the twins.

Elrond was about to say more to his advisor when a moan reached his ears. Looking to one of the beds his eyes searched over each twin.

"What is it Elrond?" asked Glorfindel.

"I heard something, one of them moaned." Elrond was becoming excited was one of them finally waking up.

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