And The Advdenture Continues


This is what could have happened after Destroyer in the DCAU

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Diana's Love and Bruce's Sacrifice

Well, My little Ismena Olympia or I.O. The preceding stories are a historical account of the history of the history of your family. These are just a few of the stories that I will be telling you as bedtime story.

It has been about one month since both Luthor and Darkseid disappeared. I say this because Luthor has a bad habit of showing up even when we think he won’t.

It has also been as long since Bruce gave the criminals that helped out in fighting Darkseid. I think that he ruing the day he gave said criminals a five minute head start. The reason is there are ones who figured out how to lay low. Then there were the ones who, because of their powers or their egos would not allow them to stay hid. When I say their powers would not allow them to do this, what I mean is, for instance, The Atomic Skull. Joseph Martin is radioactive was easy to find due to this.

Then there were the ones like Giganta. She could have easily have gotten away but did not. As I was looking for some of the other villains, I found her in a coffee shop down the street. I went in to try to capture her but could not because she said she wanted to be captured by The Flash.

Time marched on.

Clark and Lois got married and I was genuinely happy for them. The relationship between John and

Mari had finally run its course and he finally came to his senses when he went back to Shayera.

J’onn went back to his wife and kids but has resolved to be on reserved status.

Flash is still single but he is, I think, getting closer and closer to commitment. He just recently started to date Linda Park.

Oliver had just recently asked Dinah to marry him. Victor had done the same with Helena.

Bruce and I had recently decided to take our relationship to the next level. I had been able to be patient and wear him down to get him to come off of his rules about dating within the team.

As a gift to Clark and Lois, I had gotten my mother to allow them to have their honeymoon on one of Themyscira’s outer islands.

It was your normal run of the mill day. I was on monitor duty with Flash. What can I say, the man is what the people in Man’s World call a comedian. As we were on our twelve hour shift and paying attention to the many emergencies going on around the world, he had me laughing so hard, I almost had to leave to go a relieve myself.

One of the missions that we kept our eyes on was Bruce’s latest skirmish with the Joker. A few days back, he had escaped from Arkham and was running amok and terrorizing Gotham.

It was getting late in our shift. The next people that would be coming on were Green Arrow and Shayera.

As they came on shift a message came in from Gotham. It was Alfred, he was calling in for help.

pressed the button and asked, “What is the problem, Alfred.”

He said, “Miss Diana, Master Bruce has disappeared.”

I asked, “Is that not his MO?”

He came back with, “No, not like this. He usually keeps in radio contact.”

I said, “I have just gotten off of monitor duty was on my way in anyway.”

Flash was still there with me and said the he would come with me. I thought that would be a good idea. I felt like his speed would be a great asset to us.

We teleported straight into the Bat-Cave where I saw that Batgirl and Robin were there.

Flash asked, “Where is Nightwing?”

Robin said, “There was a big prison break in Bludhaven and he is helping to clean it up.”

I asked, “Does he need help?” Batgirl said, “No, Question, Green Arrow, and Black Canary are there,”

I asked, “What was Bruce doing before he disappeared?”

She said, “There was a problem with at Arkham and he was investigating.”

The Flash asked, “How long has it been since you have heard from old Bats.”

Robin said, “It’s been about twenty-four hours.” Haven’t the police looked for him?”

Batgirl said, “They are stretched to the limit in trying to get the cells in Arkham filled up.”

She continued, “The have not even had the chance to search for clues in Arkham.”

The first thing that we had to do was to go and search in Arkham. It was decided that Flash and myself would go and search the asylum.

When we arrived at Arkham, the first thing that we found was the office of the head administrator of the hospital. As we searched the office we found an address. Ironically, the address was an apartment in a place called crime alley. I did not know it until this point, this was the birthplace of the Batman.

There was little to nothing else left in terms of clues inside Arkham. We searched it anyway. We did not find anything else until we went into the sewer. There was the body of Killer Crock, the most interesting thing was he was holding a bat-a-rang. I let me amend this, he was not holding the bat-a-rang, it was more like is was sticking out of his choice.

This did not make sense because both Flash and I knew how Bruce loathes killing people. Sure, he is scary and intimidating as Batman. He would intimidate and rough them up but he never kill.

So we went to the address in crime alley. When we arrived and went into the apartment, we found it in much same the condition as the administrators office at Arkham. The main clue that was found there was a miniature recording device of the type that I knew that Bruce carried on his belt.

When we got back the Bat-Cave, we listen to the recording. As we listened to it, we found several things out. The first is Lex Luthor is back. Next, he and the Joker have entered into another partnership along with Cheetah. Also, it sounded like they were torturing him.

We needed to find out where they were an quickly before they killed Batman. We started to put things together. We called Superman who was in South America dealing with a hurricane. He was just finishing up with the cleanup. With in five minuted he was here. We told him the situation.

Superman asked, “Have you searched the docks?”

I said, “No.”

Batgirl said, “Yes we have.”

Clark said, “I do not think that he is in Gotham. I recognize those docks, that is Metropolis.”

He reached into the pocket in his cape and took out his cell. He dialed a number. He talked, “ Hello, Lois. Yes I am fine. I am in Gotham and Bruce has gone missing. I know that you are doing a story on corruptions in the dock workers union. Lex is back and he, The Joker, and the Cheetah have kidnaped Bruce. They are torturing him and I think that he could be down at the Metropolis docks. We will be there soon but I would like it if you could scout out the situation for us. Thanks, Lois. See you then. Goodbye.”

So I said, “I guess we are heading for Metropolis.”

Kal said, “Yes.” He also said that were going to meet Lois at the docks because this was the most likely place where we would find Bruce.

So, we all got into the teleporter that was in the cave and we went up to the Watchtower. Then, we had Mr Terrific beam us down to the Metropolis docks we had him hone in on Lois’ position.

We materialized right behind Lois. She nearly jumped out of her skin. Kal lips turned into a lopsided grin. There were not many time is which anyone could sneak up on Lois. When it happened, it was something that was to be smiled at..

She turned around and said, “I really wish that you would not do that.”

Kal said, “I know, but it would take away the only real chance at surprising you.”

She said, “Oh, You are really bad, aren’t you.” He said, “I have to be me.”

Batgirl asked, “Well, Miss Lane, what do you have?”

Lois said, “Apparently, this is one of a handful of locations that Clark had not gotten around to destroying.” He said, “I would have had I known that it existed.”

She continued, “If you will kindly focus your attend over there.”

She pointed at a doorway that was being guarded by some robots along with a few street thugs. She said, “As I was nosing around, I got to this point and saw all this security around this ramshackle warehouse and thought that it looked strange. I went around the corner of the building and looked in the window and saw that they have Bruce in there tied to a lie detector. He is also tied to an electric generator which is, I deduced, set up to send an electric current through him whe he lies.” I asked, “ How does he look, physically?”

Knowing who she is and how she works, Clark told Lois to stay outside and and hang back for her safety. Hundred of the robots the The problem is he knew, good and well, that she was not going to liste to him.

We went into the building and had a time because Luthor ha several hundred of the robots that Luthorcorp and WayneTech developed together. Somehow he had made much tougher than they had been the last time Superman and Batman fought, a few years back.

We went in and ran into our first surprise. Harley came bouncing in on her pogo stick. Tim said, “Don’t worry, I got this one is mine.” He fired off he grapple and went after Harley.

I saw Mercy on a catwalk and pointed it out. I saw Barbara reach for her belt. I assumed she was reaching for a grapple and was going to go after Mercy.

I turned my attention to the robots. Clark had started to pound away at the robots flash had disappeared off somewhere. About thirty minutes later Superman And I had finished mopping up the robots.

As we were finishing up, Flash had returned from wherever he had gotten of to. He said that he had found where they had taken Batman,\. As he had aid this, Both Batgirl and Robin had returned. They said they had captured Mercy and Harley. They left them with Lois and told her if they gave her any problems she had permission to take steps to keep them in line.

We all agreed the batclan would take down the Joker. both Batgirl and Robin did not want us to be exposed to the Joker’s gas. I went after Cheetah and Superman headed for Lex.

I said to Cheetah, “You do know that you will be defeated.”

She answered back, “ We will see.”

I threw her into a wall and nearly brought the building down but that should not surprise for it was a building which had look to have been on its last legs, anyway. She came back at men and threw me out of a window. After which I landed a few feet away from Lois and the captured criminals. She followed me out of the window and was about to pounce. This was when I grabbed my lasso and got it around her. I, then, slung her so that she hit the side of another warehouse. It turns out all of the warehouses where we are located were owned by Lex. It means I did not feel I had to be real careful.

I wrapped her up, left her with Lois, and went back into the building. I found out that Superman had wrapped up Mr. Luthor and had radioed the Watchtower for a stretcher. After we had done this, we teleported back to the Watchtower.

When we arrived back to the Watchtower, Bruce immediately went into surgery.

Since she had, at one time, dated Bruce and was currently married to Clark, she wanted to come with us to sit in the waiting room. I went back to Gotham to give Alfred and the others an update. We knew the, at some point, would want to come a visit. This is when I decided to take Alfred with me when I returned. It was decided that Dick, who had, had his problems with Bruce, would come back with Alfred and I while Tim and Barbara would stay back. Furthermore, it was decided Tim would head over to Bludhaven to takes Dick’s patrol for the night. He would come the next night.

So Alfred, Dick, and I headed for the transporters in the cave to back to the Watchtower. When the three of us arrived back at the Watchtower Bruce’s operation was apparently a success and he was resting comfortably. The had given him some pain medicine to alleviate the pain.

As it turns out, there was nothing going on in either Gotham or Bludhaven so at about eight in the morning both Tim and Barbara came up to see Bruce.

We had a big decision to make. The decision was what to do with Bruce after he was released. We all knew how Bruce thought. It would not matter if he was not at one-hundred percent that he would want to be out there defending his city. After Tim and Barbara finished their respective visits, we had to have a meeting. Superman brought the meeting to order.

He said, “We know why we are here. We have to decide how to treat Bruce’s recovery.”

Barbara said, “Well, we certainly can’t take him back to Gotham because the temptation is too great.”

Clark chimed in, “I think that can be said about just about any place on earth, even Smallville.”

I spoke up and said, “I could take him to Themyscira.”

John asked, “Your mother would allow this?”

I said, “Since the time when Shayera helped me it Tartarus, I think she would.”

Shayera asked, “What about the whole getting back to Gotham thing.”

I countered with, “We could take away any type of communication device that would allow him to contact the Watchtower. He would not be able to have a laptop”

Clark said, “We know how resourceful Bruce is if he is given free reign, even on Themyscira.”

I said, “I can have my mother give him around the clock guards.”

With that settled, the conversation turned to his rehabilitation. I asked Clark if he could come to Themyscira and build Bruce a gym with at training room . He sad that he could. I put it to Barbara and the rest that Phillipus and I would be training him.

With that settled, we all went back to the observation room to see how Bruce was doing. He happened to be awake so Dick and I went in to tell him what has happened what was decided upon in the meeting.

Bruce said, “I have a feeling you have had a meeting about me.”

I said, “Yes.”

He said, “and...”

I went on, “It has been decided that, for your own safety, you will be coming with me to Themyscira..”

He said, “I assume there is more.”

Dick added, “Because we know how you feel about the mission and you would try to be “out there” you will not be allowed to have a radio or any type of electronic device. We could see the anger building in his eyes. I said, “Go ahead and get angry, get it out of your system because the decision has been made and we will not be changing our minds.”

It was an hour later, there was cursing and other unsavory utterances like calling my mother a female dog. I did not understand this because the dog is a mans best friend and I knew about Kal’s dog Krypto and liked him. Dick explained that it was a demeaning curse that was often used against women.

After he had closed his mouth, I asked, “Are you quite done?” He nodded.

I went on to say, “Furthermore, Epione will become your physician and when she deems that you are healthy enough, you will be allowed to start training to sharpen your skills for your eventual return to Gotham.”

He asked, “What about Gotham, it still needs the Batman?”

Dick spoke up, “I will be stepping in as an able, temporary replacement until your return.”

Bruce asked, “What about Bludhaven?”

Dick continued, “I have asked Tim to be my temporary replacement.”

It was then that I spoke up again, “It has also been decided that when it is time, Clark will come to the island on which we will put you and build a gym with a weight room, a running track, swimming pool, basketball court, and a sparring room.”

He was suitably impressed. He asked, “Who will be my trainers?”

I said, “They will be Phillipus and myself.”

Dick spoke and added, “Diana, I know The one true master who is a female master of the martial arts. She did a good job adding to the training that Bruce gave me. I am sure that if I ask her, she will help train Bruce.”

Diana said, “Thank you Dick.”

So, Dick, Tim, and Barbara went back to Gotham to start to prepare for the temporary change, I went to Themyscira to talk to my mother, and Bruce wen back to sleep.

I landed on Themyscira an was greeted by Phillipus, who then took me into see my mother. She said, “Diana, I was not expecting you to come and visit.”

I said, “This is not a personal visit, I was hoping that one of my friends from the League could come her an recover from the serious injuries that he has had.”

She asked, “Is it the man who is your love interest?”

I said, “Yes.”

She asked, “What has happened to him.”

I answered, “He was captured by some really bad men and tortured almost unto death.”

I went on, “The reason that I am asking this is this a driven man. He had a pretty harsh event happen to him. When he was eight years old, we witnessed with his eyes, his parents murder. Because of this event, he has donned the costume that you have seen on him. He has put onto himself the safety of the people of his city, Gotham City. His goal is to not have any eight year old go through what he had.”

My mother said, “You have told us his history, you still have not told us why you want to bring him here.”

I continued, “Him being as driven as he is, the man might want to go do his job before he is entirely healed. We debated on places that we could bring him where it would not be possible for him to find his way back to his city. Even if we took away all the technology he is bright enough to find a way back to his city.”

My mother finally put it together, “You and his other friends want to bring him to a place where he has no shot of going back to his city before he is fully healed.”

So, my mother said yes but we have to take this before the Senate. This we did and after a few hours of debate, level heads won out along with human compassion. They, unanimously, voted to allow this.

I went back to the Watchtower to see how Bruce was and if the doctors had deemed him the ability to travel. They did.

When I arrived there, Alfred was in with him. He came out and talked to me.

He said, “I have brought him several changes of clothes.” When I looked in the room, I saw about twenty suitcases. It was then that I started to think that it might be more trouble than its worth for us to do this but it had been already decided.

I asked him, “Where is Kal?”

He said, “I do believe that he is on his way back from Smallville.”

It was at that point, Kal came strolling down the hall. He asked, “Is everything set?”

I said, “Yes.”

We then started to load everything into the Javelin. After we finished loading his luggage, we, then, preceded to carefully load Bruce. Then we took off.

We were flying very carefully as to disturb Bruce as little as possible.

As we landed on the outer island that was chosen for him, my mother, Phillipus, Epione and Euclea were waiting for us.

After we had unloaded everything, including Bruce, Kal went a few hundred yards away and started to build the gymnasium. This only took him around a few hours do complete. He, then, left to go and get all of the implements that were going to be needed for Bruce to get back into “Batman” shape.

After we got Bruce settled in, Bruce said he wanted to see my mother, and I for he said he wanted to return something to the Amazons. My mother, Phillipus, and I went in to see him and he had this cedar box gold on the corners.

He said, “I would guess that you are wondering why I wanted to see you.” I said, “Yes.” He went on, “As Diana will attest, I am the owner and major stockholder in a major multibillion dollar company. These funds allow me to do a great deal in the philanthropic area, meaning I can fund foundations such as the Wonder Woman Foundation. It also means that I get into educational area. Our latest foray took the Wayne foundation in the archeological area.”

My mother wanted know what archeology was. I said, “It is the science that man’s world has of digging into the past. The choose an area and start to dig. What they hope to find is artifacts such as pottery, weapons, bones, and other objects that the hopes are they will tell the archeologists about the people in the area.”

Bruce spoke again, “ Well, Wayne Tech was sponsoring a dig outside Sparta or as you might know it, Lacedaemon we were digging and we found this.” He had the box on his bed and opened it. He took out something that was wrapped in a golden piece of silk. When he unwrapped it we saw what appeared to be a set of Amazonian armor. He said, “I know that on most sets of armor there is a crest. I have seen it on Diana’s and Phillipus’s. For me, when I saw this armor I knew that I had to return it to its rightful owners. I know that Pallas crafted it a would probably know whose armor this would be.” My mother said, “Mr. Wayne, I thank you for returning this armor to the Amazons. I will talk to Pallas to see if she can tell me who this armor belongs.”

Before she left, my mother asked Phillupus to step out of the room. She said, “I understand that my daughter.” He said, “Yes.” She continued, “You do know the Amazons history in regards to men.” He said that he was. She went on to say that if hurt me in any way, shape, or form, she would find him and do some very unpleasant things to him. Sufficed to say that I was mortified at what she had done.

As we were leaving the room and Epione and her nurse, Euclea went in and were telling him what was going to go on in terms of his treatment.

I was hanging back quietly seething at what my mother had done. Phillipus came to me and said, “I can see, Princess, that you are angry, why?” I said, “She played the parent and threatened Bruce with some pretty unpleasant things.” She said, “I know you are mad but can you understand why she did it.” I said, “I can, but was this the correct time do this.” She said, “You are young, you have not been around when her stubbornness.”

A few hours later, after the day had come to an end, I had cornered her and was determined to confront her about what she had said about the relationship between Bruce and myself.

I asked if I could see her in her office, she happened tp be visiting with Phillipus. It was there that I said, “Mother, what is it that you think that you were doing earlier.” Well it was then I went off on her.

I angrily said, “I understand that you feel that you have to be a mother but I an a grown woman. I also understand that you are more experience in matters of the heart and you don’t want me to be hurt but I have to learn sometimes. Let me explain something to you. I have put in a lot of work on this relationship and want to see it through to its conclusion. It took me a great deal of time to get him to accept that he has strong feelings for me and to act on them. It is not for you to say if this is relationship is a success or a failure, it is for the fates and Aphrodite. I would kindly request that you would leave well enough alone.”

It was then that the aforementioned goddess of love appeared.

She said, “Hippolyta, Diana is correct it what she has said. I have no problem with this relationship but I will not be directly involved, I, too, will let the fates decide the matter.”

Aphrodite disappeared.

My mother, being suitably chastised, said, “My daughter, I am sorry for what I did. I know that you think it was wrong of me to do it but I would probably do it again. I do not want to see you go through the pain that myself and your older sisters did but I also understand that making mistakes is a part of life.”

I said to her, “I understand but it is my life and I should be able to make my own mistakes even if they are the same ones that you and the older sisters have made.”

I left my mother and Phillipus to get back to their conversation and went to see Epione about Bruce’s treatment. I asked here what she did.

She said, “I have used the purple ray on him and he is resting comfortably.”

I said, “I think that I wish to sit with him awhile. Please have the palace cook send me something to eat.” She said that she would do it.

I went in to sit with him and about an hour later one of my mothers aides came in rolling a tray. After she left, I opened the firs tray and found that it was some venison. On the second was a pretty sizable salad and on the third was an assortment of fruits. It was then I heard Bruce stir.

He asked, “Is that deer that I smell?”

I said, “Why, yes it is. Would you like some?”

He said, “Yes, I would.”

As we were eating, we talked.

He asked, “I knew that Themysciran cuisine was good, but I had no idea how good this would be.” I said, “What? You did not believe me. You know me too long, have you ever known me to lie.”

He said, “You are not to the extent of Clark, but no.”

As we continued to eat and converse he said, “I guess we start my rehabilitation tomorrow?”

I said, “If you wish.”

So, after we finished eating, he asked me to bring him one of his suitcases. When I did and he opened it, it was loaded down with books.

He asked, “Diana, would it at all be possible for you to get some material from the Amazons library?” I said that I would try.

I left him to read and I went off to see Penelope to see if I could get Bruce ti materials that he wanted. He just could not stop being himself, meaning he had to know everything about his surroundings. I walked into the library and when Penelope saw me she says, “Hello Princess, how may I help yow?”

I said, “Well, Penelope, the man that I have brought here to here wants some of the books in this library to glean some information about our past.”

She went off to the older transcripts and she asked, “Will he be able to read these?”

I said, “The man is incredibly bright. He would visit me at the embassy and would see some of the papers which were on my desk, he would ask me if the papers said would he thought. The more he did this, the more he was able to understand our language. It has gotten so bad that, you see when I first arrived in man’s world I was able to curse in our language and get away with it, no he chastises me for cursing and I have to watch my language around him.”

When I got the books he wanted, I headed back to bring them to him. When I arrived, he was reading a copy of the ‘Catcher In The Rye’. When walked in, he looked up and

I said, “Here the books that you wanted.”

I left and went back to the Palace, took a bath, and retired for the evening.

My mother came to my room and we talked some. She asked, “ How is he doing?”

I said, “His spirits are high and he he looking forward to getting started.”

She said, “When will you, Epione, Euclea. And Philippus start with him?”

I said that we would start tomorrow and he would work hard and get better fast.

Because I wanted to take such an active role in his rehabilitation, I asked my mother if it would be possible if she could appoint a temporary replacement for me as my role as Wonder Woman and as the ambassador of Themyscira. She said that it would be possible but she would have to get permission from the senate.

I told Epione, Euclea, and Philippus to let Bruce know what was going on.

Within the hour, we were sitting in the senate chambers and listening to the debate. On one side were the ones who said that I was the ambassador and Wonder Woman and that was the way that it would be. Fortunately for my mother and I, there was a majority that was willing to move our society forward and to temporarily appoint me a replacement. After my mother won the vote in the senate she appointed our sister Lysandra.

I went back to the island where we had Bruce held up. When I arrived, I noticed that Bruce was walking around and both Epione and Euclea had surprised looks on their faces. I looked at them and then at him and back again, then I said, “You have to understand who this man is. He is as stubborn as my mother and myself. He has a strong will. He is driven. The murder of his parents put him on the road to being Batman and when he made that decision, he set out on a road that made it easier for him to become what he is. Unlike me, he became a scholar at a young age. Look at the books he brought with him. These books include such things as Tzun Tzu’s The Art of War, a book on the Battle at Thremopylae, and Books on American generals Douglas MacArthur and William Tecumseh Sherman.” Epione asked, “Thermopylae sounds like it is a Greek name. Is it?” I said, “It is and it is was an amazing battle. It happened several thousand years after we had sequestered ourselves here on Themyscira. The Greeks were going against the Persians and the Persians had the numbers advantage. They were pushed back into a pass that was a good position for it was a narrow pass. Even though it was a big loss for the Greeks it served to fire them up so they would be able take on the Persians and win.”

I also told her about other people from the history of his country and what the founders of his country believed.

Euclea had, by this time, finished with his therapy and she and Epione left the room.

After Epione and Euclea left I went in to see Bruce. He was resting while he was reading one of the books that I brought him from the Amazon Archive and the library.

I asked, “How was your therapy?”

He looked up and said, “It went fine.”

He asked me, “How did it go with your mother.”

I replied, “Well, after I read her the riot act last night for dating you, we recently went before the senate to see if we could find a temporary replacement for me as Wonder Woman.”

He asked, “What was decided?”

I replied, “It was decided that one of my sisters, Lysandra, would be the Amazon that would be the replacement.”

He asked, “Why are you wanting to do this?”

I answered, “Why would I not want to do it?”

He said, “Don’t answer a question with a question.” I replied, “I want to be here throughout your entire recovery.”

We ended up talking until I was called back to the palace to meet with mother. When we met, she told me that there were going negotiations between us and the Bana-Mighdall.

I said, “Doing this will be what Man’s world call a “long haul.”

My mother asked, “What does this mean?”

I said, “It means it will be a long, hard process with some pot-holes along the way.”

I stepped outside and saw Donna coming up the hall. She said that she had met with mother earlier and they had the very same conversation.

We decided to do some catching up. Since she is a friend with Dick, I thought that she would be able to give an update on how Dick was doing in his temporary job as Batman. Before we started, I felt that Bruce would want to know this as well, so we headed to where Bruce was. We walked in and saw that Bruce was doing some callisthenics.

I said, “Hello, Bruce. Donna has a report from Gotham.” When I said this, he, immediately, perked up.

We sat down and Donna spoke. “As soon as you left, there was a riot at Arkham Asylum.”

He asked, “What happened?”

She said, “He got most of them back in to their cells.”

He asked, “Which one?”

She knew that he meant which ones had escaped. To that, she answered, “ The Joker, Two Face, and The Mad Hatter.”

She continued, “He has, to this point, recaptured Two Face and The Hatter.”

He asked, “And Joker?”

She said, “As you are well aware, that man, if that is what one might call him, has went underground. Dick has found clues to where he is but when he had gotten to the places the clues have lead him to.” Bruce said, “I have the utmost confidence in Dick’s ability to do the job and he will eventually catch up to Joker and put him back where he belongs.”

The next day was the first day that he was able to start to work out and get on the road to the cowl. I had to go back to the Justice League satellite to do my stint on monitor duty and to give Lysandra the full tour of the Satellite, to introduce her to the others, and to show her what her duties would be at the Embassy. At the embassy, she would have the help of the entire staff and of Donna, as well.

As I returned to Themyscira, I went to make my report to my mother. I fond that she was visiting with Epione while getting an update on Bruce. When I arrived at where we had him hold up, I was not surprised to see that Bruce was in one of his marathon training sessions. There were many times when I walked into the bat-cave training room when I saw how he trains. I went into the room and saw that Bruce was working with an Amazonian sword. I looked at my mothers face and saw the surprised look on her face.

She said, “He has wonderful technique.”

I said, “Of course he has, he has trained with some of the top martial artists in Man’s world.”

She continued, “He has been training for eight hours straight.”

I said, “I have seen him go for longer periods of time.

There have been times when he has asked me to spar with him and we have went for hours before we agreed to call it a tie.”

I spoke up and said, “Bruce.”

He turned around and said, “Diana, I see that you are back from installing your temporary replacement.”

I said, “Yes, Honey. I am back”

My mother asked me, “Daughter, why is it that he needed what he calls “weights.””

I said, “Those are use for training for him to get himself in good enough shape to do what he does on a nightly bases.”

I went on to say that is not like me and Superman who are immortal a near-immortal. They stayed around for another hour or so then they bent back to the palace to start the preparations for the resuming of the negotiations between us and the Bana.

It was not long after they left in which he made the decision to quit for the day. We went and found a hot spring for him to get cleaned up. After this, we went back his room where I had, had another nice dinner for him.

I said, “I think the way you train has surprised my mother and the others.”

He arched his eyebrow and said, “I thought the Queen had seen everything.”

I added, “I tried to warn them about how hard you go in your training sessions.”

As the days grew into weeks and the weeks months, it was growing into a time when we felt that Epione was going to say he could leave. Because of this, I could tell that he was getting excited.

It was a usual day, Bruce had finished his training for the day as Pallas and I arrived.

I said, “Bruce, remember the set of armor that your company unearthed?”

He answered, “Yes.”

I continued, “Pallas has been doing some research and could not find out exactly who this armor was made for.”

He said, “I, kind of, figured that you would not be able to do it for the armor is missing its crest.” Pallas said, “I thought I would be able to tell due to the way it was made, but I could not.”

I said, “I have told Pallas and my mother how you have collected many a set of ancient armor.”

He said, “I am guessing the you wish to give it to me .”

I said, “Yes.” Pallas spoke up and said, “I am here to take your physical measurements. All Amazonian armor is meant to be used.”

He said, “ Thank you, I am honored.” She took his measurements and left to do her work. It was then that we hear an alarm.

As we were hearing the alarm. Epione had just given Bruce a clean bill of health. As Epione was leaving, Philippus came charging in.

I asked, “Philippus, what is going on with the alarm?”

Philippus said, “Princess, it is your mother. She has been kidnaped.”

I said, “What.”

She said, “You must come with me back to the palace where you can be safe.”

I added, “You may want to led Bruce investigate for I am sure that he will be able to figure out who has taken my mother.” She said, “We will try anything.

Bruce was already in his bat-suit and growled, “Do not touch anything until I get there.”

She was taken aback by the change in his demeanor. She asked me, “Does his personality really change this much when he puts his armor on?” I said, “Yes it does and so does his methods.”

He turned me and said, “Go to the Javelin and radio for Clark.”

I asked, “Why do you want him?”

he said, “I want him to come a build me a crime lab because I do not want to show disrespect in the investigation by taking any Amazonian property, other than my armor gift, off of the island. Also tell him to take Lucius Fox and see if I can get some computers for it as well.”

After I had made the communication with Kal, Bruce and I left and went over to the palace. He went into my mother’s room and started to do what he does best. The first thing that he saw was a broken window. He picked up a couple of the shards of glass and put them in little plastic bags. There was a huge pool of blood on the floor by the window. He took a sample of the blood. There two swords on the floor as well. They each had blood on them. He took samples from them as well. Outside the window there was what appeared to be a piece of fabric.

He went to pick it up, I said, “Do not waste your time, it is a piece of my mothers nightgown. It was obvious that she had put up a fight.

Philippus asked, “Why is he doing all of this?”

I said, “This is how they do it in Man’s World.. When they are investigating a kidnapping or a murder, they make sure that all of the evidence is there.”

When we had arrived back at the island where we had put Bruce to heal, we found that Kal was there and had already finished Building the building. Bruce, Kal, and I went in and started to process all of the evidence that we had gathered. We looked, first, at the blood sample that came from by the window. Bruce had taken three samples of this blood.

He said, “All of this came from one person.”

I asked, “How do you know?”

He said, “It is all the same type and the DNA is a near perfect match.”

I said, “It must belong either to a Giant or a Cyclops.

He continued, “We will need to get blood samples from all of the Amazons from on Themyscira, to rule out if they were the ones that participated in the abduction.”

I walked over to him and gave him my arm.

He took the blood sample and said, “Your blood is almost an exact match for the blood on this unknown sword. Therefore, it is a certainty that this is your mother’s blood. “I guess that this rules me out.”

He said, “Yes.”

I had Philippus and the women that guarding Bruce come in and give blood. I, then, said to “General, please notify the senate on what has happened and tell them that they will have to do the same thing you ha the guards have done,” I summoned Epione and her staff, explained the situation, and had them give blood.

When Philippus returned she said, “Everything is set.”

She left to go help organize our other Amazon sisters. We had Kal travel, via a site to site teleport, to the Watchtower to get some more supplied. He came back with the supplies and also with Shayera and Barbara.

As we were finishing the task of taking of blood from my Amazon sisters, Philippus and I took a meeting from a contingent from our Bana sisters.

Euboea said, “My General and my Princess, we have a diplomatic envoy from our Bana sisters.” I said, “Please introduce them.” S

he said, “ This is Princess Urbi, General Maat, and the princesses aid Haqikah.”

Princess Urbi went down to a knee and said, “ Your Majesty, I bring news from Bana Mighdall.” I said, “Pleas rise. What is the urgent news.”

Their general said, “We have a rogue Amazon.”

I spoke, “I know that all of our Amazons are accounted for, that means the rogue is from the Bana.” She continued, “Yes, Your Highness. Her name is Echidna.”

I asked, “Do you know where she is?”

The General said, “No we do not, but we are looking.” I asked, “Did you know that she and another has taken our Queen.”

Their princess said, “We wish to find her as well and wish to help locate her.” I said, “This is unexpected. We accept all the help all of the help we can get.”

I, then, left to go and to meet with Bruce. I left Philippus and Haqikah to plam put the search for this rogue Amazon. We had decided to start the search the next day.

So, I had landed on the island and saw that Barbara and Shayera outside.

I asked, “What is wrong?”

Barbara said, “Oh, nothing. We are done for the day.” I said, “We need to meet.”

We walked into the lab and saw that Kal and Bruce were cleaning up. I said, “There is news.”

Kal asked, “What is it?”

I said, “Philippus and I have just taken a meeting with a contingent of our Bana sisters and they have said that there is a rogue Amazon.” Bruce asked, “It is from their side of the island?” I added, “Yes.” I went on, “Her name is Echidna.”

Barbara asked, “So, this means the search will begin tomorrow?”

I said, “Yes it does.”

I went on to say, “What I will suggest tomorrow is that Shayera, Kal, and I will aid in the search from the air. There will be four sets of Amazons searching from the ground. Bruce will lead one. Philippus will lead one. Princess Urbi, of the Bana will lead one. General Haqikah will lead one.”

I then said, “I have arranged for everyone to stay at the Palace.”

We took off for the palace.

When we landed, it was decided that we would have small meal and retire for the night.

After everyone ate, we split up and headed to our personal quarters. Let me amend this, I had my aid escort Bruce to my personal quarters.

Because we did not know how this search would turn out, I thought that it would be the exact time for us to consummate our relationship.

After we had rested for a few hours, then we sat up and talked for awhile.

He had me call one of my aids and said, “Go to my quarters on the other island, look on the table, you will find a small wooden box, pleas bring it back here.”

She said, “Yes sir.” About a half hour later she returned with the box.

He said, “Thank you.”

Then he had the aid go and get Clark, Shayera, Barbara, Donna and Philippus. Before the had arrived, he put on some sweat pants and I pulled on one of his sweatshirts. He waited until they all arrived. When they did he went down on one knee. Philippus and Donna did not know what was going on. I had lived in Man’s World and seen some movies. I knew that when a man did this I started to cry.

Through my tears, I could see the questioning looks on the faces of Philippus and Donna but I could also see that Shayera and Barbara were crying.

Bruce, then, said, “We have been dating for a fare amount of time and I think it is time that we become one. Diana, Princess of Themyscira, Will you marry me?” He opened the little wooden box and I saw what appeared to be ring.

It was a well crafted ring and had a nice sized diamond in it. I looked down with tears in my eyes and said, “With every fiber of my heart, soul, and body, I say to you, Bruce Wayne of Gotham City, yes I will marry you.”

After he placed the ring on my finger, Shayera and Barbara rushed over to me a hugged me and I heard Clark say to Bruce, “Welcome to the life. I am sure you will make each other happy.”

I overheard Bruce tell Clark, “Kent, You had better not be planning a bachelor party.”

I saw Barbara walk over to Donna and Philippus to explain what this was.

Then I saw that Clark was leaving the room. I followed him. I saw him put his hand to his ear. I hear him say, “Wally, Bruce just popped the question to Diana. I will tell him congratulations for you. He has told me that he does not want me to plan a bachelor party for him, but he did not say that anyone could not. You and John should do it. Clark out.”

I said to Clark, “You do know what he will do if he is to find out.”

Kal said, “Yes I do, but I think I can take it.”

By the time everyone had congratulated us it was time for breakfast. Then we would get started on the search for my mother.

A few hours after Bruce had asked me to marry him, we were out on the search. For everyone to keep in touch, Bruce had handed out leagued communicators.

It had been more that a few hours since we started to search, but we had found nothing. Then there was a message from Barbara. She said, “Diana, we are in the magical areas and we have found what the Amazons tell me is the necklace that was around he neck.”

Bruce said, “We will be right there as soon as we can.”

When we arrived no only did we see that her necklace was there, but there seemed to have been a struggle. It also seemed that they had taken my mother off to the South. It appears they are headed toward Doom’s Doorway which is the door the underworld.

We made what Bruce has said is a “beeline” towards Doom’s Doorway.

When we arrived there, we found an army of dead warriors. Just before we were to start fighting, Persephone appeared. She said, “You will have to go into the underworld and deal with Felix Faust again.”

I said, “I thought Hades was going to torture him for a few thousand years.”

Persephone said, “That was true but Faust found a way to get around it and has cast Hades out again.”

I radioed Shayera, “Shayera, looks like we will have to go and put Hades back on his throne again.” She flew in with Bruce.

I said to Bruce, “Bruce, you and the rest with have to stay out here and keep this undead army occupied. Shayera and I will have to go an put Hades back on his throne again.”

Then Persephone said, “Princess, Faust has your mother.”

Bruce said, “So that is the plan, please be careful”

Shayera said, “Don’t worry Bruce, we have been there before and done the job well.”

He said, “Do not be so flip.

This seem like it is going to be a hard job to do.” I said, “ It will be a hard job but it is a job that can get done and will be done.”

At this point we split up and Bruce headed off to go help the others and Shayera, Huqikah and I went into the underworld. The reason Huqikah came was she said that the Bana wanted a chance at punishing Echidna according to the laws of the Bana.

As we entered the underworld we saw Abnegazar. He saw Shayera and I and that my hand was on my lasso ans said, “You won’t need that, I will take you to where they have Hades. It is the place he was the last time, the frozen bowels of the underworld, but you will have to get him yourselves and this time he has Hades guarded with some other demons. This means you will have to fight to get him.”

Abnegazar took us directly to the place where Hades was being held. As soon as we had arrived, he was gone. It was not totally unexpected that he would be for he had said that he did say that his job was to get us there and he was not going to fight.

General Haqikah asked, “What is the plan Princess?”

I said, “You and Shayera will try to keep me the demons off of me while I try to free Hades.”

The general drew her sword and Shayera readied her mace. Then they charged and started their attack. I flew, in a high arc, to where he was. I was not expecting that Shayera and the general would defeat the demons by themselves but they did. I tried to do what I did last time and break the a punch but it did not work.

Hades told me, “Diana, Faust has reinforced the chains with magic. I saw Shayera doing a fly-by looking for other demons I gave her a whistle. She asked, “Diana, what is it?”

I answered, “Apparently, Faust prepared for me and has strengthened the chains against me.”

She asked, “I guess that you want me to try to use my mace to disrupt the magic.”

I said, “That would be the plan.” She flew up as high as she could and started on a power dive. She had the mace over her head and she threw it. It hit the chains and they broke.

I said to Hades, “Why is it that you can not stay on your throne?”

He said, “That Faust is a smart crafty evil person.”

No matter what I did, he was patient he found a way to get away from me.

He, then went to my recent rebuilt library and found a way to take my throne, exile me, and strengthen my chains against Diana’s strength.”

He, then, used hsi magic to get us back to his throne room. Let me say this, we did not get into the throne room because it was being guarded with several demons. Hades snapped his fingers, and the immediately switched side. He took us to the underside of the throne room ans showed us a door. This door, he said, was a secret entrance to his throne room.

We went through this door and came out behind the throne and sneaked up behind him. We also saw that he had built another throne, which we assumed was for Echidna.

I saw the general go and grab Echidna by the neck and throttle her. She did not kill her. Echidna threw her hand off and they started to fight.

Our fight began, as well.

Both fights were long and hard but we won both of them.

I said to Hades, “Make sure you keep this guy under control for I do not want to come back here.”

It was then that we took our leave and headed back to Themyscira.

After we had finished putting Hades back on the throne, we decided to go one back to the world. We had a much easier time go back were we were from the when we were headed there. It was the four of us, Echidna, Shayera, Haqikah, and myself. I had decided to tie Echidna in my lasso.

As soon as we returned to Themyscira, we saw that Mother had been rescued. I turned Echidna over Urbi and her entourage to be taken back to the Bana for her to put on trial for her crime.

As it turned out, they had, had mother in a cave on the left side of the doorway.

As I looked over Clark, Barbara, Philippus, and Barbara, I knew something very bad had happened. I asked, “Where is Bruce.”

It was then that I saw Barbara. Her cowl was off and tears were streaming down her face. I felt a lump in my throat.

My mother said, “I am so sorry, Diana. The man that you were to be joined to has given his life in rescuing me and defending Themyscira.”

When we had returned to the palace, there was a meeting that took place and the senate was called into session. As Barbara, Clark, Shayera, and I sat in the back of the senate chambers, what happened next truly surprised us.

My mother said, “My sisters of the senate, I have a proposal.”

One of the senators said, “What is your proposal, my queen.”

My mother said, “A few years we had adopted Aresia. The man who rescued her ended up dying because his heart gave out on him. I buried him in an unmarked grave. I wish to honor this man, Bruce Wane also known to man’s world as The Batman, with a full Themysciran military funeral and burial.” Another senator, Alcina, said, “This is a surprise. We need to debate this.”

It did not take long for them to debate. The senate came back quick and said that it was OK for the this to happen.

It was then that Clark, Shayera, Barbara, mother, and I that we would return to Gotham to tell the rest of the bat-clan what has happend.

When we arrived at Wayne Manor, we called Tim, Dick, Wally, J’onn, and John.

0I said, “We have some extremely bad news.”

Wally asked, “Where is Bats.”

I said, “He has died in the defense of Themyscira.”

Dick asked, “Where is his body.”

I said, “My mother has decided to give him a full Themysciran funeral and burial.”

Tim said, “Then, what are we going to do here.”

Clark said, “We will have one closed casked funeral for Bruce Wayne.”

He continued and said, “The League will hold a League Funeral for him at my fortress.”

Plans had been made for Dinah and he team, The Birds of Prey to take the Patrolling of Gotham while Dick, Tim, and Barbara will be coming with us to Themyscira. Alfred will be coming as well.

We immediately left. In the Javelin were Clark, dressed in a black Superman suit, John, J’onn, Shayera, Wally, Lois Lane, and Linda Park. The last two were to cover the funeral for their respective news agencies. When Perry White asked why Clark Kent could not cover it, Lois said that He would be busy and would not be able to concentrate on his job. This was partially true but Clark would talk to her about it later.

As soon as returned to Themyscira, the procession would begin. Up until that point Bruce’s Body would lie in repose. It had also been agreed upon that he would be buried in his Bat-Suit. The amazons considered it his armor and thought it as showing a great amount of respect to be buried in ones armor. Usually, a dead amazon would be burned in a pyre but even though we considered him an amazon, I thought that it would be the correct thing to do would be to hold to the ways of man’s world in respects to the ways they do funerals and burials. Therefore, he would be only the second man to be buried here on Themyscira.

It had also been decided that we would have a gravestone. We had our artisans carve on out of stone. On it, it would say “Here lies, Bruce Wayne, Known to man’s world as The Batman. He came here to rest and recover and helped in the defense of Themyscira.” That was on the one side. On the other side it would say Bruce Wayne, born of Thomas and Martha Wayne.”

As a show of respect to the rest of the founding members of the League, it was also decided that the official funeral would not begin until they had the chance to view the body.

On the way back to Themyscira, Clark had told me that at one time, Lois had dated Bruce. When we arrived back at the island, I had decided that I would be by Lois’s side when she saw the body.

I think this was a very good idea because when she saw him, her shoulders slumped, her head bowed, and she began to cry. Clark saw it and came put his arm around her shoulders.

I heard Linda say to Wally, “I knew this was a possibility of happening but I was not prepared for the emotions.”

He asked, “Does this change the way that you feel about me?”

She answered, “No, not really.”

He asked, “Why not?”

She said, “Because I know that the businesses you are in are inherently dangerous and Death is always a possibility.”

He said, “This is one of the main reasons that I love you.”

After the Amazons had given us time to view the body, The burial services began.

Then there was a procession to where we were going to bury him.

My mother spoke and said, “Ladies and gentlemen, fellow amazons, and honored guests, I welcome you to Themyscira. We are here today to pay honor to a man who has many times defended this island and done it unselfishly. Everyone here knows the history of our people and why we, minus Diana, have a big dislike of everything male. This fact did not deter my daughter, the princess, in bringing the League here to help her in defeating the evil one named Felix Faust.”

She stopped for a minute to drink a glass of water.

She continued, “At the time, I had a problem with her bringing them here. Later, I grew to understand that she had no choice. She was going to come back to mend fences with man and the rest of here sisters, and he found us turned to stone.”

She stopped to take another drink and a breath.

She finished by saying, “After we had sent Hades back to Tartarus along with Faust, I recognized that it was wrong of me to dislike the men of the league, I had found that they were and are honorable men. That is why I honored them with our highest battle award. Then he has played a roll in my rescue from the aforementioned Faust. This is after he had come here to recover from injuries he had suffered do to torture by some very evil men. When he had heard of me being taken, he immediately stopped his preparations to go back to his city and started to what he calls an investigation into my disappearance. When my location was found, he was one of the first ones to go into battle against Faust’s troops. That was when he lost his head. I thank my daughter for bringing him here for I believe if she had not, I might possibly be dead.”

We bowed our heads and said a prayer.

Then Philippus stood up to speak.

Philippus said, “The first time that I saw the man the princess had fallen in love with, I, like the queen, did not think very much of him. It was not until I was ordered to help him train, because of the injuries he had suffered, to return to his city to be its protector.”

She stopped for a breath and then she finished.

She spoke again, “The respect that I gained is from watching him train. His training is every bit as rigorous as ours is. Then he does great work in helping in the recovering the Queen.

When she finished, John created, with his ring, seven guns. With these guns, he said he was going to give Bruce a twenty-one gun salute.

few days later, we found ourselves Back in Gotham at another funeral for Bruce. My mother felt like she had to be there. After all, Bruce had been helping me with some of the charitable organizations I have been involved in. Also, it fits because when Kal had “died” she was there for me as well.

Also there was Kal’s mother, Martha Kent, was there for his support.

We also had seen Commissioner Gordon was there as a mourner and as security as well. He did not know that he worked with Bruce in Bruce’s night job. Bruce, also, gave huge sums of money to the Gotham City Police Department.

If the people there knew about the bad blood between Bruce and Dick, it would have surprised to see him step up with a eulogy.

He said, “I do not know if everyone here knows my story. When I was young there was the murder of my parents. He adopted me an took me in. He essentially made me his son. For that, I thank him. We had our disagreements and I eventually left him to go to find myself. I ended up living in Bludhaven. I had a big grudge against him and I am happy to say that thanks to Tim that I had put it into they past. I had also, somewhat, reconciled with him.”

It was then that Tim stepped up to the microphone.

He said, “I came from a much more of a hard luck case. My father was a two-bit criminal. He got hooked in with Two-Face and it was the wrong thing to do because he ended up being murdered by Two-Face. Later on when I first met him, Two-Face was going to poison the town and kill half the town. He got me in touch with Batman and The-Bat got to work if putting puke-face back in jail. I thank him for what he has done for me.”

Commissioner Gordon the came up to say a little something.

The Commissioner said, “I am here to represent the GCPD. We, the department, thank The Wayne Policeman’s Foundation for all of the help we have received. Mr. Wayne was one of the best people that was ever birthed in the history of Gotham. Thomas and Martha Wayne, for their short time of raising him did a fine job.”

We all headed off to the church where there was a closed casket funeral. The reason for this was Bruce’s body was buried on Themyscira.

After the church service, we went to the Wayne Crypt and buried the coffin.

After this, Commissioner came to me and told me that the GCPD had put together a remembrance party and wanted us to appear at it.

A few days after the Gotham City we the League had a funeral on the Watchtower. Clark had made a special coffin for us to use in the ceremony.

What he planned to do was to, after the ceremony we would launch it into the sun.

There were a great number of the Leaguers on the Watchtower to pay their respects.

There were the Green Arrow, Hawk and Dove, the Steel Works, Aquaman, My Mother, Speedy, Raven, Dick, Tim, Vigilante, Shining Knight, and others.

After all of the speeches were made, we launched the coffin into the sun.

Immediately after the launch, we all adjourned to the many rooms that were designated as the commissaries. This is where we would hold the remembrance party.

We had all kinds of laughs at Bruce’s idiosyncracies.

After it was all over, as it ended up, it was Bruce’s turn on monitor duty. There were many people that were willing to step up and take this particular shift. I said, “Thanks for the offers, but I think I will take the shift.”

As we walked out, I heard Kal tell Lois, “Honey, I think I will stay.”

She asked, “Why?”

He said, “Diana really has not grieved. I think I will stay, just in case she needs a shoulder to cry on.”

She said, “Ok. I will see you at work in a couple of days.”

I walked into the monitor room and Kal was already.

He said, “I am really going to miss the crusty, cantankerous person that Bruce was.”

That was when my grief got the better of me and I collapsed int his arms.

As I cried I said, “I understand why he did what he did but he did not have to do it. I, and the other amazons would have understood if he had decided to leave without helping us.”

He said, simply, “That is Bruce. Once he set his mind on something, he went all the way with it.

After this, I just cried. After an hour I said to Kal, “I know I said I would do this shift but my grief has exhausted and I think that I might retire.”

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