And The Advdenture Continues


Little Olympia, I will now tell you where the rest of your half-brothers, half-sisters, brothers, sisters, nieces and nephews.

Let's start with Samuel and Ella Kent. Ella, when she was twenty-five, decided that she wanted to legally change her name from Kent to Lane. She wanted to honor her mother and this was the best way for her to do it.

She and the rest of the Kal's children had precise muscle control. This gave her the ability to mimic her mother's voice. She and Sam looked liked Lois anyway.

In the last few years, the Kent's had amassed quite a media empire.

Sam now owns the Daily Planet and the Star City Register, and the corresponding talk radio a television news stations.

Ella was the same with the Gotham Gazette, Hub City News, Central City Post and the corresponding News Television and news talk radio stations.

Deanna had passed on sixty years ago.

Balin was not 300 years old and had taken the role Alfred had taken up at the beginning of Bruce's career

Sarah had recently stepped down as the queen of the Amazons and had allowed Donna's son Dana to become the first King of the Amazons.. Tim and Cassie's Daughter had would become a Prime Minister.

One hundred years ago Philipus had decided that she wanted to go into Man's World. Several months later she came back and she was pregnant. Several months later she had a little girl which she name Andromeda.

It was decided that Andromeda would be the general of the Amazons army.

Danica was now Oracle. Brennan was Batman. Bonnie was Batwoman, and Aaron was Robin.

The quadruplets had went into media relations. Lana had worked for the Azarian Embassy. She had recently moved to the particular dimension to take over as the editor-in-chief of the Azar Times. This is a particularly hard job because this is not a city wide, state wide, country wide news agency. It is a dimension wide news agency. She has found herself a nice Azarian and married him.

Lara has moved to Tamaran to be Strafire's director of media relations. She has, also, found that Kory had somehow had some Dick Grayson's DNA and she now has a son which Lara has married.

Lois is running a news agency on Rann. She is currently in a relationship with a female on Rann. I have nothing against her being gay because I come from an island of women who, some of which, have been a relationship with a woman for centuries.

Lyta had been at the Thanagarian embassy. After she had finished her time at the embassy, she requested and was given the ability to go to work on Thanagar for one of the newspapers which has popped up. This particular newspaper was being run by Shayera's second son, Marcus. Lyta had fallen for him. They had recently married and she was currently expecting their first child. Clark, John, Shayera, and I were all over the moon. To say that my mother was excited was an understatement.

Martha and her rather large family, is a part of the Kent Media empire, as well. Her younger sons and daughters, which were still in school were at the Torch. Even though the Kent's do not directly own it, it is still considered a Kent paper.

As was said in and earlier story, the Kent farm is a mega farm and it feeds around two-hundred thousand people. Those two-hundred thousand people live in cities and towns, which includes Smallville, which are in a circle around the farm.

The Smallville Ledger is not only the smaller paper which Martha owns and/runs. This includes the papers in the three other larger cities which have forty-thousand people in those cities.

Martha has your typical mid western family. She has ten children.

The older children live in the smaller towns and run the weekly papers of those towns.

There are two black sheep in the family. One is Jon, he is the farmer in the family. He had married his high school sweetheart, Janet. They have six children, as well.

Bruce Kent is the other one. He is an evangelist. He is traveling around the universe taking his religion with him and trying to convert people to it.

Here is something special. Back before Bruce Wayne had admitted his love for me, Toyman had shot your father with a weapon which, at the time, we thought he was dead. He was not, he was not. He was sent into a far off alternate future. The only one which was alive Vandal Savage. To get back to his natural time line, your father and Savage to retrieve Savage's Zero Point Generator. This device is, for all intents and purposes is and was a miniature yellow sun.

After your father had returned from the alternate future, and saved Batman's life, we went off and stopped Savage from getting the dwarf star matter, we had resolved to go and find all of his bases of operation.

As we did this, we would periodically come across plans for devices. In one of those such bases, we found the conceptual plans for the Zero Point Generator. It did not take us too long to develop it for we had, not just, Wayne Tech and Queen Industries, but we also had Cadmus helping in the developing it.

We made sure that Bruce had one just in case he would land on a planet with a red sun.

James has gone into the same business as his namesake, Jimmy Olson, he is a photo Journalist. Donna taught him the finer points of the art of photography.

Perry Kent has a book publishing company.

Finally, there is Jordan. As was said earlier, Jordan takes care of the Fortress. Within the last sixty years, he was appointed by the amazon senate, to take care of Themysciran historical documents and the Amazonian library.

The End

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