And The Advdenture Continues

A Princess, Two Queens, And Two Births

It has now been one week since we ejected the coffin into the sun. Before he had received the torture from Lex and Joker, I had planned on moving into Wayne Manor with him. Now, I could not bring myself to move into the manor. Oh, sure, I will go and visit Alfred, but I could not bring myself to live there on a permanent basis. I would go there to eat meals because, he is almost as good of a cook as Ferdinand. At some point, I will have to introduce them so they can trade recipes.

One day, after everything had, somewhat, gotten back to normal, I caught up with Lois. When I first showed up in Man’s world, everyone thought Kal and I were in a relationship. It took awhile, but I finally convinced her that I did not want Kal. Now, we had a pretty good friendship.

She and Kal had moved into a house in the suburbs of Metropolis. They had married sometimes before Bruce’s death and had recently had there children. They had a set of twins, Sam and Ella.

I went to their house and knocked on the door. Mrs. Kent answered the door.

She said, “Hello Diana.”

I said “Hello, Mrs Kent.”

She said, “Come in.”

Mrs. Kent said, “I am so sorry about Bruce.”

I said, “I am still in mourning about his passing.”

Lois cam in the room after putting the twins down for their nap and asked, “Di, What are you doing here?”

I said, “I got tired of staying on the Watchtower and am looking for a place to get away.”

Lois said, “ I would have thought you would have gone to the Manor.”

I sad, “I still can not bring myself to go there for long periods of time.”

Mrs. Kent said, “I felt the same way when Jonathan died.”

I asked Mrs. Kent, “Martha, I was thinking, would it be possible for me to spend some time on the farm?”

She asked me, “I thought your ancestral home would be your second choice?”

I said, “It is much like Wayne Manor.”

She said, “I would be very honored for you to spend some time of mine and Clark’s farm.”

She went to her purse and got me the keys to the farm.

She asked me, “Do you want me to come with you to help around and to cook?”

I said, “no. I make trips to the embassy and to Wayne Manor and have Ferdinand and Alfred cook for me.

Lois asked, “I thought that you did not want to stay at either place?”

I said “Just because I said that I don’t want to stay there on consistent basis, does not mean that I will give up the quality of meals that are cooked by both Ferdinand and Alfred.”

Lois said, “I can understand this.”

I had been staying at the Kent farm for about a week when I got a message from the Watchtower. I was enjoying the feel of it all. It was not just feel of the farm, but it was also the fact that even though the people insmallvillemay have known who I was, but they let me live like a normal person. I could walk around town and if I did not want to bothered I would not be. Of course, Martha came back, and had a few long talks. We even had some interesting conversations about Kal. There were times when I went back to the Watchtower, I would give Kal a wry smile. He had no idea about what was said between Martha and myself until he had her visiting his twins and she mentioned.

One week into my stay at the farm, J’onn called with a message for me to come to an emergency founders meetings. I was the last to arrive, other then the fact that John and Shayera were on the way back to from Oa. John had to go and held defend the planet and now they were just about to arrive back at the Watchtower.

As I entered into the Conference room, Kal was there, along with Oliver, Dick, and Wally. What surprised me was that there was a woman that looked much like Shayera and I assumed that she was a Thanagarian..

As I sad down, I heard Mr. Terrific came over the loud speaker and said, “Green Lantern and Shayera have arrived.”

It was less than five minutes later when they came into the room. In John’s hand, was the report of the problems on OA. He handed the report to J’onn, who put it on the side so that he could later log it into the League files.

A few minutes later, Dinah and Zatanna, who we had just voted in as founders, came into the meeting.

Kal graveled the meeting to order.

He said, “A few hours ago, our tracking equipment picked up an unknown ship with strange markings.”

He showed us a picture of the ship.

Shayera spoke and said, “That is a Thanaqarian cargo ship.”

Kal continued, “We radioed it and got no response. That was wen decided to board it so see what was going on.”

Shayera looked at the unknown Thanangarian suspiciously.

Clark went on, “When we boarded it, we found that the auto pilot had been on and we noticed that it had been traveling for a while. As we searched we found that in the hold was what looked to be a module designed for suspended animation.”

Shayera said, “That fits because these ships are not mean to be as fast moving as our warships. Usually there be a crew of about twenty on them. This is the only person that you found on it?”

He said, “Yes she is, and does she have a story to tell.”

He turned to the unknown Thanagarian and said, “Tell your story.”

She said, “My name is Saoirse. I am Shayera’s cousin, twice removed.”

Shayera said, “I do not recall hearing of you.”

Saoirse said, “That does not surprise me for your mother’s Brother’s wife died and he married my mother.”

She continued, “It has been almost a decade since your betrayal,” she said this without any sort of venom, which surprised everyone including Shayera. She continued, “After the failure of the Hyperspace Bypass, Hro Talek’s heroic death defending the planet against the Gordanians, and the gordanian’s eventual takeover of Thanagar, they stayed until they felt like the got all that they could from Thanagar. When they left, there was the first of many civil wars.”

Shayera asked, “What is happening at this point.”

Saoirse said, “There is another civil going on. It is between the group to which I belong and the other major group.”

She continued, “As of this point in time there is a peace treaty that is on the verge of being hammered out. The only sticking point is who do we install as the King or Queen of the planet.”

Shayera asked, “What does this have to do with me.”

Saoirse said, “Neither one of the groups trust each other and therefor there is no chance of putting anyone from either group on the throne.”

I saw that Shayera was starting to put it together.

She said, “Both groups have agreed on me?”

Saoirse said, “Yes, and before you ask about being a traitor, we have agreed to put that behind us.”

Shayera asked, “Why?”

Saoirse said, “It is because with the deaths of the older generation of leaders, it is in the past and we are willing to forgive you.”

After Saoirse told her story, we put her in a room for us to have a founders meeting to make the decision on what to do.

I turned to Shayera and said, “It is all up to you, Shay.”

She said, “Well, I think I would like to fine out if she is telling the truth about whether or not my sins have been forgiven.”

“I would like to set the team .”

J’onn asked, “Who would you like.”

She said, “John is a given because there has never been a Green Lantern near in Thanagar’s part of the universe.”

John said, “I will have to talk with the Guardians to see if they can assign another Green Lantern to earth.”

J’onn asked, “And who else?”

Shayera said, “I would also like Diana to come for she is ad diplomat and knows how to talk to politicians.”

J’onn said, “Is this all?”

Shayera said, “Yes.”

So he went to the computer and logged it in. Then he left the room.

John went to the computer and made his call to the Guardians.

He said, “Gentlemen, I call to ask you to ask you to send a replacement for me.”

Appa Ali Apsa asks “John Stewart, is this like the last time you called us?”

John said, “No. I am to go to a mission to the Planet of Thanagar.”

Ganthet said, “That is a part of the universe the Lanterns do not cover.”

John said, “I know. I would be the first Green Lantern to go to that part of space.”

Lianna said, “This is fine.”

John said, “Before we go, I would like to have the authority to train and assign another Lantern that is more familiar with that part of space.”

Sayd replied, “That sounds feasible. How soon will you be leaving?”

John turned to Shayera and asked, “When do you want to leave.”

She said, “There is one place that I nave to go before I leave.”

He said, “Where.”

She replied, “I would like to go and get some Queenly advice from Diana’s mother.”

This is something that I was not expecting.

He went back to his conversation with the Guardians. He said, “We will be leaving in a couple of days.”

It was then the Guardians agreed to send Kyle Raynor as his replacement. They then ended their conversation.

We called Saoirse back to tell her the news.

We understood that she wanted to get back but we had to explain to her where and what Shayera wanted to go and do.

After we did Saoirse, Shayera, and I headed back to the embassy to be teleported Themyscira.

My mother was surprised to see me return home for I had told here that I was grieving for Bruce and had decided to not return because the wounds were still fresh.

My mother said, “I was not expecting to see you, my daughter. I am wondering why you are here. It is nice to see you, also, Shayera.”

I said, “We are here because of Shayera.”

She asked, “What is this that you are saying.”

Shayera spoke and said, “As you know I had became a traitor to my people during the Thanagaraian invasion. Well, recently I had a visitor from my home planet. This visitor has told me that after the invasion and the Gordanians took Thanagar they held it only until they have took what they thought was enough, they left. Now, the visitor has said that there has been many civil wars. The two groups that have been fighting the civil war have made a truce and are looking for a leader.”

My mother asked, “What will that have to do with me?”

Shayera continued, “The two major groups do not trust each other and they wish to have a queen and they wish it to be me. Before I take the throne, I want to pick your brain, it terms of what it takes to be a queen.”

My mother said, “There is a whole lot to being a queen and it is not an easy job. One has to know that in certain rulings in terms of the people. You be able to show wisdom in terms of what you lead your people into. It would help you a lot to if you had a Senate to take some of the pressure off of you. There will be times in which you will have to be judge, jury, and executioner. You must be care in whom you make treaties with. You must be a very prudent, conservative, and charismatic leader.”

Shayera said, “I thank you for your sage advise and will try to take your advise.”

My mother said, “You are welcomed.”

She asked me, “Daughter, will you be staying here for a visit?”

I said, “As much as I would love to mother, but I am not ready to come home as of yet and Shayera said that she would like for me to go there and teach them how to be a diplomat and to possibly have and embassy here on earth.”

My mother had invited us to stay and to eat a meal. I really did not want to stay longer than it would take, but Sheyera talked me into it. We went into the main dining hall of the palace where the palace cooks had laid out a feast.

After we finished eating, we went to the invisible plane to go back to the Watchtower.

When we had returned, we found that John had finished orienting Kyle Raynor to the Watchtower and J’onn ging him the codes that he would need to do reports

John came to us along with Saoirse and said, “While you were gone, I was preparing Kyle to take over for me. I also have preparing the Javelin for the trip to Thanagar. Saoirse had been helping to transfer the star charts to, not only, the Javelin, but also, the Watchtower.”

I asked, “is everything prepared for us to leave as soon as we can?”

He said, “It is, not only, prepared but it is also ready. We can leave at Shayera’s leisure.”

Shayera went to her room and grabbed her mace and I went to min and grabbed my sword and shield. I assumed that we did this for the same reason, we did not know what to fully expect.

We all boarded the Javelin and took off. As soon as we were a fair distance away from the Watchtower, we activated the boom tube. Thanks to Orion, Barda, and Mr. Miracle, we have outfitted all of our Javelins with boom tube technology.

As we started to travel, Saoirse came to me and Shayera and said, “It is a very smart move for you and Shayera to bring your personal with you.”

I asked, “Why is this.”

She said, “The reason is that it has a pretty rough planet and there is a strong possibility that we will have to fight to get to where we are to meet the two groups.”

She asked, “Why does John not have a weapon?”

I said, “His ring allows him to make his own weapons.”

Shayera came up and asked, “Because of the many civil wars there is no rule of law?

Saoirse said, “The problems came with the “winners.” The ones who won the war, who tried to rule, the others did not want to follow the rules that were set forth.”

Shayera asked, “What makes them think it would be any different from the other leaders that have tried to lead?”

Saoirse said, “The two groups that want Shayera as queen and the feeling is that the fact that they represent the majority of the people on Thanagar, the people will follow you.”

Before we left, it was decided that we would tow the cargo ship back to Thanagar.

As we were traveling, Saoirse asked Shayera, “How did you and John end up as a couple?”

Shayera said, “Through the hardest.”

Saoirse aske, “What do you mean?”

Shayera said, “It began with the invasion by the Imperium.”

She continued, “After the defeat of the Imperium and subsequent formation of the league, he and I became close friends. A few months before the Thanagarian invasion, we had began to date. Then came Hro and his part of the armada. At this point is where it came out that I was a spy and this definitely put a strain on our relationship and it did not help when it looked like Hro wanted to restart our relationship. It was all a lie. Then I found out about the hyperspace by-pass. When this happened, I made the decision to betray Hro and my birth home. Then came the vote to let me back into the League which I took out of their hands by taking a self-imposed suspension.”

Saoirse turned to John and asked him “What was your part in this?”

John said, “Well after she left, I started to date another League member, Vixen. Then I went into the future and found out that Shayera and I had a child. After I came back, the present, continued my relationship with Vixen, and later told Shayera what had happened in the future and that we had, had a child.”

Shayera continued her part of the story, “To say that I was surprised was an understatement but what hurt even bore was that he went back to Vixen. There the thing with Hro’s crew on the asteroid. Next came what happened with shadow thief.”

Saoirse asked, “And that was.”

Shayera answered, “He took us to a Thanagaraian thing called the Absorbacon. It show that John and I were together in our past lives. Still we did not take the hint. There was the Braniac thing. What happened there was he had created fake versions of the Justice Lords, which we had to fight. I ended up taking off the fake Johns head and he did the same to my fake. I said, “You looked happy doing this” He said, “She broke my heart.” I did the same to him and said “likewise.” We did not get back together until after Darksied tried to invaded earth.”

Saoirse said, “That is quite a story.”

I said, “In this I agree.”

I looked at the both of them and shook my head but I could I could not say a word because I was still mourning my complicated relationship.

Shayera asked, “What has happened to the rest of our family.”

Saoirse said, “A lot of the older generation has been killed off due to the civil wars.”

I saw Shayera’s shoulders slump and I knew what that meant. It meant that she thought her parents were dead.

Saoirse said, “As I have said before, there are the two major groups left but before last year, there was over one hundered.”

Shayera asked, “What does that have to do to with my parents death.”

Saoirse said, “Some of the groups were very unscrupulous and when they came across people that were not participating in the civil wars, they gave them a choice. The choice was to either join of be branded as a traitor and executed.”

I saw that Shayera about to cry.

I went behind John, who was piloting the Javelin, tapped him on the should, and whispered in his ear. I said, “John I will take over. You had better go to Shayera and console her over the death of her parents.”

He went to her and wrapped his arms around her and she cried on his shoulders.

Saoirse said, “I understand the emotion because the same exact thing happened to my parents and I went into mourning for a month.”

After about forty-five minute he came back and said that Shayera wanted to see me.

I went back to her and asked, “What is it Shayera.”

She said, “How do you do it, Diana? How do you deal with the grief.”

I said, “You do it on a day to day basis. It takes time to get over everything. I still have not gotten totally over Bruce’s death.”

She said, with a mock smile on her face, “You have had one thing that will not.”

I asked, “What is that?”

She said, with a mock smile, “You had Clark’s shoulder to cry on and his farm to sequester yourself on.”

We both had a good laugh at this, but I knew that she was correct in her assertions.

As we landed on Thanagar, we found that there was an attack going on against the groups that represented the people that wanted Shayera as their queen.

As we disembarked, Shayera grabbed her mace and prepared for the fight ahead. We all knew this fight would not be an easy one and it was possible that it would be a long one. Both Saoirse and Shayera noticed that the attacking group had some pretty advanced weapons. These weapons, according to our friends, were not of Thanagarian origins.

From a distance, we could not tell where exactly these weapons came from. It took us a few days to subdue the attackers and get a good close look at the weapons.

The technology for the weapons was hybrid in nature. It was a combination of Kryptonian and Apokolytian.

I looked at Shayera and John and asked, “You do not thing that someone one on Apockolypse and a some how reconstituted Braniac are working together?”

John answered, “Frankly, Diana, I have not idea but I think we should let the League, particularly Clark, know about it.”

We walked back int to the Javelin and called the Watch Tower. John said, “Watch Tower, this is GL.”

J’onn answered, “John, this is J’onn, what is it.”

John said, “As we were coming to the point where we to land to meet with Saoirse people, we found them being under attack.”

J’onn said, “What did you do?”

John answered, “We subdued the attackers.”

J’onn said “Good job. What is it you want.”

John asked, “Is Clark around?”

As luck would have it Clark was walking into the control room. He was about to go on monitor duty. Clark said, “I heard my name, J’onn, what is going on.”

At that point, I bowed my head to stifle a laugh and shook it as well for I knew had used his super hearing.

I heard J’onn exclaim, “When Shayera and the rest landed on Thanagar, there was an attack going on. John was giving a report.”

Clark asked, “What does it have to do with me?”

J’onn said, “I will let John tell you.” He walked away.

Clark asked, “OK, what is going on?”

John said, “When we arrived, there was an attack going on against the group that wants Shayera as their queen.”

Again Clark asked, “And...”

John said, “When we had put down the attack, and took a closer look at the weapons, we found that they were a combination of two different technologies.”

Clark said, “Let me guess, Kryptonian and Apokolytian.”

John said “Yes. What do you want to do?”

Clark said, “Stick them in the Javelin and store them for I wish to take a closer look at them. We will decide what to do after I have had time to analyze them.”

John said, “GL out.”

We took the weapons and put them int the storage aboard the Javelin and went into the makeshift palace.

After we had finished with the stowing the weapons and the rebuilding of the capital city, which, by the way, took us, with the help of Lantern Corps it took us one week.

Then came the day that was set up for the ceremony that would coronate Shayera as their queen.

We were clever in how we decided to tried to get the information to the rest of the planet. What we decided to do was to build a satellite that would, by the energy of their rings would sent pictures to everyone on the planet. It would send pictures directly into the minds of the people.

The coronation began with a fanfare by some musician’s and Adash Admana spoke.

He said, “Ladies, gentlemen, guests, and Hawk-people everywhere.” He continued, “We are here to coronate our queen. As the vast majority of the hawk people know, after the last civil war it was as decided that because the groups that had combined were not able to come together on getting a a king or a queen from the group. We have come to a consensus that it had to be someone outside of the group. Even though there were people that believed in the fundamentals of each group, we could not find anyone with the necessary experience it would take to be the king or the queen. What has been decided was to go and get Shayera Hol. We know what you may be thinking, “she betrayed us.” Well we thought that it was the correct move.”

There was slight applause.

He finished by saying, “We here at the combined group think that she is the best choice. I now give you your new queen, Shayera Hol.”

As he was speaking, Shayera had John go back to the Javelin and print out a copy of the Uniited States Constitution.

As he was returning from the Javelin, she was stepping up to the microphone. He handed her the constitution.

She started to speak, “Ladies, Gentlemen, Hawk-people everywhere I thank the people in the group for thinking of me as the Queen. I feel that do not deserve it but the people that have asked me to come have told me that there is a possibility that the Hawks that are left after the many civil wars have decided to forgive me for what I done. Well, I will be testing this by visiting every zone of this planet”

She took a breath.

She continued, “There are going to be some changes in our values and principles.”

She reached under the podium and picked up the copy of the U.S. Constitution and said, “I have been living on the earth all this time and in this document, there are some principles that we should follow. The first of which is there will be elections to be held for what will be Thanagar’s congress. The particulars of how many senators and representatives will be hashed out in the first constitutional convention of Thanagar. Also, I will not be queen for life, what I would like to have, at some point, is elections for queen or king. We will also have to appoint judges for the courts.”

She stopped to drink water.

She finished, “I have brought a friend with me to teach us how to be diplomats for our history says that quality is not one we are not able to practice. We are going to print this (the constitution) out, then we will pass it out for you to be able know the base on which we are working to rebuild our society. I thank you for listening to me and hope that you will give a fair chance.”

It took us, with the help of the group, another week and a half of hard work to put the wheels in motion.

I had set up a school, for those who had wanted to, to teach them how to be better at diplomacy and negotiation, so they would not fall into the trap that had caused the problem in the first place.

It was a few days after when Shayera started to wake up not feeling quite right. She, also, felt like she wore down quicker, during the day, then she should. After the first few days of this she went to one of the medical staff that was sent from Oa for them to give her a check up.

She had asked me be in the room for her as support. After we had went into the underworld to put Hades back on the throne. We had came to the point where we agreed to put our animosities aside and had became some what better friends.

After the check up, the doctor came in and said, “Your Majesty, all the tests are in and the results show only on thing, you are pregnant.”

We returned to the throne room. This was at the end of a long day where it was very trying. John and the rest of the Lanterns came back to the palace and wanted some downtime.

She took John aside and told him the happy news.

They returned and she decided that she wanted to totally honest with the people she was leading.

We fired up the satellite for a speech to the general populace of the planet.

Shayera said, “My fellow Thanagarians, I have a happy announcement. Before I give you my announcement, I want to give you my history after I made the rookie mistake of going into a tough situation in terms of a police bust. I got shot with a Zeta Beam and it sent me to earth. Sure, I was going to go there anyway but this event sent me there sooner than I was prepared to. I arrived there and helped with the invasion with the Imperium. These were aliens that ar like locusts and have destroyed many planets. After we had defeated them, we decided to form th Justice League.”

She took a drink of water.

She continued. “As I spent more time on earth, I would go on missions for the Justice League and most of which were with the Green Lantern John Stewart. As the missions went on, our relationship grew and become something more. I fell in love with him. All relationships have their problems, and ours was no different. When Hro Talak game to the earth and tried his deal with the hyperspace bypass, it hurt John and my relationship. After the invasion, our relationship suffered. We actually broke up and it seemed that we had moved on.”

She stepped back to take a breath.

She spoke again, “It took a while, but we ended up getting back together, and now we have be together for several years now. The last several days, I have been waking up feeling sick and getting tired sooner in the day. I recent have seen a doctor, sent by the Lantern Corps, and the doctor has said that I am with child.”

You could have floored all of her advisors and the Thangarian congress.

It has been a week since the announcement of Shayera’s baby, time marched on. I had been teaching the hawk-people to be better diplomats. During one of my early morning lessons, I had to stop to go to the washroom to throw up.

After a few days of this, I went to see the same doctor that checked out Shayera. She ran the same tests that she ran with Shayera and came back with the same results.

She came into the examination room where I was waiting and said, “Diana, it looks like you are in the same condition that your friend is. You are pregnant.”

Later on, as John, Shayera, and I had our usual meeting, which, by the way, we had been having to put together our league reports. We do this because this, after all, started out as a league mission. At our current meeting, I had decided to tell John and Shayera.

I said, “ I have a big announcement but I wish to call a founders meeting before tell you what it is.”

We adjourned to the Javelin and made the call to the Watchtower and called the Founder’s meeting.

Clark called the meeting and turned the floor over to me.

I said, “I assume the Bruce and my relationship was one of the worst kept secrets on the Watchtower.”

Clark said. “Yes, It was.”

I went on, “While we were on Themyscira, during his recovery, we consummated the reationship.”

Shayera asked, “What is the big announcement?”

I looked in her face and I could see that she had put things together and she knew that I was in the same condition that she is.

I finished, “Well, a few days ago I had to leave one of my sessions on being a good diplomat to go to the washroom to throw up.”

J’onn asked, “You have not caught any of the local diseases have you?”

I said, “No.”

Then, Flash asked, “What is it, Diana.”

I continued to finish and said, “I am pregnant.”

John asked, “I assume that it is Bruce’s.”

I said, “Yes, it is. Clark, could you please tell Dick, Barbara, Tim, and Alfred.”

Clark said, “Yes I will.”

He asked, “Will you be on your way back soon.”

I said, “No, I will carry this baby to term here on Thanagar.”

Flash asked, “What about your mother?”

I said, “When Clark tells Dick and the rest, he should also go to the and tell my mother.”

A few days later, John told me that I had a call from the Watchtower, it was my mother.

She asked, “Do you want me to come there?”

I said, “No. Shayera and I will be each others support.”

It is now seven months down the line and I have found out that I am carrying twins. I was keeping to what the doctor had said. He said to eat well and get plenty of rest. I had gained around eighty pounds and was looking like a hippopotamus.

More importantly, it was nearing Shayera’s due date. It turns out that they were going to have a boy and had decided to name him Rex.

Her session in the delivery room was long and was not that easy. It took her ten hours to have her baby.

A few days later, the pictures of mother and baby were released to the media.

Speaking of the media, three months ago, it was decided that it was time to have someone come in to help rebuild Thanagar’s media. I made the suggestion that we invite Clark, Lois, Linda, and Jimmy.

It took the that long to show the hawks had to run newspaper, radio, and television. It was not just a case of building the buildings it was a case putting together curriculums for higher education on the planet to train them in how to be reporters.

One month after Shayera had Rex, it was time for me to bring Bruce’s progeny into existence.

I was ushered into the delivery room and put on the table.

Much like Shayera’s delivery, mine was long an hard. Mine went for eighteen hours. After this time, I have my two children. There are reasons why I have chosen the names I chose. I had a boy and a girl. For the boys name I chose Balin. I had read the legend of King Author and the Knights of the Round Table, Balin was one of the knights. I felt that if fit with him being the son of the Dark Knight. I also had a baby girl. I know that at some point I would end up being queen of the amazons and this would make her a princess. Therefore, I decided to name her Sarah. This name means “Princess.”

What did not make sense was both of my babies had blond hair. Both Bruce and I have and had black hair. When Clark looked at them he brought up the point that my mother has blond hair. I still had not gotten myself up on the science of man’s world. John came to me and told me about genetics. He said that somewhere in my genetic code was the genes that would give my children their blond hair.

We, then, had Jimmy come in and take pictures of the children. I gave copies to Clark and told him to bring them to the embassy so that they could be taken to my mother.

We have been on Thanagar for about one year. Rex is now three months and the twins were two months old.

It was agreed, by all of the people in leadership, that they felt the ability was there for them to be leaders, without out help.

It was also decided that there would be a Thanagarian embassy set up on earth. To that, we would take a contingent of Thanagarian diplomats back with us. These diplomats would be headed by Saoirse. They would come to the Themysciran embassy to view how things are to be set up.

Of course, the Lanterns would leave, sans John and his protege.

Since we had limited seating on the javelin, we would have to use the cargo ship again. The embassy staff that could not fit in the Javelin would be put into the cargo ship.

Over the time we were there, John and I had taught Saoirse would be one of the people in the Javelin because I knew I would have take care of the twins.

We loaded the two ships and departed for Earth.

Oh, by the way, I had decided that I would ask for Saoirse to be Shayera’s replacement in the league.

When we landed on the Watchtower, all of the women came up to me and they wanted to see the babies.

Since I had a founders meeting, I asked Vixen, Huntress, and Zatanna to do some baby sitting.

The meeting was, it appears, what is known as a rubber stamp. It did not matter that Dick was patrolling in Gotham for he had already been briefed on what was happening.

After the vote and the meeting I had decided to go to Gotham and show the twins Dick and the others. Before I did, I got in touch with the embassy and told them to get Donna and my mother to the Manor.

I did not want to use the Javelin because I wanted to go somewhat incognito. I found out the teleporters were down so what I did was to take Zatanna aside.

I asked, “Zee, can you get us into the cave?”

She said, “Yes. When do you want go?”

I said, “As soon as I get the twins.”

It took me a few minutes to get the twins and then we were ready to leave.

Zee said, “Ot eht Evac.”

We disappeared and reappeared in the cave.

There was no one there so we assumed that they were in the Manor.

We went up through the grandfather clock and into the study.

To say that Alfred was surprised to see us, was an understatement.

He said, “Welcome back, Miss diana.”

I said, “Thank you Alfred.”

He looked at Zatanna and she nodded.

He saw the the babies and asked, “Are those the little ones?”

I said, “Yes. Where are Dick and Barbara?”

He said, “They are out on the town.”

I said, “And Tim?”

He saidn, “He is doing his homework in his room.”

I asked, “When will Dick and Barbara be back?”

He said, “Soon.”

The babies were sleeping and Alfred took us to a rather large room and set us up there. He had Zee magically teleport a bed to the room for me.

I was not hungry since I ate something on the Watchtower. I wanted some sleep so I told Alfred to set up some rooms for my mother and Donna for they would be arriving shortly.

I do not say that it was weird, but the twins slept through the rest of the night. It was like something in their DNA told them that they were home and it made them comfortable so they could sleep.

I had gotten up at 6:00 AM and went to the kitchen where Dick, Barbara, Tim, and Alfred were there and Alfred was over the stove.

I had brought my radio down with me. I was using it as a baby monitor so I could tell when they were up.

Alfred asked, “Miss Diana, what would you like for breakfast?”

I said, “I would like a big breakfast. I want, eggs, bacon, one of your famous biscuits, iced mocha, orange juice, and milk.”

Barbara looked at me and asked, “How can you eat that much?”

I answered, “Well, Barbara it starts with the fact that I have high metabolism.”

She asked, “I though a woman was supposed to gain weight and you look as you did when you left.”

I said, “Well I did but, again, my metabolism came into the picture.”

At that point, the doorbell rang.

Dick said, “Don’t stop cooking Alfred, I will get the door.”

He left the room and a few minutes later he came back with Donna and my mother.

They sat down at the table.

Alfred asked, “I would like to welcome two more beautiful women to Wayne Manor.”

I said, “Alfred, I know that you have met my sister Donna?”

He nodded.

I continued, “This other beautiful woman is my mother, Hippolyta.”

He said, “Welcome.”

At that point, I heard the twins crying on the baby monitor.

I took Barbara up there to help me to do what it takes to prepare them for the big reveal. We changed them, fed them, then we brought down.

My mother, and Donna were surprised to see the blonde hair on the the twins. The kids also had my blue eyes.

My mother asked, “What are their names?”

I said, “Balin and Sarah.”

She did not ask what the names mean.

Barbara, took her cue and asked, “What do they mean?”

I said, “Well, the boy is named after a knight of the round table, Balin. The girl is named Sarah. Her name means “princess.”

I saw my mothers eyebrow arch and she asked, “Great names.”

Dick asked, “How do you think they ended with blonde hair because you and Bruce have black hair?”

I said, “Apparently, it is genetic. It seems that I received a recessive gene from my mother and that is why their hair is blonde.”

I, then, said, “With in the next few weeks, I wish to introduce them the rest of our sisters. I hope I will be able to bring little Balin to Themyscira.”

My mother said, “I think we can make an exception.”

After a few days, my mother said that she had to get back and I understood that. Sure, she wanted to see the kids but she left Philippus in charge and she knows Philippus, at times, has had a short temper.

Donna and mother went back to the embassy for mother to go back to the Themyscira.

The next week, Dick introduced me to Leslie Thomkins. He called her the “family” doctor. He told me that any time Bruce, Barbara, Tim, or Dick needed anything more than superficial injuries, the “Bat” family could go to her and have her keep it quiet. They knew that none of their secret identities could afford to show their crime fighting injuries in their non-Crime-fighting lift.

Within the next couple of days, Barbara took me to Leslie’s clinic. After a short introduction, it was obvious that she was not going to be able to give them a proper examination for she did not have the tools to be able to pierce their skin. I said that it would be fine because we would go to another friend to take us to the doctor that examined his and his wife’s babies.

As soon as we got back to the cave, we radioed the Watchtower.

I said, “Wonder Woman to watch tower.”

“Watchtower, Natalie here.”

“Nat, Is Kal there?”

She said, “No, He is on the farm, enjoying his day off.”

I said, “Mr. Terrific, site to site transport, for three .”

He asked, “Where to you wish to go?”

I said, “Smallville. To the Kent farm.”

He said, “Give me a minute.”

He came back and asked, “Diana, are you and the others prepared?”

I said, “Yes.”

He said, “I am energizing, now.”

We disappeared. One minute later we landed on the grounds of Kal’s farm. On the porch was Kal, Lois, his mother, and the their twins.

After greeting everyone, I told Kal why I was there.

I said, “Clark, I want to give my kids a checkup.”

It was the first time that Lois had seen the twins. She said that it would be nice if we could scheduled a play date for our kids.

I nodded.

I turned back to Clark and said, “Dick, I took them to see Leslie Thomkins but she did not have the tools to give them at proper checkup.”

He asked, “ I assume that you would like my help.”

He reached into has pocket and retrieved his cell phone and a business card.

He made a call.

He said, “Doctor Hamilton, it is Superman. I am fine, Lois is fine, my mother is fine. I am calling on behalf of a friend. She is Wonder Woman. She is looking for a doctor with the tools to give her children physicals. You will. She can come right over? Thank you.”

He told me that I could go see Doctor Hamilton at Star Labs.

After the doctor did the twins checkup, he came in with their files. He said that they were healthy and are good enough to travel via teleport.

After we had left the doctors office, I thanked Clark for putting me in touch with the doctor and told Lois that I would be happy to schedule a play date between the two sets of twins.

I, then, radioed the Watchtower.

I said, “Wonder Woman to watch tower.”

The answer came back,”Watchtower, Dinah here.”

“Dinah, three for transport to the Themysciran Embassy.”

“OK, I am on it Diana.”

A few minutes later I heard Oliver, “Diana, we are ready for transport.”

I said, “Go.”

A few seconds later I was in front of the Embassy and saw Donna come out of the door.

I said, “I thought that you took mother back to Themyscira and you were to take some time off?”

She said, “I did, but Dick called and said he and Barbara were going be chasing down a lead on a case in Europe and needed me to give Tim some back up in patrolling Gotham.”

She took Balin from me and we walked into the embassy and Julia was there.

Julia said< “Hello Diana, I assume those are the twins?”

I said, “Yes.”

She said, “They boy looks nothing like you. I assume that he looks like Bruce.”

I said, “Yes.”

She said, “Your daughter looks exactly like you except she has blonde hair.”

Because she had taught and spent a lot of time in man’s world and she new of genetics. I told her of the recessive genes that gave the kids the same hair color as their grandmother.

It took me a while to get back to the room where the portal to Themyscira was because we had to stop an let the staff see the babies.

We finally got there and stepped through the portal.

When I arrived Maris and Maya, who were guarding the portal were surprised to see us.

It just so happened that Philippus was just arriving, with their replacements. She was mildly surprised when she saw me.

She askd, “Diana, what are you doing here?”

I said, “I told mother that I would come home for a visit and bring the kids for their official introduction to the amazons.”

So we l gave the babies to Maris and Maya to hold. I knew they were the first of my sisters who would want to hold them.

I also knew how tight the security around Themyscira would be. I also knew that my mother would want it that way. As long as the kids were there, they would be the most treasured wards of the realm and would be well protected.

The children and I arrived late in the afternoon, so there was not the ability to formally introduce them to the senate.

This gave my mother the ability to spend some quality time with them before the official introduction tomorrow.

She had finished her duties for the day and was deep in play with the children. As I watched them, I turned to Philippus and wondered aloud, “Was she like this when I was young?”

She said, “You may not believe me but she was exactly like she is with them and when you and Donna were young.”

I let them go on and play until it was obvious that the kids were on the verge of going to sleep.

I went to my mother and said, “Mother, it is time for them to be fed, bathed, and put to bed.”

She looked at me and said, “I fear that you may be correct and I think I might want to help you in this.”

I looked at her and nodded.

We took them into the room which she, earlier, had her aides prepare for us. We first fed the children, then we took them to the chamber where the baths were drawn. We bathed them, dressed them, and rocked them until they fell asleep.

After they were asleep, I set up the makeshift baby monitors.

My mother asked me, “What are those for?”

I answered, “They help me to be able to know when they are active and when they are ready to be fed or other functions they need done.”

We stayed up for another couple of hours catching up.

We talked on many things from the League to what was going on with Shayera and Thanagar.

She said, “So, you really think that she will make a good queen.”

I answered, “Well, it will take time to be able to get a good read on it.”

After I said this, I yawned and my mother said, “I see you are very tired, as am I. We have talked and tomorrow you will have to introduce them to the senate.”

I nodded and headed off to my room to prepare for bed.

When I arrived in my room, I saw Lissa. She, too, is one of my mothers many aides. She said that she had drawn me a bath and had everything prepared for me. I, then, asked her if she would sit and listen at the baby monitor. She said she would.

I went and took me a very long bath and it helped me a great deal.

I came out of the bath chamber with a towel around my body and one on my head. Lissa was still in the chair listening to the babies.

I said, “Lissa, you can go and wind down.”

She said, “OK, but if you need me, call me.”

I said I would and haded her a communicator.

She looked at the silver disk and asked, “What is this?”

I said, “You said if I needed you to call you. This is a communicator.”

She asked, “How does it work?”

I said, “When I want you I will call you and you will hear a beeping telling you that I am calling you.”

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