And The Advdenture Continues

A New Wonder Woman

It had been several weeks since I spoke with the senate and put forward my suggestion to have two Wonder Women. Sure they had asked if Donna would suffice but I said that she is a hero in her own right. I did not think she wanted to be in my shadow.

It was now the day of the tournament and I had brought the kids with me to witness it but more then that, I felt that I had not been spending enough time with them and I wanted them to soak up as much Themysciran culture as they could.

As the tournament began, we watched as the tests of skill were going on it was obvious who was the best. It was a sister named Xandy. Her name means “protector of men” which fits for the job that she was going to be doing.

Somewhere in the middle of the tournament I turned to one of my aides and my mother and told them that I must go and visit Hephaestus.

When I arrived and he saw me he asked, “Hello Princess, how may I help you?”

I said, “I assume you know there is a tournament is going on to pick a person to come with me back to man’s world to be another Wonder Woman?”

He said that he was aware of it.

He asked, “I assume you want me to make this amazon a set of magical armor much like yours?”

I said, “Yes.”

He said, “You do know that I will need her measurements so that it will fit perfectly on her body.”

I said, “After the tournament I will return with her for you to be able to do your job.”

He said, “I will be awaiting your return.”

As I was returning, the tournament was just finishing and mother was anointing Xandy as the co-champion.

She saw that I had returned and asked, “Diana, where did you go?”

I said, “I went to see Hephaestus to see if he would make some armor for Xandy.”

She asked, “Will he do it?”

I said, “Yes, but he will need Xandy’s physical measurements, so therefore I will have to bring her back to him so he can make her, her armor.”

Xandy and I left to go and have her armor made. It took a few hours for her to get measured and returned to Themyscira but before we left he said that it would take a couple of weeks for him to make her armor.

I had made up my mind that we would sequester her away at Bruce’s training center for a rigorous and aggressive physical training session.

When I came back to make the suggestion about the tournament I had brought back Bruce’s physical training regimen.

When I showed it to mother and Philippus, they both grimaced. The general, as she watch as Xandy followed the regimen and said, “As I get to see this training, I think I will try to adopt or add some of it to the traditional amazonian training.”

few days later, Hephaestus called Xandy and myself back to get her armor.

He said that he wanted to explain the powers of the armor.

He stated, “Much like Diana’s armor, it will protect you from extremes in temperature.”

As I looked at the gauntlets, it seemed to have what appeared to be a computer on it.

I asked, “Where did you get the idea for that?” I pointed to the “computer.”

Hephaestus said, “I have been observing the outside world’s weapons are controlled by these things called computers.”

He started to explained what the buttons and button combinations mean.

He said, “If you press this combination of buttons, it will cause a magical force field to surround yourself and several of your potential compatriots.”

He continued, “If this second combination of buttons are pressed, you will be able fire magical bolts as an offensive weapons.”

He gave her a a circular headgear. It looked like my Tiara but without the royal fringes.

He said, “This third combination of buttons will activate your headband. When you throw it, spikes will appear, while it spins, and will cut most things. It will affect Superman in much the same way as Diana’s Tiara.”

He said, “When you are in you are in your boots, since you do not have Diana’s ability to fly, you will be able to propel yourself with your boots.”

We went on, “This next set of commands will allow you to be able to have a “lasso.” Your “lasso’ will be made of magical energy.”

He finished, “The last set of commands will allow you to turn invisible and you will also be able to control the invisible jet.”

It was a quite amazing set of armor.

Philippus were visiting.

After mother and Philippus left to go back to Themyscira and it nice to see them. We got back to the normal goings on at the manor. I did my thing as the being a part of the bat-family and its eyes and ears. It was not like I did not have help. Barbara has her setup at the clock tower and if we needed help we can call in the League. It also helps that we get help from unlikely sources, this being Selina Kyle, Catwoman.

I was on duty and Dick was in the training room. When Alfred came down.

He said, “Apparently, there is a riot at Stonegate prison.”

As he said this, Dick walked out of the training room and Asked, “Where is Robin,?”

I said, “He is in route as is Barbara and Selina.”

He went to the changing room and changed into the cape and cowl, then he was off.

I had decided that I would go and patrol for I felt that it does not make sense to have all of the heroes were at the prison and th city was not being looked after. I knew that Bruce would be not in the best of moods the city was not being protected.

Kit had really taken to computers and she was a quick learner. So I called her down and put her in the big chair to monitor. Before I did this, I called the rest of the crew and let them know what I was going to do. After this, I suited up and headed out.

As I was flying out to Gotham and I heard Kit in my ear.

She said, “Princess, there is a bank robbery going on at the corner of 25th Avenue and Shepherd Street.”

I said, “I am on my way.”

When I arrived there, I found that the perpetrators had gotten away. I also found that the people were locked in the vault and I had to rip the door off of the vault to rescue them.

I asked them, “Who was it that did this robbery?”

The bank president said, “It was Harley Quinn and some assorted thugs.”

I called into the cave and asked for some help.

Kit said that she will tell the returning persons that I needed help.

Thirty minutes later, I heard the roar of a motorcycle and I saw that it was Barbara.

She came up and asked, “any clues?”

I said, “Apparently, it was Harley Quinn. I do not, as of now, know every place a criminal would hide.”

She said< “Diana, watch and learn.”

She went to her motorcycle, as I floated over. She started the engine and we were off.

The next few hours were filled with us going to places from seedy bars, rundown slums, and other assorted placed that criminals would hang out.

All this searching led us to LuthorCorp and I could not believe that this man had the pull, from within prison, to do this.

I put my hand to my ear and said, “Watchtower, Diana here.”

Kyle said, “Watchtower here, what do you need Diana?”

I said, “Is Kal on duty?”

He said, “No. He is covering a story in Metropolis.”

I said, “Site to site transport to the top of the Daily Planet building.”

I disappeared and reappeared next to the globe and waited for I knew he would be back soon to file his story. I also made a point of brining a set of clothes and the glasses that I use in my Diana Prince persona.

It did not take long until I heard the familiar whoosh of the red cape and knew that he had arrived. Before he did, I had gotten dressed in my civilian clothes, minus the glasses, because I knew that he would want to go and file his story, before we had out little talk.

He was surprised to see me.

He asked, “Diana it is nice to see you but I assume that this is not a social call, am I correct?”

I said, “You are correct.”

He asked, “Then what?”

I said, “I assume that you saw the news about the latest riot at Stonegate.”

He said, “Yes.”

I continued, “We while the others were checking up on the riot, I went out on patrol because I knew that Bruce would be very upset if Gotham was left unprotected for even on hour.”

He laughed because he knew how retentive he was about this.

I went on, “While on patrol I was sent to stop a bank robbery but I got there too late. When I asked the people at the bank I found that Harley Quinn had did the robbery. When we tracked her down, we found that she was at one of the many facilities, in Gotham, that are owned by LexCorp.”

I watched his mood darken, I then smiled at him. I did this because I knew that sometimes I had the ability to lighten his mood by doing this.

He asked me to step into his office and change into Wonder Woman. He wanted to finish his article and turn it into Mr. White. He did and took me into the bosses office.

We stepped into Mr. White’s office and he turned it in.

Mr. Perry White was somewhat surprised to see Wonder Woman in his office.

He asked, “Kent, why is Wonder Woman in my office?”

Clark said, “Well, sir, it appears that the benevolent Mr. Lex Luthor is trying to assert some power from behind bars.”

He had me tell Mr. White my story and then he asked if he could go to Gotham and cover the story for the Planet.

So after the meeting we went back to his office and he changed to his Superman suit and we teleported back to the Watchtower so he could pick up some things. After he did this and we teleported back int to the cave.

When we did, we found that Barbara was on the computer.

We heard the roar of a certain car coming in from patrol. It came to a stop and Dick and Tim got out.

Then we held a meeting.

As we met, the first thing that I wondered was where was Mercy.

Kal said that he thought she was in Metropolis.

I said, “I think we need someone watching he.”

Kal said, “I have to go and report back to the Planet. I might need some help in this.”

Dick picked up the phone and made a call.

After the call he said, “Selina will meet at the top of Wayne Tech.”

He called Alfred and told him to go and pick up Selina’s toddler and to keep him here while she was with Kal in Metropolis.

Kal then left to go and get Selina and to head back to Metropolis.

We continued the meeting. I thought that it would be prudent if someone would watch Lex Corp’s Gotham facilities. Since we were at an impasse as to how Lex was exerting his influence, this was the best option to use to figure out what was happening.

Over the next couple of weeks, we found ways to spy on them. Dick would schedule meetings between Wayne Tech and would, discreetly, leave things after the meetings. These objects seem, on outward appearances, innocuous enough but they were not they were very high tech listening devises.

It took us a few weeks to get our first break. The break came in the form of a pass word to the home systems in Metropolis. Barbara had found it while snooping around one night, what was odd about is this pass word, correction phrase, was “the farm.” Obviously, Lex thought there was some humor in referring to Kal’s home in Smallville. What surprised us the most was that it never cross Kal’s mind that Lex would do this.

The next morning, we call for Kal and the planet. He answered.

I said, “Clark, it is Diana. We have found something.”

He asked, “What is it?”

I said, “It is a pass word to some computer files in the computer in Lex Corp in Metropolis.”

He asked, “What shall we do?”

I said, “Maybe we should avail ourselves of Selina’s skills.”

He said, “You know I do not condone this.”

I said, “You do know that if Bruce was alive he would not give you the courtesy of a warning phone call. He would come and do it himself.”

He agreed and asked, “do we know how to get to the computer to get the file?”

I said, “The plans are in your e-mail .”

I hung up and went eat breakfast.

A few days later, Dick and I had teleported up to a Founders meeting. It was going to be more of a planning session than a meeting.

We had learned that this particular operation was being run from the Luthor Corp subsidiary in Star City. This was why Oliver was taking the lead in planning the operation.

After the meeting, we teleported down to Star City. We went to Oliver and Dinah’s west coast compound. We continued to plan what to do. Since Oliver knew the most about the city he was in the lead. He said that he, Dick, and Selina would stakeout the building. We agreed, also, that Selina would break in and plant some listening devices.

She said, “I will have to scout the building so that I can do my job.”

So, the three of them waited until the night came to go and do what they had to. I decided to go with them. I wanted to see how the operation would be carried out.

When we got the Luthor Corp’s Star city subsidiary and we all perched ourselves on three different roofs. I was with Dick.

As we watch the building, we heard, through our communicators, that Selina had entered the building.

As she went from room to room, placing the devices, she would have information in front of her.

Several times she would say, “I have found some information that I think would be important.”

After several hours of hearing this, Dick said, “Ladies and gentlemen, I have decided to go in and get some of the information that Selina has found.”

Oliver said, “OK, but Selina will have to show you how to get in without tripping something.”

Selina had, by then, returned by the place she occupied on the third roof. Dick had left me to go so that Selina could take him into the building. A few hours later, at 3:00 AM we were back at Oliver’s and he was logging the information into his computer. I had to shake my head because it reminded me a lot of the one that was in the cave. I had several thoughts running through my head. The first of which was, ‘Boys and their toys.’ The second was that the friendly competition between Oliver and Bruce was more than an rumor. Lastly, there would come a time when Dinah and I would have to get together and compare notes.

The next day, we held another meeting so that we could go through all of the information that we had “gleaned” from the facility.

What we had found out was this was a plan Lex had, had since before he seemingly defeated Darkseid and they disappeared.

The next night we sent Dick back to watch the building. He was to watch for anyone going in or out.

We were sitting and relaxing when he called in with a report. His report stated that Mercy had just arrived.

We all looked at each other in an effort to decide who was going to go. This was when I stood up and twirled into my uniform. I flew to the building and Dick showed me where she had come in.

I said, “If you wish to go and get a closer look, I will stay here and watch. I will also be your back up.”

He nodded in agreement.

So I took his binoculars and watched the building. I, also, turned my radio on so that I could follow his progress.”

His first report said that he was searching Mercy’s car. He had found nothing. I heard him take out his cell and call the secretary. He was going to try to set up an emergency meeting. A few minutes later, he told me that it did not come off. He thought he knew what office she was in and was going to try to climb up the building to see if he could spy on her.

He climbed the building and found the office. I looked at him through the binoculars and saw him take a listening device from one of the pouches on his belt. He held it to the window and appeared to be listening. An hour later, he returned to where I was and produced a disc with what he said was some important information.

When we returned to Oliver’s he took out the disk and place it into the player on the computer.

As it played, we heard Mercy said, “Yes Lex, everything seems to be moving along. We have received the many packages that will be combined to make the robot. We will start to put it together tomorrow. No, Lex, I do not think they will know what will hit them. Yes, I have enough kryptonite. Within the next few days, the death of the Justice League will be very imminent.”

The phone call ended and she hung it up.

I said that we needed to warn Kal about the kryptonite.

So I went to the teleported in the hideout anebeamed into the Watchtower. I asked, “Steel, Where is Superman?”

He said, “He is in Smallville, spending some time with his children.”

I had him transport me to the farm and found that Kal had just put them down for the night,. He and his mother had just sat down to eat.

We sat down and start to eat. It was one of those incredible meals prepared by Martha.

I said, “We have found out what was going on with the whole Lex situation.”

He asked me, “What it is that he is planning.”

I said, “It appears that what the plans for the kryptonite. It appears the reason is he is trying to develop a bigger, stronger version of Metallo. They want one without a human heart and mind.”

As we continued to talk, Martha had returned to clear the table.

He got up and told his mother that he and I were to leave and the twins would be left with her while he and the rest of us were to fight the new robot.

We left and headed back to Star City. When we did, we saw that the battle had already began.

It was a good idea that Clark had kept one of his lead-lined suits at the farm for he got it and put it on so he could battle the robot.

This particular suit is as suit that Queen Industries and Wayne Tech got together to create. It was thinner that his previous suits but it was also a combination material which made it incredibly stronger. Oh, I forgot, Star Labs had a little to do with it as well. It should not surprise anyone that, other than the scientists, the only three people to know what the other material was which made up the suit, well one was deceased, the others are Clark and Oliver.

While Kal fought with the robot, the rest of us, sans Selina, fought the assorted security forces and hired thugs that were there to stop us from helping Kal.

Selina, had a very specific job. Her job was to go in and find the person that was controlling the robot and neutralize them. We felt that she was the only on to be able to do this for she was the most stealthy because Dick had to go back to Gotham to help quell another riot at Stonegate Prison.

It too her a little while to find the person, because she had to go he long way around to avoid security. It was an hour later when she called through the communicator to tell us that she had the person. When she came out, she did so with Mercy.

Kal had left with the robot to take it to his Fortress, but not before Oliver took a closer look an it an took some of the components and circuits out to has his tech people try to figure out where they came from. He, also, gave me some as well so I could get them back to Dick so he could try and do the same at Wayne Tech.

After they finished and Kal took it away, I took the parts and went on back to Gotham.

When I got back it should not have surprised me that Alfred had a meal ready for me, but what did surprise me was that Ferdinand was there with him. It appeared that they had been comparing recipes.

As they were great cooks, separately, they were incredible as a team. The meal they prepared was amazing.

After the meal, I had the staff bring my children down so that Ferdinand could see them.

He said, “They are amazing children, Princess.”

I said, “I do not have everything to do with then, Bruce had a little to do with it.”

He said. “I am sure, when the get older they will be trained by the General?”

I said, “Yes and not.”

He said, “What do you mean.”

I said, “I am going to have them go through amazonian training, but Dick has trained a majority of the second generation of the League. He is an excellent trainer. Granted, he is not as good as Philippus, but he is awfully close in teaching the heroes the skills they need to do their job protecting the planet and universe.”

After a few more hours of catching up, it was time for him to return to the embassy and for us to put the children to be. After he left, myself and the staff started the process of bathing the children and putting them to bed.

Following the settling down of the kids, I went down to the cave to see what was happening.

When I arrived, Dick was sitting in the big chair and logging in to the computer. As he was finished, I noticed him yawning.

I put my hand on his shoulder and said, “Dick, go upstairs to Barbara. She is waiting and you need the rest. I will take the next watch.”

He started to protest but he yawned again and decided not to argue with me.

After he left, I sat down and logged in. The many screens that were operating reminded me a great deal of the monitor room. Speaking of which, I called the watchtower.

I said, “Watchtower, anything that needs my attention?”

“Watchtower, Diana, Barda here.”

She said that there was nothing in particular to worried about. There was a volcano erupting in the ring of fire but Kal and Saoirse were taking care of it..

After about six hours, Barbara came down to take her turn on watch.

I went back upstairs, ate breakfast, fed my children and went to sleep.

I slept for around eight hours and got up.

I decide that I wanted to go out on the town and have a little fun.

So Barbara, Helena, and I got cleaned up and did so.

After about six hours, Barbara came down to take her turn on watch.

I went back upstairs, ate breakfast, fed my children and went to sleep.

I slept for around eight hours and got up.

I decide that I wanted to go out on the town and have a little fun.

So Barbara, Helena, and I got cleaned up and did so.

We went out for a quick meal and then Helena decided that she wanted to take us to a basketball game.

She had Dick arrange for us to use the Wayne “Luxury” Box. I did not understand what this was. Barbara explained that it was a perk of being well off and that we could enjoy the game from an enclosed area.

Our enjoyment did not last long for the game was taken hostage by terrorists.

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