And The Advdenture Continues

Darkseid and Riddles

As they were great cooks, separately, they were incredible as a team. The meal they prepared was amazing.

After the meal, I had the staff bring my children down so that Ferdinand could see them.

He said, “They are amazing children, Princess.”

I said, “I do not have everything to do with then, Bruce had a little to do with it.”

He said. “I am sure, when the get older they will be trained by the General?”

I said, “Yes and not.”

He said, “What do you mean.”

I said, “I am going to have them go through amazonian training, but Dick has trained a majority of the second generation of the League. He is an excellent trainer. Granted, he is not as good as Philippus, but he is awfully close in teaching the heroes the skills they need to do their job protecting the planet and universe.”

After a few more hours of catching up, it was time for him to return to the embassy and for us to put the children to be. After he left, myself and the staff started the process of bathing the children and putting them to bed.

Following the settling down of the kids, I went down to the cave to see what was happening.

When I arrived, Dick was sitting in the big chair and logging in to the computer. As he was finished, I noticed him yawning.

I put my hand on his shoulder and said, “Dick, go upstairs to Barbara. She is waiting and you need the rest. I will take the next watch.”

He started to protest but he yawned again and decided not to argue with me.

After he left, I sat down and logged in. The many screens that were operating reminded me a great deal of the monitor room. Speaking of which, I called the watchtower.

I said, “Watchtower, anything that needs my attention?”

“Watchtower, Diana, Barda here.”

She said that there was nothing in particular to worried about. There was a volcano erupting in the ring of fire but Kal and Saoirse were taking care of it..

After about six hours, Barbara came down to take her turn on watch.

I went back upstairs, ate breakfast, fed my children and went to sleep.

I slept for around eight hours and got up.

I decide that I wanted to go out on the town and have a little fun.

So Barbara, Helena, and I got cleaned up and did so.

After about six hours, Barbara came down to take her turn on watch.

I went back upstairs, ate breakfast, fed my children and went to sleep.

I slept for around eight hours and got up.

I decide that I wanted to go out on the town and have a little fun.

So Barbara, Helena, and I got cleaned up and did so.

We went out for a quick meal and then Helena decided that she wanted to take us to a basketball game.

She had Dick arrange for us to use the Wayne “Luxury” Box. I did not understand what this was. Barbara explained that it was a perk of being well off and that we could enjoy the game from an enclosed area.

Our enjoyment did not last long for the game was taken hostage by terrorists.

As the lead terrorist was speaking to the crowd, I saw Helena touch the league communicator and notify the watchtower of what was going on at this game. They asked if we needed help, she said that we could get the job done but she did ask if they would send Wally because she felt his speed would be a necessity. The terrorists did say that had bombs and Helena had the feeling that we were going too busy subduing them to search for the bombs.

So, they transported him directly into the box and we made our plans.

After we made the plans Wally was off in his usual gust of win. With his speed, he was going to be able to find the bombs. I did say bombs because the lead terrorist did say that the had multiple.

The next thing that happened made me laugh. What he did was typical Wally. He went to the press box, which, by the way, was were one of the bombs were placed. He disarmed it and took captured the terrorist that was there to guard it.

He had grabbed the microphone and said, “Ladies, gentlemen, and terrorists everywhere, let me introduce the people that will be defeating you. First, from the land of the Amazons, Diana, better known as Wonder Woman. The next is the Hub City heroine, The Huntress. Lastly is Gotham’s own Batgirl.”

After this, the fight began and we were done with the actual terrorists did not take long. We has it rapped up within an hour. It took Wally a little more time to find and disarm most of the bombs.

As it turns out, the last bomb was a nuclear one and needed to be disarmed somewhere else. He took it and transported it to the cave and he a Dick disarmed it there.

Suffice to say that the game was postponed until the bomb squad could remove them. This took another hour to do this and then we got back to the entertainment.

After the game, we went out to eat and to go dancing.

After this full night, Barbara and I returned to the Manor, checked on my kids, and went to bed.

Six hours later, I got up for my time on watch. Let me amend this, I had two different watches. The first of which was monitor duty on the Watchtower. I had to spend four hours there and I would be done. The reason for it being so short was that we had some many heroes in the league.

Then, I teleported back to the cave and took my watch in the big chair in the cave.

I talked to Dinah, who was on watch in the clock tower, she said that nothing big had went down. I told her to go to bed and I was taking over.

The next day, I had decided to go and visit with my mother and I would take my children with me.

Early the next day, I prepared myself and my children for the journey to Themyscira. After which I took them down to the cave and had the Watchtower to do a site to site transmission to the embassy. After I arrived I made the snap decision to let Ferdinand and Donna have a visit with the children. It was a good timing because it was between meetings for Donna and she had time to spend with them.

There was a surprise because Philippus came through the portal and she looked to be in a bad way.

I asked, “General, what has happened?”

She said, “Our home has been attacked.”

I asked, “Who?”

She said, “There is Ares, Faust, and another that I do not know.”

I said, “Describe the person.”

She said “I do not know but he does look alien and he shoots beams out of his eyes.”

I said, “Darkseid.”

I radioed the Watchtower.

Kal answered, “Yes, Diana.”

I said, “Kal, Darkseid has attacked Themyscira.”

I could hear him grind his teeth.

He said, “I will be right down.”

I said, “Kal, is Saoirse there?”

He said, “Yes she is in the training room.”

I said, “I think we will need her and her mace.”

He agreed and cut the transmission, a few minutes later, Kal and Saoirse materialized. Also, Xandy, who was wrapping work on an earthquake in California. She walked in as well, I was glad because it meant that Donna would not have to leave her post. She needed to be there for she had a meeting with the United Nations.

It also happened that Barda was visiting with the Flash. Somehow, he had worked his way into her heart. They happened to be having a nice time laughing with him and she heard that Darkseid was attacking. Kal sent her to New Genesis because he knew that Darkseid was braking his treaty.

He, Saoirse, and Flash appeared and we went through the portal to Themyscira.

When we appeared in at home it did not hit us as to how bad it was until we stepped out from the place where the portal was held.

As we got closer the palace, it got worse.

We found the palace and senate leveled. Oddly enough, the hall of records was not. I quietly went in and saw that Faust was there.

I went out and said, “Kal, you, Flash and Xandy, and the general go and try to find my mother, Soairse and I will go and fight Faust.”

Saoirse asked, “Why me?”

I said, “The last time I face him, your Queen, and I defeated him because of her mace. It disrupts magic.”

Kal and the rest went off to find mother and the others and Soairse went into the hall of records.

Saoirse and I went into the hall of records and we saw that Faust was, again, inhabiting the magical armor again.

I am glad that before I left the manor I went down and picked up a set of n’th metal gloves. I knew what Shayera’s mace and by default Saoirse’s mace would do. I, also, brought a canister that was made of the same material. I did this because I wanted to have the ability to get Faust’s spirit back to Hades for him to continue with his hobby.

We defeated him and brought him back to Hades. We had to free Hades again and When we arrived in the Underworld we located Abnegazar and he took us to Hades and we freed him. We gave him the canister and he thanked us for it. We left.

As we were going to help Kal against Darkseid.

She asked, “Is there something between you and that Hades.”

I answered, “Yes. But it matters little.”

When we arrived, the forces were giving my mother and the rest of the Themyscira’s army a problem. Saoirse and I flew in and started to take on the parademons. I found my mother and asked where Kal was. She pointed up.

Flash came running up and said. “Di, Superman is going to try to drive Darkseid through Themyscira.”

It seemed that we had subdued the parademons, that was when the Furies.

It took us a while to defeat them. At the beginning of the fight, we felt an earthquake. I assumed that it was Kal crashing back to earth with Darkseid. As we were fighting, Kal came and he had a battered and bloody Darkseid with him.

He threw the body of the god-complexed despotic leader of Apokilpse at the feet of the furies and told them, that, in no uncertain terms, they were to get off of earth.

They got the message and took Darkseid and left.

After which the parademons disappeared, also.

After much cheering, it was decided to have a banquet to celebrate but everyone knew that there going to have to some rebuilding to do.

Kal and Flash offered to help and my mother graciously accepted the help. She also asked if there any other persons it the league that could be sent to help, as well.

We knew that Saoirse had to get back so we asked her to send some more help for us.

Even with the help of the League, it took us a good couple of weeks of very hard work to rebuild Themyscira. After we finished, my mother and the senate thanked the League for the help and Kal said that anytime she would need help all that needed to happen was for the call to be made.

After we returned, I wanted to see my children for I missed them. There was a surprise, Kal asked if I would be willing to visit him at the farm.

I was not expecting the invitation but I accepted. He, also, asked if I would be willing to bring the children with me. I had no problem with it.

A few days later, myself and a couple of my staff showed up at the farm. What surprised me was that he had added a new wing to the farm.

I asked, “Why have you added this wing to the farm.”

He said, “It is because I have asked many of our friends that have visited and needed places to stay and I had wanted to make improvements to the farm.”

I asked, “Your mother agreed to this?”

He said, “Yes, she even encouraged to do it.”

I asked, “What other improvements have you made.”

He said, “The last time the farm got destroyed, I had Dick and Oliver build the frame of the house out of titanium. The outside may look like wood but what it is a metal from Krypton. Both barns are the same way, as it the new wing.”

I asked, “You said “both” barns.”

He said, “I wanted to build a second barn because the original has been taken over by me with some of the League equipment and a small meeting room.” He continued, “We needed a second barn for the farm related materials.”

I said, “Oh.”

He went on to say that he had dug a chamber under the storm cellar for a smaller version of the place he has in the barn along with an extensive lab that included a vast amounts chemicals, electronics, and other such accouterments made for research.

The next question he asked surprised me.

He queried, “Would it possible to acquire some of the potions and medicines that Epione uses to heal your people?”

I said, “I suppose so, but I will have to talk to her about it because of how delicately she mixes some of them.”

He looked at me with those eyes. I do not know what it is but there is a certain way he looks at me an I just can’t help to do what he asks of me.

So we went inside of the house where I found Mrs. Kent had her usual quality meal ready to be eaten.

Of course, Martha was the last one to eat. It was just the way she was.

As we ate I asked, “I would like to know why you have invited me here?”

He said, “I have been inviting many of our team mates to eat here and you are one of the last to be invited.”

As we ate, we talked.

He received a call from the Planet and he had to go to go in for a emergency meeting.

After he left I decided to stay the night, for it was late and it would be a long trip to back to Gotham. I let the others that I brought with me know what was going on and went back to my conversation with Martha.

We spent a good couple of hours for talking before Kal returned.

When arrived back, he had a frown on his face.

I asked, “What is happening?”

He said, “Mother, I am sorry, Diana Ana must go to the Watchtower for an emergency meeting.”

I looked at him and was going to question but he cut me off and said that I had to wait for the meeting.

I notified the other amazons that I would be leaving with Kal. Martha made the suggestion that they stay until the adventure was over. I thought this was an excellent idea and said that I did not know when we would return.

They agreed and at this, Martha took of them to town to pick up some supplies.

Kal and I went out to the barn and beamed up to the Watchtower.

When arrived, Wally, Oliver, Dinah, Dick, and J’onn were waiting. I knew that Saoirse was not going to be available because she was at the United Nations, making a very important speech, which she had, had help from Donna and I. She was very nervous. Donna was not here either because she was in the room for support.

Kal called the meeting to order and said, “There has been a break in at Star Labs.”

Wally asked, “What did they take?”

Kal said, “The robbers took many things. The took a major stash of kryptonite.”

I asked, “Do you think that Lex has anything to do with it?”

He said, “I really do not know. I would like to think not, but I fear he could be.”

Dick asked, “Why am I here?”

Kal turned around and grabbed a small box. This box had question marks all over it.

He gave it to Dick and asked, “Could the Riddler be involved?”

Dick looked at it and said, “By the looks of this, yes. I would like to take it to the cave an look at it.”

He, Kal, and I went to the Hanger and got into the new and improved Bat Jet. It was the bigger version of the one Bruce used. It could handle ten to fifteen people.

We made a stop back at the farm and picked up Martha, the babies, and my staff and went back to the cave.

Barbara was sitting at the computer doing some research on an unrelated case.

We went into the lab and started the process of examining the box.

As Dick poked and prodded the box, he most have pushed the correct button for it box started to glow.

Then is opened and we saw that it was a computer.

On the screen there appeared the Riddler’s face.

It was a recording, it said that it had three riddles.

Before the riddles, it also said that the kryptonite was integrated into bombs that were spread around both Gotham and Metropolis. He said that to find the locations that we would have to answer the a riddle and then when we found the bombs, we would have to answer successive riddles.


I am a place where old things are made new, but not in a quiet way. Where am I?

After the riddle he reminded us that there were multiple answers to the question because of the multiple cities.

Barbara said, “Hmm, “old things being made new but with noise.” Could that be some sort of a site of a building under construction?”

Tim asked, “What other businesses try to make things new.”

Barbara says, “There are books, paintings, and other rare antiquities conservators.”

I asked, “What businesses do it with noise?”

Kal, asked, “Well what about automotive repair shops?”

Dick said, “I think you might be on to something.”

He called a friend of his who owned what was considered to be the best auto repair, restoration, and customizing shop in Gotham.

He asked, “Steve, did you receive any strange packages recently?”

A minute later he said, “Do not touch it, I will send some one over to look it over. Steve do you know who is the best at your job in Metropolis?”

He got out a pen and a piece of paper and wrote something down. Then he handed it to Kal.

Dick said, “Clark, you and Diana should get going. We need to find those bombs so we can answer the riddles. Tim, Barbara and I will work the case from here. Just remember that these bombs are laced with kryptonite.”

As we were leaving, I had a thought that we might need some help on this case. I called up to the Watchtower asked if we could get Question. A few seconds later, Natasha’s voice came in and said that he would meet us at the auto shop, he just needed the address.

After I gave her the address, Kal and I took off towards Metropolis.

When we arrived in Metropolis, the first place we went was to Frank’s Custom Body and Paint. We found Question had arrived.

We went into Frank’s garage and there was an older car. This car was green with question marks all over it.

Under the drives side vizor we saw a set of keys with at not that said “put us in and turn.” Also, in the radio cd player was a CD.

We turn the key and played the CD.

It said, “I assume the big blue boy scout is there? Let’s begin. Down on the farm, there are four vehicles. They are the tractor, the combine, the seeder, and the harvester. Which is the most important?”

We looked at Kal since he had the most experience with those machines.

Kal shrugged, “I really don’t know which is more important. Without the machines it makes it harder for normal farmers to do their jobs. It would not be difficult because farming has existed and the job has gotten done and crops have went to market. I do not know what he is getting at. It is confusing.”

We took the car had had it taken to a Wayne Tech, Metropolis, parking garage. We took the CD to the Watchtower. So we set up in one of the monitor rooms. We had called Dick and got Barbara. Since she has fought the Riddler as well, she tried to help us. We sent her the information.

She thought it might be a word game..

She said, “Clark, a farmer uses a tractor and combine at the beginning of the growing season.”

Kal said, “Yes.”

She continued, “Usually, the first planting of crops happens I March or April.?

Kal again said, “Yes.”

She went on, “The harvest happens in the fall.”

He said, “Yes.”

He asked, “In the upper crust of Metropolis, is there a person the Name April, May, June or their last name has something to do with fall like Fallow or Fallon. This man likes to hold people hostage for money.”

Kal said, “There is a May Jabrone, she owns May, Spring Water Company.”

Barbara said that she thought we should go over to this company.

When we arrived, we found that they were closed down because they had found something floating in on of the vats of water.

Ms. May came out and said, “How did you know we were having a problem.”

Kal said, “We did not know this. We are trying to chase down a criminal.”

She continued, “ We are currently fishing, out of the vat, the problem.”

We went into the plant and saw they had fished out another one of the Riddler’s puzzle boxes.

We went into the plant and looked at the box. We took it from the premises and went back Clark's house. I looked at him with a question on my mine.

He said, "Know that I said I did not want to use this house but I feel that is the safest place to open this box With the least amount of chance that anyone would be hurt."

I could see why because it was like living in Smallville because the nearest neighbor lived a half mile away.

We, then, had Dick transport in to help with the opening of the puzzle box

After we opened it, we found it was not a riddle but it was puzzle.

The recording that accompanied it said that to find the next clue we had to figure the puzzle.

I decided that I wanted to try to solve the puzzle. It was an electronic version where you moved the pieces to put the pieces together. I started to move the pieces and within thirty minutes, I had solved it.

After I had solved it, we found that the next riddle had been sent to the Daily Planet.

We landed outside the building and went in. We asked to see Perry White. After a short wait,the secretary showed us in to see Mr. White.

Mr. White asked, "What can I do for the League?"

Kal said, " Mr. White, it appears that one of Batman's villains is working with Luthor."

Perry asked, "What does this have to do with the Planet?"

I Said, "This particular person likes to leave clues to what they are doing."

Mr. White put things together and said, "I assume that one of these clues has been sent to the Planet?"

Kal said, "Yes, our last clue said that the next one said it was sent to the Planet.”

So, we went down to the mail room to see if there were any suspicious packages. When we arrived there we found there was a packaged arrived to Lois. Even though she had passed on six months ago, the people did not think it was strange for the paper to receive a package for Lois. The reason is her popularity as a reporter. The people loved her and the fact that she was tough as nails and knew how to get under the skin of people who were doing things that were not quite above board.

The people in the mail room did not think it was strange for a package t be covered in question marks.

Before we left, Kal told Mr. White that Clark was working on the story and he would have some very impressive quotes.

We left and headed back to his house and slowly but surely unwrapped the package.

After we unwrapped it, it repeated what Dick had done the first couple of times. As the box was opened, the keyboard opened the recording started.

The Riddler’s voice said:

“My back is blue, my feet are flat, what am I?”

I saw Kal put a finger to his chin to think.

He said, “Blue back and flat feet, could mean one thing. He is talking about the police.”

He made a call to the Metropolis Police Department. He asked for Maggie Sawyer. He told her to look for any suspicious packages.

He said, “We are going to see Detective Maggie Sawyer.”

When we arrived, we saw that the headquarters, in looked to be in serious turmoil. Detective Sawyer came up to us and said, “We are looking for this package, It would help if we knew what we are looking for.”

Kal said, “Well, If the pattern holds, the package will wrapped in green with question marks on it.”

It was then, that a person from the SWAT team came and said, “Detective Sawyer, we have found a green package.”

She asked, “Where?’

He took us to the basement and we saw this extremely large box. When we opened the box, it was not the usual computer there was a rather large bomb.

Detective Sawyer called in the bomb squad but we told her we would feel better if the Batman would be allowed to disarm the bomb.

She said, “Why, can the bomb squad not do the job?”

I said, “He knows how this person, and seems to think there may be more than meets the eye in terms of might happen.”

So, we sent a message to the cave which was relayed to Dick through Alfred.

Around three hours later, Kal heard the engines of the Bat-Jet. Ten minutes after that, Dick appeared.

It took him anther hour to disarm the bomb. As it turned out, the bomb was just a bomb. What he said after this is the same thing happened in Gotham and the other cities.

I asked, “Other cities?”

He said, “There were several other bomb in several other cities.”

I asked, “Where were they?”

He said, “New York, at the embassy, Central City, and Star City.”

Kal asked, “Did the others get those bombs deactivated?”

Dick said, “Yes. I think that the goal was to have them explode and expose the people in the general area to lethal dose of kryptonite.”

Apparently, the goal was to use the kryptonite to murder people.

Of course we knew that Kal wanted all of the kryptonite. I told looked at him and said, “Do you feel confident in your ability to store the in one place?”

He asked, “Do you have any other suggestions?”

I said, “What about this, let the Leaguer’s in which the bombs were planted find some place to store it.”

He asked, “What about The Flash?”

I said, “I will ask him if he would allow me to take his share to Themyscira.”

He asked, “Will you’re your mother allow it?”

I said, “Yes, when I tell her how dangerous it could be.”

As we were splitting up the kryptonite, Dick received a call.

He asked, “Tim, what is it?”

After he took the call, he told us that Tim, who was on patrol, told him the Bludhaven Police Department had captured Nygma.

It was decided that Dick and Kal would go to Bludhaven to question Nygma. I went off to take my share of the kryptonite to Themyscira and I would meet them back at the Manor.

We had the Watchtower beam down lead boxes. These boxes would be what we would use to stror the rocks in.

To say that my mother was surprised to see me was an understatement. Then when I told her what was happening and why I was there, she was flabbergasted.

For me to be able to do this, we would have to bring it in front of the senate and have them vote on it.

I brought it to the senate, the argued about it for several hours, and then cam back with their decision. They would allow it but it would have to be kept under twenty-four hour guard. It was also decided that it needed to put somewhere only the amazons knew where it was. Since it was as weapon, there was only one other that needed to know where it would be hidden. It was Hephaestus. My mother picked one of the outlying islands to put it one. She also had some of my sister dig a hole in which to bury the box. While burying the box, I went to Hephaestus’s workshop to tell him what was happening.

After I had returned, mother had decided that she wanted some sort of building to be built over the site. She felt that it needed a marker and some place where the guards could stay.

After all of this had happened, I decided to go back to the Manor and see what was being gleaned form the information which was retrieved from the Riddler.

What was found out was the extent of the plan. The extent was what it appeared to be. It was to have the robot try to poison Kal to death and then for Lex to try to break out of prison and for him to defeat the rest of us.

Kal and Oliver went to see Lex and let him know the plan did not work.

To say he was disappointed was an understatement.

We knew, also, that he needed to be cut off from his fortune. There are may ways to get this job done. One of these was to a hostile take over. This had to be done by a combination of Queen Industries and Wayne Tech.

So Oliver and Dick put the plan into action. The next day their was a meeting between Oliver and whomever was in charge Lex Corp.

This meeting was to tell the stockholders of that company to let them know there would be a new owner.

Dick returns and tells me everything progressing just fine but it will take some time to do this. The problem is, in the interim, there is a great chance Lex could actually get his hands on the money.

A few days later, as I was watching the news, I saw Summer Gleason and she was doing a report on the take over.

The report stated that the takeover would be done within the week. She also said that Wayne Tech would sell its share of Lex Corp to Queen Industries for a reduced price.

Several days after the report, Dick and Oliver, while we were in a founders meeting, said that the deal was done and so was the deal between Wayne Tech and Queen Industries.

After the meeting, Dick and I headed back to the Manor. When we arrive there, checked in with Helena, who was on the computer, we found that it had been a quiet time in Gotham. He and I went up to the kitchen to get a bite to eat. He wanted to eat for he was to head back to the Watchtower to do his time on monitor duty.

After I ate, I spent some time with my children. It happened that they were still up. For the next few hours, I played with them. They were going on being one year old and Balin, in particular, had started to float in his crib. After the hour, it was time for me to do my time in front of the bat computer. I went to Helena and told her to go home to Vic and Hugo.

After she left, as I was sitting at the computer, something strange happened. Selena showed up she had her one year old, Bruce, with her.

She said she need help because on her last patrol, she had been poisoned. She came to me because she knew the League had the best medical facilities due to the fact that Bruce built the Watchtower.

I radioed, and told Dick the problem. He said to send her up and J’onn would do a work up on her. She also asked if she could leave Bruce with us while she went to see if it was possible for her to get well.

I knew that, at some time in the past, she and Bruce had some sort of a relationship. There were times that she had her problems trying to admit her love for her. I could relate. This child, Bruce, had her blonde hair and green eyes.

As I was waiting for Selina to return from the Watchtower, I was watching Bruce. This child is not a small child and I had a feeling that she had gotten together with a very large man.

She returned from the Watchtower, but she had a dower look on her face.

I asked, “Ok, what is happening? Is it going to be as bad as your face says it it?”

She said, “Yes. It is a gas that caused a serious disease. It is as bad as the fact that this causes a disease that has no cure. I am going to die.”

She came and took little Bruce from because she wanted to spend what time she could with her son.

When Dick, and Barbara had returned from their case in the Philippines, they would get a couple of surprises.

Selina had asked Alfred if she could move into the manor. She wanted to do this because she felt that as her could not take care of her child by herself .

There would be many surprises on this particular day. We had ours but we would get one as well because there was an extra person with them. I saw Alfred sway when he recognized Talia Al-Ghul.

Dick said that she is helping on a case that he and Barbra were working on. He saw that Selina was there an she was not on patrol. He wanted to know why she was not on patrol.

We told him the story and said that the disease was terminal. It was then that Talia spoke up. She had a thought that we could take Selina to one of the Lazarus pits and it would possibly work to purge the disease out of her body.

It was then that Selina told Dick and Barbara what she had recently told Alfred and I. It was, because of the disease, she was thinking about asking them to take care of her son for her. When they asked her why, she said that because of all of the questionable people and associations in her past, they were the only ones the trusted to do this.

Dick added that it would be a last resort. He intimated that we would not make this decision until we returned from the Lazarus pit.

We went down to the cave and asked Talia where the nearest pit was and she said there was one in Venezuela.

We all got on to the new Bat Jet and went to Venezuela to find this Lazarus Pit.

When we arrived, Talia gave a caveat and said, “This may or may not work.”

She, also, said, “The Lazarus Pit is a timing deal. We will have to pay attention to how long on is in the pit or we will be dealing with a crazy person as we have, many times, seen with my father.”

Dick nodded his agreement and Talia had Selina strip and took her to the edge of it and ushered her in. As we looked on, we watched as Selina’s head disappeared under the water. After ten seconds, Talia pulled on the rope to let Selina know her time in the pit was just about over. Her head came up and she started to walk out and there was a look in her eye that I assumed Dick and Talia and Talia walked up to her then she slapped Selina. It was not just a slap, it was a hard slap.

Selina shook her head and it appeared she was back in her right mind.

After we had finished, we got into the Bat Jet and went back to the Watchtower to have J’onn check her out. After an indeterminate amount of time she came out of the examination room with a clean bill of health.

It appears that the pit had done its job. What it was supposed to do was to reset her body to what it was before she was exposed to the disease.

After this was done, we were on our way back to the Manor. Selina was, profusely, thanking Talia for what she had done.

It was then that she said something that sent shivers down my spine.

She said, “There is not a need for you to thank me. I feel that my beloved would not have let me live it down if you had died. I know that he had care for you at one time.”

It scared me because she called Bruce her beloved. I knew that Talia wanted Bruce to marry her..

It was then that I saw Dick narrowed his eyes in her direction. I assumed that this was to let her know not to use the term in front of me again.

After Talia left, I went up to him and thanked him for what he did.

Before she left, Selina put her hand on my shoulder and told me that she thought it was not appropiat for Talia to do what she did. She said that she was going to something in poor taste had Dick not done what he had. I thanked her for that.

It seemed, for some reason, she and had I had become close friends after Bruce had passed.

After we returned from Venezuela, Selina took little Bruce and went back to the east end of Gotham.

A few hours later, I was in the big chair. I was going through some of the messages from a few of Dick’s sources when I ran across a message from Donna. She was helping Dick on one of his investigations. Apparently, she wanted him to meet her at the embassy.

Later that day, Dick, and I went to the embassy to meet with Diana.

Apparently, something magical had been stolen from a museum in Japan. This object was an apparent amazonian object. She showed me a picture of the object and it seemed to have some ancient amazon script. It was older than me and I did not understand it. Donna and I would have to take it back home to research what was written on the tablet.

So, the next day we went through the portal to go home. To say that mother was surprised to see the both of us was an understatement.

When we showed her the picture she went pale. She had a messenger sent to the archives to have the librarian to get the information that we needed.

When we had the information we took it back with us to Gotham. Before we left, mother told us in no uncertain terms, that she wanted it to be returned to the amazons for safe keeping. After we went back, we set up a meeting.

This tablet was a powerful object designed for someone to be able to release demons from tartarus.

I postulated that whoever stole it would have to either have an amazon to read it or to be able to translate it themselves.

Dick asked about clues that might tell us about who stole the tablet.

Donna intimated that the only thing there was marks as if a fire had taken place. We had no idea of who might be able to do this.

I then took the information to the Watchtower to do some research.

As I was doing the research, Kal came up and took a look at what I was doing.

As he looked on the research he said, “That sounds like Scorch.”

I asked, “Who is this Scorch.”

He said she was a demon.

It was then that I told him what was stolen from the Japanese museum.

I told him about the tablet that was taken. He asked me about what was important about the tablet. I told him that it was magical artifact that would give the user the ability to release an army of demons.

He did not know what Scorch would want with the tablet because she was a demon herself.

As Kal talked, I was thinking about what he said. It was then something occurred to me. What if she was working for someone.

As I thought, there are only a few people that was that powerful. I asked Kal if Lex could have something to do with the theft. He thought about if for a minute and then said he did not think so but he would have to do some research.

I thought “research. Gods, he is sounding more and more like Bruce as the days go by.” I should not surprised because he and Bruce were such close friends. It was bound to happen that he would glom onto some of Bruce’s habits. There are good habits and bad habits. As I grew in my relationship with Bruce, when he said that he wanted to do research I knew I would not be seeing him for, at least, a couple of hours.

I told Kal I was headed back to the Manor and to get in touch with me there. I, then, changed my mind and said I would be doing my own research on Themyscira . I wanted to see if there were any of the gods that would want to use the tablet to do some really bad things.

We said our goodbys.

I went back to the Manor to gather my children and a couple or my aides to take back with me to Themyscira. I told them that I would be taking Daphne and Evangeline with me. I new that Kit wanted to go back but she need to stay take my watches on the in the big chair.

My entourage and I arrived on Themyscira and Daphne and Evangeline went off with my mother to take care of the children.

I went off to one of the temples to pray to Hera to see if she knows about this Tablet or if she would have any ideas at to whom would want the tablet.

As I was praying, Hera appeared.

She asked, “My Child, how may I help you?”

I said, “There was a stone tablet that was stolen from a museum. This tablet had, what apparently was amazonian language on it.”

She said, “Ah, the tablet of Ares.”

I did not much like what she said.

She continued, “A few thousand years after your mother and the amazons were put on Themyscira, he had the tablet created. He uses it to control his demon army. Zeus had to forcefully take it from him and I hid it away. We were not expecting that humanity would be able to find it. Have they translated it?”

“No Hera, there are not many people who could translate it properly.”

“Diana, you must find the tablet and return it to Themyscira. You must do this before Ares gets his hands on it.” I will help you whenever I can.”

The faded away and left me to think on what she had said.

We decided to go and question Scorch again to see if we missed something.

As we questioned her we found the tablet had been moved to Rome.

It was getting closer and closer to being returned to Ares. I could allow this to happen.

I went to the embassy and left a message for my mother to send a contingent of Philippus’s best soldiers to help me scour Rome for the tablet.

There was more information from Scorch. She said that it might also be in London or New Orleans or Cairo or Jerusalem. We sent several groups out to those other cities. We sent Oliver, Dianh, and Natalie to New Orleans. We sent Kal, Saoirse, Booster Gold, and Fire to London. Wally, Dick, Barbara, and Ice to Cairo. Lastly, we sent Vixen, Vigilante, Zatanna, and Elongated Man to Jerusalem.

When I arrived in Rome, I saw that Philippus and six of her best warriors were waiting. The plan was for she and I to split the group of amazons between us and searching the city. I sent Philippus east and we went west.

I said, “We will go and search the city and will meet at the Roman Coliseum.”

She asked, “Why?

I said, “Simple, it is in the middle of the city.”

When my group arrived on the western border of the city, I split my group into two. I sent Adonia and Callie to the north and Elma and I went south. I made sure to give all of the my sisters League communicators so they could keep in contact just in case one of the would find the tablet.

We visited every museum, and archeological dig site and came up empty. This took a good three days after which we went to the Coliseum.

When we arrived, we found Philippus and her group were waiting for us. It was just Elma and I because Adonia and Callie were still searching for the tablet. A few hours later Callie and Adonia returned with bad news. They had not found it. I was disappointed but was not surprised because Scorch had said it could be here. She did not say that it would be here.

After the disappointing search, I sent Philippus and the others back to Themyscira and to report back to my mother.

When I returned to the Watchtower I was pleasantly surprised when I found Vixen and Zatanna waiting for me. They found it in Jerusalem and brought it back to give it to me.

I turned back around and went, with the tablet, back to the embassy to go back home. Before I arrived, I sent a message to my mother to be prepared to go to Hera’s temple. I felt the Queen of the Gods was the only person the could safely guard the tablet.

If not her, then her husband because it would include him if Ares had acquired the Tablet.

When I arrived, we went, straight away, to Hera’s temple and found she was waiting.

Time marches on. We are now two years past Bruce’s death and one year past Lois’s.

It happened one day. I was on monitor duty and Kal had just returned from a mission from deep space.

He came into the monitor room to do his report. After he finished, he would leave if to Mr. Terrific.

It was the that we had ourselves a long talk. I was allowed because there was not anything in particular going on. Sure, there was the less than odd goings on with Intergang. Dick was having to deal with some radical terrorist in Gotham. Oliver and Dinah were dealing with a rash of bank robberies in Star City. There were other things going on but nothing the respective heroes could not handle. What was truly odd was the fact that Central City was quiet and Wally was helping in Star City.

Kal asked, “Diana, How are you doing?”

I said, “The usual, Kal, getting by with my schedule. I have it very tight with trying to take care of the kids, working at the embassy, and helping to patrol Gotham.”

We had a laugh because we knew how Bruce felt about others patrolling “his” city.

It surprised me when he said, “I think that I am ready to put my personal life in order and move on from the mourning for Lois. I feel like I am finished my grieving.”

“Kal I am to the point where I feel the same way.”

That was when he surprised me when he asked, “Do you think that you would mind going to dinner with me?”

“Kal, I would have to reprise my Diana Prince identity, but I would like that very much.”

After he finished, he said that he wanted to go home and check on little Samuel and Ella. I felt like doing the same with my children as well.

I went back to Gotham, checked on the kids and did my stint in the big chair in the cave.

I was then asked by Donna to come in to the embassy to help her with a big speech she was to give to the UN. I had to, also, meet with the President of the United States.

It was not until three weeks down the line when Kal and I went on our date.

After the meeting with the President, I went back to the embassy to make my report.

Then I went back to the manor to prepare to go out with Kal.

I flew to Metropolis and met Kal in Metropolis municipal park.

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